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  1. If you are looking for bigger fonts, I would stay with a 16:9 ratio monitor but with the same resolution as what you have on your 27". For comparison, I have both a 34" 21:9 monitor and a 27" 16:9 monitor side by side (both 1440p) and the screen height is identical for both. This means that the font size on my 34" monitor is not larger than my 27" monitor. They are the same size.
  2. Hi Solito, I use the GF EFIS in MSFS with PMDG B737-700 and it works well, but it requires the software GIT (GoFlight Interface Tool for FS2020) to work. I tried it with the CRJ700 and A320 but could not make it work (the GF MCP Pro works partially with them). I must admit that I did not try to build a profile for those using LVARS because I find it too tedious to understand (and don't know if it would work). Since the only airliner I now fly is the PMDG B737, I don't mind for the other aircrafts.
  3. Looks like I am not allowed to edit my post 😞 so here's more info: I just finished a flight CYTZ-CYKZ-CYKF-CYXU-CYTZ with the Piper Warrior III and after landing CYTZ runway 08 at dusk, with an overcast cloud cover, my FPS is 28 all around at the Porter FBO parking. I had a steady 35+ FPS on approach. I have many Fsimstudios sceneries in MSFS and they all perform well.
  4. Hi Dan. After flying around Toronto Downtown a lot with this scenery, under 7/8th broken cloud cover, I can say that the performance is acceptable considering it is so close to Toronto Downtown. To compare, I flew some approaches at Fly Tampa CYYZ with the Justflight Piper Arrow, then at Fsimstudios CYTZ and the FPS was comparable (35-40 on my rig). At CYTZ, the FPS dropped to 24 when on the ground (even if looking south, away from the buildings) but it goes up to 35+ once airborne. We have the option to remove the static Q400 at the gates, but it does not change anything on the FPS. Best regards,
  5. To my knowledge, the only possible advantage is the time it takes to start P3D. The more sceneries installed the longer the start time. But to make a real difference, you must have a lot of sceneries installed. Personally, I keep all my sceneries enabled because I don't mind if P3D takes a few minutes more to start. It is a personal choice I guess.
  6. Hi Bruce, I also have Orbx's NZ North Island, Flightbeam NZWN and GSX, as well as the recommended FTX files disabled, and GSX is not complaining. What you could try is, with your ADE_FTX_NZWN_P3D.bgl disabled, run the following menu in P3Dv5: Add-ons/Coualt settings/Restart Coualt and rebuild airport cache I am not sure 100% if it will solve your problem, but I guess it cannot hurt. Good luck !
  7. Ryan, you might already know this, but just in case ... after removing the Navigraph nav Data, if the following line in the content.xml remains at "false", you won't have any Nav Data in the sim. <Package name="fs-base-nav" active="false"/> This line is normally changed to "true" by the Navigraph NavData Canter program when we use it to remove the Navigraph Nav Data.
  8. Hi Pete, I am not blaming the messenger. My decision to no longer use FSUIPC has noting to do with the message in the log, I simply had no more use for it following changes to my flight sim setup.
  9. No I did not. I ended up not using FSUIPC anymore.
  10. Wasn't it Bill gates that once said that a PC would never need more than 640 KB ? 😉
  11. I don't think there is any advantage anymore of installing on one drive vs the other, specially since you have 2 NVMEs. If I were you, I would install Windows and your common programs on one NVME, and P3D (including sceneries and P3D related addons and utilities) on the other.
  12. I tried ORBX Vector in P3D 5.2 for a while but quickly decided to remove it because the updated default data that comes with P3D v5 is good enough and more recent. Vector was better at depicting the shorelines and provided some highway "skirts", but those are not features I really care about, so uninstalled Vector.
  13. I bought their MSFS version of CYHZ last summer through ORBX Central (Partner) and it is very good. I might decide to buy their P3D version as well since I still use P3D.
  14. I see it even with an empty Community folder 😞
  15. Ryan, I am not familiar with your CPU, but the 1080 Ti can handle it no problem. My system (9700K @ 4.9 + 1080 Ti) is driving 2 x 1440p GSync monitors (1 is 34 inch 3440x1440 ultrawide 144 Hz, the other is 27 inch 2560x1440 165 Hz 16:9). I use the 34 inch for MSFS, and the 27 inch for other apps (LittleNavMap, etc...). The 10801 Ti usually uses between 6-9 GB of its VRAM depending on where I fly in MSFS.
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