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  1. Those settings applies to P3Dv5 as well! Thanks again my friend!
  2. Hi there PRO-ATC/X is still the most realistic ATC add-on there is, including TRUE voice communication. BTW, a new update is around the corner! Cheers, Morten
  3. OK thanks Rick, glad at least, that I'm not absolutely alone here....
  4. Also very important that you run PRO-ATC-X in Win 7 mode (and of course as an administrator). Besides that, you should also be careful dedicating the relevant sound choice inside your PC properties - that is not to have many parallel sounds sources running at the same time. Believe me, I've been fighting with the exact same mess here for months! PRO-ATC-X Hasn't been updated for a long time and isn't very happy about Win 10. In my case I solved the problem by running in Win 7 mode and disabled NVIDIA High Definition Audio inside my PC Properties. Cheers, Morten
  5. I wonder if anyone has been through fatal CTD in this airport as I have these days? As it is I'm still running P3Dv.4.5 because I'm not yet fully confident about version 5 actually being fully ready... During taxing the scenery starts with freezing and stutter - finally the whole session will crash to desktop! I have tried to reinstall the scenery without any success and been writing to Imaginesim twice without getting any answer whatsoever! The error could of course arise from many reasons, not necessarily caused by the actual scenery creation from Imaginesim, but in my view absolutely unacceptable with this developer just ignoring their customers - in my case having bought most of their products. Cheers, Morten
  6. Remember to always make an image backup of your harddisk before you make these kinds of huge and risky updates!
  7. Thanks for this link, which lead me to uninstall UTL and install AIG! I didn't get any more AI sound out from that - However, the simplicity of the AIG structure made it much easier for me to edit the cfg's and individual *.waw sounds right away! So now I'm up running again in a fantastic AI sound environment! With a sound editor app I amplified all sounds by 400% - I know it seems crazy, but nevertheless, that's what it really took to normalize my AI sounds in my particular setup! Cool rumbling jets and thundering reverse engine sounds all over the place - as real as it gets at any airport! Never did find out what actually suppressed all my AI sounds, going from Win7 to Win10, but never mind that...I finally found a workaround!! Cheers
  8. BTW, any other suggestions for an alternative to UTLive...?! (As always with Flight 1 products, their user interface is unfortunately pretty bad in general. Had to uninstal UTLive manually, going through numbers of fora in order to manage!)
  9. Thank you guys for your kind suggestions! An interesting suggestion, as no addon is new from the Win7 version to the Win10 version - EXCEPT for the UTL AI addon!! I will now execute an image backup for my current setup and then uninstall UTL and see if it makes any difference to the Environment sound! As successfully operated in previous Win7, USB earphones Artic7 Steel3 and s/pdif opt.7.1 surround Denon amp are as well controlled by these factors in my new Win10 environment - that is, away from Realtek onboard and nVidia sound drivers which are disabled. Everything is updated anyway, including all sound drivers. So no mess there. Been through that - unfortunately no difference! Cheers
  10. With change from Windows 7 to Windows 10 my Environment sounds suddenly has become barely hearable. Most irritating in that respect is the major absence of AI traffic sounds! Currently my sliders inside P3Dv4.5 sound section are set to 100% for Environment sliders and around 50% for anything else! My audio hardware setup and basic software has been the same from win7 to win10. The only primarily differences are these: 1. Change of PC's, from an old Intel based PC with Radeon graphic boards installed to the present Intel i9 version with a nVidia 2080 graphic board. 2. From P3Dv4.3 to P3Dv4.5 3. AI traffic, from My Traffic Professional to Ultimate Traffic Live As it seems I'm rather alone with this irritating problem and unfortunately had no success whatsoever in my efforts contacting the support fora for P3D and Flight1/Ultimate Traffic Live. Therefor I would much appreciate any help from you guys in order to solve this mysterious problem! Until now I think I've tried everything without any success, including of course, changing from SOUND_LOD=1 to SOUND_LOD=0 Cheers
  11. Hi Alex Thanks for your answer. I will try your setting suggestions! Cheers
  12. Wouuuuuppss! Sorry guys for my bad temper and ignorance 😮 Lying flat down here...🙄 As a faithful customer through the years of FSCommander with FSX I suddenly realize that this app is not compatible with P3D and therefor desperately looking for alternatives. Then just now ran into Little Navmap and tried it out. Didn't realize before now that the app depends alone on Alex and OpenStreetMaps contributors as I understand it (As an obvious reaction I've just donated you some money to carry on with the good work). So far and overall I find this app as a very good alternative to FSCommander, especially the network interface which I find pretty smooth - much better than what FSCommander was able to manage during the FSX days. Just seem to have some obstacles though with the maps as mentioned above... In my case, all I need Little Moving Map for is to work as a moving map on my second PC in network - within my multimonitor environment setup preferible as the darkest possible map background (as in FSCommander), and with preferible direct negative white text (not white labels with black text please), among this for showing clear major city and country names. And also as mentioned, clear state/country border lines, ex. in clear colors. For this purpose I have until now only found the theme "CARTO Dark" as most suitable, but unfortunately, as it seems, at the expense of not being able to overview major city names and country borders. So the question is if I eventually would have missed one or two of the many different map setting options in order to reach that goal? Cheers, Phillip
  13. Why?!: - Country/state borders invisible when zooming in on moving map! - Important main cities not seen showing up on moving map! Again WHY?!!
  14. Ha, okay sorry Wanthur, I accidentally quoted you instead of FlightSimDim So once more thank you indeed, this time to you FlightSimDim 😉 (My specs. P3Dv4.5 through 3 times 49" Samsung Curved monitors on top of each other. nVidia 2080 / Intel i9)
  15. Thank you my friend! Those settings completely solved every shimmering issue here!! 🙂
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