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  1. The fbw A32NX latest dev version has been working pretty good with YourControls shared cockpit 👍
  2. This is great! Thanks for taking a look and giving it a shot. Hope all goes well!
  3. We were able to do some pattern work, switching control between us and taking turns landing and touch and goes. It works really well as is but it can definitely be improved. The default G3000 seems to be fully in sync, radio frequencies, most of the PFD and MFD buttons, AP controls, and even the map zoom is in sync. One issue we encountered while cruising at 7000' in the TBM on AP. When I switched control over to my friend, the plane took a sudden nose dive and overstressed crash. I don't know if this is an issue with the shared cockpit program or the aircraft itself. We'll keep testing it with the ultimate goal of doing a shared cockpit flight on Vatsim one day.
  4. Just tried this out with a friend in the TBM and it works! https://github.com/Sequal32/yourcontrols He is constantly updating and improving it. The latest update released yesterday brings the FBW A32NX and the G3000 into synchronization.
  5. That would be under Options / Assistance / Navigation Aids
  6. Also, -70 is way too steep a curve, especially now with the new sensitivities they implemented in the new patch. I had to turn mine down and found -20 to -30 to be about right...for my setup.
  7. Your horizontal and vertical curves on axis X and Y seem to be off. The curve is lower on the left side compared to the right side. Maybe this could be what is causing your problem.
  8. I wasn't able to get it working either. I submitted a Zendesk ticket and they are looking into it.
  9. This looks interesting. Are you able to use modded aircraft such as the G36 Bonanza Turbo?
  10. I'm using the Navigraph beta with latest airac loaded into the sim. The MSFS flight planner lists the RNAV 06 approach but it does not show the hold on the map or as an option in any of the glass. Hopefully they'll implement holds in the future but I won't hold my breath.
  11. Thanks Frank, appreciate the clarification👍
  12. I'm doing a short IFR flight in the Bonanza -- KBIL to Big Timber 6S0. I am approaching from the east via SUBKY and will use the RNAV RWY 6 approach. Do I need to enter the hold at ZELTI on the 263 leg that takes me around the 6364' peak, or can I just go direct ZELTI and make the turn to JUTIM. Just wondering what is the proper way to fly this approach. Thanks
  13. Got the email yesterday May 14th 8:47PM EST But access was already available in the Xbox insider app earlier in the day before the email arrived.
  14. Finally got in! I signed up in Sept and updated my dxdiag a few times since, especially after any windows or video driver updates. 6700K 16GB 1080TI
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