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  1. What will be the command to get the FO to set the course selector on his side ?. Say to a value of 180?.
  2. Hello, Has anyone been able to configure the engine start selector on the saitek switch panel as autobrake selector?. I am not able to get it to switch to the RTO position. I have used spad.next to configure. I can switch to off, 1,2 and 3 , but not to the RTO.
  3. Is there a way to assign the vc overhead panel to a joystick button ?. Or invoke it via a key combination ?. Thanks
  4. I use SPAD.next for the SaiSaitek Panel, have asked in their forum if there is a fix to synchronise or even a shift function to switch to FO course selector. Have not heard back yet.
  5. In the PMDG 737 NGX, is it possible to synchronise the captain and FO's course selector, so they both inc/DEC together?. The reason I ask is I have a Saitek multi panel, which allows me to set the captain side course setting, then to change FO's for ILS landing etc, I have to use the mouse to change the course in FO side to match the captains. Which is a pain, if FO synchronises to captains, it will be easy, I can use only the panel. Thanks
  6. Which fix worked ?. The APM or manually unchecking power options under USB. I am facing the same problem now under windows 10.
  7. Apologies to revive an old thread. I just bought a saitek multi panel, all switches work, I am using spad.next but the LCD display does not light up. I am on windows 10 and P3D v4.
  8. Hi, I have a strange problem, even with PTT pressed, FO intercept my comma with ATC (vatsim) and then if he hears "approach", FO announces approach and then speech recognition in MCE stops. Need to quit MCEand restart again. Does this happen to others ?. Is it a known issue and is there afix ? Thanks
  9. Hi I have an android tablet connected via Ethernet to my simulator PC. I find that while using the android tabled, the commands typed in take a bit longer to echo back on the android screen and there is an input lag. Any ideas why ?.
  10. Works as Aviv. Thanks Gerald
  11. Thanks Gerald, will try and let you know if there are any issues.
  12. Hello All, I was trying to get refuelling done with PMDG 737 NGX and MCE. When I request ramp for refuel, the fuel truck turns up and I hear I believe the truckmor mechanics voice ask "how much fuel do you want?". I have not been able to respond to this via voice, and end up punching thenumbers in the fuel page in FMC. My fuel is setup in LBS, so toload 13,500 lbs what would I have to say ? Andwill that then be input into fuel page in FMC?. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Marko Does this work with PMDG. Also did you use p3D v4 built in function or FSUIPC "steering set" ?.