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  1. Will have to fly this trip a bit later... Don't expect to be flying tomorrow or Sunday.. (I have now been recruited as a delivery driver for my daughter-in-law's retail biz - for her soap/beauty products etc retail business- so busy for mother's day gifts!!) (All non-essential retail is closed up here account covid lock-down but curbside pickup and porch delivery are permitted). . (She has lots of orders for delivery so I have been requested along with her dad and her hubby (my son) to be her drive-by (curbside) delivery service.. I think we have to supply our own petrol too.. and not even paid an hourly wage.. nor do I get to fly!! So, hmmm!! something is definitely wrong with this picture!! I might have to write up and report this employer for poor working conditions and no pay! Hopefully will back in the air Wednesday. Have fun fellow pilots!! Norm
  2. Got it!! - Ok sim fiting up with we go! Thanks for the Heads up Jeff.
  3. Not sure if it might matter but it may also make a difference to MP in MSFS if we were all running the same version. v1.0.2 definitely seems to be smoother and not as much twitchy action!! etc. lol 3-2-1.. Start your Engines!! (And get warmed up!!. Hope to see you in 3 hrs and a bit for "Mike's" circuits: by the wise clock or by the dangerous anti-wise "counter clock". Good luck in this event! Norm
  4. A very pretty paint Ron... really nice and fresh out of the detailing shop!
  5. In other words it is better NOT use your latest livery RON? Cause if ALL the attendees for this flight don't have it... or do have but don't have it installed it, (hence was the entire purpose of the spreadsheet), well then, oh my, we could all blow up! So back to the drawing board for now, until such time that MP/Model matching issues in MSFS/Asobo are resolved. N
  6. Gremlins could "merely" get us unless we have an "Attwood" custom installed and if we did use one of these "Attwood's" then we would surely avoid any protest!! So in that regard, I'll be using the latest "Attwood" custom as my "default" >> Presenting, as pictured below, the JF Arrow III (N808VT) for the Paris flight in which am hoping to be able to attend. DL link to this "Attwood" art piece has been applied to the spreadsheet. PS: Ball is in Asobo's court to fix this MP/model matching mess!! Tis a good thing that we have JoinFS to rescue the day in lieu of MSFS MP when it may be required).
  7. Very pretty paint of a vintage era.. very lovely Ron.. You have an artful eye indeed!
  8. Translation: 'Schtum' is a Yiddish word, which comes from a German word meaning 'silent'. Definition and synonyms of schtum from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education: include, silence, quiet, silent. This is the British English definition of schtum. So even though his mind may be bursting within himself to say more on this subject, he will hold back his tongue and will shut-up - not saying another word about it!
  9. lol. Well done establishing the correct answer with a very interesting linguistical flair and relating to more modern appliances to illustrate the famous event. lol
  10. Don't usually pay too much attention but try once in a while. She took a plunge into the the great blue yonder! Well the story goes something like this.(not exactly but close enough). After being a Bristol barmaid for a few years and having to put up with the blimey English blokes to no end, Sarah Ann Henley got so overwhelmed with life that on May 8, 1885 she thought it best to "end it all"!. She decided to end it by taking a plunge off the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Down 75 M (246 ft) she fell like a Humpty dumpty but she lived to tell the tale as she survived that jump into the River Avon, thanks to her crinoline skirt! She got over it and lived many years following that suicide attempt. Born July 8 1862, she died 63 years later in March 31/1948 at aged 85. So now that we know all those alleged historical factual events as above, here is a simple question for all those math gurus out there concerning the life of Sarah Ann Henley. How old was Sarah Ann Henley when she made her famous jump off the Clifton Suspension Bridge? (Does it matter? Not really). But perhaps if you are on Jeopardy and get this question you might actually get it correct!).. Yes some of us do pay attention, (at least the odd time). lol. Trivia for the day. Thanks Nick.
  11. Ditto here too.. stock for whatever.. that is until Asobo fixes their MP matching issues. So tomorrow and (I think I'll be present), will be either a stock Piaggio P.149 or a stock Arrow... Done! And with no spreadsheet entry required.
  12. Actually., it was Mike. I did examine the folder structure of the grravel and carbon, and verified that the additional livery texture folders are up one level (from the cfg files) (and model folder) (One level above the common texture folder) and the path for to those textures/liveries folders matching the path in the json file). All other aircraft seem to have their texture folders one level below (or placed at the same level as the cfg files and model folder. Now if I correctly understand it, it would seem that there are no problems in model matching with the Grravel and/Carbon liveries with texture/livery folders one level above the norm as it were, but there seems to big issues in MSFS trying to match with missing liveries (other 3rd party aircraft/liveries), if all players do not have the livery installed - to the point of MSFS totally bogging down in an effort to try to find/match a missing livery. I would appear or is suspected that there is no default defined aircraft model or livery set up in MSFS to address the condition of any player in the vicinity missing a livery. If the livery is missing by a player, it would appear that it cannot be found, and the sim gets stuck in a never ending loop trying to find it to be able to display it: - to the point that the sim becomes a "slide show" and is totally usable. Only when all in the vicinity switch to a common livery that can it be found and displayed by the sim at that time the sim does not hang up and progresses as intended. Sound right?
  13. A few MSFS issues yesterday but a wonderful flight Mike and phenomenal documentation! You should be a professor! Well done. Norm
  14. One of my fav Arrow paints as well Ron. You have an artful eye! Great job!
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