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  1. Gerald, Thanks for your advice. I'm aware of the use of the All folder as a work around, but I have 3 different prop aircraft (Dash 8-400, Dash 6 Twin Otter and Carenado 1900D), that are not in the supported list, and whilst similar there are significant differences that I was hoping to separate. Is there anyway of telling (debugging) what is being read by MCE when checking against MyVoiceScripts? Stuart
  2. I am running MCE for X-Plane and have created MyVoice Copilot scripts for a non-supported Carenado B1900D. However it doesn't seem to recognise the script folder name at all. What naming convention should I use for the folder in MyScripts? I have tried; the same as the X-Plane aircraft folder name (as was the case in FSX), the .acf file name of the aircraft in X-Plane? But when I look in the Voxscript button in MCE, the titles of the scripts are different. I do tend to manually create and edit the scripts in Notepad. Is there a step that I am missing? Another question: Is it possible to add a pause command within a Checklist, like with VoxScripts? Thanks for any help. Stuart
  3. Question: Does anyone know if any of the above applications will run under Linux OS with a Windows emulator? My Windows pc is courrupted after Windows 10 upgrade, and as X-Plane runs under Linux I am contemplating switching to Linux? Cheers, Stuart
  4. Interesting. Where does one find the key commands for GHD? Might also checkout Better Pushback as I think this to can map keys in XP11. Stuart
  5. I've used VoxScripts before but not sure whether GHD or BP can be called with keystrokes unless one can assign keystrokes for them in X-Plane config.
  6. Sorry if I misled. I don't use Voice for either GHD or Better Pushback.
  7. I don't believe one can contact ground in X-Plane11 with MCE, as one used to in FSX in respect of GSX. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I use JARdesign Ground Handling Deluxe and Better Pushback plugin with X-Plane as replacement for GSX.
  8. Gerald, Unfortunately your suggestions didn't work I'm afraid. If XP11 is in single screen mode, even if full screen is selected, then MCE connects fine. However if one starts XP11 in 3 separate multi-monitor mode then MCE is unable to connect to the simulator. I have found a work around, by starting XP11 in Windowed mode, then starting RC4 and MCE, and then setting XP11 to multi-monitor mode, then it works, although every time I want to use the MCE GUI I have to right click on the MCE icon and select "Force to Main screen". Also it means that I have to setup the multi-monitor mode in XP11 every time. It would be nice if there was a setting in the ini file to always force the GUI to the main screen, or 'stay on top'? I don't know if it would be possible to consider this issue in a subsequent upgrade, as I don't know why MCE does not detect and connect successfully when XP11 is started in multi-monitor mode? Thanks again for your support, Stuart
  9. Thanks, will try that. Stuart
  10. Thanks Gerald, Not sure I follow your meaning, since I can't use Voice Commands since MCE doesn't even load, but is stuck trying to connect to simulator, when XP11 is in multi monitor mode, which defaults to full screen with no windowed option. MCE works fine when using the three screens as one using NVidia Surround, even when set to Full Screen, but it's the multi monitor mode that it doesn't like. Just that one gets visual distortion on the outer screens with NVidia Surround which you don't get in Multi monitor mode. Stuart
  11. I may have raised this before, but I have tried to use MCE with XP11 running in multi-screen mode. In this mode XP11 puts itself in full screen mode and it's not possible to switch back to Windows using Alt-Enter as one used to with FSX. One can press the Windows key to access the toolbar or start menu items, and start windows programs, like MCE or RC4. However when the MCE dialogue appears it never gets past "Trying to connect to simulator". Is there anyway that MCE can operate and detect XP11 in this full screen multi-screen mode? Thanks, Stuart
  12. When I used MCE in FSX, the folder name that was used for aircraft voice scripts was the Aircraft's Folder name in FSX. However I don't believe this is the same when using X-Plane 11. I have been trying to get scripts to work for the Carenado 1900D in XP11, but the FO never seems to identify my requests per my scripts for example "Before Start Flow" only identifying it as in this case "Before Start Checklist". I'm wondering if this is down to the naming of the folder that contains the scripts? Whilst I appreciate the Carenado 1900D is not a supported aircraft, from looking at other XP11 supported aircraft, I have currently named my script folder the same as the .acf file of the aircraft e.g. CAR_1900D_XP11 (or something like that). Am I correct that the folders should be named the same as the .acf file of the aircraft in XP11 or am I missing something? Stuart
  13. I use Navigraph and have both Navigraph Charts and X-Plane 11 updated to latest version 1802, but when flying to ENCN this afternoon, I set up APR for the ILS R03 per the Navigraph charts as 110.35 but it wasn't captured causing me to overshoot the airport and subsequently crash land, but that was another matter!!! Anyway on checking it shows ILS R04 as 110.30. I was using ENCN scenery by tdg. Is the ILS Freq added by the scenery designer or X-Plane. How can I quickly and easily ensure that I'm using the correct ILS Freq for a specific airport? I thought that since XP11 and Navigraph were in synch that they should be the same? Cheers, Stuart
  14. STUART_H

    Runway allocation?

    Thanks guys, Not sure if RC4 can read AI traffic generated by World Traffic 3 in X-PLANE11, so this could be the issue for me. Stuart
  15. I use RC4 with X-Plane 11 using XPUIPC to interface. I also have World Traffic 3 to generate AI. I have one problem where quite often RC4 allocates a different runway to XP11 and WT3, which whilst I can request an alternative runway, if I don't realise I can find AI aircraft heading straight for me at takeoff!!😩 Just wondering how does RC4 determine the runway in use? Should it use weather reported by XP11 or is it getting the weather report and runway allocation from a different source? Thanks, Stuart