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  1. Hi All, Obviously incredible development by all involved in this sim. I’m a vetted VATSIM user w/ 10+ years online experience - and most interesting to me is the multiplayer in the new MSFS... My question is: Are there any existing groups (discord, Reddit, etc) that solely focus on group flights? if not, is anyone interested in starting one? would be great to fly with some of you all. Let me know if there are solutions in place for this. thanks
  2. I use Envtex and ORBX - but I don’t think this is unique to you. I haven’t seen really any improvement in 4.5 either. A rather lackluster update indeed.
  3. A naive question - where does one turn off HT? NVIDIA control panel?
  4. Following-up here - I just realized one variable different from previous flights; I increased sim rate to 4x. Haven't had a chance to try to recreate.
  5. Love the aircraft. Perhaps the smoothest aircraft i've ever flown. Visually it's an A+ and the systems are great. 8.5/10 for me! I did, however encounter one odd kink-- I was just on approach and at +-200 feet agl when the aircraft banked hard left into the ground - while simultaneously letting out a screeching siren. This happened so suddenly, that no action from me or the autopilot could have warranted it; it's as if one wing hit an invisible wall. Oddly enough, I was flying into a default airport (KSHR) when this happened, so it couldn't have been the scenery (I wouldn't think). Anyone else had or heard of this issue?
  6. Yes, they are static. I believe GSX will work and you can replace jetways with stairs. Overall, I like the scenery. It's not flytampa, but for the price it makes a nice addition to a beautiful country.
  7. @stratfordman10 Following this video from @Poppetdid the trick for me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsOibqIV0OQ
  8. After further digging, it appears the F-22 Raptor is exempt from my simobjects/airplanes folder. It seems like the error is caused by a disconnect between the program and the contents inside the simobjects/airplanes folder. Is there a file I can edit to remove the F-22 from being "listed" as an aircraft?
  9. I'm having a very similar issue. Posted HERE on Avsim. Trying tons of things with no avail. Will keep you posted!
  10. I've now done a fresh install of windows, and tried to install each component individually. No luck. @Poppet - I've tried both of your tricks in the post here for visualization only mode, but with no luck on either solution. Oddly enough, I still have a vehicle dropdown menu to choose from?
  11. @pete_auau thanks mate. @stratfordman10 have u tried installing each component (client, scenery, content) individually? Instead of the “setup.exe”? also, any luck with restarting the prepared.cfg file? i won’t have access to my sim today, but please leave any feedback you’ve got! I’ll give a try tomorrow or late tonight. Any help from admins is also appreciated!
  12. Hi All, im attempting a fresh install from 4.3 to 4.4. I removed the previous version by uninstalling via “Add or Remove Programs”. Once fully uninstalled I then ran the “Setup” installer in the v4.4 folder, which completed “successfully”. When I run P3D I get an error on the splash screen along the lines of, “Vehicle Initialization has failed for F22 Raptor. You will now be placed in visualtion mode”. Then, when Loading scenario it will crash at 83% while loading global weather. This has happened 5x after re-installing again, restarting, etc. regardless of aircraft, location, time of day. any help is much appreciated!
  13. @FDEdev @JRBarrett Few questions for you fellas (or anyone that knows!)-- 1.) My "Fueling" light switch is always illuminated. Is that a bug or is there something I need to do? 2.) My N2 gauges don't show data. The % is blank and the dials don't spin. Again - anything I need to do to activate these? Or potential bug? 3.) Is this aircraft really this powerful? I can get to cruise in 10 minutes with N1 at 80 & (GW: 30.0). Unreal... Thanks again for the support! Looking forward to the full release on this one.
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