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  1. I believe it does not generate preferred ATC routes (at least in the US)?
  2. I retired my ch products yoke a couple years ago. It still works, but I wanted something better, so I have a Saitek now. I replaced the pot on my ch rudder pedals, but I cannot seem to get it back together without having something binding inside. I don't have much time to fuss, so I bought Turtle Beach pedals in December. I have a bunch of GoFlight: GF-TQ6 - the other I realized I could assign the speed brake to elevator trim when flying GA. It's acceptable. GF-MESM (really just use it for the mount of throttles) GF-P8 (battery, avionics master, ap functions, com/nav selectors) GF-T8 (configured for lights) GF-RP48 (most ap controls) GF-46 (ap, com, nav, xpndr controls) GF-166 com and nav radios ps3 controller for drone / looking around I wish I had more time to figure out Polypot as the GF software doesn't lend itself to all the functions. I've watched the various videos. I had a Hat Track head tracking, but I think the battery is dead on it. Alas, I came across the ability to head track without any hardware, well just a camera using OpenTrack. I couldn't do without the the RP-48 or GF-46.
  3. I had issues getting FG to appear in the menu and seemed to have solved it by reinstalling the driver. Now, it's missing again. I tried reinstalling the driver again along with a reboot, but it's not there. There is a log dlssg_to_fsr3.log getting created, but nothing too spectacular in it. [12:41:01] [warning] dlssg-to-fsr3 is loaded. AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation will replace Nvidia DLSS-G Frame Generation. [12:41:01] [warning] Please note this is experimental software and is subject to bugs and/or crashes. This does NOT represent a native implementation of AMD's FSR 3. [12:41:01] [warning] Report issues at https://github.com/Nukem9/dlssg-to-fsr3 [12:41:01] [warning] WARNING: DO NOT USE IN MULTIPLAYER GAMES. [12:41:05] [info] NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_Init_Ext [12:45:52] [info] NVSDK_NGX_D3D12_Shutdown
  4. When I tried to rename the usercfg.opt, during startup the installation manager starts and asks for content to install and also a drive / directory with a message, you don't have enough space to install c:\...
  5. I downloaded v 0.6 and there is no registry file to run... the downloads moved to nexxus mods and now I cannot seem to download prior versions to get the registry file. This version readme says to update dlsstweaks.ini, yet I don't have it. dlsstweaks on github seems to have some source code...not sure what to do.
  6. I'm trying to set permission to windowsapp directory so I can update nvngx_dlss.dll and still having problems. I can at least read it now. I followed this https://www.maketecheasier.com/access-windowsapps-folder-windows-10/ But during takeownership update, I can see permission denied fly by. When I try to rename existing file, it says "you'll need to provide administrator permission to rename this file". When I right mouse on the folder, under advanced, I can see my local account owns it. I sign in to my computer with a yahoo.com email address. In netplwiz, I can see my account is an admin. I go into Advanced Effective Control and select my user and it shows full control with all the various read / write / modified options. It seems like the "users" permissions are preventing it (it is in Advanced Security as Read & Execute). Should I try disabling inheritance and remove it?
  7. Zoom in to see the various ones available https://www.freewarescenery.com/maps/scenerymap.php?country=us&sim=P3D
  8. I still have to learn Just Flight 747-200 with INS. Maybe when I retire?
  9. I have always wondered if some senior centers in NJ might be interested in Flight Sim and would purchase something like this or even do a cockpit build.
  10. Thanks..... Love Beagles, always remind of the Beagle Bar in the Costwold's https://restaurantguru.com/The-Brasserie-Moreton-in-Marsh#gallery --second to last photo (I guess they cannot show the full mural which runs the length of the bar for copyright reasons) and last photo.
  11. I have a 10700k, 32 gig of RAM and a 1070. Process Lasso is set to high performance. I did baseline and everything seems to be ok. If I increase sliders from 100 to 125 / 150, I get stutters around NYC. FS2020 says I am limited by cpu, but really isn't it the 1070? I had been considering getting a new card.
  12. I don't care for mesh, they somehow reflect their 60 grit sand paper sensation onto my back...
  13. This was working fine a couple weeks or more ago. In between that time I updated my Garmin car GPS map and maybe something else got updated (I don't remember). So, somehow in P3D v5 for the GTN 750 in the Catalog I have all flight plans showing "LOCKED". I tried uninstall and reinstalling Reality XP GTN, but they are all still locked. The map is just black, no airport charts, nada. In Apps, I have two Trainers: Garmin Aviation Trainer Garmin GTN Trainer. Is that correct? What might I do to try to fix it?
  14. Wife is learning this now... She always had cavities and lost a couple teeth and now has issues eating because one or two have not been replaced ($5k per tooth). I told her she should brush after every meal. She rarely flosses too. I wish she had taken care of her teeth like her face / skin. First periodontal cost was around $2k out of pocket (that was the "cheap" option, but may have to do additional more expensive work) and will be on going now. She was in pretty bad pain for about two weeks and could only eat soft foods. Something like dentist and periodontist every two months, rotating between the two. I can think of better ways to spend time and money.
  15. Back in November T-Mobile US offered Paramount+ for a year. At first there were no commercials, but lately there have been commercials. It seems that they have different tiers.... The offer is still active: https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/paramount-plus-deal
  16. bic

    Any Sailors here?

    I'm in Sailing Club that teaches basic sailing in NY/NJ: www.sailseas.com I used to do a lot of weekend racing including overnight / offshore: 90 mile offshore overnight "warmup" for longer races - Rockway, NY to Point Pleasant back to finish at Sandy Hook. Around Long Island - about 200 miles Martha's Vineyard Race I was mostly jib and spinnaker trim. Now, I'm day sailing in Greenwood Lake, NY and Budd Lake, NJ. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d3_EgkhOYCjXp3_snf4Pow3Tbgm1Z7gk/view?usp=sharing [/img]
  17. I have 10700k with these settings [JobScheduler] AffinityMask=65535 P3DCoreAffinityMask=21844 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=1 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=2 My core2 is still running at 100% utilization. I tried moving ActiveSky, Lorby, GoFlight, vpilot, RealityXP GTN to 12 to 14 with ProcessLasso. P3D is not set in PL, just via the config above. Any ideas?
  18. When I go into Orbx Central, I don't see Vector on P3D v5, but it's there on v4. It's also not installed in v4. I only show Africa LC, Africa mesh and Europe as installed there.
  19. VirtualCol released a free version maybe try it? https://www.virtualcol.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66
  20. Wow, just noticed all 16 cpus cranking along at 100% and found svchost with staterepository consuming it all. Related to Edge. Will try repair of Edge to see if it helps.
  21. If your good with building...see if you can reuse anything. I recently upgraded from 4790k to 10700k, so I just needed new motherboard and memory, keeping psu, cpu fan, drives, 1070, and case. $874 out the door. pcpartpicker is good place to help, plus all the sites about what's good price wise.
  22. Wondering if there was a solution to this? Last weekend KPHL was socked in, but I was showing clear skies.
  23. Seems to help TextureMaxLoad=30
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