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  1. Sure why not, we’re over due another once in a life time event 😉
  2. Great Movie of Great Men in a bold and exciting time, where would mankind be today if we kept up such a relentless pace. I try to watch the movie at least once every few years to remind myself of the sheer bravery of the folks of that era On a similar but different note I also watch Band of Brothers once a year usually around Christmas to remember the bravery and sacrifice made, such a shame.
  3. Thank you for kind words Noel. My first day off work when all my sim equipment is working so i didn't celebrate it myself, so like Jude keeping my flying local. Prefer to be in virtual rain than be out in actual rain anyways 🙂
  4. Any luck with your issue? i have similar issue, this is the second time i have had the same issue 6 to 8 months ago exact same happened to me after days of trying different cables i contacted TM, after allot of emails, they sent me a UPS Sicker to post it to them in France and strict instructions on how to package it. I gave it one more go before i boxed it up and everything worked perfect, so i didn't send it back for repair. Now same issue again, i have noticed a very odd quirk maybe you can replicate it if you still have the issue.unplug the SATAs and just plug in the left side ( spoilers side ) that side works fine. if you then attach right side (flaps and break side) neither side works its like there is a short when right hand side is attached or not enough power to operate both sides. I just finished a flight with no hardware flaps rudder trim or Parking break had to do that from the VC, but after the flight i reconnected the SATA and it all works again but i know if i fly again tomorrow it will be broke again. Its a very odd problem and i see I'm not the only one with the issue
  5. Off work due to sickness so have dreaded daytime tv to watch just seen an advert for kids bike subscription…“when your child grows out of there old bike we’ll replace it for x.99 a month”…ugh I’m not even 40 but my old bikes always went to younger cousins if I hadn’t already tried to take the wheels off to try and make something dangerous out of the parts. I hate subscriptions but you can’t avoid these days
  6. I fly out of EIDW regularly without any issues but I believe many CTD issues are related to a duplicate .BGL file, search for “EIDW Duplicate file fix”should help you out.
  7. No Idea what may be causing that as i mentioned i use very little to no addons such as AIG or aerosoft traffic, additional ground add-ons and no 3rd party ATC are you running v1.1.1 stability fixes are mentioned in change log but i never had any problem
  8. An interesting evening i promised myself i would never look for tweaks or spend hours playing with settings like previous sims but tonight was an eye opener. My experience tonight was by just disabling PG in settings gave the biggest boost,+12 to +18 fps at US airports. Deleting WU photogrammetry cities had a boost but extremely minimal. I suspect its as far as i can push my system those with better PC might notice a bigger boost from deleting the WU photogrammetry cities as @Cpt_Piett mentioned its only 615kb so its no big problem reinstalling them @pmb is right its Asobos turn to take care of this before anymore time passes.
  9. Thanks for the additional info gotta be honest tho IMO it photogrammetry from the USA seems to be my problem 90% of my flights of my flights are in photogrammetry regions UK,France, Germany, Austrailia Im going to remove the files from the content manager as your link suggested to tomorrow and see if there is a greater increase Thanks for the info
  10. Ah yes i remember the infamous SU9 update now, its amazing to think remnants of that update are still an issue despite it being flagged during beta, I have not visited the official forum in well over a year so out of interest do you know if there is a performance hit with PG turned on in the Xbox version. I do not own an xbox but i would imagine if it was a problem with the console version Asobo would have found a solution a long time ago
  11. Yeah that is what i mean its latency issues downstream from the servers or even the servers themselves
  12. That is probably correct if your aiming for higher frames then 30 but just disabling PG worked a treat just hopped over to KSFO and siting pretty at 30 when i upgrade my system ill see what to remove from content manager Thanks Michael
  13. Agree. I Got 1gb fiber direct to the house so its the server connection speed
  14. Hole in one Martin, thank you. I need to keep more up to date with the sim, now siting at KLGA at 30Fps i owe you a beverage of your choosing 🍻, cheers Martin have a great weekend
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