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  1. Thanks for that suggestion Mark, I'll take a look. :smile:
  2. I think I may have found a solution that gives me a better response curve. This is a fix I vaguely remember from FSX days. I added stick_sensitivity_mode=0 to the control section of the config. This seems to have given more control of sensitivities and a more linear response. I'll play with it and see if it's a worthwhile improvement.
  3. Yes, I looked at FSUIPC yesterday. It does offer the chance to adjust response curves. I'm not sure it will enable the mode switch though, perhaps someone can confirm that? Another consideration is the 28 euros that it costs for the full licence which I think I need for stick programing. OK it's not much in itself but it is a significant proportion of the cost of a new stick. I also muck about with other sims/games like Elite Dangerous. I presume FSUIPC doesn't work with them? ....Thanks for the suggestion, it may be an option. :smile:
  4. Thanks Donor, That's worth a try. I'll let you know how it goes. ☺
  5. I've been watching progress but haven't looked much closer than forums. I have Elite Dangerous but I haven't played for 4 months as I got totally bored with it, it is a massive grind to achieve anything and some of the random outcomes are ridiculous. If SC avoids those traps I'll give it a go.
  6. My X45 is in perfect mechanical condition, it's clean and looks like new. Unfortunately the 64 bit programming software doesn't work on my win7 64 bit system. If I try the software it causes a BSD. The mode switches don't work either, presumably because I can't program them. The standard response curve on stick and rudder is terrible with way too much action around the center position. Very occasionally it goes laggy and responds about 8 seconds after input, I'm not sure if this last issue is a joystick or system problem. I'm not comfortable with the modern throw away culture so I would like to resolve these issues before I give in and bin an otherwise perfectly good stick. Any suggestions? P3D V3.4
  7. I had a broken installation of 3.3 with some dodgy misplaced textures so I went for the full clean install of P3D v3.4. I don't have a top end machine, i5 and GtX 750ti. My settings are medium to high, locked frames at 30. I have now reinstalled some of my ORBX software and all seems well. I've done some long flights across Europe in the Alabeo SkyWagon, all very enjoyable with no problems I haven't noticed any improved performance and I still get the periodic stutters when panning in outside view but I guess that's down to my low end machine. It might be my imagination but the ground textures seem to be duller, less bright. The HDR is not an option for me because of the performance hit. The 2 main extras with this version (for me anyway) are the cinematographer option and the real time airspace graphics. OK the cinematography option is not as good as some payware addons but it is a vast improvement in ease of camera control over what I had previously. My main grumble with all versions is the air traffic settings. If I have 5 to 10 AI's around I don't have much of a problem, the periodic stutters increase slightly but it's tolerable.......why they haven't given use an upper limit setting yet is beyond me. Overall I'm happy with P3D V3.4
  8. Thanks Chaps, it's a pleasure to be here.
  9. Really glad that P3D is being constantly developed.....but.....maybe I'm getting old, I am enjoying the constant tweaking, uninstalling, reinstalling less and less. My current install (3.3) is slightly broken, dodgy textures here and there, not sure why. Think I'm going to stick with the next install for a couple of years. I have downloaded 3.4 just waiting to see what folk can do with the new Camera controls and stuff before I install. Anyone put together an arty video yet?
  10. I'll answer my own question. Yes I was doing something wrong. The click points for the VS adjustment are quite a long way above the ALT/VS knob. The manual suggests they are on the button to alternate between ALT and VS or to the left or right above to adjust. So click above to alternate.
  11. Hi all. I've recently purchased the said aircraft and am having trouble with Vertical speed, The AVSS doesn't seem clickable, the rotary knob rotates but I can't push it by clicking on it and the 2 buttons are unresponsive. If I click ALT on the auto pilot the 2 AVSS button go in and out but that's all I can get them to do. I have switched off reflections in the P3D display menu. Am I doing something wrong? All help appreciated.
  12. I've been simming since the 80's using one machine or another. I have had several breaks over the years, just back from one now. Currently using P3D v3.3 with a few add ons........my, my hasn't flight simming moved on since the days of the zx spectrum and BBC model b? Greetings all.
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