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  1. There are no such definable groups of people as Casual and Hardcore simmers. It's a fallacy to think there are. That kind of thinking says more about fragile egos than it does about rational thinking. IMO We are all on a spectrum.
  2. Think I'll wait an see how the bun fight pans out on the forums after release.🤣 I really enjoyed the FSX stock one. I won "Tongass Fjords" in a forums screenshot comp using it, great addon in it's day.
  3. Intially I was having some quite heavy framerate issues and stutters at airports, issues that I didn't get with the stock aircraft or the BN-2. Fair enough I thought, the kodiak is probably more demanding of the CPU and my PC isn't exactly top of the range. I could pull the fuses that everyone suggested and get a few more frames but the stutters persisted. Otherwise very pleased with the aircraft after the update. I would rather not have to pull fuses though. In the middle of last week I was forced into a a reinstall of windows, MSFS and all addons, what a pain. However after all of the faffing about MSFS and the Kodiak are now running better than ever. Still slightly poorer frames and some micro stutters in comparison with the stock aircraft but much, much better. I have no idea why, my initial install of windows and MSFS was on virgin SSD's. A great aircraft and much VFR enjoyment. One very minor gripe ATM though is the heat shimmer from the engine, it seems way over done. A distraction seen from the cock pit in the air and even worse viewed stationary and externally on the tarmac. Is there any way to switch the effect off in config?
  4. A question I have asked myself many times. It can be very frustrating. Be careful voicing your anoyance though. Some on flightsim forums seem to think doing so justifies replying with personal insult and bad manners.
  5. No screams of panic from the ground crew? I'm disappointed😂 Bought both the Kodiak and the Twotter. I'm a total VFR flyer so I'm not interested in the finer point of autopilot or the associated systems. So long as the NAV, Heading and direct to buttons work I'm happy I fly by hand at either end. I've never flown a real plane so can't comment on the flight model either.............I'm More than happy with the kodiak and happy with the Twotter But should they be that easy to take off, fly and land? particularly the twotter. Can't imaging I could do likewise in the real things without killing myself or someone else. Looking forward to sound upgrades for the Twotter :-)
  6. Norway is in reality a beautiful and moody place to be. My wife and I went on a cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes a couple of years ago in february. Words can't describe the beauty of this unique place. It was a bit bloomin cold though 🙂 One hope for MSFS I have: I reckon (and I could be wrong of course) FSX and P3D tended to focus on customer location to work out which areas to make the most detailed. MSFS hopefully gives Microsoft some accurate feedback on where people are actually flying. Personally and as a VFR, slow and low player I have very little interest in flying at home. The UK is fairly dull for VFR IMO. I already know what the UK looks like so the omissions, mistakes and inconsistencies stand out like a sore thumb. My favourite places to fly are the Alps, PNG, Hymalayas and Northern Europe/Scandinavia. Hopefully MS are getting that.
  7. Was reading somewhere that the MetaVerse was the next big thing in VR and social networking. Could this be why MS has developed the MSFS world? I think it is. Sell it as a flight sim at the moment, that way R&D pays for itself, In the future it could be the basis for all VR Social Networking, gaming and information tech. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-58749529
  8. As far as I can see none of these responses address the point I made in the earlier post. If folk aren't happy then by all means complain, it does have an impact..........Fact. Don't be scared, you won't get punished, the software won't get pulled because of complaints.
  9. You must be a very happy Chap then. You're certainly getting your monies worth out of the game. Well done😂
  10. With all due respect to you, your view on this subject and forum harmony. You are undoubtedly a good and very capable man......but (you knew that was coming didn't you😉).....your view on this is not just part of the problem, it is at the core of the problem.
  11. of course it does. It's bad publicity on a major flight sim forum. If enough folk "Vent" it will eventually have an impact on the bottom line. This modern era of over weening deference and cringing supplication to the major suppliers of techno (in particular) really does **** me and others off. There used to be a time when the phrase "The Customer is always Right" meant something. Microsoft and Asobo are commercial operations, we pay, they supply......it is a contractual agreement. It is not done to satisfy humanitarian ideals so there is no need to tug your forelock every time they decide to address a customer raised issue. The power balance between customer and supplier has changed over the last 30 years or so and not for the better. Shoddy products that don't hit the nail on the head are common place.........and we're supposed to be grateful for any crumbs they let drop??? The assumption is that our money is theirs before they've even earned it. The software is full of bugs many of which are not being addressed and show no sign of ever being addressed. This software (I'll not call it a simulator) is surviving on good looks alone and I learnt as a young man many moons ago that relationships based on good looks alone did not last long 😉
  12. I had very grainy instrument bezels on my BN-2. Only happened when the sun shone on them at a shallow angle. I increased my shadow quality and it improved. I assume you've tweaked that already so probably not much help.
  13. It is a very long list. The DC-3 and Twotter are all i'm waiting for.......and waiting, and waiting. any news or announcements on these two?
  14. I'd forgotten, so thanks to the OP 👍 I originally did this a few months ago but as I'm not habitual FPS watcher it was difficult to categorically state any benefit. My feeling was that it helped then and now.
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