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  1. This is such a relief i was going to buy a vive over the holidays as an impulse purchase and a little voice in my head said wait till CES is over they might release a new version, Came home went online to do some research and seen a few websites mention HTC "Project Oasis", so glad i waited still might hold back until first reviews come online but i think i've staved away from VR for too long now.
  2. Kl0935 is a 737 from EHAM to EIDW that will cut out some legs for you
  3. Happy Christmas to you Tony and to all of Avsim. Couldn't agree with you more, I'm spending my first Christmas with my (first born)5 week old son and that beats any addon under the tree
  4. Guess that's the great thing about hardware always moving forward at a brisk pace,Im guessing by late Q2/Q3 of next year we will have a 1180ti.....and probably a Titan VX or Titan VBlack shortly afterwards ?
  5. Not sure if it's been covered but just got an email from nvidia the Titan Volta has been released. Learned my lesson after buying the first pascal Titan so holding off on this
  6. Thanks for the advice, I'll leave it alone for now, just don't like a desktop cluttered with icons.
  7. Anyone else have a settings.json file on the desktop now? i know its related to the FTX central update but is it safe to delete it?
  8. Nice to see the Iceland demo area is back also.
  9. Just finished up my Sunday evening flight in the FSLabs A320 and due to time constraints i only had time for a 1hr flight between EGBB and EIDW and i have to be honest i had the same satisfaction i would have with the Aerosoft version, This was only my second flight in the FSLabs since i flew the tutorial so i really haven't dug deep into the systems, its a fantasic aircraft and one ill keep going back to, But to be honest ill buy aerosofts version as well because my sim time is getting extreamly limited and i also " appreciate the (lite) crew simulation" as Alan stated above, which is great when you haven't time to learn study level aircraft.
  10. I think there is a lot of negative comments about the OP original post. Let's just be honest and admit while it is a simple process to go through if you follow the instructions, It's not like 90% off the addons that we install on a weekly/monthly basis.
  11. Nothing major so i wouldn't rush i bet you have your hands full as it is. It is a quick update as Mark just mentioned but time is precious. Congratulations on your boy BTW best of luck and health to him
  12. Is there a new "virtual reality" section in the tool bar? this is also an indication that its v4.1. Did you uninstall the P3d Client before installing? Or was it a full fresh install of 4.1?
  13. On The download section of LM you need to download and download them to same location you downloaded Install_content.msi and it will locate the files and continue with the install
  14. If I remember correctly Mega Airport Dublin was released for FSX and P3D and within a month a port over was available for X-plane forward a couple of years and just recently Dublin V2 has been released for x-plane 11 and still no word for P3D v4. I assumed (wrongly) it would have been released within a week or two of the Xp release.... it's a big sim world but you really miss your home base when it's not available
  15. It's still not working I'm afraid. Some terminal buildings but no ground textures. Unfortunately it looks like we have to wait for full installers I'm surprised no one has come up with a temporary solution.