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  1. I believe it does not generate preferred ATC routes (at least in the US)?
  2. I retired my ch products yoke a couple years ago. It still works, but I wanted something better, so I have a Saitek now. I replaced the pot on my ch rudder pedals, but I cannot seem to get it back together without having something binding inside. I don't have much time to fuss, so I bought Turtle Beach pedals in December. I have a bunch of GoFlight: GF-TQ6 - the other I realized I could assign the speed brake to elevator trim when flying GA. It's acceptable. GF-MESM (really just use it for the mount of throttles) GF-P8 (battery, avionics master, ap functions, com/nav selectors) GF-T8 (configured for lights) GF-RP48 (most ap controls) GF-46 (ap, com, nav, xpndr controls) GF-166 com and nav radios ps3 controller for drone / looking around I wish I had more time to figure out Polypot as the GF software doesn't lend itself to all the functions. I've watched the various videos. I had a Hat Track head tracking, but I think the battery is dead on it. Alas, I came across the ability to head track without any hardware, well just a camera using OpenTrack. I couldn't do without the the RP-48 or GF-46.
  3. I had issues getting FG to appear in the menu and seemed to have solved it by reinstalling the driver. Now, it's missing again. I tried reinstalling the driver again along with a reboot, but it's not there. There is a log dlssg_to_fsr3.log getting created, but nothing too spectacular in it. [12:41:01] [warning] dlssg-to-fsr3 is loaded. AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation will replace Nvidia DLSS-G Frame Generation. [12:41:01] [warning] Please note this is experimental software and is subject to bugs and/or crashes. This does NOT represent a native implementation of AMD's FSR 3. [12:41:01] [warning] Report issues at https://github.com/Nukem9/dlssg-to-fsr3 [12:41:01] [warning] WARNING: DO NOT USE IN MULTIPLAYER GAMES. [12:41:05] [info] NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_Init_Ext [12:45:52] [info] NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_Shutdown
  4. When I tried to rename the usercfg.opt, during startup the installation manager starts and asks for content to install and also a drive / directory with a message, you don't have enough space to install c:\...
  5. I downloaded v 0.6 and there is no registry file to run... the downloads moved to nexxus mods and now I cannot seem to download prior versions to get the registry file. This version readme says to update dlsstweaks.ini, yet I don't have it. dlsstweaks on github seems to have some source code...not sure what to do.
  6. I'm trying to set permission to windowsapp directory so I can update nvngx_dlss.dll and still having problems. I can at least read it now. I followed this https://www.maketecheasier.com/access-windowsapps-folder-windows-10/ But during takeownership update, I can see permission denied fly by. When I try to rename existing file, it says "you'll need to provide administrator permission to rename this file". When I right mouse on the folder, under advanced, I can see my local account owns it. I sign in to my computer with a yahoo.com email address. In netplwiz, I can see my account is an admin. I go into Advanced Effective Control and select my user and it shows full control with all the various read / write / modified options. It seems like the "users" permissions are preventing it (it is in Advanced Security as Read & Execute). Should I try disabling inheritance and remove it?
  7. Zoom in to see the various ones available https://www.freewarescenery.com/maps/scenerymap.php?country=us&sim=P3D
  8. I still have to learn Just Flight 747-200 with INS. Maybe when I retire?
  9. I have always wondered if some senior centers in NJ might be interested in Flight Sim and would purchase something like this or even do a cockpit build.
  10. Thanks..... Love Beagles, always remind of the Beagle Bar in the Costwold's https://restaurantguru.com/The-Brasserie-Moreton-in-Marsh#gallery --second to last photo (I guess they cannot show the full mural which runs the length of the bar for copyright reasons) and last photo.
  11. I have a 10700k, 32 gig of RAM and a 1070. Process Lasso is set to high performance. I did baseline and everything seems to be ok. If I increase sliders from 100 to 125 / 150, I get stutters around NYC. FS2020 says I am limited by cpu, but really isn't it the 1070? I had been considering getting a new card.
  12. I don't care for mesh, they somehow reflect their 60 grit sand paper sensation onto my back...
  13. This was working fine a couple weeks or more ago. In between that time I updated my Garmin car GPS map and maybe something else got updated (I don't remember). So, somehow in P3D v5 for the GTN 750 in the Catalog I have all flight plans showing "LOCKED". I tried uninstall and reinstalling Reality XP GTN, but they are all still locked. The map is just black, no airport charts, nada. In Apps, I have two Trainers: Garmin Aviation Trainer Garmin GTN Trainer. Is that correct? What might I do to try to fix it?
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