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  1. Hi, That was the issue, it seems that MCE is using ctrl+shft+f12 when it load's. I change the key combination ctrl+shft+f12 to ctrl+shft+f2 in UTLive2 (command to increase the IA traffic) and bingo I do not get the UTL message when MCE load. Now I am getting one greeting from one ground coordinator. Thanks for the support Pierre
  2. I asked, on the UTLive 2 forum, what will trigger this message and they answer this: "I am guessing that when you load MultiCrew you might be using a key combination ctrl+shft+12 or similar? This is also a short cut for UTL settings within the sim. See if you can configure MultiCrew to use a different shortcut." are you using a key combination to load MCE? Pierre
  3. I just email you at support@multicrewxp.com I also notice that I only get this message when I load MCE, so it seems that the message is triggered by MCE. Thanks for your help Pierre
  4. Yes no problem, is there an email I can use to send you the screen capture? Pierre
  5. I think we nailed it, If i disable Utlive2 everything works find, now I just need to understand how much time do I have to wait. This is good new’s, I have been working in this for a few months. thanks Pierre
  6. Hi Gerald, Could it be that some times UTLive 2 issues a window showing the traffic density will MCE is loading? Pierre
  7. Hi my problem is back, Not sure why, but when I call the crew using the addons menu in P3D 5.1. MCE load and I can see at the top left in red, that it is cycling between " Looking for changes to current aircraft...please wait" to "ready to go" then I received the first greeting. Then MCE goes back to " Looking for changes to current aircraft...please wait" then too "ready to go" where I would received the second greeting, with a different coordinator name. I did some test and it is not related to: -a specific aircraft, I have the problem with the Airbus Aerosoft 330 and 319 and the PMDG 747-8 - It is not related to one specific airport, I get it at different airport in the world - I have installed and un-installed many time, same result - I am using PF3 but it does it without using it. I am running version 2.9.0 Is there a log that I can use to see why MCE is loading more then once in P3D? Thanks Pierre
  8. Hi Gerald, Not sure why, but the problem was that when I was calling for the crew in P3D, MCE was loading more then once. I could see at the top left in red, that it was cycling between " Looking for changes to current aircraft...please wait" to "ready to go" then I received the first greeting. Then MCE will cycle back to " Looking for changes to current aircraft...please wait" then to "ready to go" where I would received the second greeting. with a different name. I have decided to uninstall and delete all MCE folders that remained and do a clean re-install. It seem to have solved the issue I had, I am running Thanks Pierre
  9. Sorry for the delay, I loaded the patch as per instruction, but I am still getting two greeting Lee then Simon. I have tried with PMDG 747-8i and Airbus 330 at gate 63 (CYUL) Pierre
  10. Hi, Is there a way to get the FO to handle the communication when in Oceanic Control. Can I get the FO to make a position each time the plane reach a waypoint. A SELCAL call? Pierre
  11. Hi I was able to sort out my problem, everything is working find Pierre
  12. With MCE you can configure PTT two ways. By using the <del> or <end> keys or by assigning a buttons on your joystick. I am using a yoke (cirrus II) when I fly airplane with yoke, like Boeing 747 so using FSUIPC6 I assign a yoke button to the send a <end> key. When I fly Airbus plane I use my joystick where I have button 4 assign to PTT. The joystick works perfectly and can communicate with PF3-ATC with no problem, but with the yoke button it is very flaky. Sometime it works and other time it doesn't . When I start MCE i make sure I have only one option check. My first question is: In MCE can I have both options for PTT check at the same time? If not : Can I flip between them without have to restart MCE? Is there a log file where I can see if MCE, when I use yoke button (the <end> keys) is really sending the keystroke to PF3. When using the joystick, what is sent to PF3? In the MCE.cfg file I did found the Joystick assignment: [GAMEPAD] JoyManID=T.16000M JoyProdID=T.16000M JoyButton=4 UseWithVoxATC=0 and the PF3 setup [ATC] Mode=PFE PreventNativeATCCancellation=0 UseRadioNoise=1 StaticNoiseLevel=2 SecondaryNeedAtcWindow=0 atc1=0 atc2=0 atc3=1 atc4=1 atc5=0 UseRadarContact=0 IgnoreRC4Registry=0 //(Set this to 1 when RC4 isn't installed on the same machine as MCE) RC4path= IgnorePFERegistry=0 //(Set this to 1 when PFE isn't installed on the same machine as MCE) PFEpath= IgnoreFlightPlan=0 FlightPlansPath= Both I do not see any reference to the use of the <del> or <end> keys option.
  13. Ok I just rebuild my pc and re-intalled P3D- MCE- PF3 and I am getting the same thing. One greeting fromLee and a second one from Simon. I am park at CYUL Montreal. I did a test at KMEM and everything is ok, I was greet by Brian Pierre
  14. So when I start a new flight (CYUL to LFPG) it is normal that when loading the flight in P3D 5.1 I am first greet by Lee and then by Simon. I get both at the departure airport. Pierre
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