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  1. I'm in the same situation, the software can't find the correct "Community" folder. It found a CommunityPanel on my C drive that's within Windows Apps (heavily protected), but when I try to install a season there I get an error that it is write protected. If I manually enter the correct path which is on my F drive, it won't accept it. I'm okay with manually applying it into the Community folder, but the idea of an installer was nice. By the way, you mentioned there is an update soon to be available, but how do you get these updates? Do you redownload from simmarket, or is there another means?
  2. After the release of the CRJ in P3D, there was a quote from an Aerosoft spokesperson I will never forget. The jist of the statement was "sure, there are bugs in the CRJ, but nothing we considered to be show stoppers". That's why they have so many simmers skeptical about a new release.
  3. I'm quite excited to see this new addon. For years I would only fly into payware airports, but MSFS changed that. Now it's the scenery within 5 miles of the airport that's appealing. So, this should be a good enhancement as I'm mostly flying into defaults anyway.
  4. In my quest to fly this accurately, I have two questions. 1. What is the method used to calculate the proper trim for takeoff? If I have 4 passengers, 200lb. of cargo plus the default load of fuel, then is there a calculation I can make to set this accurately? 2. I have several Simbrief flight plans downloaded for the CJ4. How does the mod select the appropriate one when I want to import it into the FMS? For example, I wanted to fly from Terre Haute, IN but simbrief kept importing a saved flight in Texas. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  5. Just finished another great flight in the CJ4. Nassau to Miami, dusk with scattered clouds, and the CJ4 that makes me grin with how immersive it is. So satisfying to fly and I just can't stop bragging about it!
  6. Not sure why it didn't load the intermediate waypoints, it will normally. The CJ4 without the mod isn't very satisfying imo. You can download a general normal procedure file from their website, or better yet watch youtube videos. Search for CJ4 mod as there are plenty of videos to learn from.
  7. Bert, I'm not near my pc to verify, but click on the FMS index button, then click to page 2, select pilot routes, then click the option that says "game". This is not verbatim but should be close enough to get you there.
  8. When I used Ezdok in P3D, I could disable the panning feature between views. Since I change views often and quickly, it really isn't beneficial to me. If someone knows if that's possible in MSFS please let me know. Maybe a camera.cfg edit would work.
  9. I set both of the sensitivity settings to -75. It feels greatly improved, but I wonder if it's realistic. I'd love to hear from real GA pilots on this.
  10. That fixed it for me, thank you! I had two liveries with a panel.cfg file.
  11. I absolutely love this mod, but I'm experiencing something I haven't heard discussed before. With the latest mod, the throttle levers on the pedestal do not move. Was a throttle lever lock coded in that I'm not aware of? Also, the engines show TO when I'm in idle, and Climb mode is no longer available. Cruise mode is all that annunciates on the display. Hopefully someone can clue me in as to whether it's a bug or pilot ignorance.
  12. The new sounds really make this come alive. So immersive and done just right. The wind sound gradually builds as you gain speed at cruise, and the push buttons sound just right, not too loud or soft. I could keep going on but you get the idea.
  13. I'd like to hear more about the performance hit from this product. I'm very interested in buying, but only if my frames remain high and stable.
  14. My altitude knob has disappeared from the Bonanza (V3). I have the latest g1000 mod. Anyone have a clue how to restore it?
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