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  1. Does the SAM3 Marshaller work in XP12? I've installed SAM3 and used the Content Manage to update to latest 1.3.9., but even though when adding a Marshaller to my scenery, and adding the location via the Authoring Tool, SAM recognises where I located him (the big blue arrow), but I can't get him to appear when loading the scenery in XP12. Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks Steeler, I'll give it try. Love the ability to speed up / slow down the replay too.
  3. Apologies if this is a silly question, but is it possible to replay a previous flight in the log book from an earlier day, if one first sets the same aircraft at the location in MSFS2020. Or does one have to also have recorded that flight with Flight Recorder at the time and then import it from Flight Recorder in order to replay it using Sky Dolly?
  4. I wanted to create a voxscript for the new flyjsim Q4XP. I created a new folder DH8D (which was the code at the top of the MCE GUI) and copied the scripts from the ones in the MajesticQ400 folder. But when starting MCE and clicking the Voxscript button there are no scripts present. So I used the import function in the GUI to import the scripts that I wanted to try. After exiting MCE and reloading the scripts they do reappear, however I like to edit them outside of X-Plane, but I can't find where in my folders this .vsc script file is stored. When adding scripts via the GUI where does MCE store this resultant script file?
  5. Gerald, is this a new specific release for MSFS? I already have version for MSFS, P3D, FSX as well as version for X-Plane.
  6. I want to add say English UK, English Irish, English Canadian voices to the default Text to Speech voice in Windows 10 settings for use in other applications. However for such voices to appear in other applications I think the Default Windows Language must be changed accordingly. If the Default Windows Language is changed to say English Irish, will MCE still work, as the MCE wizard always sets the default language to English US?
  7. Thanks Gerald, I'll give the above a try. Not sure I can share the livery as it's from our VA FlyUK for members only.
  8. Thanks Gerald for the patch link. I'm using the Experimental version of the FBW A320N, if that's any help in investigating. Stuart
  9. Suddenly found that MCE is no longer able to detect the aircraft in MSFS 2020. Using v.2.9.36 and FBW A320N Any ideas?
  10. As soon as a CTD occurs, search Windows (magnifying glass on toolbar) type Event Viewer. When it comes up click on Windows Logs, then Applications. In the middle window, scroll down until you find error and look at the descriptions. It should identify the program / DLL that caused the crash. Might give a clue as to the issue. I previously had CTDs due to Graphic timeout errors, where windows thinks graphic card has stopped responding and resets it. Found it by looking in Event Viewer as above.
  11. I run FSUIPC7 to communicate with Self Loading Cargo. Are you saying that MCE doesn't work with FSUIPC7?
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