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  1. Gary is making two more FS9 sceneries!!!!😀 Whohooo! 👏 "News for FS2004 users, yes I know I said no more FS2004 last summer, but as Bournemouth and Belfast V2 was made using my current system which is compatible with FS2004, I decided to go back on that and Make Bournemouth compatible with FS2004. Belfast V2 will also have a FS2004 version released soon This neatly finished off the Xtreme range, so all Xtreme Range airports work for FS2004, FSX and P3D."
  2. edetroit

    She's fast but......

    Love the screens and love the aircraft.
  3. edetroit

    At the right angles....

    First pic is outstanding!
  4. Now available.......unfortunately no 748 for us niners.
  5. edetroit

    The Siberian Rocket

    I use Flickr Harald.
  6. edetroit

    The Siberian Rocket

    Very nice Harald! The last one is the money shot. 👏
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ifdyenzzwv6vxu0/Troll_Airfield.zip/file
  8. Here is my video flight Harald. Troll Airfield to Cape Town. It was interesting that it was still fairly light at midnight at Troll.I had to make Troll Airfield myself but I had no problems like you suggested. The only problem I had was some terrible frame rates on short finals into FACT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKRpuddZ07o
  9. Great set a usual Harald!👏 I'm currently flying my IL-76 from Troll airfield Antarctica (-28deg C) to Capetown....nice to get about a bit. 😎
  10. edetroit

    Waiting (just one)

    Sweet capture Harald. 👏
  11. Hello Harald, Here is my Leipzig video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa26UufJJfM
  12. Wonderful set Harald! Great to see you back in the Tu-134. Love your AI gems. I have made the AMTES hangar at EDDP for the Aerosoft scenery. (My first venture into GMAX modeling). It will feature in my next video LSZH/EDDP VDA1035. 😎
  13. edetroit

    Jets or props? (FS2004 poll ONLY!!)

    Where is the poll for "All"? I do like my classic heavy iron but I fly everything......and sail as well. 😎 Long live FS9. 😍
  14. Love the shot Harald!