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  1. So, I am still having the issue when reducing power that the speed drops like a rock on the HD version. Also, didn't the GPS have traffic in it? I don't see the v4 version. Well, I ended up getting the RXP GTN 750, but of course it doesn't have all the fields in it, so I switch to the C208 GNs instead.
  2. don't forget the wife

    Maybe you could have two? I have two at work, one of them is kind of a standby / monitoring in case my laptop blows.
  3. don't forget the wife

    Nice, I almost gave my wife my last computer, but it went for the MythTV, a DVR type thing. I kind of did not want to support her computer, so I just bought an Acer, which was turned out ok, just cpu is kind of weak. An SSD seemed to help a lot with her complaints of it being slow.
  4. don't forget the wife

    I recently changed my i4790k from 8 gig of RAM to 16. I was thinking of giving away the memory on a local freecycle, but suddenly remembered my wife's AMD computer only had 4 gig of memory. So I was able to pop it in and she's off and running. Happy unexpected birthday present!
  5. The future of air travel...

    I wonder if we didn't have to be awake to get off in emergency, if they would actually prefer to knock us out. I sure could use a nice two hour nap laying down.
  6. Perhaps the Ultimate Home Simulator?

    True, better than what I have.
  7. Perhaps the Ultimate Home Simulator?

    Wow! I think I would need motion platform though.
  8. My work laptop is Windows 7 Enterprise and got the update. I had to uninstall as it just felt sluggish especially web pages in chrome. The cpu was would go up to 90% right away doing anything. It was all over the place all the time, almost never seeming to take a break even when typing. It's an i7-4710MQ. I tried going to turbo and disabling some services not needed anymore, that did not help. We will be looking at getting onto Win 10 sooner. Oddly, MS applications, well specifically SQL Server Management Studio seemed to be somewhat ok. Well, scratch that loading files the File->Recent Menu froze for a minute.
  9. With AirHauler, I have been taking off above max gross weight. So, during one approach I lost track of speed and did not hear the stall warning; consequently, I fell to the ground such that no amount of power was going to get going again. Is there a way to calculate stall speeds?
  10. Grounded today in Eastern Maryland

    I was watching flightradar24 yesterday around 3:30pm EST and saw two planes from Europe go missed approach at Newark after holding for 2 circuits west of the airport. They ended up going to IAD. There was another one that was holding from Dublin, but after the first two went missed, that one also followed the other two IAD. I saw JFK arrivals go right to IAD as JFK was closed. One was from Dubai and had been in the air for 13 hours.
  11. I ran this on my work laptop. It states that it's vulnerable, but has been patched. I remember starting in November, I had a Lenovo Intel firmware (bios) update for Intel Management Engine. I had another update yesterday.
  12. Kind of confusing, but...
  13. Todays windows10 update (fall creator)

    It changed my default sound away from HDMI, messed up my GoFlight USB ports. Two GF's don't work. ch pedals also stopped working. I had this symptoms on initial setup, so hopefully will be able to get them going again.
  14. That's from 2012. I'd like one for the for HD version.
  15. I notice that when I reduce throttle from 40% to about 25% there is a big reduction in power and the airspeed drops like a rock from 120 to 80. I know there was a modified air file at one point, but is there a newer one for P3D v4?