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  1. FS9 FSATC is brilliant. Most would disagree with me. 😀 Regards Ed
  2. Now my memory has kicked in I remember I bought a PFC Cirrus Saab Yoke, but sold it and went back to the CHProducts yoke. Been through two CH products yokes, two CH products rudder pedals and one CH products throttle quadrant (no longer used) Actually glancing at my present CH yoke both prop and mixture levers are completely broken off! How did that happen?
  3. FS2004, CHProducts Yoke/Rudder Pedals (still have throttle quadrant but don't use it), Thrustmaster 16000M, Win7 64bit, 1600x1200 pix (4:3 ratio) monitor. Absolutely loving it! Regards Ed
  4. You'd be surprised how often it's happened. It would simply have not been possible to simulate the IL-76TD-90VD, An-124 and An-12 without help from the actual pilots. To the chap who mentioned language barrier, I do not speak a word of Russian. Regards Ed
  5. It is indeed the Rada Airlines IL-62MGr. My panel photos are from the real Rada IL-62MGr. In fact after seeing my Rada videos the First Officer of the Rada IL-62MGr contacted me to see if I needed any help with the systems. The internet is a game changer!
  6. I hope it's ok to tag on one of my favourite IL-62 screen shots. Regards Ed
  7. Still waiting for Hiroshi to finish his new model.
  8. Noice! Is the Audley End miniature railway in the scenery? regards Ed
  9. Should the Sandel work? regards Ed
  10. Coooee Filou! Still posting your outstanding shots. Very very nice! Regards Ed
  11. Thank you all for your kind comments!🥰 Regards Ed
  12. Thankyou for your kind comments. I know y'all think I'm crazy but I am enjoying FS9 more than ever! I just love this sim.🥰
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