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  1. Thank you for your kind comments. FS9 still gets me all in a tizzy. 😍
  2. edetroit

    New FS9 Scenery

    The last UK2000 FS9 airport has been released. Guernsey. EGJB. http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/
  3. Killer livery and beautiful touchdown!
  4. edetroit

    TAPA to TNCM

    Whoa! a DC-8! what a nice surprise.
  5. 10 stars! I love watching pilot skillz at LHR. It's all eerily quiet now ...or have I gone deaf. I'll be back to watch this one again. Thank you.
  6. edetroit

    Tbilisi to Moscow via Krasnodar

    The one by AeroProyecto.
  7. edetroit

    Tbilisi to Moscow via Krasnodar

    My next video flight will be VDA2608. A reenactment of a recent RW flight from Rzeszow to Gatwick in an An-124. After which I will be looking at the possibility of flying your 'coolest plane in town'
  8. edetroit

    Tbilisi to Moscow via Krasnodar

    What an AI-tastic post!. Loved it! Superb as usual Harald.
  9. It's a bit ridiculous but due to people trying to steal the modellers work this -90VD version is not even available for FS9 let alone any other platform. (I have the model because I beta tested it) Very kind of you to say so sir.
  10. Thank you Bill. I loved flying/making it.
  11. Wow! ...6 engines! Very impressive and beautifully shot! Thank you.