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  1. Great livery, nice view of CBR on the way out too. Cheers
  2. Looking at the Falcon 50 thread, I think Bacon is swamped with work for MSFS2020 and has stopped work on his FSX/P3D stuff 😪
  3. Oops just realised, I’m talking about the MU-2 🤭
  4. Hi everyone, Just a quick question. I use the CH Yoke with P3dv4.5 calibrated using FSUIPC. I set the pitch trim in the panel to the green line but find while hand flying after takeoff, I’m pitching up and down all over the place. Any turbulence exacerbates my lack of stability. Watching the tutorial videos, the aircraft appears very stable while hand flying. I am wondering what techniques others use during take off and hand flying 🤔 Any help would be great, Cheers Nathan
  5. Just Flight has up to 40% off on a wide range of Carenado Aircraft for FSX/P3d and X-Plane. Sale on until 22 November. https://www.justflight.com/category/flight-sim-add-ons/light-aircraft/carenado-range?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BIG%20Carenado%20Sale%20-%2040%20off%20ALL%20P3D%20FSX%20and%20X-Plane%20aircraft&utm_content=BIG%20Carenado%20Sale%20-%2040%20off%20ALL%20P3D%20FSX%20and%20X-Plane%20aircraft+CID_b8dfd8357f6fe185509e386260138651&utm_source=cm&utm_term=Carenado%20Big%20Sale
  6. Finally got to try out these mods and they are BRILLIANT. Thanks so much to all involved. Cheers, Nathan
  7. Wow!!! (Energetically throwing my money at the screen) Fabulous work 🤭 Nathan
  8. Wow, fabulous news. Thanks for all the hard work. cheers, Nathan
  9. Thank you for your quick reply Jorge, so looking forward to this mod 😊😉 Cheers, Nathan
  10. Silly question, but will this mod work on the Phenom 100 as well? Cheers, Nathan
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone might be interested in doing the following Air New Zealand livery for the Captain Sim 777-200/300 32bit. Keeping my fingers crossed, Cheers. https://images.app.goo.gl/RkVXhJQzqpCaTKxH9 https://images.app.goo.gl/sw3a7Rqb2R6dugrh8
  12. There are some great pics on this site that can help. Cheers, Nathan 😎 http://jonproctor.net/chicago-through-the-years/
  13. I just put this into the ReaAir Simulations closure thread this afternoon... “For those of you needing to reinstall their RealAir products, Sean Maloney has set up a new site which can be accessed here.... http://realairsimulations.net/ He was extremely helpful in getting things up and running and even has P3dv4 installers for their aircraft.” He uploaded the installer for the piston Duke today in both FSX and P3d v4. Cheers, Nathan
  14. Oh wow, that’s fabulous. Maybe I should have checked again before posting 😄 Cheers, Nathan
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