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  1. This P3D tip may be a good candidate for the "Prepar3D Tips, Tricks and How To's" forum.
  2. I also used "alpha_blend=0.80" for some of the windows. PM me if you want a copy of my modified .cfg.
  3. I was playing around with the A2A 172 this morning and I think I found it.... I was experimenting with the "quick radios" option and able to re-position it to the bottom middle of my screen like my ATC now. Go to panel.cfg in \Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C172\panel The window entries are at the top. This is a sample... [Window05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=187,392 //pixel_size=187,392 //position=6 //window_pos= 0.025, 0.9 window_size = 0.20, 0.35 window_pos = 7.0, 0.1 visible=1 ident=50 sizable=0
  4. This is a great tip - I just did it and works perfect. With a 55" screen, the ATC window was always too large and misplaced. Thanks again !!!
  5. Please let us know how it goes with Opus. I uninstalled OpusFSI last week in anticipation of SF3D. Bought SF3D and found the weather engine not quite ready yet with a number of issues that I never had with Opus. I am confident that REX will sort them out over time so I will just enjoy the amazing new textures with Opus until it's sorted out....
  6. I was really hoping that Prepar3d would include this in their next release....
  7. I see the same issue during dusk/dawn. The landing and taxi lights are on but very dim in lighting the ground. I noticed it while flying my A2A Cessna 172. I am running P3D3.4 and PTA . I opened this thread at A2A.
  8. I think most of the textures look good so far and prefer most them over Orbx Trees HD. The files sizes are much bigger but I dont seem to have any negative FPS performance impact. The only ones I really didn't like was the hard winter conifers. They didnt' blend very well with the Orbx Global textures. They seems way too "white" and stood out unnaturally. I was a little surprised that I had to install SODE in order to just replace my static vegetation textures.
  9. I just downloaded and reinstalled the 2.1 version today (for P3d 3.4) and noticed the upside down dials as well. Is there a "fix" for this? thx
  10. Hello - If there is anyone else out there running PTA and A2A's C172, I would greatly appreciate if you can check the taxi/landing lights while on the ground during dawn and dusk to see if you are getting the same results as me. Thanks in advance,
  11. Hello - I am running PTA with P3d 3.4 and the latest version on A2A 172. I am using the A2A custom lights during the install. "Landing lights illuminate ground" is checked in P3D setting. Running Nvidia 1080GTX with newest drivers. I fired up the 172 at ORBX LOWI at night and the landing and taxi lights light up the runway in front of me beautifully. When I switched to dawn or dusk ( and it is almost as dark as at night) the lights are not illuminating the ground properly and it makes it near impossible to taxi around. As an experiment, I used the time preview from night to dawn and watched as the landing and taxi lights completely dimmed out before there was enough light to wash them out in the real world. Is there a setting available or parameter in PTA that can be adjusted to bring up the lights brighter during the these times? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Daniel
  12. I never did find a solution, I have always had some flickering. I ended up turn off the vegetation and autogen shadows because they were the worst at flickering shadows.
  13. Not sure about VR but I did start using a TrackIR5 with the 55" and it's a great poor mans VR...
  14. Same here - I went from 3 projectors to a 55" UHD 4K LG 55UF6450 @30hz - has been a great experience. I also changed out my two 980's in SLI to a single 1080 Founders Edition. No longer need to use sparse grid anti-alias in Nspector to removing the shimmering. Everthing is very smooth. Works well as a desktop too, I'm using Acer GridVista to split out the large screen into 4 virtual monitors.
  15. I just did a uninstall of the 2.0, removed the left over install folder in aircraft directory and then re-installed 2.1 and lights still do not work. I checked the aircraft.cfg and this is what is there: [lights] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing //light.0 = 1, -27.70, 5.0, 6.6, fx_beaconcarctts, //light.1 = 2, -10.30, -18.9, 3.1, fx_strobecarctts, //light.2 = 2, -10.65, 18.9, 3.1, fx_strobecarctts, light.3 = 4, -6.00, 0.0, 1.0, fx_vclightcarctts, light.4 = 10, -9.50, 0.0, 1.0, fx_vclightcarctts2, The light.3 and light.4 files in the effects folder are from 2011. the other fx files do not exist. Are they using something different? I am running P3D3.4 . The only lights that come on are the little interior ceiling lights. Can someone please have a look at their aircraft.cfg file... thx, Daniel