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  1. I got an email Sunday saying it was departing Hong Kong and it arrived Monday! I’m still trying to get the lights to work. I installed the patch from the Honeycomb website without success.
  2. I watch YouTube videos but for me, they aren’t as helpful when I’m at my computer and in the cockpit. I like to read docs on my iPad as I’m flying more than playing a video.... then pausing, playing, pausing etc etc. Documentation doesn’t have to rival “War and Peace” in length. But I expect something more than a checklist, please. I can wait a bit. In the meantime, I hope to not read more petty and nasty messages about this plane. It’s the holiday season... be happy!
  3. Hoping KPWK Palwaukee/Chicago Executive is included.
  4. I use Simstarter to hide aircraft and/or liveries, and to selectively not load scenery In areas where I won’t be flying. Does anyone know if that speeds up P3D’s loading time?
  5. Same issue here. I can power up but the engine master switches seem to be stuck in the down/off position. Installed in default location, AV disabled, credentials entered.
  6. Got PPL in 1998 at KPWK Palwaukee, now Chicago Executive. I prefer the former.
  7. I’m giving my existing computer to my teenage kids... that way there’s no quarrel when i want to fly!
  8. I'm ready to do a new computer build and put my i7 3770k and GTX 970 out to media-center pasture. My budget is approx $2,000 to $2,5000. I figure the case, power supply, memory, cooler and monitor (4k?) will run about $800 or so. That leaves about $1,2000 to $1,700 for motherboard, PSU and GPU. What would ya'll recommend? I run P3D with a lot of scenery, complex airplanes, traffic, etc etc. I'm also flying XP11 more and more with an emphasis on VR. I want bang-for-buck for current sims and (hopefully) something that will be good for a couple years. My 3770k certainly was! Many thanks, Charlie
  9. Same here. I prefer O’Hare but it’s crazy that we can’t have FSDT terminals with accurate runways. I now fly all domestics into Midway.
  10. Glad to see this as I’m also running a 4770k and gtx 970. I’m surprised at how well P3D v4 runs but I’d like to move some sliders to the right. Hello new GPU!
  11. Finally I can use my touch controllers in a cockpit! But... and this may be a stupid question... how do I brake without pedals or touching a joystick button or keyboard?
  12. No... headwind. It’s best to take off and land into the wind.
  13. I don’t understand why Microsoft can’t release a patch sooner than Tuesday (assuming they’ve fixed the problem). Must the company stick to its scheduled patch/update routine?
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