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  1. stevekirks

    RealAir Forum

    Rob: LOVE LOVE LOVE this RealAir Legacy v2--the gauge needle bounce was worth the money alone.
  2. stevekirks

    777 with 01JAN16 Update - great job!

    Ran the test again with historical weather from that day, running the same apps and flying the same route. Frames dropped pretty hard at the end (my machine, not a memory issue) but the VAS is nearly the same as I reported before. The only difference would be the PilotEdge traffic load was lower. I'd say that could make the difference. I'll try a KSAN to KLAX flight which should cruise over plenty of memory hungry scenery. Again...wizards they be...dunk them in water to see if they float as they might be witches, those PMDG devs...
  3. stevekirks

    777 with 01JAN16 Update - great job! Forgot about that. I'll pull the historical weather in ASN and do it again when the PilotEdge network has even more traffic. Still, on my machine, that memory savings is a big deal.
  4. stevekirks

    777 with 01JAN16 Update - great job!

    Fellow Pilots: I downloaded and installed the update to the 777 with the VAS improvements and I have to say a big "thank you" to the PMDG dev team! My setup is newish but not high-end and FSX:SE is still FSX, so I was hoping for something, knowing that anything was an improvement. After the install, I have about 600MB more VAS memory than before! Core i5-4460 at 3.2GHz 8GB RAM Windows 10 64bit Nvidia GT640 1GB GDDR5 VRAM FTX Global/Vector/SoCal enabled PilotEdge connected, drone AI aircraft populating the skies I ran the same flight this morning that I did right before the change: KLAS BOACH6 HEC KAYOH5 KLGB FSUIPC was reporting 385MB VAS left before the update, 991MB VAS left after the update. THANKS PMDG! My investment is still paying off after two plus years....
  5. stevekirks

    About Piper Aztec on Steam

    I have this same issue. Digging into the files, it seems that there is a second set of radios enabled, but no way to display the content. I wanted to support the idea of basic add ons through Steam, not the exclusivity part, so I bought it, but I regret the purchase only because of the lower than expected quality. Missing dual radio support is odd and the instruction manual doesn't show how to hide the yokes and throttle quadrant levers--had to dig through the internet for those. I'm considering enabling a group of shift menu pop-ups for the FSX GPS and a radio stack, but without a second VOR display, it seems pointless.
  6. stevekirks

    Fltplan Go app for iPad - Way Cool!

    Quick note for anyone running FSX:SE -- you need the original FSX RTM version of SimConnect installed in order for the Fltplan Go FSX helper program to run correctly.
  7. stevekirks

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    Edited the post to be more clear about Shared Cockpit and the beta DC-6. It was not a question of whether or not someone has used Shared Cockpit. Birdy.dma--you need to sign your posts with your full name please.
  8. stevekirks

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    As someone who made the jump to X-Plane last year, I was surprised by a couple of things: * My older Core2 Quad 2.66GHz machine does fine. It's the graphics card that suffers. I'm on a lightweight GT640 card with 1GB of RAM and it's enough in most cases, but 2GB or more would be much better. * the HD mesh that Kyle mentioned is free and amazing. Even with the low end card mentioned above, I'm able to run it and get 30FPS on most planes, even a payware jet with complex modelling. * If you're wondering how your machine will do with X-Plane, download the demo and try it out. The demo is exactly the same as the full version and it will run for 15 minutes under your control, and "forever" under AI control. That will give you plenty of time to try different rendering settings and see how they work for you. Kyle, thanks for taking the time to post these shots and the links. Questions: * TrackIR work? * Has anyone on the beta team tried the X-Plane plug-in for Shared Cockpit? Steve Kirks
  9. PMDG Staff: I appreciate the separate pricing and no conversion offer. Different platforms with different audiences mean different rules. PMDG software is not an entitlement and I'm happy to "pay for professionalism". I would love to see PMDG customer base segmentation and a place for the users that wish to do I say this...more professional and less game-ish. Overall, I'm a FSX customer that is happy to see companies like yours charge for your efforts. In a world of free games for your phones with in-app purchases, quality work work stands out and deserves to be rewarded. The pricing policy has helped me see that I'm likely not a PMDG customer in the future--my FSX install will give me plenty of fun for a few years more--but just because I don't want to follow your direction doesn't mean you're wrong. Steve Kirks
  10. stevekirks

    Regarding the latest update

    PMDG Staff: I'd like to get this install process straight and it seems simple: Starting with a clean install of FSX:SE without any PMDG 777 aircraft installed-- 1. Download the new master installer files from my account for the -200 and -300. 2. Run the installer for the -200. 3. Reboot and run FSX:SE 4. Load the -200 and make sure it's working. 5. Shutdown FSX:SE and install the -300 add on. 6. Reboot and run FSX:SE 7. Load the -300 and make sure it's working. 8. Run the Ops Center and have it check for any updates. Questions: 1. Is this the correct procedure? 2. After Step 7 above, will I have the equivalent of the 777-200 and -300 with SP1c/d?
  11. stevekirks

    [16JAN15] Update 2 - FSX:SE - Compatibility Update

    PMDG Team: Will the patch require and "uninstall/reinstall" to make things work? I have FSX:SE (and the CD version, no haters pls) and I've been reluctant to do the uninstall unless the patch will require it. Thanks PMDG for taking the time to try to make this work. For me, the Steam version does offer some small performance gains on my other aircraft and that made it worth the $5 for me.
  12. PMDG staff: I ran the 777-200 installer, did the Ops Center update, did the SP1c update and still have not been prompted to enter the activation code. It usually comes up when the plane is loaded in the FSX free flight screen, right? FSX Steam Edition 777-200 with SP1c No liveries installed stock textures, etc. What I've checked: --installed the correct software --FlexNet licensing service is installed but set to "manual" start and isn't running when the plane loads. I manually started it and reloaded the -200 and no joy. I also made sure it was running, exited FSX and restarted it. --SimConnect installed from the Steamapps SDK folder What I get: --black panels --no FMC functions --sounds like engine is running, outside view confirms sound --no landing gear Smells like a SimConnect issue. I've had to reinstall twice for a couple of A2A aircraft that had issues. I can provide order number and other information in a private message to confirm a valid customer.
  13. PMDG Crew: I searched for this on the support site first with keywords of 'uninstall' and 'deactivate' and didn't get any results. Weird. What is the proper procedure to remove the 777 entirely if I have the 300 expansion? I was thinking: 1. Log into FSX and deactivate the -300 and the -200 base. 2. Uninstall the -300 from the Windows control panel, then the -200. Make sense? No opinions, would prefer real experience or a PMDG staffer.
  14. stevekirks

    PC-12 Problems

    For those that don't have the Flight1 PC-12, it's still a great plane and works fine in DX10 in FSX. The visuals are a little cartoonish in the VC and there are some minor switch bugs, but it's truly fun to fly. It's less $$$ than the Carenado but not by much. Maybe Flight1 would put it on sale. I'm tempted to wait for all of the reasons that others mentioned: A/P code cabin lights switch soundset frame hit
  15. stevekirks

    Pilatus PC12 (In development)

    Found this YouTube video with a landing then takeoff. The landing shows a steep approach and a near 3-point landing. Takeoff looks to be one notch of flaps and a hint of rotation before liftoff. Anyone with the plane get the same behavior in the sim? Also this video has a great narrative about PC-12 ops during a descent including using the flight director for guidance to hand fly the approach.