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  1. skysurfer

    CDU entries during diversion

    I think he was referring it to 777
  2. skysurfer

    CDU entries during diversion

    Thanks for the reply downscc. I didn’t say I diverted in the same flight. I said I did several diversion past several days. I was flying from EGLL, EKCH, EHAM, ESSA to LOWI. It was foggy in LOWI so visibility was below mins so I couldn’t legally land. Procedure: Entered diversion airport in: ACT RTE 1/X, DEST> (LSK 1R) and EXEC Entered route to the diversion airport: ACT RTE 2/X (or X/X) and ACT RTE LEGS 1/X and EXEC While diverting, ensure the T/C has been reached or change cruise altitude to aircraft altitude (FMA VNAV PTH). Finally, define an end of descent point by selecting an Arrival/Approach for the diversion airport.
  3. Mark Not directly 787 related. Will it be possible to add ND to other CDUs like NG and 777, or make it optional? Thank you
  4. skysurfer

    CDU entries during diversion

    Hello. I did several diversions past several days and I noticed when I changed destinations I cannot add or change alts and speed in CRZ, DES and LEG pages. For example if I try to add alts constrain and type /250 or /FL250 or 250 I see numbers changes in the scratch pad from 2 thru 5 and at the end I see only the last digit I have typed like 0, not 250. I am wondering if this is a bug or there is something else. Thanks
  5. skysurfer

    Remote EFB - Available Now

    Hey Mark Any plans for 777? Thanks
  6. skysurfer

    P3D v4.4 + FLAi + vPilot

    I have got the same response from the developers. I was told they were working with vPilot to fix it
  7. Thanks Matt. Let me know it you need any help with Russian 😏
  8. Hi Dave. Thanks for the tips. So I have created two graphics profiles for Day and Night flying. In night settings I set 8x MSAA and I can use all panel lights and all external lights with good fps on three monitors. AA does not look good with MSAA but it is not too noticeable at night. My biggest concern when I take off at night and land at day time..🤔 Thanks
  9. skysurfer

    New TV

    Thanks. Good to know that. I have 65” LED on a wall, I may try to connect it and check how it will perform before I buy a new one.
  10. skysurfer

    New TV

    Thanks for the reply Ray. Very good information.
  11. Good day all. So I am thinking to go from triple monitor set to a TV. The main reason is low fps using surround, especially at night. I have good performance if I'd fly with single monitor but when I use surround fps will drop by a half especially at night. I am hoping that TV will give me better fps. I hope. I know there are many topics about TVs but I am not really asking for a brand or type but what specs to look for. I saw people were mentioning to look for 4:4:4 chroma at 30hz and 60hz, 30Hz hardware VSync etc. I am a bit confused about all that. So long story short, what kind of specs I will need to look at for a good sim TV. So far I am thinking to get OLED TV but I am note sure if 55" TV is going to be too big or if all OLED TVs for around $1500 have all features desired for simming. Is OLED worth a money at all? Thanks for looking.
  12. I use three monitors in surround mode. I like it because I can see better, the view angle is wider and when you do visual or circle approaches it looks different then flying with single monitor. FPS are OK at day time, I may see some minor stuttering at add-on airports and I can use 8xSSAA. It is totally different story at night and this is where triple monitor set can give you a real headache. I fly PMDGs and if I use any lights with 8xSSAA it drops fps by a half or more. I have to use lower Graphic settings in P3D like 2xSSAA and it helps but again it depends on airport. At ORBX ESSA it is too high, I may need to use MSAA. So it depends. I am actually getting really tired of it so I am thinking to move to TV. So triple monitor set is very cool but it may give you a very nice headache. Good luck.
  13. Not really offending the software. I really like it and I intend to use it. I am just trying to figure out what is going on. Part of my problem is that I use triple monitor set, it hurts fps already. I use locked fps at 27 and the sim works relatively smooth until I start switching external lights on. I did some research and apparently there are others who have issues with PMDG external linting. If you turn all external lights On on the ground especially at the gate fps could drop by a half. Some simmers use a taxi light only because cannot use all lights. So it is not just me. Similar behavior with these internal panel lights. I did several flights past few days and every time I turn panel lights fps drop. Not all the time and not at every airports. LEBL was pretty bad today but I had apron DL enabled. I turned DL lights off and fps went up. So panel lights were fine. ORBX ESSA is bad all the time regardless if the A/C is at the gate or on the Rwy. As soon as I turn either external lights or panel light fps drop pretty bad. If I turn all of them On I am pretty much done. Maybe it depends on airport. I read in ORBX forum that other simmered were complaining about ESSA performance. I used 8xSSAA but I had to change to 4xSSAA for better fps. Thanks
  14. Looks really nice, however it kills my fps dramatically. It behaves the same way when I turn on all external lights and it drops fps. If I turn on external lights and internal lights fps drops down to 10. I changed graphics settings from SSAA to MSAA and it helped a bit but fps still low.
  15. Looks like PC is stable (for now) at 4.6Ghz and 1.30V with average temps 70C and max spike at 77C. With those setting from the last video about i6700k things got a little worse and I was unable to pass even 15 mins test at 4.5Ghz. I used settings mostly from the first video and took some from the last video. Thanks