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  1. edetroit

    New AI Aardvark Models

    Thank you Greg for the HU. Long live FS9! 😍
  2. edetroit

    Telavi to Mestia

    Love the story/set Harald.😊
  3. edetroit

    Exceptional Robin!

    Exceptional shot! 😎
  4. edetroit

    Robin @Barton

    Lovely set!👏
  5. edetroit

    AI aircraft

    More information is needed. Where is this AI flying from/to.? What is this AI aircraft? (model). What addon scenery (if any) do you have for it's departure/arrival.... the list goes on.
  6. An alternative end to my Belfast/ Nice video. Due to noise restrictions the straight in ILS Rwy04L approach is only used if absolutely necessary. So I wrote the far more interesting RNAV A Rwy04L approach (much the same as the VOR A). TIPIK 1A initial approach then RNAV A and then VTP A rwy04L. Loved it!!!!....gotta keep your eyes peeled for AI pilots as they still use the ILS approach.
  7. edetroit

    London to Belfast in a 727

    FS9v4. 😁
  8. edetroit

    London to Belfast in a 727

    Unfortunately I did not realise I was using the def 737 soundset. I will have to shoot it again.😞
  9. Thank you for your kind comments. FS9 still gets me all in a tizzy. 😍
  10. edetroit

    New FS9 Scenery

    The last UK2000 FS9 airport has been released. Guernsey. EGJB. http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/