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  1. 3 hours for a "first look" 😂 I'll be terrified to see how long the full review is. If I have a spare 3 hours I'm going to do a flight. Looking forward to trying this plane.
  2. Still waiting for that stage 2... In the meantime, has anyone managed to successfully map controls to the panel lighting potentiometer on the left? I do have SPAD, but the LVAR that's linked to it doesn't move the knob or the lights it just changes the variable. Default MSFS bindings don't work either. Anyone had luck with that?
  3. Installed her last night, taking out the Ryzen 9 5900X. I wish I'd taken some reliable benchmarks previously but you know what it's like we are always tweaking and changing stuff.. From memory though my FPS used to be around 50-60 in this scenario of PMDG 738 on the runway at YSSY. Seems to be 70-80fps now in the same setup so it seems to be a 25-30% increase. This is with an RTX 3090 and 32gb and DDR4 RAM 3600@16 I've had for a while. DCS also got a slight boost, from 110fps to 130fps.. not really as impressive. IL2 I didn't try as it was already at max refresh rate 144hz/fps on 3840x1600. IL2 engine just blazes along efficiently I never really need to tweak that. All up I'm pretty [word not allowed] happy, since I was so [word not allowed] that AMD were requiring a new motherboard/socket to go with their new line of CPUs... this is a good outcome, changing my whole box is the last thing I need. ps surprised that a word starting with d and ending with n is not allowed, times are changing that's for sure...
  4. With both AMD and Intel new CPU lines requiring new sockets & motherboards (basically having to rebuild a new PC), I'm going to go for the X3D even though I already have a 5900X. The expense and hassle of building a whole new PC just to get something that's maybe 10% more than the X3D isn't worth it, the X3D seems to be the best we can get on pre-existing motherboards. I think AMD stuffed up when forcing a new socket for their new line, allowing people to upgrade on the existing AM4 could've given them an edge over Intel. A Ryzen 9 5900X3D would've been welcome too.
  5. Hi Scott, Can you please include a toggle mode for all panel lights in next version? I only use 1 button for lights. Below works for this: function NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_ALL_toggle () local i if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_757_a') == 300 then for i = 1, 300 do NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_R_dec () NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_L_dec () NGX_LIGHT_PDST_dec () NGX_LIGHT_OVH_dec () NGX_LIGHT_CB_dec () end NGX_LIGHT_ALL_show () else for i = 1, 300 do NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_R_inc () NGX_LIGHT_PANEL_L_inc () NGX_LIGHT_PDST_inc () NGX_LIGHT_OVH_inc () NGX_LIGHT_CB_inc () end NGX_LIGHT_ALL_show () end end many thanks
  6. Hi, One thing I noticed is the landing gear script doesn't always move the landing gear up, just the handle itself. So I map it to the FSX Default landing gear which works fine. Below are some new scripts if you would like to add to the module? I assign the nose wheel steering to the A/T switch since there's no A/T in Q400. Also a script to toggle all panel lighting happen in one go for a spare button. function NWS_on () ipc.writeLvar("SIDE_PNL_STEERING", 1) DspShow ("NWS", "on") end function NWS_off () ipc.writeLvar("SIDE_PNL_STEERING", 0) DspShow ("NWS", "off") end function PANEL_LIGHT_ALL_TOGGLE () if ipc.readLvar('OHD_PNL_LIGHTS_GLARESHIELD_KNOB_ANGLE') == 0 then OHD_PanelL_All_50() else OHD_PanelL_All_0() end end
  7. It's pretty much only the NAV/ADF navigation radios you can't use with hardware, since they are the only ones that require to be linked into the Q400 systems. If you are only using NAV for ILS - then let the FMS tune it for you. * COM radios - use default FSX radios (COM only not NAV) with the Radio panel or VRInsight MCP combo. You can still hear the audio from the tuned frequency. Just ignore what is in the VC.You can see the frequency on your hardware anyway. * Transponder I haven't tried with VATSIM online, but I think if you keep it linked to default FSX transponder you can keep it that way, and other addons that require your transponder code will see the FSX one. * Transponder/TCAS mode - Map the transponder "MODE" button to a mouse macro that you create by holding the button until it goes to ALT (TCAS). This then becomes a toggle switch you can toggle between standby and ALT/TCAS. Changes to radios in the VC will update what you see in hardware since the VC changes also update FSX, it's just not the other way around i.e. changes in FSX don't update the VC. But this doesn't matter except for radio navigation.
  8. Regarding repaints you need to be backing up your databases and all files from users/user/appdata/flight1/ut2 I think you can add it manually by 1. Adding it to your exe.xml 2. Adding to your simobjects.Cfg 3. Disabling all prepar3d default traffic bgls 4. Copying any other bgls from FSX that ut2 installs. But EMT is better and safer! But be careful any new install will overwrite your data. So backup everything in AppData and ut2 app folder to be sure. I think the power pack can help you backup too
  9. Does FS Global alter terrain.cfg? Or only scenery.cfg?
  10. I actually have both UT2 and P3D set to 0 now. Since I purchased VoxATC it makes enough traffic from the UT2 Aircraft. I haven't upgraded to 2.5 yet, but I hope voxatc can still find the UT2 AI in the new cfg..
  11. Note you don't need any traffic in P3D unless you run extra traffic bgl eg for specific payware airports that install traffic. UT2 injects traffic even if P3D set to 0 percent traffic.
  12. Anyone got this working with Prepar3d version of the 777?
  13. Aerosoft downloads section,lots of stuff
  14. Interesting because transponder mode works for me. He pops up the 2d. I'll have to double check it worked through next flight. V speed callouts work but I set them myself in MCE window. Are you saying it will update automatically?
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