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  1. Would have preferred the 747 to come first, but I get why they chose the 777 instead.
  2. They have a discord channel, link below; https://discord.gg/ZvBKTuMu
  3. No, you cannot select which airports you want when you build a schedule.
  4. Keep an eye out in the next few days for some more, brand new, high quality models... 😏
  5. AIG. Easy to use and way more variety. New and updated aircraft models releasing frequently, plus not to mention the work Kai does to continually improve AIM and AI traffic in a bugged MSFS. But AFAIK you can run both together to get the results you want, unless you don’t use live traffic like me, where AIG is far superior.
  6. Considering the only other good one was PMDG’s, for P3D, then yes.
  7. Tbf, the OP created this thread on January 8th 2023, So of course he has probably moved to MSFS between now and then.
  8. Where did they say they have stopped P3D development completely?
  9. That’s what I would always recommend, if you can be patient enough. I never buy a scenery at full price now, as they will 99.9% be on sale a few weeks later.
  10. I chose P3D, because for me that was the first sim I truly invested time and money in, and have been rewarded with some great “memories” over the years (and still do this day) thanks to FSLABS, QW, PMDG etc. The sim also helped my real world commercial and instrument training. FS9 would be second as that was the first FS I started using, and introduced myself to payware aircraft, which overall enhanced my flight simming experience. Ever since then I haven’t used a single freeware aircraft in any of the sims. I’m sure MSFS will eventually become my number 1, but as of right now it still sits pretty dormant on my computer.
  11. Agree. Other than the concorde, no one truly knows what they are working on. Would be good to get some type of "update" from Lefteris.
  12. I agree. Hopefully it’s something PMDG will look at, because QW are all but dead.
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