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  1. snake3321

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    I had tessellation=1 in PTA. Just delete it.
  2. snake3321

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    SOLVED, thank all those who have given me advice! I really appreciate that.
  3. snake3321

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    Yea, my 15-25 FPS in Frankfurt are really irritating 😁. Can tessellation on 1 can cause this problem?
  4. snake3321

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    You're right. I thought its caused by PTA tweak tool and I was totally right. As you can see after rebuilding prepar3d.cfg textures are normal. Thank you so much! But even in fact, that my problem was solved. I have still little question. I really love PTA as a tweak tool and I still want to use it. What settings in this tweak tool may cause these blurries, please? There is my config
  5. snake3321

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    I'm running i5 4460, GTX 660 and 2TB SSHD (300 GB free space now) Can be there any other way to try solve this problem? I really dont want to completely reinstall p3d untill it is necessary.
  6. snake3321

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    Thank you so much for this advice! I am just surprised, that I'm running p3d v4 with ORBX, REX4, etc from version 4.1, the same settings and never had problem with blurries..
  7. snake3321

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    With clean install a meant, that I uninstall everything and after I started to install everything else, like ORBX Vector, EU, Trees, tweak with PTA, some airplanes like pmdg 737,777,747, fslabs a320, dash q400.. Some sceneries.. My settings are here:
  8. Hello, after update from version 4.2 to 4.3 I have totally blurry textures upon cruising and arrival. On version 4.2 I've never had any problem with anything. It was absolutely new clean install. I'm using ORBX, REX, etc.. Today I was testing when the textures becomes blurry.. Before my departure from any airport, the textures seems to be fine and working as well, but immediately after takeoff with any aircraft, textures starts changing like they're stopped loading or just loading very very very slowly. These are photos of my textures before update to 4.3.. And These are photos of my textures after update 4.3 I was reading some other threads with this problem and I did just everything what was said in these threads. Basically: Set MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=1 to config, try changing the number to 16 too. Set AffinityMask to 0 and 14, didnt work.. Making clean new install, didnt work.. Set FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 didnt work too. Reduction my setting to minimum, didnt work... I really dont know what to do.. The texture are fine untill I depart from my airport. Thanks for any response to this thread and for my bad english as well.
  9. snake3321

    North America waypoint?

    So my departure is KORD and arrival airport is EHAM. Theres my route: KORD/10L DCT IGN084037 DCT WHALE N75A SUPRY NATU XETBO DCT LIFFY Q37 MALUD UL975 WAL M16 DOLAS L603 LAMSO LAMS2A EHAM/06 When entering my route into the FMC I found that NATU isnt working too. I'm flying on pmdg 777.
  10. snake3321

    North America waypoint?

    Hello, today on my flight departing from Chicago Simbrief gave me curious air waypoint which I've never seen before. The waypoint is IGN084037. How can I write this into the FMC and navigraph route please?