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  1. Sorry it did not work out. I was asked for VAT number only when I selected the option for invoice. Deselecting Invoice option allowed me to proceed to checkout. Wen you add new address it should show as a blue on top of the address with small checkmark on the right corner. It's all you need. Do not select anything else just terms of agreement. I do not have v4.5. I have only v5 now and I still decided to get it because I was offered a discount from the previous version. Not a huge amount though. I will play with it when PMDG 737 and 777 come out and then I will make a decision if I am gong to use it or not.
  2. Greg. I had same issue and I have my address saved in the account. I spoke to support. They told me to create new address as delivery address even though it is the same address in your account. When you create new address do not select Create or link address to invoice, it will give you even more headache. Just create new address again, check box to agree with terms and conditions and select a payment option. It will let you to finish checkout. I just purchased it. Good luck
  3. Good day all. I have installed Taxi2gate VHHH v2 for P3Dv5. When I started the sim I got this error message: I checked the scenery, everything seemed look fine, nothing is missing at VHHH airport. I wonder what is this message about. Thanks for looking.
  4. I Used these steps suggested above: Leave dynamic texture rendering on but disable VSYNC in the sim and the flickering is gone as well. One thing you can try is (without P3D running) right click on the Prepar3d.exe, select Properties, select Compatibility, and then select Disable Full Screen Optimizations. Turn off Dynamic Texture Streaming and the flickering should stop. This is a common issue with HF1 and other users have experienced it as well. Checking the box helps lower VRAM usage a bit if you can tolerate the flickering.
  5. I have a feeling I deleted some other files by accident. I seriously doubt but it looks like that. I reinstalled scenery update from P3D again and that didn’t help. I noticed even more issues down the line. I ended up reinstalling the whole sim again. Luckily I didn’t have much stuff installed in v5 yet. Thanks for help.
  6. Greetings. I need some help with scenery repairing. I installed DD KORD v5 and then I uninstalled it. I liked FSDT better actually. DD does not offer uninstaller, instead I had to remove bunch of files manually per scenery manual. I deleted files per manual but something went wrong and default KORD does not look right. Is there a way I can restore default KORD? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies. I will try all these options.
  8. Hi Stan. Yes, that did help a lot as well. Some small like flickering now, mostly I see it on airport fences where there are small details like rods etc. But it is way better now. Thank you all very much. Edward
  9. I just disabled it. It looks better but still plenty of flickering. It is mostly slim objects, like apron lights posts, ATC towers, antennas and some building roof edges. Overall better now.
  10. Thanks for the reply. What option is that exactly?
  11. Good day all. Just installed V5. I see lots of flickering at addon and default airports. ATC towers, building, jetways, everywhere. Really distracting. I did not see it on v4.5. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Good day all. Similar question. I have Real Time Flight program from Sim Elite Solutions as well. Do I still need it too? I know it switches sim time to correct Zulu time based on aircraft location. Are there any other ways to set correct time in the sim without Real Time Flight program? I am not sure if Reset to System Time option works same way or not. Just trying to use less programs running on a background. Thanks
  13. Oh no no, let's stick with v5 for now. I have no burning desire to spend another $200
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