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  1. When using Vatsim, you could try changing the ATC to something other than Native, e.g. Radar Contact.
  2. Gerald, thanks See my comments above.
  3. Just flying online with Vatsim and had MCE running too, was climbing to FL 190 when all of a sudden FO announces, uncommanded, Pre-Flight Checklist, which of course includes Engine Start Levers cutoff! I tried to tell FO to "cancel checklist" but he just carried on and shutdown both engines. I managed to restart 1 engine but the other failed completely, and so reluctantly I had to abandon my Vatsim flight. I realise engine failure does happen in real life, but I wasn't confident enough to continue online with one engine! This brings me on to my request, which I know has been raised before; would it be possible to add a button / key option, like with ATC, whereby when one wants to speak to the FO one has to press the button / key. I know there is an option to turn off the mic, but since I'm using the joystick button press to speak with Vatsim, I'm not sure if the MCE mic icon actually mutes the mic. Stuart

    Better Pushback

    But can you do the pre-plan again, once the tug is there and connected? My point is Andy, that one doesn't always know in which direction ATC will ask you to pushback, so it is not always possible to correctly pre-plan the pushback. So I wanted to call up the tug and then only plan the direction of pushback when advised by ATC. But to avoid delay in a busy airport it would be good to have the tug there and ready to push.

    Better Pushback

    The normal process is: Pre-plan pushback position Request Pushback - tug drives up and connects Release parking brake when requested and then pushback commences. Is it possible to request the pushback BEFORE pre planning the direction as this would really help to save time when on VATSIM or IVAO? e.g. Request Pushback - tug drives up and connects. Request ATC for pushback approval, and receive direction that you need to pushback too. Plan the pushback Then release parking brake. Is this sequence possible with Better Pushback?
  6. Thanks Gerald, that will be good. How will I be able to obtain the new version once released. Stuart
  7. Many thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Stuart

    P2ATC not descending?

    Dave, just to let you know. I tried a flight this afternoon using the version and ATC descended me accordingly to the beginning of the STAR. So seems as though any issues have been addressed in the update. Stuart

    P2ATC not descending?

    Thanks Dave, I'll have to wait until Saturday though as I have started P2ATC since the issue occurred, and will be out tomorrow. If I get the same issue at the weekend I'll send you the log file. Stuart
  10. STUART_H

    P2ATC not descending?

    Have tried 2 flights with Pilot2ATC, and both times the ATC controller does not initiate a decent from cruise. I had to request a lower altitude before ATC would initiate descent and then when reaching that altitude, say 8000 ft, no further descent commands. I was over the airport before realising and had to go around and descend manually in order to capture ILS approach. ATC continued to insist that I "climb and maintain 8000 ft" and wouldn't shut up! This doesn't seem normal given that height constraints were contained within the filed flightplan. In P2ATC, does the pilot have to request the required descent path, or should ATC be initiating at the appropriate time? Not sure what is wrong? Stuart
  11. STUART_H

    MCE & PF3

    I have recently tried using MCE and PF3 again but can't seem to get it to work. When I ask the FO to handle the ATC, he acknowledges. But when I ask him to "Request ATC Clearance", after I have already set the frequency, I hear him say our callsign, but nothing else. Also if I push the MCE assigned PTT button and ask ATC myself, I get nothing! So end up giving up, and returning to using RC4. Not sure what is wrong? I have RC4toXP plugin disabled I have PF3toXP plugin Enabled I have Active=1 set and Closed Captions unset in the PF3 options I have Pilot voice=none in PF3 I'm using the correct frequency per PF3Display.dat file Not sure what else I need to do for the FO to request things correctly, or to be heard by PF3 myself? Stuart
  12. Jalbino59, The only voices that are available in RC4 are William, Lorna and Stuart (the latter being me!). If you want to use other MCE voices you can only choose a voice in RC4 which sounds similar. This is because like MCE recorded voices, RC4 relies on an individual recording hundreds of phrases. Fortunately, I had recorded RC4 phrases some years ago, so offered to do the same for MCE. Stuart
  13. One question when using PF3toXPlane plugin; where does PF3 get it's frequencies from, only it doesn't always seem to have them? Stuart
  14. Gerald, Thanks for your advice. I'm aware of the use of the All folder as a work around, but I have 3 different prop aircraft (Dash 8-400, Dash 6 Twin Otter and Carenado 1900D), that are not in the supported list, and whilst similar there are significant differences that I was hoping to separate. Is there anyway of telling (debugging) what is being read by MCE when checking against MyVoiceScripts? Stuart
  15. I am running MCE for X-Plane and have created MyVoice Copilot scripts for a non-supported Carenado B1900D. However it doesn't seem to recognise the script folder name at all. What naming convention should I use for the folder in MyScripts? I have tried; the same as the X-Plane aircraft folder name (as was the case in FSX), the .acf file name of the aircraft in X-Plane? But when I look in the Voxscript button in MCE, the titles of the scripts are different. I do tend to manually create and edit the scripts in Notepad. Is there a step that I am missing? Another question: Is it possible to add a pause command within a Checklist, like with VoxScripts? Thanks for any help. Stuart