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  1. Alan, That is a very well written,comprehensive article. Tom
  2. I don't know what happened, but I installed several more planes and suddenly all of the external views are good. Who knows, Tom
  3. I have to reinstall more planes to check. Since I did a total reinstall of FSX I am just starting to reinstall aircraft. I may not get to it until tomorrow. Thanks for your help. Tom
  4. Charlie, I didn't mean Carenado needed DX10. When I turned it off it still didn't help the exterior views. They are still missing parts. Tom
  5. Charlie, My DX10 was on. Thanks for helping. It did fix that exterior view on some planes but not all. The Carenado ones are resisting...grin Thanks for your help. Tom
  6. I have FSX with Acceleration and a high end system. All seems to be running well except in external views the plane is always missing parts. It never used to do this but is doing it now after completely reinstalling FSX. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Tom
  7. How do you fly an aircraft with no visible controls. There is no visible starter, throttles, mixture etc. How do you look around the cockpit. It seems all you have is a fwd view and a few instruments. There must be away. Tom
  8. You won't be doing much flying without your arms and legs....grin Tom
  9. Is there a way to look around inside the cockpit? Everything I have seen so far is a small portion of the main panel. I don't understand how you can fly without the power on switches, the throttles, mixture etc. How do you use radios ? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Tom
  10. Noel, Have you not logged in? That has happened to me several times and I wasn't logged in. I know what you mean about an "old guy just twisting in the wake turbulence". Tom
  11. Is this just for P3D and not plain FSX? Tom
  12. Jim, Thanks for the info. I had a hard time finding my belt also...grin. I don't know how I did it but I have the latest version of Prepar3D V4 up and running. All I did was just keep stumbling around and "voila", it was suddenly installed and running. Thanks, Tom
  13. Ray, Thanks for the info. I will see what happens either a little later tonight or tomorrow. Just recovering from our Thanksgiving dinner......grin Thanks, Tom
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