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  1. xxd09

    11.30RC1 Performance

    Quite a lot of Freeware Addon airstrips out of X Plane forum/Downloads do not install-others do -why this is the case is not immediately obvious to me xxd09
  2. xxd09

    11.30RC1 Performance

    New to X Plane -have full on FSX and P3Dv4 setups Enjoying this new OS These constant system upgrades make life very “exciting “! I find however it is my Scenery Addons that get glitches-Propstrike fixed one for me at Quatam River after an update -or else the Addon airstrip will not install Planes seem to remain unscathed I suppose it is all part and parcel of a fast moving developing Sim Enough keeps working to keep me interested plus access to some new planes and airstrips is fun xxd09
  3. xxd09

    Back country flying in BC Canada

    Omitted to activate Orbyx NRM!! As always -human error xxd09
  4. I have an Orbyx Scenery setup in P3Dv 4.3 I notice when flying around Kamloops CYKA and Cache Creek AZ5 area that all the airstrips are OK except for Salmon Arm CZAM and Vernon CYVK These two show scenery anomalies like asphalt runway changing to grass halfway down the strip during take off,runway is proud of surrounding scenery etc Why is this? Running FTX Global Configurator doesn’t help -offending runways not present The two runways are OK in my FSX setup Puzzling! xxd09
  5. Hi All I had a slight problem with flights freezing for a second especially on tight turns High spec machine with Win 10 on a SSD Tried disabling System Restore-seemed to do the business Read also that SuperFetch and Volume Copy Services also might be of benefit if disabled-only if having problems Am I on the right lines? xxd09
  6. xxd09

    P3Dv4.4 and Return to Misty Moorings

    Hi Bert Caught this comment of yours I have only ever updated Client and that only after all Updates for my Addons ie F1GTN750,MV Radar etc are In place I only mention this because I too have many RTMM Addons which I do not want to load again I have often wondered what I was missing not loading Content and Scenery Probably will play safe and do Client only as I usually do xxd09
  7. xxd09

    Allan Burrows Island.

    The other PropStrike airstrips are terrific too xxd09
  8. Does unticking relevant boxes in XPlane Organiser do the trick? If it would -it could be a lot easier than attaching.off to various files one wants to disable xxd09
  9. I note that in P3Dv4 disabling Scenery in the areas that you are not currently flying helps performance .This can be done within the sim easily-unticking Scenery boxes Is this true for X Plane and if so how do you do it Do you have to X Organiser ? Newbie to Xplane Oldie to P3Dv4 Enjoy them both xxd09
  10. xxd09

    Aerobask DA2

    Thanks for those suggestions Have not tried modifying the .acf file yet Am aware of the propensity to damage the engine by overdoing it but careful takeoffs still get smoke! xxd09
  11. Hi Love flying this plane but get lots of smoke from one or both engines Anything I could do to stop it? xxd09
  12. Got it to work Thanks all xxd09
  13. xxd09

    ASDG SuperCub

    Thanks-did a walk round and found panel on right hand side of pilot! All good xxd09
  14. Enjoying flying this plane but cannot get the Avionics to light up Garmin is dead is there a switch I am omitting to turn on? xxd09
  15. Thanks Will try again xxd09