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  1. Nav/Gps switch? If you were following an FS flight plan. That is nav/gps switch on and nav on. You need to switch the nav/gps switch off to capture the ILS or VOR. nav/gps switch off and ILS/APP or VOR. Regards Ed
  2. The angle of your horizontal stabiliser is.......scary.
  3. Turbine Outlet Temperature (TOT) is the same as Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT). Find an XML EGT gauge and convert it (Make it) Warning, making your own gauges is addictive and you may never be seen again.😳
  4. I did a double take when I saw the name Gary Hayes!😄
  5. Hello Jont, If you copy/paste your request here. I'm sure you will get some help. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/forums/gauges.64/ Regards Ed
  6. First one is the money shot. Outstanding!😍
  7. Beautiful!🥰...only that MSFS wing root shadow that lets it down.🙁
  8. 😂 Thank you again guys for more kind comments. I would post more if I could but I simply do not have any free time these days.😪
  9. Oh I'm still here alright! 😁 Thank you all for your kind comments. Regards Ed
  10. Still loving the old sim. 🥰
  11. Looks good to me Mitch. As I said make a backup copy. If I have a scenery problem I usually just erase all sceneries up to the default sceneries and then add just the one I want to test. I hope this has solved your ILS etc problems.
  12. I would make a backup copy. Send me a copy if you would like me to check it.
  13. Your main problem is your scenery cfg. Have you got them all in order yet?
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