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  1. Couldn't make it today.. missed you guys and your prawns!! (lol Mike). But sure agree Ron..I sure can't handle prawns either!!. But.. if it counts, (and it really doesn't), the only Prawns I can handle are the ones in the game of chess!! (but those aren't exactly "PRAWNS" they're "PAWNS!" but rrrrrrr close enough!" lol.). (And I can even play chess fairly well.. even though those prawns do keep crawling around!!) =============================================== Hope that I'll be able to join with you gents tomorrow in the New Mexico flight! (wife willing) And If so expect my famous 421C (painted by Sir Ronald)). (We are into a huge kitchen reno so have been a bit tied up doing some of the tear down and other pre-work!) Norm
  2. Indeed great pics. Thank-you sir Mike!.
  3. Ditto on all of the above!. Sure saw a lot of :"RED" yesterday and the even saw the man!! Now just one thing: that triple pay thingy! Did someone here win a lottery or something? lol. You guys are the best and wonderful job. I sure have learned a thing or two (or a thousand things+) flying with you all! Norm
  4. There is about eight or so real nice youtube video links in Jeff Pilot's (study) guide on the central and southern part of the AU continent covering Melbourne/Williamstown, the Outback, Northern Territory, Alice Springs, Broken Hill and of course Marree (and it's 2.2 mile Marree man!). (Have watched every one in last week or so as I went through the guilde!. The Marrie man.. reminds me of that lyric- "Oh, do you know the Marree man", the Marree man... Hmmm, thought he lived on Drury Lane but I guess he moved to Marree!).. (The big question is" Where is Sherlock when you need him to figure this all out?) Nice work Jeff. Norm
  5. Got em setup - both of them. Thanks Ron!. Will take to the air asap.! (And I might even know the reg# of what I'm flying too! Just maybe!).
  6. Hmmm, my off was also already off, but have options 3 and the fixer turned them ON.. but turned off the ch ADE in Broken Hill!. Thanks Mike. T'was a big job to fix all that!.
  7. I just got here.. so didn't actually notice the original blunder but since there is a least one good download link left here will get those stock PC12 reg plates for the firewall cause I need my cockpit to match the exterior registration!!! Nice work Ron. (And thank-you, this plane will fly much better now: that is now that we know the correct numbers! lol
  8. Great pics Mike. I'm not quite sure that it might have been important world problem solving session but a we sure had a chance to work on our airmenship thanks to a very interesting, challenging and scenic route. A very nice flight Gunter: thoroughly enjoyed this exploration into this "back country" area. I do want to take this opportunity express my appreciation to all the flight designers extraordinaire in this group for your dedication, time and efforts spent in preparing these flight excursions each week. And to all the participants a sincere thank-you for your comradeship in making this a truly enjoyable experience and adventure to be a part. Norm
  9. Tell them to hurry up with the game cause the back country awaits!!
  10. Overrated indeed.. (But think I finally figured out the alteration in your pic!!!). (Or should I say at least HALF of it!!).
  11. Ok Ron. I might be slow but still can't see what might be incorrect!! Don't be too disappointed in me as I can't really concentrate on that pic as I'm still be a bit frazzled from being yelled at recently as a result of flying with you guys. (There is a bit of upset-ted-ness of me spending a bit too much time flying with you guys and not spending enough quality time in the real world!!)
  12. lol. Right on Roger!! For some.. but even I had a bit of worrisome when SirViking's WLan got messed up!! But thanks for fixing fast.. much less nervous now.. good job . lol. Indeed Roman that ole' camera takes great pics!! Thank-you for capturing the moment(s) of the superb event..... ..... (although some might have been tad tardy- namely a Canuck being late to the gate account attending to some "rugrattedness" items) but hopefully t'was better to be a tad late than never show up at all with such a friendly crew.. (unless it was too tasking on a certain somebody's nerves! especially when I chatter too much! Sorry about that!) 🥺
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