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  1. CharlieDont5urf

    FreeMesh Elevation problems, plateaus, cliffs etc?

    I had a similar problem and nothing has helped than delete the scenery.cfg and let P3D rebuild from scratch. After that FTX Central reinstalled the ORBX stuff and all was fine again. I think it was somthing wrong with the scenery order even though I set the orbx insertation points correct.
  2. CharlieDont5urf

    Copilot voice in Manfed Jahn's C47

    You can get the latest version for v4 here:
  3. CharlieDont5urf

    Copilot voice in Manfed Jahn's C47

    Heya, did you rename the panel.cfg64bit file in the panel folder to panel.cfg and deleted the original file? As i see the default panel.cfg ist the 32bit one that loads the old sound files for the 32bit sims.
  4. CharlieDont5urf

    Jan Vissers C-47 in P3Dv4?

    They officialy fixed the sound xml 64bit thing for v4 in the latest beta you can find here:
  5. CharlieDont5urf

    Using a tablet to track aircraft

    Hey, AVARE is realy nice when getting the GPS data fom the sim via FSUIPC.
  6. CharlieDont5urf

    Bush Flying in P3D V4

    As a region i would highly recommend sceneries from in combi with ORBX PNW.
  7. CharlieDont5urf

    Integrating a GTN 750

    Thx again for a fine GTN implementation.
  8. CharlieDont5urf

    C90GTX Modifications v1.0

    Hello whamil77 and thank you for the mods you sent me.
  9. CharlieDont5urf

    Liking the C90GTX -- GTN750 Mod

    Hello Bert and thank you again for the mod you sent me ... works great.
  10. CharlieDont5urf

    Recommendation on a non study-level Boeing for P3dv4?

    What about the
  11. CharlieDont5urf

    AS16 + REX SkyForce + ASCA

    All you need to know you will find in this thread.
  12. Do you have Network Mode enabled than it's a known bug. Simply disable it.
  13. CharlieDont5urf

    Wanted - a more realistic Ai package than MyTrafficPro
  14. CharlieDont5urf

    Wanted - a more realistic Ai package than MyTrafficPro

    I using live traffic with and 9000+ handmade liveries most of the models (free and payware) converted to v4. If you dont need ATC (that does not interact with injected traffic) its most accurate ai i've ever seen.
  15. CharlieDont5urf

    REX Sky Force Review

    A perfect explanation of some basic settings with Active Sky together you can find in this fine review i found.