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  1. Hi, Sorry to ask this but I've been racking my brains to think why there is a need for this feature. What is the point of a keybinding to toggle a function, like anti-ice or fuel pumps etc. I ask because I'm trying to build a button box and the switching how I see it, is on / off with the switch on causing an action and off cancelling the action. When I assign it to toggle. ie. anti ice, the switch commands the anti ice on but then toggles this on/off rapidly. So to my question why and what function does "toggle" a keybinding do or necessary for. Thanks for you help in advance.
  2. @Glenn Fitzpatrick Turns out to be pilot error - and sort of what you suggested as during a sim rig move around I had plugged my Saitek yoke in to get the 2nd throttle box working, but that in turn also was recognised so I was using MSFS with two yokes. And they fought like a couple of children over who had control! Thanks for your suggestion it started me off searching in that direction.
  3. @micstaticI've not yet had a good go with flying with it attached to my chair as I've been researching the best software to drive it. I've of course just tested it letting it pick up the bass sounds from the sim and as far as I can tell its fairly quiet on the office chair config. It just kinda hums and occasionally rattles the ram cover. Its so adjustable that you can turn the effects up or down fairly easily, but I would say that a chair upstairs is going to drum on the floor below. I've seen you can get shock absorbing pads for it. All in all its worth its money for the take off roll and touchdown feel, and that is just using the standard sound output from MSFS, to feel the wheels make contact - so your chair goes from nothing to a thump and a shake really goes some way to getting a landing right. Thanks @c912039 I'll take a look at that software before I go to Opus.
  4. Hi, I'm using the honeycomb yoke with the latest update from MSFS and since my control inputs have gone nuts. I pull back on the yoke and the elevators move to the position, but flick back to neutral and then back to the input when I move the yoke again and back to neutral. This is also happening to the ailerons too, move to the input then back to neutral. Using the modern flight model. Have pulled the USB on the yoke, have reset the controls in the controls dialogue, restarted PC, changed aircraft and they are all doing the same. Any ideas of a fix please folks?
  5. Thank you. With Opus for MSFS is it standalone or does it need a p3d licence too? What I like about simshaker it appears to work with all sims and there is evidence of people using it Ok. Any ideas what I can use for Xplane? Just voicemeeter and push the sim audio off to the BK2?
  6. Hi, I've bought a buttkicker but have read about several pieces of software to run it properly I'm not sure which to go for. i run xplane, P3D v4 and MSFS and ideally would like the buttkicker to work properly with all three. Ideally one piece of software would be good to do thiis. Sim shaker for aviators seems to be the all rounder but nervous to purchase something from Russia. So wondered if anyone knows of alternatives of what others use to drive their buttkickers. Opus does something but would I need both MSFS version and P3D? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I'm really confused about the Carenado SVS system and I’ve read in loads of places that its tricky to get working. We here’s what I’ve tried so if anyone could suggest something else that would be great, if not I’m not sure what my chances are for a refund from Just Flight. My test aircraft is the Cirrus SR22 v2.1 in P3D V.4 which I believe is SVS compatible. I know to push to softkey to get it working 1. Installed the SVS.exe straight away – failed to show in PFD 2. Uninstalled SVS and SR22 - failed 3. Installed SVS then SR22 4. Tried SVS.exe in SR22 directory and that just reinstalled SVS - failed 5. Opened TCP port 4444 in windows defender even though 4 SVS entries exist – failed 6. Used the alternative WebSimSVS.dll from Carenado 7. Used MakeRwys.exe and imported r5.bin 8. Checked WebServer is in NVI to ensure it has priorities 9. Checked the panel.cfg and XML files to make sure SVS entries are there – not changed anything. The Carenado SVS icon appears in the system tray but all I get in the display of the SR22 is “TERR ERR” which I get if the SVS is on or not. Not sure how to clear this problem. I also don’t believe I have and GPU problem as I have 1070GTX with latest Nvidia drivers loaded. I’ve tried my TBM850 too and this doesn’t work either. I have read AVSIM for solutions and tried what I’ve found on there. Some people just seem to get it to work and others are still struggling. The instructions that come with the product seem to be out of date and have limited relevance to the install. Not turned to Carenado yet as I believe these forums have more knowledge than them
  8. It was indeed a double assignment. The engine 2 reverser detent (button) on the throttle stack was mapped to "right rudder trim" under buttons and switches in FSUIPC and consequently when I taxi a twin the lever may have drifted in this zone and when landing and engaging reverersers the trim moved right and then as the rudder to nose wheel steering crossed over the aircraft went off the side. Thanks everyone for their help.
  9. Ok. I took the Carenado SR22 for a little fly about and once the wheels where rolling over 50kts on the take off the rudder went out of whack. I've set up a key combo to reset the rudder trim to centre. However the SR22 doesn't appear to have rudder trim so it never reset. I saved the scenario and reloaded when in the air and the rudder trim was reset to centre with no interaction from me. When I landed at LOWI just as there was wheel rotation the rudder went out of whack again and threw me off the side of the runway as a full opposite rudder does nothing to centre it. I use FSUIPC to control my assignments with the controllers checked as disabled in the P3D controls and assignments which it confirms they are off. I have checked and reassigned my axis in FSUIPC so where am I looking to check for double assignments? Auto rudder is definitely off. I am using 6 month old Thrustmaster TPR pedals so no bad hardware providing bad inputs. Would a reinstall of the Client module fix this? This is really screwing up my flying 😔😕
  10. Thanks for the replies. No specific aircraft it happens with everything i fly including the default jets. No yaw damper on the ground and it only occurs when the speed goes over a certain number. Will check for double assignments, but what assignment causes a rudder input as speed builds?
  11. How do you fix the same airport but applied twice? Over at EHAM I have openstreet map and can see the runways then I have the scenery download from P3D showing the airfield where it should be relating to openstreetmap BUT THEN I have another copy of EHAM from the scenery cache over that. So I have 2 EHAM's when I only need one!
  12. A reinstall did sort this out and I applied the Airline2Sim GSX profile and inibuild DL again and it didn't change the ILS's so these add-on's don't conflict.
  13. I have a problem with the rudder automatically moving out of centre when on the ground and the airspeed builds. So normal taxi travel is fine, but when I throttle up and start take off roll the rudder trim moves which makes the take off tricky!! The same happens when I land, once wheels touch down the rudder goes off centre, sometimes to the max, but once I trim it to the centre it doesn't happen again. Even if I throttle up on a practice landing, touch and go and lift off the rudder stays centred. I've had to set up a key combination to centre the rudder. But I wondered why its doing it. Running P3D v4.5 HF2
  14. Hi, I've tried a Google on this but can't find anything specific to this problem. At Flytampa Amsterdam all my ILS beams are at the opposite end of the runways they are supposed to be guiding for, so when I approach the ILS is directing me to the end of the runway instead of the TDZ. I've the Aline2Sim GSX profile here and the inibuilds dynamic lighting enhancements but I can't see how these effect the ILS's. Anyone had this problem and know how to fix it or should I just try and reinstall of the scenery and see if that fixes it? I didn't want to do this as I would need to redo the GSX and inibuild stuff. Thanks!
  15. Cracking stuff Norman and well designed as I too worked out how the HE sensor worked after a bit of google and youtube but admired how you got the whole package to be so neat and fit in the existing space and working so well. Extends the life of the yoke imessurably. So far I've carried out the rubber band mod on my saitek yoke, lightly lubed the yoke with silicone grease and preordered the honeycomb yoke! Where I shall await your video on how to upgrade that to Hall!!
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