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  1. What a terrific flight plan Even better with RTMMs BWEP installation-the pipeline and accosiated airstrips all there I fly in an Alabeo CruzPipersport with the bubble canopy-all the better to see the scenery Thanks again xxd09
  2. Loaded and activated 1.3 preset loaded I note 4 shader file errors at bottom of page in Log Error.shader file F:Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4Shaders HLSL\ Cloud.fx is not original Prepar3D shader and can’t be used Same applies for General.fx,GPUTTerrain.fx,FunctLibrary.fsxh Can I do anything about this? Or do I ignore Running Active Sky and Rex Sky Force xxd09
  3. xxd09

    WXR Not Working

    Grovelling apologies Did not realise that it was a PMDG board Thought reference was to Rex/Milviz WX Radar 2 errors -apologies again! xxd09 Malcolm Beaton
  4. xxd09

    WXR Not Working

    Doesn’t work in v4.3 Update awaited xxd09
  5. xxd09

    South South America

    Hi Jim Thanks for all that-a very comprehensive path to follow I normally do very little flying in this area but had some really good holidays there Trying to simulate some of the flights taken for a little change of scene Palmar Sur to SanJose in a Cessna Caravan(Carenado) in Costa Rica was great(low cloud and rain!) Easter Island and Santiago Chile were on the cards for another flight. Then the problem arose I have a FSX setup I keep for Tipella.Aerosoft Do 27,Katana DA20-100 and some Photoreal Scenery that only work inFSX. So got to Easter Island Atacama and Santiago OK Will give your instructions a try Thanks again for your help xxd09
  6. xxd09

    South South America

    Loaded it into my FSX setup and away I go! All good xxd09
  7. xxd09

    South South America

    Further info I updated my P3Dv4 to 4.2 using Client only Would updating Scenery and /or Content help? xxd09 PS Following the “Crash at Labrador” posts with interest A very long thread with no very definite conclusion Not strictly relevant to me but an another area causing crashes PPS flying in Default mode-Zero AI Traffic amongst other things -sliders all back etc-no difference
  8. xxd09

    South South America

    Hi downscc Thanks for that-could you amplify Configuration? I really don’t know where to start Seems that below Lat South 12 and Long West 75 -it’s a no go area No Addons here Mysterious to be able to fly about in northern South America but not in the south Something happening on entering the southern Latitudes xxd09
  9. xxd09

    South South America

    Thanks Mace Have posted over there -await input Just cannot fly below Ecuador-very strange Did a flight in Costa Rica -very impressive Then did a nice flight taking off from Quito -all those volcanoes beautifully rendered by Orbyx-I can see the difference when Orbyx Scenery unticked Heading down to Chile is a no go as P3D just closes I cannot imagine what the conflict is xxd09
  10. xxd09

    South South America

    Hi Iwas flying happily aroundin South America-trying out my new Orbyx Scenery However flying south of Quito Ecuador caused P3Dv4.2 to close down Unticking Orbyx SA in Scenery folder made no difference A little mystified as what to do next Would appreciate some help xxd09
  11. xxd09

    Retractable Float Rudder

    Thanks-did not work initially for some reason.Reinstall-all good now xxd09
  12. xxd09

    A Sad Farewell

    Hi I felt the same after a motherboard failure-I think-resulted in a screwed up FSX,P3Dv 4 setup which was working well I took the opportunity to upgrade computer and reinstall both FSX and P3Dv4 However I only loaded the actual planes and scenery I use-there was lots of redundant stuff-planes I never flew and places I never went! I did enjoy flying my favourites again as I went through the reinstall process Unfortunately I am starting to accumulate again-there is always something new and interesting coming along Maybe we need to get used to a complete clean out and reinstall every few years? xxd09
  13. xxd09

    Resetting Windows10

    Hi Latest Win 10 updates seems to be causing problems Most of the updates installed on my machine but two did not Tried a couple of times but did a restart as Win 10 appeared to go into a resting state! One restart was a forced one ie switching computer off and then on again Each time Win 10 told me the 2 updates that had not installed and rolled itself back to the previous version of Win10 with no instructions from me-impressive! All this did take time but I let the computer/Win 10 work away at its own speed with minimal interference from me Sounds like there were a couple of dud updates from Microsoft I will not allow updates for a few weeks then may be by then they will have fixed it Notification of a new set of updates with hopefully a “cure” included might be the clue to attempt Updates again Meanwhile I can keep flying! Just my thoughts xxd09
  14. xxd09

    Aerosoft Katana DA20-100 4X

    Thanks for that-downloaded and flying! xxd09
  15. Does this item fly in FSX Win 10? xxd09