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  1. xxd09

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    Did a reinstall-all seems OK so far Thanks guys xxd09
  2. xxd09

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    I am enjoying flying this bird again but unfortunately I have a regular rumbling sound underlying the regular plane sounds at an interval of a couple of seconds and lasting about 3-4 seconds Not present in Turbine Duke or Legacy Sad-cos such a fine version of this plane xxd09
  3. xxd09

    A2A plane

    I have a slight anomaly having updated to v4.3 In certain areas of Orbyx Sceneries -in this case Europe- loading A2A planes close the sim A2A planes fly ok elsewhere ie N America Other planes Carenado,Milviz ok I did have a problem flying in south of S America but disabling CMteo.xml.dll files allowed my planes to fly Anything more I could try? xxd09
  4. xxd09

    CMeteoXml.dll files

    Thanks for prompt reply Confirms the problem and solves it! Why it should affect the area it did is mysterious-no doubt other areas of Orbyx are affected but the lower regions of Orbyx SA was mine Now happily flying Thanks again xxd09
  5. xxd09

    CMeteoXml.dll files

    I have an ongoing situation with the southern regions of Orbyx South America On advice I blocked the 3 CMeteoXml.dll in P3Dv 4.3 I can now fly in this region-previously P3D closed Can someone -Poppet-tell me what these files do/are responsible for? xxd09
  6. xxd09

    South South America

    Further info Turned off three CMeteoXmi.dll in P3Dv4.3 that were present Can now fly in South America!!!!!!!! What effect this has in other areas to be seen Thanks again xxd09
  7. xxd09

    South South America

    Jim Tried reinstalling Orbyx South America and the validating files of the install Got an error message-see attachment Having difficultly putting my insert in of a error message received when validating my SA Orbyx install in to Avsim post However I got the error message onto the Orbyx forums Nicks opinion is that some process is using FSX Central and therefore interfering in rendition of Orbyx SA Confirms your ideas which I have yet to try Onwards and upwards xxd09
  8. What a terrific flight plan Even better with RTMMs BWEP installation-the pipeline and accosiated airstrips all there I fly in an Alabeo CruzPipersport with the bubble canopy-all the better to see the scenery Thanks again xxd09
  9. Loaded and activated 1.3 preset loaded I note 4 shader file errors at bottom of page in Log Error.shader file F:Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4Shaders HLSL\ Cloud.fx is not original Prepar3D shader and can’t be used Same applies for General.fx,GPUTTerrain.fx,FunctLibrary.fsxh Can I do anything about this? Or do I ignore Running Active Sky and Rex Sky Force xxd09
  10. xxd09

    WXR Not Working

    Grovelling apologies Did not realise that it was a PMDG board Thought reference was to Rex/Milviz WX Radar 2 errors -apologies again! xxd09 Malcolm Beaton
  11. xxd09

    WXR Not Working

    Doesn’t work in v4.3 Update awaited xxd09
  12. xxd09

    South South America

    Hi Jim Thanks for all that-a very comprehensive path to follow I normally do very little flying in this area but had some really good holidays there Trying to simulate some of the flights taken for a little change of scene Palmar Sur to SanJose in a Cessna Caravan(Carenado) in Costa Rica was great(low cloud and rain!) Easter Island and Santiago Chile were on the cards for another flight. Then the problem arose I have a FSX setup I keep for Tipella.Aerosoft Do 27,Katana DA20-100 and some Photoreal Scenery that only work inFSX. So got to Easter Island Atacama and Santiago OK Will give your instructions a try Thanks again for your help xxd09
  13. xxd09

    South South America

    Loaded it into my FSX setup and away I go! All good xxd09
  14. xxd09

    South South America

    Further info I updated my P3Dv4 to 4.2 using Client only Would updating Scenery and /or Content help? xxd09 PS Following the “Crash at Labrador” posts with interest A very long thread with no very definite conclusion Not strictly relevant to me but an another area causing crashes PPS flying in Default mode-Zero AI Traffic amongst other things -sliders all back etc-no difference
  15. xxd09

    South South America

    Hi downscc Thanks for that-could you amplify Configuration? I really don’t know where to start Seems that below Lat South 12 and Long West 75 -it’s a no go area No Addons here Mysterious to be able to fly about in northern South America but not in the south Something happening on entering the southern Latitudes xxd09