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  1. Lovely shots; that's an amazing add-on. American airshow and test pilot legend Bob Hoover was flying a Spitfire when he was shot down and captured in 1944; had the privilege of seeing him fly at Oshkosh in the '90's.
  2. Excellent set of shots, Harald. I assume that's the Carenado F33, which I need to reinstall at some point.
  3. Yeah, that takeoff is a bit scary, Ed. Reminiscent of the Il-96 at Phuket a few decades back.
  4. Fantastic shot, Ed, and Happy New Year to you as well. Good on Rada for keeping the old girl flying.
  5. Amazing photoreal livery, Ed...can't wait for the videos!
  6. I can't use the PSS 757 in Windows 10, as the ND gets stuck in the 2D panel and doesn't update. Don't recall the wing rocking issue but wouldn't be surprised if it's related. Too bad, as it's the best 757 for FS9 function-wise (not external model-wise; Quality Wings has that distinction).
  7. Looks like all their Canadian airports are gone from Simmarket. I have their St. John's airport, but like you planned on picking up the other ones at some point.
  8. Great shots, Ed. Too bad Airsimmer and AES are abandoned products at this point, but they are well showcased here.
  9. I tried MFS 2020 over the last few weeks, and although there is a good foundation for a future flight sim, it doesn’t seem ready for airline operations on modest hardware right now. Back to FS9 for me.
  10. Great ambience with that series, Ed; lighting, clouds, vortices, and Greg’s terrific Winnipeg airport!
  11. This is a tremendous achievement, Greg, and your hard work is definitely appreciated. Well done!
  12. FS9 hits the sweet spot between visual fidelity and PC performance in a global civil flight simulator, and that's the main reason it's the only one I use at the moment.
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