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  1. Mace -thanks for that tip re sensitivity settings It certainly improved matters for me xxd09
  2. I noticed this particular effect in msfs2020 to a far greater extent than in P3Dv5 or XPlane I have adjusted to it -a give away perhaps is that it never occurs In autopilot situations Is it that flying manually is difficult or is it a msfs2020 effect Probably the former-pilot error as always! xxd09
  3. Thanks-all sorted now xxd09
  4. This site seems to be having problems Nothing serious I hope xxd09
  5. Now if I could get it to turn! xxd09
  6. I feel the same way though I use P3D5.1hf1 The scenery in MSFS2020 is truly amazing-everywhere! Innumerable developers continually producing new stuff to fly-planes,airstrips,flight plans etc P3Dv5 stuffed my Milviz planes too-bulk of them not available My P3Dv5 and X-Plane lie very quiet and unused if I do go back for an occasional flight I am reminded how great MSFS2020 is Really tough times for the competition and I do feel for all the developers left high and dry by this quantum leap in simming xxd09
  7. How are you managing to steer the Goose once it is on the water? Is separate engine use a feasible proposition? xxd09
  8. Might be worth running the two sims -hard discs are cheap-because A2A planes not available MSFS 2020 yet -I miss my Milviz planes (and A2A) but MSFS2020 scenery is breathtaking Pays your money and takes your choice! xxd09
  9. Would running your FSX disc setup in XP compatibility mode help Works for me with some legacy programs like Microsoft Works and Quicken 2004 MSFS 2020 is however such a quantum leap that I have never contemplated going back xxd09
  10. Got my Goose in the air and flying Had Legacy mode on not Modern Why -I don’t know-was my original set up details A post on Discord alerted me to this simple mistake Now if I can get a water rudder on this Beast! xxd09
  11. Flying through the Alps -wonderful MSFS 2020 scenery -it really is breathtaking However I notice the occasional green “spike” going up into the sky for two or three thousand feet among the mountains The spikes disappear as you fly close Any one else seeing this? xxd09
  12. Mine takes off OK but after a few seconds into flight becomes unresponsive to flight controls and veers right or left and crashes A work in progress for me xxd09
  13. Thanks for that It did help me to get to over 200 feet but the an inexorable slide occurs -this time to the left Almost as though the controls are overly sensitive initially and then don’t work-flight controls that is I have simmed for many years so have some experience and all other planes currently work well in MSFS2020 I will wait for the next incarnation! xxd09
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