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  1. Ah ok Alvega... will talk to Bert and see what area...not sure if an exclusion can be done but will take a peeks...
  2. Can't really do that as many from all over the world may not run RTMM (yet), but may run Mamudesign Marinas, since it contains world coverage, so If you reduce BC marinas, then some might see a very greatly reduced or limited environment in that area. (also, mamu82 package based on a sim algorithm so just about impossible for him to reduce in marinas in an area.
  3. Oh no.... no Mt. of Mr. Wilson?.. No probs.. I usually get all from the flightsim.to site direct, then I can tell if/when there is an update..)
  4. Hmmm not sure if the textures will be updated.. I guess over time perhaps. The entire MSFS platform is a bit of a dynamic creature!! Every update seems to bring lots of changes.. from changed graphics platforms, to different filtering, to changes in texturing and even changes in the metrics for creating effects etc.. It takes all the 3rd party designers out there time to update stuff, if they have the time or will. As far as Mamudesign Marinas, it is a great add but the RTMM stuff for MSFS was created a year before the Marinas package was ever released so saying that, there is no point going back to undo scenery to make it fully compatible with newer pieces. With both, there could be some boats or a dock conflict. If any, it would be of a minor nature. Mamudesign has made a great package and it fills or creates marinas in typical marine type locations all over the world but if you find any conflict with RTMM pieces, would simply recommend that you turn one or the other off while in those areas (but then you might miss something just up the road (or shore) that is really worth seeing).
  5. DougRTMM just added a new spb base (a few mins ago)... get the v.20 of the SPB By Doug... A new big link is: https://tinyurl.com/4h9mm2h2
  6. One was just posted.... by torniegr at flightsim.to (I just download it). LINK: https://flightsim.to/file/44951/de-havilland-canada-dhc-2-beaver-performance-profile Norm
  7. Not yet.. but in the mean time perhaps the 172 performance (with 6 different configs), might be the closest to it? https://flightsim.to/file/40383/cessna-172s-little-navmap-performance-data Norm
  8. Ah ok.. got it.. thanks for the info Alex. I see 2.8.3 released.. might as well put in the new version. Thaks sir. Norm
  9. Ah, thank-you Alex...I know this app pretty well but have lost the recommended waltitude values that use to show on the map for an area.... Somewhere you can turn ON or OFF those altitude guideline values for the map itself...
  10. But we sure missed you Ron.... (guys did much better in the helos than we thought were would do.. so the flight was a success!!
  11. I'm having a brain blank here.. running v.282 now... how can we get the recommended altitude to show on the map? (I have lost it and can;t find how to get it back!)
  12. Arg.. well found an issues with Hoonah Cabins so that was fixed... New Hoonah cabins v2.1 up on the site.. and also master package recompiled to incorporate the fixed Hoonah cabins. All-in-one package Final version (for now) >> https://tinyurl.com/bdhwausa
  13. UPDATE to the Update to the update.. Just finished updating (again) the new single download zip which includes all of the MSFS2020 RTMM libs and scenery pieces.(Fixes formatting of Hoonah Cabins json file). RTMM Complete.MSFS2020 zip.>> https://tinyurl.com/bdhwausa Extract the zip which will create main folder " RTMM', Readme files Folder and readme.1st. (For Linker users, set up/add the main RTMM folder and link it to the community folder... (or for "non-linkers" >> copy/paste all 32 folders (4-Libs, 28-scenery folders) into the community folder.. and start the sim... Once linked to, or folders placed in the community folder, update scenery library in LNM to have all the ICAO locations available. Norm (also add windy things for windsocks/flags> https://flightsim.to/file/14024/windy-things )
  14. Rene_Feijen.. took that link down... cause there is a problem with the formatting of the Hoonah json file. new link momentarily...
  15. Arg.. Found a problem with sea otter lodge scenery .. single zip v2.0 is now on the site.... (direct link >> https://return.mistymoorings.com/z20_scenery/mods/Sea Otter Sound Lodge/rtmm_sea_otter_sound-jdl-v2.0.zip Also (again) recompiled the all in one download to update with the new sea otter loge piced: New Link is https://tinyurl.com/4umjtr6v (Ok that's it, not doing this again unless the world is going to end before Thanksgiving.. (And I'm not even American!! lol
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