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  1. THibben

    Flight1 GTN 750/650 Upgrade to 1803 AIRAC!

    Is this just for P3D and not plain FSX? Tom
  2. THibben

    Trying to install the update

    Jim, Thanks for the info. I had a hard time finding my belt also...grin. I don't know how I did it but I have the latest version of Prepar3D V4 up and running. All I did was just keep stumbling around and "voila", it was suddenly installed and running. Thanks, Tom
  3. THibben

    Trying to install the update

    Ray, Thanks for the info. I will see what happens either a little later tonight or tomorrow. Just recovering from our Thanksgiving dinner......grin Thanks, Tom
  4. THibben

    Trying to install the update

    Ray, Sorry about that. I am trying to install Prepar3D V4 latest update. I had the original version installed but deleted it to install the V4 update. Now nothing will install correctly. Thanks for your reply, Tom
  5. I think I have screwed up the update. Before installing the update I deleted the original installation then installed the update. It is not starting. If this is true how do I download and install the original release? Thanks for any help. Tom
  6. THibben

    Where Did You Start At?

    Started with Sublogic Flight Sim 1 probably in 1976 on an Apple. Been Flight simming ever since. I am presently using FSX and have tried the newer systems but am getting to old to figure some of them out....grin I have a high end system and get very high frame rates on most planes. I am now using mostly single engine and an occasional dual engine. Tom
  7. I spent my whole career in commercial and military flight test at Boeing. I was a system test engineer so flew on the planes during the flight testing of new aircraft. So loved flying. In 1979 when Sub Logic came out with the first simulator for Apple II, I jumped on it. I have continually upgraded until recently and am using FSX. I have tried to use some of the newer versions of flight simulator but my memory is failing so just stayed with FSX. I am now 84 and am having a tough time remembering how everything works so am sticking with single engine planes for now. Over the years I have purchased most of the planes made, from single engine to the 747. Just can't remember how to fly them all. I have no problem taking off, flying and then landing. Just can't remember where I have saved all of the switch positions....grin. I spend most of my computer time browsing flight sim posts but only respond occasionally. Where else can you find such knowledgeable friendly folks. Tom
  8. THibben

    FSX- Keyboard Problem

    If the keyboard has batteries they could need changing. Tom
  9. THibben

    An Old Man's Lament..

    Birdguy how true, I am now pushing 85 and I USTA do a lot of things. Trouble is my memory is going and I can't remember most of them...grin Tom
  10. THibben

    767 CTD

    I installed the 767 the other day and when I loaded FSX it wouldn't install anymore. I tried to restart several times and always got a black screen. The only way I could get it fixed was to uninstall the 767. This was a problem because there was no uninstall program which uninstalled everything that was installed. I had search all of FSX for installed 767 bits and pieces and delete them. All is running again now thankfully without having to do a total reinstall of FSX. Tom
  11. Problem solved, Thanks, Tom
  12. I went into the support area and I think I then clicked on activation reset. Somewhere along the way I submitted a problem report. It is just getting confusing. The bottom line is when I try to open the serial number it won't accept the one I was given. Tom
  13. Here it is 17 hours later since I responded to Kevin and I still haven't heard anything. Isn't there anyone in this organization who can help? As I mentioned before I entered the problem in the support page and still no help. So please fix the problem or give me a refund. Thanks, Tom
  14. Kevin, I have tried to contact you through the support page. Tom
  15. I sure wish I would get a solution to this problem. If I don't get one, can I get a refund for my purchase? Tom