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  1. I am using this for the Oculus Quest 1 over AirLink with a 1080ti video card. After some trial and error, I am getting a good image and 10+ more frames in VR. Definitely worth the effort!!!
  2. I also noticed my cockpit is not as sharp as before the last update. I only fly the steam gauges C-172. My setting and driver have not changed. I am running 3840x2160 on a 4K Samsung UHD TV. My rendering is set to 50% and I always had great performance and very crisp steam gauges. Now there is a bit of a noticeable blur. I don't mess with the default Nvidia control panel setting. I run a Nvidia 1080TI video card. I just started using VR this past week and have blurry gauges as well. I run at 100% render on VR but there is still annoying blurring. 200% render or adding super-sampling helps but turns it into a slide show. I wonder if this is also impacting the VR views as well.
  3. Running Intel i7 2700k sandy bridge o/c 4.8, 16 gig ram (maxed out) MS2020 runs at 4K with 50% rendering scale. I found this looks best on my 4K samsung TV with no performance issues. I tried other lower resolutions but they are not as sharp at 100% rendering.
  4. Hello - I currently have a GTX 1080 founders edition (that wont overclock). Because of the limitations of the bios on my Alienware Aurora R3, I can only upgrade to a 1080ti for a new card. I understand the newer cards required something difference to boot and legacy mode in no longer available. Would it be worth getting the 1080ti or the 1080 and see some performance improvements for FS2020. I am especially interested in getting a bit better erformance in VR. Thanks in advance. Daniel
  5. Does anyone know anything about Nvidia's GFORCE NOW service and MS2020? Will this every be an option and available? I saw a video on youtube, but some say it's fake.... Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks, Thought we had another new feature to play with 🙂 Yes, I am using Pre-cache to Ultra, it was especially helpful in running in VR as well....
  7. Hello all , I just noticed a new option in the graphics setting since the last update that in in both PC and VR settings, "Raymarched Reflections". Does anyone know what this does? I have a meager 1080GTX, should I have it on and what recommended level?
  8. @Rucki I have a very similar hardware setup as you. Frustrating mixed results for me. The first time I made these changes, it seemed very playable at Innsbruck. While running the performance monitor, it show I had about 20% headroom. Subsequent running with the exact same setting resulted in -45% headroom. I tried rebooting, restarting, reducing my setting and nothing appeared to work for me. Will you please post your performance stats and VR in-game setting? Any other thoughts or recommends to check ?
  9. I noticed yesterday when I was setting up one of my panels for for Cessna sim that the avionics master switches are not available as toggle switch. So my switch kept cycling on and off... grrr Anyone solve this without FSUIPC or another 3rd party add-on or do I need to request a toggle be added to Asobo? I may just bite the bullet and get FUSIPC anyway because my go-flight model is dead right now and I can't get FS2020 to configure my flaps axis switch properly with the correct flap position...
  10. Thanks everyone - this is a definite keeper! I generally only fly VFR with the Cessna 172 and this really makes the trees look great. I was able to turn down my LOD from 200 to 120 with the mod and I think it looks even better now. I am using the blog mod because I like the shortened tree heights. I'm going to see how this looks in my Oculus VR next :)
  11. Thanks for the tips. I finally got it to work by turning HDR off in the Windows display setting.
  12. Unfortunately, Not working for me. I have an Steam version of MS20202, Oculus Quest v1, using OculusLink. I see just yellow light in the headset but the flat screen shows that it is tracking my head movements. Anyone get the Oculus Quest v1 working?
  13. Same issues for the default LOWI too. - Just in the off chance, I removed all of my community add-ons and updated to the latest NVIDIA driver. Same issue before and after NVIDIA driver update, so we can rule that one out completely.
  14. Floating lights here as well. In the Halloween challenge as well as MS's LOWI.
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