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  1. Thanks Gerald, that is fantastic, forever impressed with MCE. I also want to play a sound when gsx completes boarding, is that possible?. Thanks
  2. Thanks Stuart, that is an option. I am trying to get it done as part of flow, given how flexible MCE is, I thought it might be possible. Also I have a sound file that I want to play when GSX announces that boarding is complete, how can that be done ?.
  3. Hello All, I was wondering if it is possible to call a command created in vovoxkey from a script. I am trying to Gert the jetjetaay to move with David's NGS flows, specifically prepare to push back and departure. I have created avoxkey command for "move jetway" which will press ctrl-j. How can I call it from inside the flow?.
  4. Hi David, I downloaded your 737 NGX flows and am loving it. Couple of questions. You have a ramp0 sound file, I believe will be played at the end of boarding, how can you trigger that?. Also I saw a command in one of the flows for jetway move which does not execute, I was expecting it to move the jetway. I have not been able to move jetway from a flow, is that possible?. Thanks mate...
  5. I had setup my CH throttle quadrant for the PMDG v3 calibrated through FSUIPC and it worked fine. With the 737 NGX, I can't get the reverser to go at full reverse thrust in the first attempt. It shows REV in EICAS but thrust is only Reverse IDLE. I find I need to move the reverser up and then down again to get full reverse thrust. Any ideas why this behaviour in NGX ?.
  6. I am having the same issue. I.e. auto throttle not retarding and maintaining vref set in MCP. Sorry to bump an old thread. Did this get fixed ?.
  7. I want to improve my FPS. In which menu or under which option is dynamic vegetation and speed trees so I can untick or turn them off. Thanks
  8. I just tried customs flows and impressed, did not know it would be so easy. Also the flexibility !!!!, do not have to repeat the same phrases etc. Just realised how powerful MCE is ... Thbanks all for the tips.. Cheers
  9. Gerald - Renaming and cloning and renaming are the same right?. So I don't lose the original flows.
  10. Thanks David Also apologies for misspelling your last name. Will give it go creating flows, was just being lazy I guess.
  11. I use v4, PTA and the thopat, find ITT very dark, especially at night. Does anyone know how to lighten it, any help/advice is appreciated. Even a preset if available will be helpful. Thanks
  12. Hi All, Does anyone have the flows like the stuff that David Jerky has done for some aircraft?. I have searched thelibrary, could not find any for the QOTS II or the 777.
  13. I find a couple of flows missing, no purser/cabin crew flows when I look at voxscript. Plus I cannot get the FO to execute 'Cleanup flow' or 'Cleanup Procedure'. Known issue ? Is there a patch?. None of the cabin crew flows are available as well.
  14. I will give it a go today. I have locked my fps in game at 31. Enabled vync in game. NVI all settings default. Will report back how it goes.