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  1. I just posted in the other thread, and the same thing has happened to me, however mine didn't even update to Su12 (It was trying to install it). MS store seems to have wiped it off my computer clean. No files left anywhere.
  2. Went to update mine to Su12. It was struggling to install the update, then it decided to delete the whole game from my computer (MS Store). Anyone else had this issue before? Frustrating to say the least.
  3. China for me. Needs a massive update however. Hundreds of missing airports and cities.
  4. Auckland and Wellington have been done by Flightbeam. Queenstown by Inibuilds. Also, a brand new Christchurch airport has been released by NZA Simulations.
  5. As they should be. Would seem ridiculous to release it during the middle of the night for us in NZ/Australia.
  6. Not true. In P3d you could just have the 800/900 bundle separately to the 600/700 bundle.
  7. Looks really good! I’ll go out on a limb and say it will break records for the most flown aircraft ever in FS when it is released, not to mention attracting many more new users to MSFS.
  8. Their Asian sceneries are pretty poor. For RJGG their is a decent freeware scenery which is better. Nagoya Chubu Centrair Int. Airport » Microsoft Flight Simulator
  9. Any new news as to whether the AI Traffic overhaul is going to be for Su12? Remember seeing something along those lines during one of the development updates.
  10. Both programs running in administrator? This fixed the issue for me.
  11. I can't believe Aerosoft are ok with selling this "early access product" on their website. But then again......
  12. Very unprofessional comments, taking shots at well-established developers, then glamouring about their EFB, despite not even implementing basics aircraft functions such as VNAV, TCAS, speed constraints. Too many red flags already. Looking like another money grab unfortunately.
  13. Announced nearly a year ago. Here is a thread here at Avsim: MILVIZ leaves P3D enthusiast market - The Prepar3d Forum - The AVSIM Community
  14. The answer is no unless you reinstall the Level D 767 on FS9 / FSX.
  15. Some of the reviews for the FSDG sceneries are quite bad. Are their MSFS sceneries not as good as their P3D ones?
  16. All very good sceneries. WF scenery produce the best airports for China.
  17. There is enough quality freeware out there (AIG and now FSLTL) that once Asobo fix all of the AI issues, there won't be a need for any payware programs.
  18. Only complaint I have is the FPS as well. Haven't experienced any other troubles than that. First Inibuild product i've used, and I'm impressed so far.
  19. Robert Catherall converted a lot of Ray Smith's sceneries (with permission) to P3D (mainly v4) on the avsim library. Most of them work on v5 as well (You may just have to recompile the afcad using ADE). AVSIM Library
  20. Good list. I hope they include and update the default airports to 2022 (Would be nice to have all the latest new airports, especially in China...)
  21. 30% off at simmarket simMarket: FLYTAMPA Boston, Toronto and Amsterdam. Both MSFS and P3D. Looks to be valid until the 23rd October 2022.
  22. It's quite clear they never got permission.... FSLTL – FS Live Traffic Liveries – FSLTL is a free standalone real-time online traffic overhaul and VATSIM model-matching solution for MSFS. (Under the contributor and permission status).
  23. That’s the power of the Microsoft brand. Plus all the additional resources available to them. P3D / X-Plane was just a stop gap until Microsoft returned to the FS community.
  24. So much for the "addons will be cheaper in MSFS" comments. Surprised by the prices of the 737 series. Especially as they don't include non-winglet options. Overall they will be much more expensive than their P3D products.
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