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  1. Just following Florentoni's point but possibly taking the topic into the realms of Hangar Chat...... Do we want to control what we create or will we be satisfied with influence only. Do we want Controllable or autonomous AI? See Mary Shelley, Philip K Dick et al. The stories may seem trite, cliched or hackneyed by todays standards but they are still incredibly profound and totally relevant with regards to creating AI and understanding what intelligence is. Control V's influence is at the heart of this. I fear that humans operating in a patriarchy are always going to struggle understanding the distinction. Do we want autonomous or controllable AI pilots (or anything else)? If we want autonomous AI then I would ask what's the point in removing humans? is AI a vanity project? Controllable AI is an oxymoron anyway.
  2. No point, my proof is conclusive. Unfortunately much of my evidence falls into the category of "topics best not discussed on forums"😉
  3. 🤣 To be fair I think every one does that from time to time......just a casual observation.
  4. Artificial Intelligence? Because intelligence has never been successfully defined.......or to put it another way: because nobody knows what intelligence is I would say the designers of AI haven't got a clue what they're doing. As someone mentioned earlier the hallucinating could be a problem. Quite commonly the AI comes up with complete and utter falsehoods and then builds on them, all subsequent facts twisted rationalisations for the initial nonsense. The falsehoods (dangerously) are extremely plausible. If challenged it will apologise and then subsequently carry on with offering the initial falsehood. I've spent some time chatting with Chatgpt, on several occasions it has not answered direct questions but has given answers it considers relevant... ....To summarise: it is capable of offering complete and utter (although extremely plausible) falsehoods and it is capable of "nudging" a conversation in a direction that it thinks is relevant. .......it's a politician🤣 Absolutley no way that these thing will be used for devising flight plans in RL. Maybe good fun for flightsim enthusiasts though😉
  5. I use Flight Recorder. Free at FlightsimTo. Works a treat, does what it says on the tin, no more, no less. Sorry but can't help you with the Asobo jobbie.
  6. Right there you have hit the nail on the head.......We all value our time differently. Discord requires my phone number??? Tried it several times, disliked it. Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole now.
  7. Hi Gary

    thanks for the joke. I am still laughing. great start for a monday morning.

    keep them coming.

    take care.

    1. GaryK


      Remember it with affection. Still funny.

  8. .......well, was it available? if so in what form? who made it available then? who made it available now? why is it available? why wasn't it available previously? how did they make it available? Think there needs to be a resignation. I'll start a petition. 😉🤣
  9. Freedom.......... complacency........ suppression.......... conformity. In my experience there are very few people around that fully understand the implications of these things. Sounds like you're up for a verbal fight about this. Fighting for your right to celebrate fighting. It's just as well we're not all the same....... and that is an inescapable, irrefutable fact. DCS is your solution. edited for clarity and typos.
  10. Not sure how you arrived at that reply??? Too many blindly partisan members on this forum. I'm off for another few weeks.🙂 Happy new year.
  11. The OP was irritated, he expressed it, he didn't get personal so I have no problem with that. Fakeflyer.....You got personal, not nice, attempted bullying is not an attitude I want to see on any forum. Not a fan of discord either, even the definition of "discord" works against it.
  12. Commiserations Andy, My installation isn't entirely vanilla but I do try to keep it that way as much as possible. The only situation where I'ved had CTD's is when I flew previously saved flights. I don't do that now so I'm stable. I appreciate that a significant number of others do have CTD problems and it must be a right pain. However, I do have other issues with the platform and I'm currently giving it a break. Pretty scenery isn't enough at the moment. Hope you can get it sorted for the new year.
  13. How important is it? Difficult question to answer as it means different things to different people. I suppose I have to weigh up how much other stuff I have in my life and give it a comparative value to work out how important it is to ME. I suppose a lot of the variation in importance (of anything) between individuals comes from how we like to interact with other humans. Are we entirely sociable or are we down the other end of the spectrum i.e. antisocial? Happily most of us are inbetweeners ......somewhere on the scale between the two extremes. Perhaps we are sociable to a certain extent and prefer our interactions with other humans to be remote, controllable and at arms length. Perhaps we prefer a predominantly (small c) conservative, male oriented environment. Some are more comfortable indulging in a pastime that has no human interaction, shutting out the rest of the human race. Some of us are happier with face to face interactions, contact and the excitement of unpredictability, comfortable with others taking the lead occasionally. The common theme with forums and Flightsims as I see it is is "control".........Being in control or learning to be in control of a simulated situation. If a given thing fits you emotionally and doesn't present your personality with too many sharp, painful edges then you will feel very comfortable doing it, it will be important to you. If you don't understand this then you don't understand yourself. (Grasshopper🤣) For me the trick is to find a balance of interests. Some sociable and some that allow me some self time.
  14. ........and of course, we're all such good flight simmers, we'd never have the wool pulled over our eyes.😉 Tongue in cheek that last bit. The need to be seen as an expert drives all sorts of dubious behaviour, particularly in groups of men involved in a technical pastime such as on these flight sim forums. The conditions flying in the mountains seem good to me but I still reckon the wind/gust effects near or on the ground need some work.
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