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  1. The RTX 2060 Super is doing a solid job with no issues for GA flying. Once I install the heavy iron addons, I'll probably need to tone down my settings a bit to keep my VRAM usage under control. I'm okay with that and have no regrets buying this card.
  2. I had a question about the user portal, but I just realized that PKSIM and PacSim are two different vendors. Sorry, disregard.
  3. I'm at my PC now, the file is cockpit_high_lod=1. If that doesn't solve it, than I'd check their forums as they're very helpful.
  4. There's an adjustment needed in the Prepar3d.cfg. Look under Graphics, find virtual cockpit LOD, replace 0 to 1. I'm not at my pc, but I believe that will fix it.
  5. Mark, thanks for your response. I've done so much research since my initial post, that I don't feel blind about this subject anymore. I wanted to move up without going too big and wasting resources I won't use at my resolution. I think this should suffice for simming, but perhaps not for first shooter games that I don't play anyway.
  6. P3D v5 requires more VRAM than my GTX 970 offers. I ordered a RTX 2060 Super which doubles my memory. My CPU is i7-6700k.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at the 2060 Super and 2070 Super, so it comes down to money for me.
  8. Getting back to Pete's point, I purchased their NGX for FS9, FSX, P3D and now holding off on NGXu. If I succumb and buy it for v4 or v5, that's four times bought. Then full price again for MSFS since I wasn't an early bird on their offer. Their marketing strategy is their business, but it just doesn't come across as customer friendly.
  9. So, LM knew the critizm was going to roll. I guess they have thick skins.
  10. Much of this VRAM issue comes down to the complexity of the scenery. I can fly with high settings at Orbx Skagit, but those same settings crash my system at Orbx Vashon. I can't even load the sim at FSDT Chicago O'Hare unless I turn to minimum settings. I'm not sure how you can confidently create a flight without knowing if you're VRAM has enough headroom for the destination you chose. All of my testing has been with GA, and I'm sure the payware airliners would be much heavier still.
  11. From Virtuali at FSDT, "Be CAREFUL with your settings, because P3D V5 consumes a lot of VRAM. A video card with 8GB is strongly suggested. Better if you have more...the sim now has an indication of your spare VRAM memory, so you'll know when you are going too high". I take this to mean anyone with a midrange system or lower will have a lot of difficulty unless they drop their settings to the minimum, or close to it. With my 4GB card, I know I don't have a chance until I upgrade.
  12. I'm very uneducated on graphics cards, so I'd appreciate your advice, please. I currently have a GTX 970 (4MB) card, and I run P3D on a Dell 1920x1200 monitor. I limit frames at 29 within the nVidia Control Panel, and I usually manage 25-29 in most cases. I'm considering buying a GTX 1660Ti (6MB) that is a more current card, but I'll continue to use my same monitor and would expect to still have frames limited at 29. Does this make sense, or do you think I'm wasting my money? Maybe there's other benefits I haven't considered.
  13. I appreciate knowing what V5 requires, but this post dampens my enthusiasm. My system is 4 years old now with a GTX 970 card (4GB), and apparently it won't be able to handle the new clouds this version offers. That's really a shame, but I guess that's the price of progress. I read you can use the older cloud model in V5 and I sense a lot of simmers will have no choice unless they upgrade their cards first.
  14. I like it a lot. It doesn't get the same recognition as another well known camera utility, but it's effects in turbulence are very convincing. Best way to get started is to load a camera set for same type of aircraft, then adjust if desired. The learning curve is steep, so be patient and take it slow.
  15. If there's a P3Dv5 coming, then you'll likely need an updated version again. I think I'll wait for that.
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