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  1. curt1

    Any fix for flickering after Win10 1809?

    I limit my frames in NI to 28, and that eliminated my flickering.
  2. curt1

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    The developer said he would have a beta patch out tomorrow, and then a new installer in a week. I love EZdok, and wouldn't use P3D without it.
  3. curt1

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    For any old timers here, remember the days when VHS and Beta were competing technologies for video recording? VHS finished on top and became the standard for VCR's, but those within the industry knew that Beta was the better technology, but didn't have the money behind it. The same thing is happening here, where CP has significant positive word of mouth advertising, but it can't produce effects to the degree that EZdok does. If you want super effects taken from weather engines (FSGRW for me) then EZdok is for you. If you want ease of use, then CP is for you. We'll see what Ezdok V3 looks like, and the debate will likely continue on.
  4. curt1

    Best way watching replays in P3Dv4

    FS Recorder was great in that it would display the FSDT airports during replay. All the FSDT airports disappear when using the default replay mode, and I would hope LM or Umberto would want to develop a stronger replay feature to capture it all. As someone said earlier, there's a mountain of cash waiting for a developer who does this, because simmers want to experience their flight from both a first person and a spotting perspective.
  5. curt1

    Unable to load P3D V4

    Yes, Poppet is awesome. She's helped many simmers recover from "Oh no, what do I do now?"
  6. curt1

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    Thank you for the quick response, and the method to operate it manually. I've been slow to buy an AI program, but I think UTL would work well for me.
  7. curt1

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    Is it possible to start UTL manually each time, or does it always start automatically with the flight simulator? I prefer programs that don't start with the sim as it complicates start-up issue troubleshooting.
  8. curt1

    FlyTampa vs FSDT performance impact

    Do you like watching replays of your approach and landing? If so, the FSDT airports aren't visible in that mode due to their Coatl engine.
  9. I installed the NGX update today through the Operations Center, and now all my saved flights and saved panel states have problems. Each time I load either one, I hear "V1, V1, V1" repeatedly. Any advice would be appreciated. The Operations Center shows the NGX with ver. 1.20.8869 and the 600-700 with ver. 1.20.8465.
  10. curt1

    23 May - P3D V4's Birthday

    I have too much invested in P3D add-ons to ever switch platforms. I love v4 and could live with it indefinitely.
  11. Thank you for the update. I too had discovered the cycling needed for proper tank burn, but the latest release solves that.
  12. curt1

    P3D v4.2 - Clean install questions

    It sounds like a memory issue. I'd shut down your pc, unplug it, wait 10 minutes or so, then plug it in and boot up. If still laggy, check your resource monitor for items highlighted in red.
  13. Okay, thanks for your reply. I think I'm getting my head around it now.
  14. I've been baffled all day over fuel burn. I ALWAYS have the fuel selectors on left main and right main. Every test flight brings a different result from where fuel is drawn. On one flight it's drawn entirely from the right main, another flight the left main, and yet another from the aux tanks. All these variances were with the selectors on their respective MAIN tanks. The only way I could get a predictable fuel burn was to have no fuel in the aux tanks at all. Then and only then would fuel draw evenly from the main tanks. Since no one else is discussing this scenario, I must be dumb as a doorknob, but this is a mystery I can't solve.
  15. curt1

    Pilot's FSGRW - no support

    I'll confirm Stefan did respond to my e-mail quickly today which I appreciate. He gave me a couple tips to consider and that's what I was looking for. Should I have issues going forward, I now know to use e-mail and not the forum.