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  1. Appliance

    Active Camera

    Hi Tony. Haven't used this software for over 12 months since giving up simming as a result of medical issues. When I purchased one could choose only the FS9 version. Hope you resolve your plight.
  2. Appliance

    Active Camera

    "WalkandFollow 2004" by DBS Studio.
  3. Appliance

    fsdt klas

    I seem to recall it working OK with payware Pilots Global mesh.
  4. Appliance


    I doubt it since the author is very much alive and released an updated version, FSTramp, for both FSX and P3D.
  5. Appliance

    Another Great Global Texture Replacement for FS9

    Couldn't abide the buildings in Mosaic ... so artificial looking.
  6. Appliance

    Annoying Stuttering Problem

    Ian run Process Explorer, a free program which can help identify other software programs which may be the problem. Plenty of YT... video tutorials out there and a search in this very forum will unearth valuable advice on how best to configure it. Best of luck mate.
  7. I concur Ian. Bought all their sceneries upon release for I am an ardent fan ever since their freeware showed their potential.
  8. Appliance

    We've lost another FS legend!

    Godspeed Gary. The simming community is much diminished by your passing. Thank you.
  9. Appliance

    Using voice commands for ATC in FS9

    Hi Ian, Explore a small program called VAC (Voice Activated Commands.) I find it indispensable for programs other than flight sim, since I am a long-time advocate for MCE within FS9/P3D.
  10. Appliance

    Weather settings

    FSGRW for me. IMHO cloud depiction is far more realistic than the alternatives.
  11. Appliance

    Digital Rights Management again

    Chrome is definitely NOT my browser of choice ever since i noticed the folks at iFly advising users not to download using Chrome since it allegedly was causing multiple issues with their software. That remains the case even today. Hope all goes well. Ah ... the joys of computers. :wink:
  12. Appliance

    Digital Rights Management again

    WingZ perhaps you try could Internet Explorer, standard browser already included in XP or Maxthon which is my preferred browser. BTW simMarket has used that procedure for years for its exclusive software developers. PS. Back on line finally after my computer problems ... mainboard was the culprit. Do you know how hard it is to source a mainboard for a 2 year old cpu?
  13. Appliance

    PSS 777, FS9 and Win7

    Good luck getting any support from Blackbox. I purchased the 777 through them and several emails have remained unanswered 6 years later! :mad:
  14. Appliance

    Baku 2017

    Hi Harald. Conundrum ... the dialog box, which contains several lines of small indecipherable type, stays on screen for less than a second after which FS9 disappears. Both PrintScreen and Snipping Tool fail to capture an image. I can discern the box offers OK and COPY TEXT choices however clicking on either is unsuccessful since the pointer is in 'waiting' mode. I don't believe the download was corrupted since installation went smoothly. Looks like I will have to use my 6 month-old back-up unless gentlereaders suggest a solution. Frankly the keyboard issue is more worrying. Forgot to mention I had selected both static aircraft and phototerrain.
  15. Appliance

    Baku 2017

    Bugger ... still haven't solved my problems. :mad: