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  1. stephenbgs

    11.3 Beta CTD

    I also had this problem didn't find a suitable official fix but after removing my sim heaven Europe2 addon scenery folders it stoped my CTD
  2. stephenbgs

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    I remember downloading my first Orbx product it was YMML V2 and while it was downloading I then discovered it required the region also.i was so mad at myself for not reading first.I installed the airport no problem except the abrupt appearance when the airport boundary and default textures clashed... Maybe someone could answer this question tho. Orbx Southampton for x-plane was described by froogle as a port over from P3D. The beauty of x-plane is non-perfect runways (slopes & dips etc. ) is a direct port over airport going to have perfectly flat runways we have in P3D, just curious.
  3. stephenbgs

    Aerosoft Sale

    Im not trying to be smart Rick so please take no offence but was the Total price on the checkout page the actual amount you paid? or are you saying VAT was only added after the transaction had started
  4. I find it hard to consider the -8 an expansion from the preview pictures and information available it's generations ahead of the -400, PMDG could almost sell this at full retail price........I said too much
  5. Just a side note other then GSX I had ntdll issues after crossing the Atlantic my culprit was certain models contained within my traffic 6. Most of these were non commercial aircraft such as military craft, Hence my crash was probably related to approaching different AFB along the east coast. I think in total I had to remove 6 or eight models from my traffic and was smooth flying since.
  6. stephenbgs

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Not making a rash comment on the product until I see more information on it . however as a commercial venture it's a obvious conclusion to try and meet and hopefully exceed people's expectations,to generate a revenue stream so not sure I follow this comment.
  7. stephenbgs

    ntdll.dll ERROR CTD - sick of it

    Please read Jims CTD guide found here My ntdll.dll ctd was cause by certain models of AI traffic in MyTraffic 6. But everyone is different
  8. stephenbgs

    FlyTampa to X-Plane???

    That would be great news.the more top end developers the better. For the last few weeks I was using xplane for my quick flight fix due to time constraints 30mins flights "no plan no rules sort of flying" Had time to do a full flight this weekend in P3D and it just felt heavy slow and dated. Starting to lean a little more to xplane every month.
  9. stephenbgs

    Hardware Adequate? -- Advice Sought

    Well your not wrong but your not exactly correct either the 6700k is obsolete but so is the ancient 2600k and you will find it hard to find anyone who dislikes that CPU its a legend. The 6700k is no 2600k but any card capable of steady 4.5ghz if oc and cooled correct is not obsolete maybe by the time cascade lake comes out then we can use the word obsolete but not now. Seems like a very decent system. just confused you say your not computer savvy but you mention it being delided. Your talking more trouble then its worth i run mine at 4.2 and can still max out everything in xplane and mostly max setting in P3D v4
  10. stephenbgs

    Blocking the whole Internet expect online flying

    Ok I Know this is obvious but if you learn how to do it you also learn how to undo it, and as you mentioned if you have no self control this is just a wasted exercise
  11. It seems a solid build, I would consider a higher PSU just to leave a bit of head room for and upgrade down the road to a 20 series GPU as that 1070 will have a shelf life of 3 months, also if your running 2 sims or have lots of orbx or photo real scenery i would consider allot more hdd space.Trust me i have a 500gb SSD for OS, 1TB SSD for P3dv4 and 1TB SSD for Xplane, but you can add more later Out of interest what Ghz are you expecting to get after the overclock and delid and not being smart if your confident to delid a brand new CPU do you really need advice on parts Best of luck
  12. stephenbgs

    Blocking the whole Internet expect online flying

    Is it your own personal computer or a shared family PC and you want to know over safety concerns? Edit never mind you answered for me :)
  13. stephenbgs

    Modern Times...

    Ha perfect response, and a quick and witty retort.
  14. stephenbgs

    Modern Times...

    Great post. Sums up how I feel about things lately, quite frankly I get mad at the little things, again like your analogy my pizza place knows pretty much every (small) detail. I'm pretty sure they don't know the big stuff...While my local doctor and hospital take 2hrs to find my file because there is two ways of spelling stephen 😡 and even after that I have to spend more time explaing why I'm there again.. As for google and the rest you look up reviews of anything from m.2 drive to patio cleaner it's just constant Adwords and e-mails about those products little do they know after reading reviews I popped into my car and bought them in a local store. And finally god forbid you look up vacations purely for the sake of getting ideas of where to go and ball park prices, you'll be hounded for months with emails form trip advisor , hotels and airlines "yet to book" "special offer" Personal data mining and/or narrow band A.I could be so powerful and useful in sectors such as health but it's being abused to sell us smart light bulbs, dyson air purifiers and other rubbish