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  1. Thanks Romain and Peter.
  2. Help please I have gone through all the FMC screens, I can't find the option change IRS alignment time to realistic. I Am using the P3D v4 version.
  3. Thanks Will give it a go this weekend.
  4. So if I place all myy scenery under D:\Addon Scener\ Xxxx I just need to have the root folder location under "local=" in scenery config file?
  5. Hi Simbol, Mostly Ray Smith's AFCAD' s like YMML, WSSS, VHHH etc.
  6. Hi All - I recently moved from FSX to P3D v4. II downloaded some freeware airports to install, but unlike FSX, I believe there is no add-on folder with scenery and texture subfolders to install. We are required to go in and create XML files to add the scenery into P3D v4???. Which is very confusing. Does anyone have a guide or instruction s how to install them?. FSX was way easier. Thanks
  7. Thanks Mark, received. And for the "quick" response, much appreciated.
  8. You are right, I rebuilt my PC with new motherboard processor etc. I have sent a license request for 747 QOTS II and 777-300 via simserver today. Hope you will be able to reissue the licenses quickly. I had previously paid for both. Thanks
  9. Hi I have the 747 with P3D v4. On my Android tablet I am able to get the refreshes from the sim if i click on fmc in sim, but what I type on tablet is not appearing in the fmc in sim. Has anyone faced this issue?.
  10. Hi All I moved from FSX to P3D v4 and I only fly on online on VATSIM, so have traffic slider at 0 in FSX settings. I had MTL and it worked brilliantly, never had an issue model matching. Now in P3D v4, the fuselage is black, no landing gear etc. Is there a utility to automatically convert MTL models to FSX version?. If not, my option is to get a payware traffic program?. I don't need traffic, just need the models to display online traffic. Any recommendations or workaround for MTL appreciated. Thanks
  11. Apologies to resurrect an old thread. Does anyone have a recommendation for P3D V4 on Win 10 64 bit, i7 7700k @5Ghz, with HT ON. What would be the optimal AF ?. And related settings incl FFTF, etc. Thanks So much, just finished building my new rig and have installed the sim and addons. Also any nvidia inspector setting.
  12. Thanks Chris
  13. Mate, how are you model matching in VPilot?.
  14. Thanks... That's disappointing. Used to work so well. The previous version of VMRGenerator did it, wish I could get the older version. Now have to get World of AI. Do you know if WOAI have updated their models for P3D v4 ?.
  15. I tried to use VMRGenerator to get IVAO MTL, the latest version did not generate the matching rules. Does anyone know how to get it fixed?.