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  1. Go to your Prepar3D v5\Scenery\World\scenery/ folder and disable the file trafficAircraft.bgl I did it by renaming it trafficAircraft.bgl.OFF
  2. @Ray Proudfoot I am also running version Glad to read you got it solved. Where would we be without Pete ? 😉
  3. I hear you. Always annoying when the cause is not obvious and has our head spinning. I remember that in FSX, I was using an addon "timezone BGL", but I am not in P3D. Would you be using such a BGL in P3D for the timezones ? I suppose you are not, but just in case ...
  4. Yes I do. Local time at EGLL and EGCC is 1 hour ahead of UTC in P3D (1500 lcl for 1400z)
  5. Ray, is your date and time set in summer or winter when you get GMT-6 ? If I set time in winter, I have GMT-6 in P3D (which is correct since KMSP is on Standard Time in winter (Nov. to March). If I set time in summer, I have GMT-5 in P3D (which is correct since KMSP is on Daylight Saving Time in summer (March to Nov.). Just a thought.
  6. Hi Ray, I just loaded P3D v5.1 at KMSP with a local time of 13h18, and GMT time was 18:18 (GMT-5)
  7. My unmodified TBM930 camera.cfg contains the following values: InitialXyz = 0.05, 0.12, -1.07 InitialPbh = 0, 0, 0
  8. Similar experience for me with both WT G3000 v0.6.0 and 0.6.1. FPS OK initially (around 40 FPS on the ground) until I take off then FPS drop to 5-10 FPS not long after being airborne. I reverted to v0.5.1 and everything is back to normal. I use Navigraph NavData, may be it has an impact somehow, but did not test without it (don't want to).
  9. No worries Jim, can happen to anyone. At least I now know that I don't have to search my computer for a non-existing mis-configuration 🙂 Best regards,
  10. Hi Jim, yes I did, all the way to the bottom. All I have listed is: Ottawa Approach 135.15 CYOW 121.15 CYOW 132.95 Ottawa Clearance 119.40 Ottawa Departure 128.17 Ottawa Ground 121.90 Ottawa Tower 118.80 If you have the ILS listed (ILS 07 109.50 and ILS32 110.30) and I don't, then may be there is something wrong with my setup. Confirm you see those 2 ILS listed using Roman's CYOW v1.1?
  11. Not wanting to contradict you, but on my sim they don't 😞 Noel, I checked with and without my Navigraph subscription active and only the COMM frequencies are listed, not the ILS ones. I tested with the latest CYOW v1.1 update issued today. I can understand that this is important to you, if you don't have easy access to approach plates, but for me, having a Navigraph subscription, I never check the ILS frequencies in this manner since I always display the Navigraph charts to have the full information regarding any approach.
  12. Saw something strange today in CYOW. At Gate 30 there is a truck with an orange canopy above the driver's cab. The truck moves very very slowly (slower than a man walking) and if you have 30 minutes to spare, you can watch it moves straight out (heading of about 140) across the ramp, the grass and onto runway 07/25 where it stays for quite a while 😞
  13. I've installed Hotfix 1.15.8 from MS Store but it did not fix the issue I have with ESC/RESUME setting my throttle at 50% when returning to the sim.
  14. On my system, Hotfix 1.15.8 did not fix this issue. I have the throttle on an axis.
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