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  1. You can edit or create the VoxScripts manually in notepad. Check out David Herky scripts on Avsim (just search his name) for examples, you'll soon get the hang of it. Refer to the various Commands documents for valid commands for various aspects.
  2. Great news David, thanks a bunch. I'd just been using a modified checklist for now and setting stuff myself. Could be a game changer for the CRJ7.
  3. Thanks David. I'll look out for it. 👍 You could always try uploading to 'flightsim.to' as well, which is specific to MSFS2020.
  4. @charlie130 David, just been watching your latest CRJ7 and FBWA320 videos and wondered if you would be willing to share your vox flow scripts that you used? Thanks Stuart
  5. Thanks David for letting me know. I'll hang off doing any more testing to try and resolve. Seems there may have possibly been an issue between patching the previous version, which Gerald mentioned, and which I'm thinking you may have used to produce your video, and the latest build. Gerald or Ben, can we leave you guys to look into what may be the issue, and ask if you might let us know in this thread, which we're following, once a patch of new version becomes available. Thanks
  6. Gerald, did you mean in the folder ChkLst rather than Checklist? I think the latter holds XML files. I do have the txt file in the ChkLst folder. I noticed that the MCE config file in user\appdata\roaming has a zero against the Checklist line. Changed it to 1, saved the file and restarted MCE. The Checklist tab appeared enabled then disabled itself. Again I was unable to re-enable via the General tab. I'll try the Restore to factory settings this afternoon and let you know. BTW, when reinstalling MCE, should one go through the speech training each time as I've also noticed that the FO doesn't always here me, think he's going deaf!
  7. Gerald, I didn't use a patch. I uninstalled MCE, then installed using the main download program. Not sure that the above mentioned ...MSFS_CRJ.txt exists. What do you mean by "add", as I can't change Checklists at all, since the tab itself is disabled.
  8. I've downloaded and installed v. for MSFS, fired up the Aerosoft CRJ 700 but the Checklist tab is greyed out. I've tried enabling under the General tab but nothing happens. I can't check the checkbox. Any ideas? Also, what is the flows file called, as there appear to be 2 Aerosoft CRJ related files?
  9. Well I uninstalled the PBE version that I previously had. Ran the installer that I had downloaded from Aerosoft, which did say 1.8 on the pop up info page at the beginning of the installation. However, when attempting to run the program it still says that a mandatory update is available, and closes the application! By the way, I am running the PBE exe for MSFS2020. After uninstalling, does it leave any other reference files anywhere else, say in AppData? The program didn't appear in the apps listing in Windows settings, so I ran the uninstall program that was in the PBE directory.
  10. Thanks, I'll uninstall and try again. Cheers
  11. Your pinned post above shows the last released version as 1.8, released 3rd March. However when I start PBE 1.8 it's prompting to update. Having bought PBE from Aerosoft, they don't seem to have a later version for download other than 1.8. I tried downloading and running the installer to update, but still get the same message. If 1.8 is the latest, then is it necessary to uninstall before reinstalling? Stuart
  12. Does anyone know if there is a way to set the default zoom level for the drone camera, to avoid having to reset it every time? Whenever I start the sim it seems to default to 50%, even though I prefer and had previously changed it, via the top drop down menu, to 60%, which for me looks more natural.
  13. Thanks Gerald. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing MCE at all, which is a great program and one that I've used and supported for many years and will continue to do so. Just trying an alternative for ground handling I'll try the muting as suggested when trying / using FS2C PBEx. Thanks for your support as always.
  14. I'm fully aware of the pushback facility built in to MCE which mostly works very well, but I have some issues where the truck connects but didn't push even though the brake was released beforehand, especially at some third-party add-on airports, which I accept may be an issue of the scenery. So thought I would try an alternative such as FS2Crew PBEx, but was just wondering if it would conflict with MCE hence my question. Also to review it's ease at providing other ground handling e.g. baggage and catering.
  15. I have FS2CREW PUSHBACK EXPRESS for various ground handling. Is there a way to disable the pushback in MCE to avoid conflict with MCE when using voice commands in FS2Crew PBEx?
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