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  1. 😉 It's an alpaca...but fiber is very good
  2. You gotta be kidding me, the spoilers were deployed. I have no hair left for this now.
  3. The engine or propeller has barely any power to it. I have no cargo. I start my take off roll and get to 80 knots and pull up, then the air speed just does not increase and I can only climb at about 100 fpm at 75 knots. All the dials seem to be in the green, torque at 2000 , prop at 1800, temp 705, fuel flow 462. I can load any other plane and they have enough power. Any ideas?
  4. bic

    New Third Runway at Heathrow?

    I hate the taxes on going through there, something like $350...
  5. bic

    Longest General Aviation Flight...

    From N07 (Lincoln Park NJ) to KBID (followed Connecticut shore line then over). We then flew to get a hamburger in New London and then back to N07. It was like landing in a black hole. My friend had to go back to Danbury and couldn't get the airport lights to come up. He landed at another airport finally at 2-3 a.m. and had to wake up his brother to pick him up. Later the day he had to fly the plane back to DXR. Also did Prescott to Las Vegas and Prescott to Tuscon in little Grumman Tiger.
  6. No one with hints?
  7. bic

    turn off fixes

    In 750, how do I turn off fixes on the map? I see that I can zoom out just a bit and keep the airports active, but I'd like to zoom in a bit more, but not see the fixes.
  8. I have a ch yoke from about 1998 and Go Flight throttle quadrant from 2008 or so. I really don't fly much so haven't had much time to look into details, but I get violent movement of the throttle when moving it whether I am moving the ch throttle or the GF throttle. It will basically move about 1/3 the way down and then bounce back to wear I set it to. I use fsuipc to set throttle. This seems to have been this way since day of both products and again I never got time to worry about it as it worked ok, but just would like to fix now. In p3d v4 only the keyboard is set for throttle, none of them are set for ch or GF.
  9. bic

    Flying The Nose

    True, a very memorable occasion was when JFK was landing 13R and the controller was arguing with an AA pilot telling him to speed it up and the pilot told him any faster and we'll miss the airport like you made us do the last time :)
  10. bic

    Flying The Nose

    I guess the airport your at isn't that busy. In NY, ATC wants you off that runway ASAP. I used to hear "plan minimal time on the runway".
  11. Go to 1070 and 16 gig of ram, 32 if you think your going to run utlive (it uses almost 900 on mine) that's what I have and works for me.
  12. bic

    flight info

    I was looking at Flight Radar 24 on my phone today and saw an Air China make a left turn over Pennsylvania and headed to Newark instead of KIAD. The detail page appears to show it landed. I was just curious how I might get more information about why it changed direction. This shows the flight path
  13. I assigned F to switch between views. However, when I press F twice, the first view zooms out a bit and then zooms back in and does not switch to say throttle view. I tried deleting the key assignment, but it just doesn't make a difference. I think I know...I assigned my movement keys to like asdfwx, I will have to check them.
  14. Thanks, I also turned off utLive in p3d via add ons -> utlive -> toggle aircraft
  15. In p3d v4.1 I am trying to use either VATSIM or utLive. Right now I want to remove all AI traffic, but I get mostly quite a bit of GA flying around. I moved all my bgl files, except ships into a subdirectory off G:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery and I still see aircraft flying around. utLive shows no aircraft in the status board. I have AI traffic set to 0 for airlines and GA. Ships are set to 34%. Any ideas on how to fix this?