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  1. PittsS2B

    All of you, hail the Queen!

    Great shots, Claudio; well done. I visited the Boeing Everett factory back when the 748 was being developed, and it was a (near) religious experience!
  2. PittsS2B

    Night Ground Textures

    You should have two scenery areas enabled in your scenery library-the "Madland" scenery and the airport itself. I'd check to make sure both are there. Also, it might be worth asking Aerosoft support for an updated installer; I had to do this a few months ago when I discovered that my 2005-vintage installer wasn't cutting it in 2018.
  3. It's raining airports! Pretty amazing that a sim that's almost old enough to get a driver's license is still receiving new content, and is still so much fun. Good times.
  4. Thanks, Ed. Possibly the fastest FS purchase I've ever made! 😄
  5. PittsS2B

    FS2004 UT Alaska/Canada crashing in BC

    Yes, I'm hoping the topic starter checks back in with his progress. I should have also suggested that he apply the 4GB patch to his FS9 executable, which has solved OOM problems for me recently and might help in this situation also.
  6. PittsS2B

    FS2004 UT Alaska/Canada crashing in BC

    What's the error you get when it shuts down? Out of memory? Or something else? I did a test flight tonight in that area, and didn't see any unusual problems. I haven't had any issues with Ultimate Terrain, but have had problems with certain add-on sceneries being memory drains. I would suggest getting the ACA2005 utility and scanning for duplicate AFCADS, and checking your Addon Scenery folder to make sure you don't have any "terrain" folders in individual airports which are empty, as this can lead to memory leaks. Also, if you have any Alaska add-ons, those files may be read by FS9 as far south as Vancouver, and that may be part of the problem.
  7. PittsS2B

    More FS9 support by Uk2000

    That’s wonderful to hear, Ed, and a very commendable move by Gary.
  8. PittsS2B

    Autogen and Photorealistic scenery

    Before you give up on FS9, Dazzy, I'd suggest a glance at HaraldG's current Hungarian thread in the Avsim Screen Shots forum, which gives some idea of what FS9 is still capable of as a GA sim. It really sings on modern computer hardware, both at busy airports and out in the hinterlands.
  9. PittsS2B

    The Best Freeware Aircraft for FS9

    The HJG has released it's DC-10 V2, which appears to be the deepest simulation of the airplane for MSFS I've ever seen. More information here: http://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/thread/9146/website-update-august-17th-2018?page=1&scrollTo=62725
  10. PittsS2B

    Great value Polish Airports package

    I bought this package for the discounted price, as I had some of the original content but not all, and it appears to be the original products and patches only. So if you already owned all of these sceneries, it wouldn’t give you anything new. It is a terrific deal for those of us who didn’t spring for all of their Polish sceneries in the first place, however.
  11. PittsS2B

    Weather for FS9

    If you have an old computer lying around with Windows 7 or Vista on it, you can run ASE on it and network it to your FS9 install with WideFS. That’s what I’m doing now, and it works, for as long as the AS servers keep running.
  12. PittsS2B

    WOAI Austrian Arrows or auav1.zip

    Martin - that file is still available in the Avsim library under the name "woaauav1.zip". Agree that Vienna doesn't look good without the hometown airline included.
  13. PittsS2B

    New FS9 Scenery

    The freeware Calgary International (CYYC) by Emmanuel Mwandosya which Greg referred to earlier in the thread has been released and is in the Avsim library. It's really good, and now I can retire the terrific but outdated CanUk version of CYYC. I recommend running the textures through the "DxtFixer" utility, which solved any stutter issues for me.
  14. PittsS2B

    With a Tu-134 around the world

    Great series, Harald; FS9 still looks terrific after all these years.
  15. PittsS2B

    FS2004 scenery looks like a floodplain

    Sorry you're having so many problems with FS9 and Win 10. I recently installed FS9 on Win 10 for the first time, and other than some workarounds required by out-of-date installer programs, have been pleasantly surprised how well it works and looks, even on the latest Nvidia drivers. Of course, given how Win 10 handles "windows", I'm not surprised that you may be having problems with multiple monitors. I wonder if your texture issue isn't related to the "extended textures" setting. Do you have it set to "1" in your config file?