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  1. I have the same issue when trying to uninstall MCE version. Uninstall gets stuck around 10 % of the installation. IGNORE......it just took a long time.
  2. Gerald, thanks for all your assistance, the problem is now resolved.
  3. Gerald, unfortunately although MCE appeared to start fine, I'm just doing a flight and after about 20 mins I suddenly got the above Application Integrity Error again. This only seems to have appeared after the recent latest Windows 10 upgrades. Any idea how to resolve this? Version is
  4. Gerald, ignore my last post, at least for time being, I managed to remove registry entries via regedit and have been able to reinstall MCE and it looks as though it's working again, although I haven't done a flight yet. At least it loads without the error. Thanks
  5. Gerald, sorry but I now have another major issue with MCE. Yesterday I tried to start it (XP11 windowed mode) and it came up with the following error. I thought I would uninstall and reinstall it, but it starts to uninstall ( the green bar starts moving) but then it just gets stuck, and gets no further! Can you suggest how I might remove it, so that it will let me reinstall? Can I perhaps just delete the folder ( if it will let me) and then clean the registry using CCleaner?
  6. Thanks Gerald, When operating 3 screens in Window mode using NVidia Surround it acts as one overall screen and the "X-System" appears once in the top left corner of the left screen on the title bar, which itself spans across all three screens with the X-Plane icons top right of the right screen. MCE works fine in this circumstance. Obviously, when using X-Plane's own multi- screen mode, with 2or 3 screens, it's in full screen mode so there is no title bar. MCE can't see the simulator under this scenerio. Since raising this query, I have in fact resorted to NVidia Surround windowed mode in any event because of FPS loss when using X-Planes multi-screen. I'll tolerate the slight periferral distortion. However, it would be good to get to the bottom of the issue should I wish to try that setup again in the future.
  7. Thanks for checking, although using with single screen is probably not an issue. I believe I too could run MCE with all three screens when using NVidia Surround to treat the three as one screen, either windowed or full screen. I don't use an "extra tool" or plugin to configure multi-monitor setup. XP graphics page in settings recognises multi screens and has the options to configure them accordingly each in full screen. You don't see this when only one monitor is in use. The web page actually shows, not 14.0.0: "V1.4.0.0 for Laminar X-Plane 11 & 10 released" Sorry, but having spent some time configuring my multi two screen setup, I'm not prepared to undo that work to switch back to window mode.
  8. Thanks Gerald, but I am already running the latest Also, it's not possible to operate X-Plane as you suggest, switching between windowed and full screen when using two or more screens as one looses the various lateral, vertical and roll offsets that one has to configure to marry two screens together, once you switch to windowed mode. Having setup the various offsets, one can then start XP11 each time in full screen mode, but if you go back to windowed mode, it forgets the offset settings.
  9. Gerald, I have not reinstalled X-Plane or MCE. I only recently set X-Plane up to run as I described above. Previously I ran X-Plane in windowed mode over the 3 screens using NVidia Surround and MCE works fine. Only when I switch XP11 to run in Full screen mode, does MCE not recognise the SIM. Are you able to confirm that MCE should and does work with XP11 running in Full Screen mode and I don't mean pressing Alt Enter from it running in a window, but actually changing XP11 in the XP11 Graphics tab? When XP11 runs in Full Screen mode over 2 or 3 screens it actually runs 2/3 linked occurrences of X-Plane. Perhaps this is the issue with MCE?
  10. I know I may have raised this before, don't know if there is a solution or MCE could easily be modified. I run 3 screens, left, centre (primary screen), & right. I run X-Plane11 full screen split over the left & centre screens using X-Plane's internal multiscreen configuration. However, when starting MCE it is unable to identify that X-Plane is running and just sits with the "Trying to connect to simulator" message. Either when starting MCE from the task bar, or from the XP11 plugins menu. I really miss using MCE and would welcome a solution to this issue. Any advice or solution?
  11. I used to run MCE and Radar Contact together on XPlane11, but now tend to mostly fly online with either VATSIM or IVAO. I think I used to need XPUIPC to connect with RC4, but I can't remember if MCE requires this program installed too. Can someone please advise whether I still need to run the plugin XPUIPC if just running MCE?
  12. //1 Captain replies //2 FO replies //3 Both FO and Captain reply //4 Flight Engineer replies //5 Captain and Flight Engineer reply //6 FO and FE reply ///7 Everybody replies
  13. Thanks Gerald, I had completely forgot about that option.
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