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  1. I don’t have a PC monitor. I only have a TV. I installed a driver as usually but I used a custom install option. I only installed a driver. I may need to use clean install. I remember I used to have that option but it disappeared. I was surprised too.
  2. Thank you. I have tired all possible troubleshooting solutions I found in google. The last one I have left is to try to install Studio driver.
  3. As I mentioned above, I do not have DSR option in my NCP. It is just not there. Based on what I have found online, it should be under "NCP under manage 3D-setting - global - right under CUDA GPUs. I do not see it there, that is why I cannot enable DL scaling. I have looked for it everywhere in that location, it is just no there. I did some research, it could be because I have game ready driver, not a studio driver. I am not sure if I have to reinstall the driver to Studio, not to Gaming driver.
  4. I do not have that option in that location. May be because I use my TV as PC monitor in NCP settings. If I change it back to TV in NVC everything looks terrible and max refresh rate is 60.
  5. I do not see DLDSR option in my NCP. I read that I have to change screen resolution down to 60 for it. Based on what I have found, I do not have to do all those steps if I have 4K TV with 144Hz refresh rate and and RTX 4090. I am just upscaling 4k to 4k unless I am missing something. With my current setting in MSFS (TAA, DLSS FG-On, V-SYNC -On, DX 12) I have clear image quality and fps around 70-80 in PMDG and Fenix. The sim is smooth. I am not sure if I really have to anything else. https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/11/5077247524954640539/
  6. Smooth pushbacks for me, however, I can’t make sound to work. I can’t hear a ground crew. I have set everything as it shows in the manual, but I still have no sound. Free pushback tool does have sound though.
  7. I have deleted that folder and I can see my license is now valid for the next 3 months as I paid for. Appreciate the help.
  8. I have uninstalled everything. I had PSXT Traffic folders as well somewhere. I deleted everything and installed only standalone PSXT. I found RealTraffic.lic file in PSXT installation folder. When I opened it was empty as you showed it above. I entered my new license key. I still see I have few days left in the GUI. I wonder if new license will be activated when the current one expires.
  9. This is the file created: This is how it looks inside of the file (I have changed the license key in this image due to privacy, but I have correct one in the file):
  10. I now have only PSXT. I created RealTraffic.lib file and dropped into PSXT folder. My current license is valid for the next 9 days. Will the new license become active automatically, or I have to see the new one right away? I might have created RealTraffic.lic file incorrectly. i used Notepad++. I just added license # and left the rest unchanged like {"License":"ABCD-EFGH-1234-ABCD","Name":"not relevant"}
  11. Hi. After a long break I have found lots of changes here. I read the manual regarding license activation. I cannot find RealTraffic.lic in my PSXT installation folder. The manual says: Exit PSXT and add the RT license string in the RealTraffic.lic file you will now find in your PSXT installation folder. However I cannot find that file in that location. Thanks
  12. I have tried all that. It is still a bit blurry. I connected my Samsung and I see the difference right away.
  13. Greetings. I replaced my Samsung QLED 49" with LG G3 OLED 55". The performance is way better now. Refresh rate 120Hz, VRR, G-Sync etc. The old QLED did not have any of that. However in game image quality is poor, even desktop looks different. The clarity is not there anymore. The image in the game, especially in the flight deck, is not as clear as it was on my QLED. I have spent a week tweaking it but the image is not as clear as before, it is a bit blurry now. I am curious if this is something to do with a larger screen (55"), or this is how OLED TV works if I use it as PC monitor. I am wondering if I should either get 50 or 55" Samsung QLED instead. I cannot figure out what is causing this image quality degradation. Thanks for looking.
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