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  1. So whats recommended? REX SF alone, or use AS16 with it? Does SF provide real time weather?
  2. You forgot to mention the most important part. What kind of scenery addons do you have? What kind of aircraft are you loading?
  3. Then i'll have to pass it onto someone else. I know that PRO ATC X provides callouts, but since you dont use any atc addons i have no clue, sorry :-/
  4. Wow! Thank you everyone for your replies and help! I really appreciate it. So far it looks like i will be tweaking my settings in FSUIPC and in the aircraft config-file and maybe i'll buy the Cherokee eventually. Thanks again guys!
  5. Hi. So i've decided to get another one in the hangar. I already own the Comanche and the C182 from A2A, but i think the steering is a little bit too sensitive? Like i barely touch the yoke and it changes direction. Iam now looking for a plane that is not that sensitive. Im thinking about the following planes: *Just Flight Arrow III *Just Flight Warrior II *A2A Cherokee 180 *MilViz 310R What do you guys think i should go for?
  6. With the 737 Immersion package, will you be able to see lights during the day? Because now i dont see any lights hitting the ground in the daylight (in other aircrafts it works fine). I only see lights during the night.
  7. Hi. When autobrake on landing is activated, and when the wheels touch the ground it says 'brakes' down in the left corner of my P3D. It says the same if i use my pedals to brake. This is how it supposed to be right? You get the same brakes from the autobrakes as you do from the pedals? And when i tap the brakes when autobraking the message goes away. I just cant seem to notice that i have got the braking message before, or maybe i just havent noticed it. Would be great if someone confirms this so i know i havent configured my pedals wrong.
  8. Moving shadow draw distance slider full right fixed it for me.
  9. Could you post the video? I cant seem to find it
  10. Im still looking for some settings. I've tried changing some stuff but i dont really get that 'real flying' feeling. So im happy if someone could post their Motions effect settings they use while flying the 737.
  11. Oh really. That sounds bad.. best thing is to just turn off shadows then?
  12. Hi! Im experiencing something weird in my P3D V4. When looking outside there are shadows from the clouds on the ground. But when i move around the shadows kinda follows my movement. They get bigger, smaller, changing shape and so on. I think it looks really bad and im wondering if anyone else see this in their sim? Here the shadows look good. But just when i look either left, right, up or down the shadow changes it shape: http://i.imgur.com/6KxSHdY.jpg
  13. Yeah i get that. Just wanted to plug and play as i have been dealing more with setting up stuff than actually flying.
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