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  1. Ok, i have a few days off now, so i'm going to read all my notes about and i'll send you an email
  2. lodestar

    GTX 1080 to 1080ti upgrade

    If this happens in "hard on fps" scenery areas with complex airliners, it's absolutely worth it. This is how we should test performance. Of course, GA flyers should not be interested in this
  3. You need to make a decision about this. I was in this situation. You should go for the best hardware available you can buy, all the time. Maybe you can wait a couple of months to save for something better. It should be a great upgrade BTW
  4. lodestar

    P3D 4.1 CTD near Labrador

    Hi Umberto, I just spent a hour reading through all of the posts in this topic, and i have some own theories about this. The problem is, i cannot exclude FSDT products from any of them, and this is why i quoted you. I may be wrong, of course. The problem i belive i have with FSDT products in general are C++ libraries. I purchased some of your products - GSX, CYVR, KJFK V2 and LSGG, but i'm not using them, becouse every time i install any of them, i get instability and crashes. Not sure if this is some specific product related, or couatl, or addon manager, i never tested p3d with one by one installed. But this has caught my attention - every FSDT product is installing C++ libraries, without checking if more recent are installed: In the screenshot, you can see I updated all C++ on 29 april, anything that is installed on 13 May, is installed by FSDT(i checked it before and after running the FSDT installer). I had more recent versions for all of them. The 2015 version is now included in 2017, no separate installation is needed BTW. So, i had more recent version for this one too. This was causing problems with FSL A320 last Year, the FSL needed a more recent version and there was some conflict with 2 of them installed. There is a topic in FSL forums about this. So maybe some other addons needs more recent versions too, and there is a conflict with older version being installed. C++ are not well documented, but i belive if you have 2 versions installed(same year), it can cause conflicts. C++ libraries are not backward compatible - 2013 with 2012 for example. But the same Year versions(they are just updates)should be. Please let me know if i am wrong on this. Important: Any changes to my system and P3D(cfg files or other), should be referenced in a PDF or so, as a recommendations only, and not being done without my consent. This, in case you need some settings for displaying your sceneries correctly, or to perform better. I do belive you can set your installers to check if update is needed, to not overwrite a more recent versions of C++ or anything else. You can also add an option for advanced users, there are a lot of us knowing what are we doing with our systems. Don't get me wrong, i respect you and your work, i would just like to run your products without issues. The issues could also be on my side, so please let me know what you think about this. I belive this can be related to "CTD near Labrador", so this is why i posted it here and i didn't started a new topic or contacted you via support options. For all others - for now, i belive this has something to do with overloading, maybe the System, P3D engine, simconnect etc. FSDT for example, can be just a contributing factor. I'll test this routes now to check if i have any problems. I didn't tried this until now, since i didn't have any long haul planes, but i have PMDG 747 now. I do have a lot of addons, all of the ORBX, PMDG(737 and 747), FSL, and most of the top scenery providers. I will let you know tomorow about results, since i'm doing all the flights in real time(no time acceleration). This can be another factor in CTD's, you are asking your systems to do a 2x, 4x, 8x more calculations. For now, my bet is on the overloading. Everyone with this CTD, please post all of your addons and system specs.
  5. The XML metod seems to give me the better performance on my system. I started moving all of my addons to XML. I "studied" P3D documentaion about this and did a lot of tests, and i do have a couple of observations and suggestions which may improve P4AO. P4AO is a essential tool for P3Dv4 in my opinion, and I'd like to exchange some thoughts about my findings with you. Let me know if you agree and if you prefer PM or a new topic(where maybe someone else can contribute). Yes, absolutely.
  6. lodestar

    P3D V4.2 crashing

    You should try to investigate this crash, and give us more details, maybe someone can help. I would recommend https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/app_crash_view.html also FSUIPC and simconnect log. Check Avsim CTD Guide, a lot of great info and fixes there. Also, give us more info - your system and addons in use
  7. lodestar

    This is wierd..

    This should help: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/479802-how-do-i-post-a-screenshot/
  8. lodestar

    P3D V4.2 blurry non-focus picture

    Those are the settings inside P3D menu or both, in P3D and Nvidia Inspector? I noticed you applied this in Nvidia Inspector. It is recommended to use "in game" settings when available, they should work better then external settings, at least with less performance impact. This, applied in Nvidia Inspector will override P3D settings. Try to reset Nvidia Inspector to default profile, and set this in P3D. Start from there, do the test. SGSS is not available in P3D so you can add it later. I'm using default profile now. Do you have any other tweaks applied? Also, rebuild shaders(every time you add a tweak, or change P3D or Nvidia settings, update driver etc), just to be sure
  9. Hi Morten, welcome to Avsim. I deleted the line which contains your product key, please do not post your keys in public
  10. lodestar

    Instant approach tools for FSX

    a great freware: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxutil&DLID=182928
  11. lodestar

    Nvidia Graphics Card

    It should be nice if you could post some details about this, it could be helpful for other members. Just a suggestion
  12. lodestar

    New Rig P3D V4 Poor Performance

    1. Try this - with RR to 30 Hz, set unlimited FPS. Also Vsync and triple buffering checked in P3D settings. This should be the best. or 2. With FPS limited to 30, add this line in your Prepar3D.cfg: under [MAIN] section FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 This is the default value when you set FPS to unlimited, but it's changed to 0.33 when you limit your FPS, and there is a big FPS hit with complex addons. By default, with limited FPS, framerate is sacrificed for scenery loading and vice versa. The more CPU time is allocated for scenery loading. This is just a workaround for monitors which can't do 30Hz, like mine. The first option should perform better, in my opinion. Please let me know about the results, since i'm still investigating this Also, check my post, it took my FS experience to the next level with my HD monitor, and you are probably using HDMI: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/536191-nvidia-control-panel-and-hdmi-heads-up/?tab=comments#comment-3847385
  13. lodestar

    P3D V4.2 blurry non-focus picture

    Hi, i posted this yesterday Check if that can help you. Try also my 3rd post in that topic, those are two things you must change manually after every driver update. I think it's going to help you, since you are using hdmi output, like me. But your FPS seems to be realy low, my stays at 30(locked)almost all the time with PMDG, Maddog and FSL. It's probably about your settings or maybe some tweaks. If you want help on this too, post your p3d settings and tweaks(if any)you added
  14. also, under "adjust deskop size and position", select the full screen. By default is "aspect ratio" i think. It fixed some issues for me, for example wing views where way of with default settings. The credits for this goes to Jim, i've read his post about this somewhere. Those are the only 2 default settings i changed. And yes, Rob, you should definitely pin that topic
  15. I obviously missed Rob's post I had it this way(default settings)for a really long time. Today, it's like i bought a new monitor after i changed this