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  1. 9GTurn

    Is there a Pilot's Logbook in P3D?

    Or go hi-tech and get projectfly
  2. 9GTurn

    Questions on OrbX sales

    Orbx tend to have a Christmas sale or possibly black Friday sale. They offer anything up to 50% off. Anything released in last 30 days gets excluded. Santa Barbara will probably make Christmas sale but with 25-30% off. Use the sales to get your regions. They are all awesome imho. Airports tend to be cheaper and are improved when you have the region too
  3. Really good, very smooth. Would make an excellent promo video for that aircraft. Captions remind me a little of Pilotseye YT videos
  4. 9GTurn

    Touring the world, rich boy style.

    I'm a third of the way on an around America tour with a TBM850 which is turboprop and fast and can fly high or low so you can see all that expensive orbx scenery you've bought and quickly too.
  5. Its back doing it again. I've now read somewhere that if I completely power the PSU off, when I turn on and hit start the PC needs to re-train the RAM and MoBo voltages. Anyone know if this is true?
  6. Thanks for your reply. I've hit reset to defaults in bios and it has stopped pausing on start-up. Wonder now if it was a drives order issue.
  7. Hi, Have a strange problem. I have a custom built PC which I've used an Asus Z370F Gaming Mobo, 8700K CPU and Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 Every time I hit the power button the system lights up, starts up and then stops. Starts up again but boots to an "F1 to continue" BIOS stop. It reports seeing 2 keyboards which is what I think is the fault and I've no idea how to stop it. I've tried swapping keyboards, leaving it out (causes a normal F1 stop) different USB ports. Nothing stops the system seeing 2 keyboards. I have a Element Gaming mechanical, LED illuminated keyboard and I've read that the power draw can sometimes cause this, also the anti ghosting for the keys makes a "virtual" keyboard which is also seen by BIOS as a secondary keyboard. Anyone got any ideas how to stop this? Even if I override the F1 setting from pause to continue it defaults back to pause. Thanks!
  8. 9GTurn

    Red/orange city texture/lights at night

    Think tomato has some recommendations for the orbx lights configuration.
  9. Does this comment relate back to this thread too? If so I've found no relief from the shaking on the ground or in the air when turning off momentum effect. I don't think its an AM thing.
  10. 9GTurn

    A New TBM 930

    +1 - I would buy this aircraft right now if available. Please make it so!!
  11. 9GTurn

    UT Live and Parking assignments

    Have you checked out Just Flight traffic global? If not you can always ask on the forum before you buy and an actual dev will reply. I know cargo ramps have always been mixed up in P3D and FSX. I prefer cargo flights as love the challenge of take off and climb out near MTW but waiting for the 747-8.
  12. 9GTurn

    UT Live and Parking assignments

    UTL is driving me mad. I've a similar problem where there is no parking available when I land, virtually every airwalk is full and I've no where to park, which in turn means I can't use GSX. I thought it was suppose to mirror real world, well when I turn up with a genuine scheduled flight surely it would have parking free for the arrival. Apparently not
  13. Well I also may have an Orbx Global issue (missing files reported) - but I'm heading over to the Orbx forum to ask there.
  14. My issue returned on my latest flight with QW787 over the east coast of North America, coastline all blurry and blotchy. I have tested with the default flight P3D flight from the airbase near Gulf of Mexico in F22 flying due North for about 50 miles and it goes all blotchy. I then removed all affinity's - both batch file way and the the job scheduler way - repeated the default flight and no blotches. Seems like P3D 4.3 doesn't like AM. Humph! Was getting good results with Rob's and SteveW's help.
  15. 9GTurn

    Ground Operations in VR

    Yes I would play it and use it. If it could include walk around and add on airports this would become a serious add on to have