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  1. bic

    weight just to hold plane down

    Reminds me of when I took an ERJ135 from KEWR to KSRQ. They didn't plan on a full flight; consequently, they asked for volunteers stating something to the effect of we could not make the flight due to the distance and something about expecting more kids to be on the plane than adults. No one volunteered, so they took bags off. Mine was one of the lucky ones, which arrived the next day.
  2. bic

    weight just to hold plane down

    Believe it's the EX - steam gauges. There was a mod for FSX, but it blows up P3D.
  3. Do pilots fly with weights just to hold it down? I've been flying a Caravan while using Air Hauler. When I have nothing in it, I have to use full flaps and feather the prop to help get it down. My fuel is around 50% full.
  4. Please see this I use RXP GTN 750 in my steam gauged C208.
  5. On Facebook, we have a local recycling town group and there's also a local group that accepts computers for people in need. I've given away some pretty old equipment that no one on ebay would buy. If not, we have local electronics recycling days.
  6. I just replaced my ch yoke with a Saitek. The yoke mount interferes with my keyboard, mouse and table legs. I am thinking of getting either a 6" C or F clamp. Do you think that one will be good enough or should I get two? Is one better than the other?
  7. I have GF throttle quadrant, so I think it might not be calibrated right with fsuipc.. I will try to remember to do a walk around. Thanks,
  8. For some reason, my spoilers are always deployed upon loading the C208 EX. I usually don't find out until I rotate and the airspeed drops to 70 with the FPM at 0. How can I fix this?
  9. bic

    What do you guys think of Air Hauler 2?

    I have a couple Dash 8s with AI that fly across the Atlantic, EHSB to KABE, which are my two bases.They do it in about 8 hours.
  10. bic

    What do you guys think of Air Hauler 2?

    It generates a list of jobs from / to your base and some inbetween. You choose a base(s) airport. The cost of base varies based on grass, paved, lights, and ils, amongst other factors.
  11. bic

    Most interesting moment of flight

    One of several flights in 1980s on TWA880 (or was it 882?) JFK to Cairo was an overnight flight, upon just touching the north Africa coast over Alexandria with two hours of sleep on my side, the pilot one morning starts pretty steep descent and announces "Good morning, we have begun our descent into Cairo!" It felt like a roller coaster ride! Another flight TWA from Paris to JFK or so, shortly after takeoff the pilot states the landing gear won't retract and we will never get across the Atlantic. We go back and about an hour later are taking off again. A minute or or two later, we can't get the gear up. We go back again and they claim it's fixed. Third time, we end up having to go back and everyone has to get off the plane and the arm has to be replaced. We finally takeoff a couple hours later and the gear comes up!
  12. bic

    POSCON online flying

    If ATC had some fake traffic to push around to keep their boredom down while waiting for traffic, VATSIM would probably have a lot more ATC online more often.
  13. bic

    POSCON online flying

    VATSIM Boston has been working on AI, this seems like their second work:
  14. I just upgraded to 4.3 and all my keyboard, joystick, GoFlight mappings are different. How can I deal with these easier between each upgrade? Can I copy the 4.2 keyboard mapping file? What is the filename? Where would it have been (I believe I saved \programdata somewhere)? I think I can just copy my old fsuipc.ini file? GoFlight...for whatever reason the USB (keyboard?) seems to get remapped, so my throttle levers become rudder control. I still have the original ini and it looks ok in the GF control panel. Is this P3D that is somehow mapping rudder to it?
  15. bic

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    I really enjoyed the CLS 747 on FSX, I like doing step climbs as they are somewhat under powered with full load after takeoff.