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  1. I noticed yesterday when I was setting up one of my panels for for Cessna sim that the avionics master switches are not available as toggle switch. So my switch kept cycling on and off... grrr Anyone solve this without FSUIPC or another 3rd party add-on or do I need to request a toggle be added to Asobo? I may just bite the bullet and get FUSIPC anyway because my go-flight model is dead right now and I can't get FS2020 to configure my flaps axis switch properly with the correct flap position...
  2. Thanks everyone - this is a definite keeper! I generally only fly VFR with the Cessna 172 and this really makes the trees look great. I was able to turn down my LOD from 200 to 120 with the mod and I think it looks even better now. I am using the blog mod because I like the shortened tree heights. I'm going to see how this looks in my Oculus VR next :)
  3. Thanks for the tips. I finally got it to work by turning HDR off in the Windows display setting.
  4. Unfortunately, Not working for me. I have an Steam version of MS20202, Oculus Quest v1, using OculusLink. I see just yellow light in the headset but the flat screen shows that it is tracking my head movements. Anyone get the Oculus Quest v1 working?
  5. Same issues for the default LOWI too. - Just in the off chance, I removed all of my community add-ons and updated to the latest NVIDIA driver. Same issue before and after NVIDIA driver update, so we can rule that one out completely.
  6. Floating lights here as well. In the Halloween challenge as well as MS's LOWI.
  7. Thanks, are you using the free version? It does look like it is very highly rated with no impact on gaming (or flight-siming).
  8. Thanks - I will look into Avira and Avast. I have never been a big fan of Windows Defender and was previously using Norton becasue it had a "game mode" to shut down automatically while running the SIM.
  9. Thanks - I was previously using Process Lasso with good results. I was not sure if "Game Mode" made it obsolete.
  10. Hello All - I finally upgraded my old Alienware R3 from Win7Pro 64 bit to Windows 10. I am running Prepar3d 4.4 and have a few questions and seeking some advise. 1. Windows 10 Build 18762 or upgrade to the new build 1903 ? 2. Use Windows Defender or reinstall Norton Antivirus? Which is better for gaming and performance? 3. Win 10 Game Mode or Process Lasso or both? Thanks in advance! Daniel
  11. Hi - I just noticed this evening that I cannot see the rotating prop of the c337 at all. I would think you would be able to see, especially with RPM changes. I do see it when the engine is not running. Can anyone else confirm. thanks.
  12. I am running a 4K TV @ 4096x2160 and still had some annoying shimmering, especially the power tower pylon textures in Orbx PNW. I was finally able to fix most of it by using 8XMSAA in Prepar3d and with Inspector using Anti-alias mode set to "enhanced"and Anti-alias - Transparent super-sampling set to "8X Supersampling", not Sparse Grid Super Sampling I also have Texture filtering - Quality set to "High Quality" and Power management mode set to "Prefer Maximum performance". This worked for me in both v3 and v4 of Prepar3d. Currently running 4.3 This cleared up about 98% of the shimming and no performance hit like SGSS. I have a Nvidia 1080 GTX as well.
  13. Hi - Have a look at my post on the shimmering and what worked for me a few others:
  14. This is not a Prepar3d or FSX version specific problem.... I noticed this issue when I first used the Zinertek airport textures as well. The Zinertek developer sent me the files of default textures that had the common texture sheets between the airports and the autogen buildings so I could restore them and not have the bright, glowing night textures in my cities as you described. I posed this question about a year ago on the Orbx forum when they were showcasing the Orbx BuildingsHD texture replacement product. It would have the same issue, it would over write the generic airport textures. I never received a response. I own the REX AirportsHD and also noticed this, especially at night. Unless Orbx or REX build in some smart logic to differentiate airport vs autogen, we will continue to see this texture anomaly.
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