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  1. Greg, revo uninstaller pro has an option to install a program / application(with revo). Using this option, revo is monitoring installation and collecting all necessary data for uninstall. Only this way you can be sure everything is going to be removed(and nothing else destroyed). It‘s a really nice program, but it can happen to remove some other data if installation is not monitored
  2. I removed email address from your post, please do not post it in public forums. If someone want to share those models with you, just use PM for sensitive data like your private email address
  3. I had this too. In my case, it happened with airports not 100% P3Dv4 compatible, so i stopped using them
  4. Check MCDU sound options, there is a FSL recommendation(not sure if i've read this in manuals or forums)to change sound option if you experience stutters. I can post later what and where you should try to change, i can't check it right now - but it's pretty much intuitive, just check sound options. About cabin announcements, there must be something wrong with install or usagge, it works fine here
  5. Just a update - I didn't have time today, but i'm definitely going to do it in the next few days. Sorry for this, something unexpected happened
  6. Ok, no problem. I'll try to post it tomorow. I can't do it right now becouse it's complicated with some developers, i need some time to choose the right examles of add-on.xml. Some developers are not reading the P3D learning center, or it can be complicated becouse of config app, libraries etc.
  7. Even with uninstallers, there are often many leftovers. I install all addon scenery in the fake P3D folder, then i move and add them using add-on.xml metod. This way, P3D original files are not touched, and i don't need to worry about P3D upgrades and uninstallers. I also keep a backup of clean original Prepar3d.cfg and other cfg files, since many addons will "tweak" them, so i coppy prepar3d.cfg back every time after new addon install BTW, you can't track every single file using standard installation, some files are going to scenery/world/scenery, some of them to effects, etc
  8. The best place is the Prepar3D Learning Center, on LM website. Also, you can read about it here, for example this topic
  9. Yes, it should be at the top. I also have Global, Vector and OpenLC. I noticed this was set by default to "below P3D scenery", have no a idea why. It should be between default scenery and addon scenery. In this case, if you are using XML metod only, it should be at the top
  10. Try to set it below your first addon airport. I did a clean install of P3D 4.3 and i decided to install everything using XML metod only. Only Orbx is installed in traditional way. So, my option is the "on the top of scenery library", since i don't have any other addon scenery installed direct to P3D - all sceneries using XML metod are going to be above this
  11. I'm not using DSR all the time, but it looks better then 4xSGSS to me. Also, i don't use default ATC and i actually don't like in-sim text messages, so no problems with that. With default resolution i can many jaggies and shimmering at distance. It's not so bad, but once i tried DSR i decided to start saving for a 4K monitor and new GPU. Under 80-90% is ok, and it's not really bad for GPU. I like to leave some room here for detailed airports and clouds, becouse there is a FPS hit with GPU at 100%
  12. That's true. It seems that Nvidia Inspector author has slowed down development. The last update was 10 months ago, and it was just a minor update to FPS limiter. I belive it's much better to use Nvidia CP if you want to change some basic settings, like "high quality" or "Max Performance". If you change something in NCP, you can notice some other changes are done automatically, and i belive there is a reason for this. This doesn't happen with Nvidia Inspector, and my performance was worse. P3Dv4 works a bit different then FSX, this is why some traditional FSX tweaks are not going to make a difference. The only changes i made in Nvidia Control Panel are Texture Filtering to "High Quality"(and i'm not sure i'm seeing any difference)and Power Management Mode to "Prefer maximum performance". CFG is default, i'm using FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 with PMDG 747 and FSL A320 only. I'm willing to sacrifice some visuals and to have a smooth performance with this addons. I'm not using this with Maddog, NGX, Majestic etc, it's not needed. I'm also using Nvidia DSR for better anti aliasing, instead of Inspector SGSS. It does put a much more load on GPU, so maybe a time to buy 4K monitor and better GPU
  13. Uncheck "enhance the application setting" and leave 8XSGSS only. It works this way, you need "enhance the application setting" only if you are going to set MSAA in nvidia inspector, which is not needed, since you should set this in P3D only. Your current Nvidia inspector settings could cause problems. Like others said, 8xSGSS looks to much to me, but it deppends on the resolution of your monitor and GPU. I have GTX 1060 6GB & 1920x1080 monitor resolution, and i can use 4xSGSS. Be careful to always match MSAA and SGSS. 4xMSAA with 4xSGSS or 8xMSAA with 8xSGSS. I wrote this, becouse what you described can happen if there is a mismatch between those settings. Also, if you set MSAA in P3D, it must be set to "application controlled" in nvidia inspector(which is default). If you are going to use 8xSGSS, check what your GPU is doing, you can use GPU-Z for that, ensure that is not at 100% all the time. Try also 4xMSAA and 4xSGSS, i couldn't find the reason to go higher then that, it looks great with my 1920x1080 monitor. The only better thing for me is to use Nvidia DSR. If you have 4K monitor, you don't need any of this
  14. You are right, this is what i do. It just going to add new entries on the top of the scenery.cfg, no need for layers, but the order is important. It's ok like this, without layer lines. In Addon.xml, the order should be - first the terrain, then airport, and then landclass / elevation in case of T2Gate. You can also use AddonOrganizer developed by Oliver, it's a great tool
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