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  1. Bert-you rare a fountain of knowledge as usual i have a reasonable rig but was bothered with these micro stutters I use pretty near default settings Following these posts I lowered my Target Frame to 28 from 30 and stutters are gone-miraculous I hope to up grade from a GTX 1060 6GB to a RTX 2080ti which may make a difference ? Have 32GB DDR4 3000 and a i-7 8700K Coffee Lake CPU 6 cores 3.7-4.7 GHz installed Thanks once more xxd09 PS also a monitor with an unalterable 30 Hz refresh rate
  2. Definitely a s improvement in my setups Orbx PNW is very good and generates a rather standard pretty picture TE Washington just takes things further-getting nearer a photorealistic mode Better for me currently in P3Dv4.5h2 but will be as good in my v5h1 when my graphics card is upgraded(my current setup is a little underpowered for v5) xxd09 PS all Orbx available goodies installed during flights ie PNW and TE Washington etc
  3. It does look like WX Radar may not be updated for v5 hotfix1 xxd09
  4. Milviz boards say WX Radar will be up dated to v5 xxd09
  5. Me too plus seems slightly reluctant to accept new flight plans via Flightplanner xxd09
  6. That tip did it for me Point to v4 on installer Then point to v5 All good for Saab 340 and Falcon 50 Thanks guys xxd09
  7. Saab 340 and Falcon 50 do not work xxd09
  8. Cruz Pipersport works with the new patch xxd09 now downloading FA 50 and Saab 340
  9. Default,Moderate and a High setting Good technique Thanks for that xxd09
  10. Thanks for that -it’s a great help for us amateur simmers Finding my way around P3D is a true search for the “Holy Grail” of best performance-difficult if not impossible Your help is much appreciated xxd09
  11. Bert Is it possible to have the specs on your rig so that we can know the base off which you are operating and then we can see what we need to achieve these results or what upgrades we need to make to our systems? No pressure-just a thought xxd09
  12. Thanks for those settings-worked fine on my rig But I like my clouds Using Default plus Orbx Trees trees gives me slightly better in the distance mountain scenery plus my various Weather Scenarios Depends on the specs you have in your computer I suppose xxd09
  13. Bert

    I used your settings for v4.5 h2 with great success May 25th 2018

    Did you ever do a similar post for v5


    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Not yet.. I am still adjusting a bit..

      Ask me again a week from now!

    2. xxd09


      That’s where I am at !

      Will try you later

      Is it possible to put your computer specs in  view too -helps to know that sort of background 

      Thanks again for all your help


  14. Cruz Pipersport does not use Proline or G1000 Does not work in P3Dv5 xxd09
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