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  1. A timely subject,Ed; I quite like that climb out shot in particular. I haven’t tried the new Gander scenery yet, but I assume a trip through DXTFixer may be in order.
  2. Very nice! X-plane has the most life-like lighting effects I've seen in a flight sim.
  3. Thanks for letting us know, Nicolas. ULLI is a great looking airport; didn't realize there was an FS9 version until now.
  4. Great shots. Being a child of the '70's, that's my favorite Air Canada livery.
  5. Great scenery and a unique subject, Harald. No end of interesting places to fly in Russia!
  6. Very nice; a beautiful route to fly. I did my mountain checkout (back when approach plates were carved in stone) in a C-182 from KAPA to Aspen, and it was eye-opening, especially when considering where to land in the event of an engine-out. Aspen did feature the nicest FBO I've ever seen, not surprising given the relative wealth of the customers.
  7. Appreciate the update, Mitch; ABQ really looks great.
  8. Great subject, Mitch; I used to live in NM and have traveled through the Sunport many times. Looking forward to it!
  9. Looks great, Mitch; a nice overhaul of an interesting airport. Reminds me I need to get some more military AI at my dual-use airports like this one.
  10. Very dramatic sky there; guessing that was a bumpy ride near mountainous terrain!
  11. Thanks for the BNA update, Mitch; it really looks great at dusk and night as Dedl pointed out.
  12. Nice shots, Harald. Lots of interesting places to fly in Africa now with FS9.
  13. Great news, Mitch; thanks for the hard work on this scenery.
  14. That looks amazing; great choice of plane and places.
  15. Thanks, Harald; I've got that one in my archives, and it's the best version I've found for FS9. There's a YouTube video on Air Gemini in Angola (in French and Portuguese) which is great; search for "Boeing 727 ISSO".
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