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  1. HI, Can I ask the Preflight procedure to be done without starting the APU, I would like to use the external power. If yes what do I ask for? Pierre
  2. I just completed a flight with the PMDG 747 8i v3, there is a known problem with the FO switch in the vhs mic off when tuning the radio. I forgot this today and i miss a AtC handoff because of that. So i wonder, is there a way to find what frequency you should be monitoring at different stage of the flight? Pierre
  3. Hi Gerald, i just tried ´´confirm frequency ´´ and the FO doesn’t seem to understand, i get no reply from him, Pierre hi Dave, Right now i am flying with PF3 & MCE, i am looking into Vatsim but i red that the coverage for Canada is not great.
  4. Thanks again, i will try that on my next flight
  5. I would also like to know the solution Pierre
  6. Thank you let me know if they found something. If you are not careful and the vhf 1 is turn off by the FO , you could miss an handoff and loose the ATC. Hope their is a way to found out what frequency you should tune to, when you miss one handoff. Pierre
  7. Not sure if this was solved, but i have the same problem with the PMDG 747 8i. When my Co-pilot is handeling the com, he sometime turn the VHF 1 to off. I had that problem in oceanic region. Pierre
  8. I am using PF3, and when i fly over the ocean i have to follow oceanic procedure. With MCE how do i get my FO to make the inital contact with Oceanic and what do i say to him so he will report our position when required. For the last to days, i have cross the atlantic from Gander to Shanwick twice, in both case I have lost ATC communication. I guess it is because i didn’t report my position when it was required. Pierre
  9. PierreFSX

    question on Voxkey

    Hi, It seem that what I did worked, I just tested the new voxscript flow I created with does two new commands and it work fine. So I confuse on the way VoxKey works but it did the job. One last question: I would like this new voxscript flow to work with all my plane, where should I store it? Or do I have to copy it for each plane? Pierre
  10. Hi, I am trying to follow this procedure to create a new Voxscript to start de-boarding, because half of the time when I say start de-boarding MCE get confuse and he starts boarding. So I found those instruction on the forum and I am trying to follow them. "As there is a high probability (based on testing) that command "Simon request de-boarding" ends-up being picked up as Simon request boarding", to prevent speech engine screwing up, by requesting boarding when you haven't finished what you had to do, we left it out intentionally. Here is an alternative way to achieve what you have in mind. In Voxkey, create 2 custom commands, one to display GSX menu, and another one to select menu item 1 Examples display gsx menu (associate to key combo (CTRL + SHIFT+F12) or whatever custom key you have assigned gsx menu one (associate to key "1" Now, either include those 2 Voxkey commands in a shutdown flow, or create a custom command that would trigger them. Example: New Voxscript flow "cabin crew ok for de-boarding" or "cabin crew you may release the passengers" where the only commands are the two custom Voxkey commands. Let us know if that isn't a suitable solution." First when I start Voxkey, I assume that I select the Prepar3d demo profile? In that profile I see that their is originally 5 command, is this correct? From the first screen,do I have to disable the profile? I selected view, and got two the second screen where I selected new. On the next screen I typed "display gsx menu" then hit next, on the following screen I hit the ctrl and pf 12, voxkey displayed <ctrl><F12>. Then I hit next , did not add any optionals and hit save. I assumed that I could see my new voice command if I hit prev or next but no my command wasn't there. I close and re-started Voxkey then I saw this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XlbOdMiIJyITT9k55Ysie4trrZOANcZH/view?usp=sharing So I am definitely doing something wrong, is their a better user guide then the PDF called Tools Explained? Pierre
  11. PierreFSX

    question on Voxkey

    Hi, Same thing and same result. But I have some question: Before I start creating the new command when I select open profile and I select Prepar3d demo, should I uncheck Enable this profile option? When creating the new command after I created the "display gsx menu", assigned the keys and close the last screen, I can see that the command count when from 5 to 6. So this is ok? When I hit view to go back and create the "gsx menu one" command I do not see the "display gsx menu" in the list when I use the + (next) or - (prev) . I should be able to see my new command? I only see the original 5. Before I start creating the new command when I select open profile and I select Prepar3d demo, should I uncheck Enable this profile option. Last, the fact that I run win10 home edition should not create any issues? Pierre
  12. PierreFSX

    question on Voxkey

    Ok I will try that, Thanks again
  13. That will be great, would you let me know when it is fix? Yes I am running the latest PMDG 777 release. Pierre
  14. Hi Gerald, Do you need anything else from me. I am injoying MCE with the 747 and the Airbus. Wish the 777 would work. Do other people have this issue? Pierre
  15. Thank you, that wath i did yesterday. Will try that today. Pierre
  16. Hi, Just A quick question, is there MyVoiceScripts files that someone can download for the PMDG 747 8 . I notice that the C:\Users\pierr\Documents\Multi Crew Experience\MyVoiceScripts\Copilot\Aircraft\PMDG 747-8 was empty. Also none seems to exist for the 8F. Pierre
  17. Hi Gerald, Same thing, PMDG 777 doesn't work, FO thinks that the engine are running. Airbus and PMDG 747 works ok. Pierre
  18. Ok will do that tomorrow and i will report back Pierre
  19. I just re-installed MCE in the default directory. Both Airbus Professional and PMDG 747 works fine. But same thing for PMDG 777, FO thinks that the engine are running. I still have MCE ver 2.6.xx do you want me to install this version and see if the problem goes away? Pierre Once more thank a lot for the help
  20. Windows UAC is at the lowest level. I can re-install MCE in the default directory if you think it might solved the issue? Pierre
  21. Hi No I have MCE installed in c:\simulator\Multi Crew Experience\ Yes I do have Prepar3d.exe to run as admin. Pierre
  22. There you go, Version file size 78.2 kb Date 3/15/2019 Pierre
  23. Just to add more info, i just started a fly with the 777 in cold &dark state. Same issue with ground and when i asked FO to start engine one he reply « engine already running » same with engine 2. Not sure why FO thinks both engine are running, when they are not. Pierre