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  1. Off work due to sickness so have dreaded daytime tv to watch just seen an advert for kids bike subscription…“when your child grows out of there old bike we’ll replace it for x.99 a month”…ugh I’m not even 40 but my old bikes always went to younger cousins if I hadn’t already tried to take the wheels off to try and make something dangerous out of the parts. I hate subscriptions but you can’t avoid these days
  2. I fly out of EIDW regularly without any issues but I believe many CTD issues are related to a duplicate .BGL file, search for “EIDW Duplicate file fix”should help you out.
  3. No Idea what may be causing that as i mentioned i use very little to no addons such as AIG or aerosoft traffic, additional ground add-ons and no 3rd party ATC are you running v1.1.1 stability fixes are mentioned in change log but i never had any problem
  4. An interesting evening i promised myself i would never look for tweaks or spend hours playing with settings like previous sims but tonight was an eye opener. My experience tonight was by just disabling PG in settings gave the biggest boost,+12 to +18 fps at US airports. Deleting WU photogrammetry cities had a boost but extremely minimal. I suspect its as far as i can push my system those with better PC might notice a bigger boost from deleting the WU photogrammetry cities as @Cpt_Piett mentioned its only 615kb so its no big problem reinstalling them @pmb is right its Asobos turn to take care of this before anymore time passes.
  5. Thanks for the additional info gotta be honest tho IMO it photogrammetry from the USA seems to be my problem 90% of my flights of my flights are in photogrammetry regions UK,France, Germany, Austrailia Im going to remove the files from the content manager as your link suggested to tomorrow and see if there is a greater increase Thanks for the info
  6. Ah yes i remember the infamous SU9 update now, its amazing to think remnants of that update are still an issue despite it being flagged during beta, I have not visited the official forum in well over a year so out of interest do you know if there is a performance hit with PG turned on in the Xbox version. I do not own an xbox but i would imagine if it was a problem with the console version Asobo would have found a solution a long time ago
  7. Yeah that is what i mean its latency issues downstream from the servers or even the servers themselves
  8. That is probably correct if your aiming for higher frames then 30 but just disabling PG worked a treat just hopped over to KSFO and siting pretty at 30 when i upgrade my system ill see what to remove from content manager Thanks Michael
  9. Agree. I Got 1gb fiber direct to the house so its the server connection speed
  10. Hole in one Martin, thank you. I need to keep more up to date with the sim, now siting at KLGA at 30Fps i owe you a beverage of your choosing 🍻, cheers Martin have a great weekend
  11. I'll Disable PG and do quick test thanks for the tip
  12. Hello everyone I was just wondering what is the most reasonable answer to this issue i noticed after a bit of experimenting. I've noticed allot of FPS, Smoothness, this plane v's that plane topics and this one falls in the FPS category but not in the typical Hardware, weather, AI Traffic or graphic settings, but on location mainly USA and therefore my question is was world update 2 optimized in a slightly different way? I have only one FS PC so my test was not thorough nor by any means complicated and to be quite frank it was brief so therefor ask if some folks on here can they confirm similar experience? After months or so mostly doing my flights in Europe and Australia i can not figure out why USA is such a performance hit. Was WU2 different and could it be part of the reason some people have poor sim experience? I have a pretty vanilla Install with a mid range system, the sim is up to date and with every world update and add-ons only include PMDG, FENIX, FBW, JUST FLIGHT 146, I do NOT use Toolbar push back or ground addons, in my test all airports were default ( except EKCH and EIDW) and Aircraft involved were both FENIX and PMDG engines running at the gate Conditions were same time of day clear skies and NO Traffic. Cockpit view frames locked to 30 to give it an easy target to hit, and a small wait to let aircraft systems initialize. Some of the results were obvious and others were not so much EIDW 30 Fps ( MK Studios) EGLL 30 Fps EGLC 30 Fps EHAM 30 Fps LEBL 30 Fps EKCH 30 Fps ( Fly Tampa) LFPG 30 Fps YSSY 30 Fps RTJJ 30 Fps KLGA 17 Fps KBOI 28 Fps KPHX 17 Fps KDFW 30 Fps ( Why is Dallas the easiest on frames ) KMSP 18 Fps PANC 30 Fps KPDX 17 Fps KLAS 18 Fps KATL 17 Fps KMCO 18 Fps With no weather and no traffic is there any reason for this? and personally i found FENIX and PMDG Identical on frame except at KLGA the the 737 got 19 frames. Obviously KLGA is gonna be hard on the system but i see no reason why London is smoother then default Boise or Vegas or Orlando, Great performance out of Dallas tho Thanks for reading this far, Any thoughts?
  13. Thrustmaster did a really good job of helping. It felt like there e-mails were slow but to be honest I think it was my impatience, they did the usual FAQ abot calibration and drivers which i told them in my initial ticket was not the problem so that was i bit annoying and wasted 3days on questions I already answered. Finally they asked to film my Quadrant setup and calibration program so they could see if it was showing anysign of inputs. They saw there was no inputs so told me within 4 days I'd receive a shipping slip from UPS and to send it back to repair.There was a lot of directions on how to pack the qudrant, size of box and protection that part made me feel a little skeptical they were very adamant that any slight damage on the box during transport they would be unlikely to fix it, seemed they were looking for a get out clause, but that's probably my paranoia 🤪 To cut a long story short when I started to pack it after a long holiday weekend I tried it once more and it came back to life the actions and functions were messed up but 5 mins calibration fixed that. I told thrustmaster I would not be sending it back now as it was working but I asked them to keep the ticket open as I have no idea why it died and came back to life, they fully agreed and said if it happens again they'll send out a new UPS collection slip and to send in back. My overall impression was they did a good job albeit slightly slow at customer service but I think they have regional support so it could be my location for example if I wanted to phone my local support it was only open Tuesday to Friday 3pm to 7 pm As far as I can personally say they will stand behind there products
  14. Installed DIView and brought the quadrant to my wife’s work laptop no input signals I hope thrustmaster are not going to make it awkward for a replacement, flying the bus isn’t quite the same without it now
  15. Thank you Bob never seen DIView before yes all inop controlls not registering any input on the software ill try removing it from the device manager next. I resisted till now since it was half working but i believe you are right about the RMA Thank you for quick and informative advice
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