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  1. You're right........this is one for Hangar Chat👍
  2. @eslader, Look in the shops, listen to modern music, look at modern art......Do you see blandness? We have greater choice but the options are all bland. That's lack of innovation. ....also what's the difference between Innovation and development? Granted, both are derivative to a certain degree but it is a question of "to what degree?" The things you mentioned were development IMO. True innovation requires creativity and the current environment (political and social) does not lend itself to creativity. For creativity humans need security, safety, respect, hope and wealth etc and for the vast majority (in the west) there is way less of that around now than there was in the 60's and 70's. The post war period was a mini renaissance that started to fizzle out in the 80's. Human endeavours and prospects are cyclical and we are approaching the end of this one. There is still some innovation I agree but it is a matter of degree. Same goes for PC games.
  3. It's fair to say that there is less innovation in most things these days. It's a sign of the times and all part of the decline of the West. I see reduced innovation in nearly everything........in the shops, in fashion, in the arts and in PC games. Most businesses do not want to go out on a limb for fear of making a mistake. The more they have to lose the more caution. There is still some innovation, just not as much as us us 60 somethings were used to.
  4. I just love this forum🥱 MSFS is a game, get over it.
  5. Mistrust or Paranoia is on the increase in the western world. It's getting easier to trigger mistrust and outrage in the general population. Personally I didn't have any issues with downloading SU14. It was a bit slow at times but I've got time. I tend to save my mistrust and focus it on the real culprits......the invading lizard people from Alpha Centauri. Don't trust anyone who licks their lips.
  6. To continue the theme: I removed the duckworks mod and tried this with the vanilla "Classic" DC-3.......something ain't right with this AC but I doubt Asobo/MS will fix it, there are more serious bugs. Anyway without the mod it went even higher.
  7. Thanks. At the time I took the screenshot I was intrigued by the ridiculous altitude I had achieved.
  8. Duckworks mod only. A ridiculous altitude. Service ceiling should be 24,000.......
  9. He he, You really are a special cutie. If we ever meet I'm gonna give you a great big kiss😉🤣
  10. I think you are missing my point: The distinction between being nasty about a product and being nasty about people.
  11. I don't come here that often. When I do I generally ignore the posts that get personal but having read the initial post I feel I really want to point something out: The "Doomsayers" were criticising a product. Whether that criticism was justified is open to individual interpretation but in general it was within the rights of those consumers to criticise that product. The initial poster of this thread however has been quite nasty about people, he has made the issue somewhat personal.....not nice. IMO much worse behaviour than the doomsayers. Horrible behaviour. Just saying.......I'm off again.
  12. Update installed OK this time......all good. Thanks again eslader👍
  13. Thanks eslader, much appreciated. Just deleted the offending files as you suggested and it worked🙂 Now attempting to install the update again. Fingers crossed it works this time. Up to now I've never had any installation issues with the sim, I've been lucky I guess.
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