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  1. Someone got it to 7.7 ghz https://www.tweaktown.com/news/72671/intels-new-core-i9-10900k-already-pushed-to-7-7ghz-across-all-cores/index.html For the first time in 15 years or more, I am considering AMD Ryzen 3 or maybe even the 4. Intel 14nm uses more power than AMD 7 nm We all ought to be a bit more green. AMD supports faster memory too.
  2. I'm still having this problem. This is on a new install. The one work around is to wait almost a minute for it stop moving to some outside view of the plane. This morning I just pressed the alt key and it started moving on it's own all the way to left. These are the only keys and buttons I have mapped on a new install: https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/SZiEPSMsQaePQtzGBCnylQ.R0SqN4FHxO9vjZP5yL4q7V When I try to reload it, the view gets reset, but none of the buttons or keys work. The work around to that is to select an option and turn it off and on and then reload it like enable advanced features.
  3. I had severe blurry textures in the air. The one thing that seemed to fix it was to go to nvidia control panel and reset the configuration...maybe?
  4. Flysimware Cessna Conquest 441 II 340 knots https://flysimware.com/website2019/aircraft-helicopters/
  5. I have that weird "bug" or feature, where core0 is at 100%. In Process LAsso, if I disable HT and re-enable, cores seem better balanced. But I think that's because my memory is at 1600 mhz and recommended is 2666.
  6. How are you measuring? Windows seems to have a bug...Try msi afterburner
  7. I am still having problems. I added it as exception to my virus scanner. I'm on disccord now. On the faq, I try to go to controlled folder, but it states that the admin has limited access to it.
  8. It starts to load ok with black screen and text around, but then the window turns white. I checked FAQ, but can't seem to get into controlled app folder "Your it admin has limited accerss to some areas of this app and the item is you tried to access is not available." I can't seem to do post on disccord.
  9. I'm still having this problem, the only solution seems to exit cp at which point the movement stops and restart cp.
  10. On p3d v5, when I press the alt key like I am trying to access the p3d menus, the view starts moving to either left, right or all the way back to tail view. If I try to press the button on the yoke to return to captain view, it starts moving left or right etc.. again I have letters assign for left, right, up, down and my hat switch appropriately. I don't know, I added chaseplane as trusted app to webroot (they claim you don't need to do that, but I did just in case), but still happens. This time, I hit v to move right and it kept repeating until it stopped just outside the aircraft.
  11. Don't forget memory. Mine is 1600 mhz and I cannot get rid of blurries. Just can't seem to drive 1070 to greater than 30% utilization with it. https://www.prepar3d.com/system-requirements/
  12. What are your system specs? I think my 1600 mhz memory speed is holding me back big time. I can't seem to find faster memory, so will hold out and buy new system soon. https://www.prepar3d.com/system-requirements/
  13. I have a similar issue with v4. Just kind of lived with it, but one trick during calibration, put a CD case under the pedal and then calibrate. It lifts it up just enough. I use fsuipc for my controls...
  14. Me too, v4 used to be around 40%. Oddly, I just tried msi gpu afterburner and it appears to show 33% utilization I tried Process LAsso and just by turning off HT and back on, I see better cpu balance (without AM in cfg). I have it set to high priority always also.
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