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  1. Looks good to me Mitch. As I said make a backup copy. If I have a scenery problem I usually just erase all sceneries up to the default sceneries and then add just the one I want to test. I hope this has solved your ILS etc problems.
  2. I would make a backup copy. Send me a copy if you would like me to check it.
  3. Your main problem is your scenery cfg. Have you got them all in order yet?
  4. Top scenery layer and last in your scenery cfg (if opened with notepad) is the same thing. As I said if I add scenery I do it manually to my scenery cfg. That way you know exactly what is going on....and of course it is easy make sure AES is last (highest area/layer number) in your scenery cfg. That is what FSPS should be used for......postioning but DON'T SAVE IT. Open the panel cfg with notepad and manually insert the positions you see in FSPS. Trust me.....you will save yourself a lot of hair. The reason is that FSPS erases things it shouldn't ...a bit like Afcad 221 does. (Afcad 221 erases exclusions from afcads which is why one should use ADE now) regards Ed
  5. Hello Mitch, I do not trust editing software with my scenery cfg. (I use notepad to edit mine) I can see that something has gone wrong after scenery area/layer 111 Your area and layer should have the same number and follow the last area/layer sequentially......so after 111 should follow 112. Go through all the sceneries and make sure all area/layers numbers are the same at the same time follow the last area/layer sequentially......so after 111 should follow 112.....looking further than 111 it just becomes a mess. AES should always be your last layer. If you ever add another scenery ALWAYS check the scenery cfg to make sure it is tickety-boo. FWIW You may use FSPanelStudio for your panel cfg. You have to be careful with it.....again I never save any panel cfg with FSPS I edit the panel cfg manually because it can do all sorts of strange things. I tell FSimmers everything you add to your SIM is designed to bugger it up....so check/doublecheck after every single add-on.
  6. More than likely.....it may well be a gauge for callouts for example.
  7. Lovely set P_7878!. Big threeholer fan here.🥰 I managed to purchase on of the last PMDG MD-11 DVDs. Lot's of fun learning the well implemented systems...... the model itself let it down a bit IMHO.🤓 CLS DC-10. I seem to remember there being an update for FSX but not FS9....never mind It's my choice of DC-10 model.🤔 Both suffer for amateurish bogie animation. 🙁
  8. I mip all scenery and AI. My flyable are all 32 bit no mips. The most important thing is to check all add-on scenery and AI for alpha channels. Pretty much 90% if not more sceneries are missing alphas. My FS9 runs nice and smoothly and I plan to keep it that way for years to come. 😁 Regards Ed
  9. Superb shot!......after I'd moved the advert out of the way. 🙄
  10. I love the different cockpit configurations. When I think LTU L1011 I think tape gauges. 😉 Anyway here is my RAF L105 with analogue autopilot and Sundstrand FMS/Litton 72 (or might be 92..can't remember) combination. I have also made the classic Sundstrand/ Delco Carousel INS combo and digital autopilots. 🥰 The big breakthrough with the Sundstrand of course meant no longer having the waypoint limit of the Delco INS. One could write the whole flightplan into the Sundstrand like a modern FMS ...in fact it was a totally modern FMS. I have several manuals for it. (In all it's different versions) This vid is 7 years old ....certainly time for an L1011 revamp. 🤓
  11. The advanced FMS unit (which was ahead of it's time) should be the Hamilton Sundstrand FMS. This is soooooo L1011 and only L1011 it cannot be missed. Two points about the HT9100. 1 Never ever seen one on a Tristar....I think the later FMS updates up to Litton-92. 2 I simulated the HT9100 myself for my B742 and I don't think theirs looks very accurate. I certainly do love to see shots of the Tristar and I thank you.....but sad to say umpteen years later the best L1011 sim is still FS9.x 😎
  12. Lovely, Took her time showing up at avsim.
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