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  1. What a lovely set! Your sim looks really nice and love your Zlin!🤩
  2. I'd use FR24.....as I did yesterday to watch an aircraft land live on their webcam. 😄 http://sunsetsxm.com/plane-info/
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very kind comment indeed! Oh yes indeedee... The Sunset Bar and Grill formerly known as the Sunset Beach Bar. http://sunsetsxm.com Thankyou Bernd and Harald glad you both enjoyed it. I will embark on simulating a Tu-154M soon. 😎
  4. Thank you very much Mark....exactly what I wanted to read.🤓 Given the right photos I would seriously consider simulating this cockpit.😎
  5. Lovely set! Scenery looks great but I am actually more interested in the aircraft you are flying. A quick google and I know now it is a Transall C-160D....also came up with a good video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggMUlQvc2H0 I see there are two sets of throttles and gear levers....what are the levers right in the middle?
  6. Nosewheel touchdown.....these aircraft are so interesting. Love it!😍
  7. Lovely set!.....I do miss the Greek Islands. 😐
  8. Stunning pics! .....loving your choice of aircraft too.😎
  9. I turn my auto throttle off early. This is because auto throttle does not leave hardware throttles where they should be. (Some exceptions apply - eg: aircraft IL-96 or full auto land ) I have the CS 707 as I wanted a good model for my 707 panel. But as I have not made it yet it has never flown. 😄 I think I am done with payware as I do not get the support I require.
  10. Thank you John. It will take a bit more than DXTFixer to fix it.....You have mail btw. 😉 Very kind comment indeed! Thank you very much. Thank you. I can't wait for the video! 😄 Thank you, I will get back to the A340 one day. 😁 Thank you for the reply Harald. As usual I have been sidetracking myself with a Tu-154 paint..... but I'm back on it! The video will be made. 😎
  11. I can see flap handle set at flaps 5 for takeoff, Flap annunciation working but flaps position indicator not. Cleary externally the flaps are set. In cockpit on finals a little confusing...apart from no flaps indicator. You look fully established on ILS or LOC DME rwy 11 (both ADI and HSI indicating LOC and GS on point, course is 115 btw) so why is the FD indicating otherwise? I would have set my altitude selector as well but I understand this is a test flight. 😁
  12. The short finals shot alone is giving me the hebegebees... flaps up landing?
  13. 😀 I love XML....so unforgiving. For starters get rid of the semi colon at the end. If you have XML questions best to post here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/122-fsxfsx-se-aircraft-and-panel-design-forum-how-to/ or here: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/
  14. Hello Although the panel and gauge bitmaps and some coding are by me on this panel. A lot of the systems and certainly the engine modelling is by a chap called Fraser Mckay. When I downloaded his F27 panel I was struck by what a good job he had done with the engine modelling and that was what inspired me to make my version. I think this is his original version: https://www.fs2000.org/2011/05/23/fs2004-fokker-f-27-panel/
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