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  1. Fabulous trip -great effort- shows MSFS scenery at its very best Outstanding-thank you for this great piece of work xxd09
  2. Unfortunately the Kirkwall /Shetland connections to Aberdeen,Glasgow Inverness and Edinburgh are subject to constant delays and passengers needing to make an onward connection are well advised to go a day early Will things improve? xxd09
  3. Great fun and well done CrazyCreatives had a version for P3Dv2-3 that I fly in P3Dv5 MSFS in line with it’s continually improving setup has generated an improved version for a very interesting area to fly xxd09
  4. Can you explain those steps P3D had a useful map window where you could enter coordinates Would be useful in msfs2020 xxd09
  5. I couldn’t get Grand Gulch airstrip US-1441 to show up in msfs220 Anything else I could try xxd09
  6. Thanks for that Was loading complete file into default main Super Cub file Opened up the file and loaded the contents directly into default main Super Cub file All good now Thanks for all the help xxd09
  7. Stopped my X-Plane 12 from loading Error message re compromised sound banks!? All OK after uninstall xxd09
  8. The flysim.to website is an unbelievable free resource for MSFS2020 Addons-bush strips being my favourite also as demonstrated by the above screenshots xxd09
  9. Great contribution ryanbatc -very much appreciated by less experienced simmers like me xxd09
  10. I enjoy flying the continual production of new Addons especially on Flightsim.to website and especially the Bush Strips I fly them then delete them from my Community folder but keep them in a MSFS Addons folder I have a favourite or two that I come back to and fly again and again Its an easy if a little time consuming process-and probably no easy way round this as it is the price I pay for such a continual cornucopia of new Addons xxd09
  11. I keep my Community folder as lean and mean as possible Has a noticeable effect on performance ie improvement Have a MSFS Addons folder on a hard disk with space (not the MSFS hard disk) A short cut on Desktop A shortcut on Desktop alongside for Community folder also I like trying new bush flying strips from Flightsim.to -simply delete from Community folder at end of flight Always keep a copy of the downloaded airstrip in MSFS Addons folder so can reinstall anytime Works for planes, scenery etc One or two favourites left in MSFS Community folder but that’s all Regular pruning a good idea plus uninstalling within Contents list within MSFS game a good idea also xxd09
  12. Orbx Central now recognising XPlane 12 Made my first purchase and install Well done Orbx xxd09
  13. Solved Pilot Assist box had been ticked ! Now a happy bunny again xxd09
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