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  1. my 9700K @ 4.9 is air cooled with a Noctua DH-U14S
  2. Howard, also consider that the latest Nvidia driver that supports the GTX570 is 391.35 (for both Win7 and Win10). Any driver from Release 396 upward don't support it. This would create a limiting factor for your 1080 TI.
  3. Hi Hendrick, I recently upgraded from a 6600K OC to 4.5 GHz to a 9700K OC to 4.9 GHz (cannot keep stable higher that 4.9, but I've seen others achieve 5.0+ ) and I am happy with it. I chose the 9700K over the 8700K because I mainly use this computer for P3D v4.4 and don't really need HT (with the 8700K, I would have disabled HT anyway for better P3D stability) since I don't use any software taking advantage of HT (no video editing etc...). Going with 8 cores was the logical choice in my case and I see P3D using them all with less micro-pauses compared to my previous 6600K. If, like me, your main use is P3D, then the 9700K might be a good choice. The 8700K is still a very good CPU, easily overclockable to 5.0 GHz, but might generates more heat when OC than the 9700K in my opinion. At 4.9 GHz, my 9700K is cooled on air with a Noctua DH-U14S and runs between 60-65C under load, with a few short peaks at 70C. Since I never had the 8700K, I cannot offer any hard evidence of which one will best fit your need, I simply choose the 9700K for the reasons stated above, following my personal guts feeling. Lets see if some 8700K users can offer some more info regarding their choice. May be they will come up with some experience to steer you their way 😉 Best regards,
  4. I have the same issue with the Navajo in P3D v4.4 and don't know any solution. My guess is that it has not been programmed to illuminate the cockpit, but simply apply an "illuminated" texture to the dome light itself.
  5. NBouc

    FlyTampa .dat file

    You don't do anything with the .DAT file. The installer (.EXE) will look into the DAT file for whatever it needs to install the scenery. It is important though that the .DAT file be in the same folder as the .EXE file when you launch the installer.
  6. NBouc

    737NGX - are panels UHD standard

    My GF166s link directly with both COMs and both NAVs without needing the Pollipot GIT software. I need GIT to interface my EFIS and MCP PRO with the NGX though (Unable otherwise).
  7. NBouc

    Do you use a Download Accelerator?

    On my previous computer (just replaced it last week) I was using "Free Download Manager" and activated the "browser integration" option for Chrome. All my downloads were managed within the browser without having to open a different window for that application. Worked very well. I don't know though if it is an "accelerator", but it can resume an interrupted download. There might be other solution out there, I haven't searched any further since it did the job for me. I appreciated it the most during the years where I had to download my ORBX sceneries from the Flightsim Store.
  8. Bonjour Richard, I don't know about thermal compound but since you already have a D14, it will probably do just fine depending on the motherboard used with your 9700K. The D15S might bring some additional advantage over the D14, mostly in the RAM clearance area, but is not a big thermal boost over the D14. I don't have any of those at the moment but the D15S is what I have in mind for my next build. If I already had a D14, I would probably keep it. Here's a comment that I saw on Tom's hardware website: D15S is about 1C better than D14 whereas D15 is 3C better. D15S however is amazing in term of RAM clearance especially for quad channel mobo (X99, X299 and X399) and also offsets further from first PCI-E slot. If you can get D14 cheaper go for it, it's only 1C difference. If you do think of upgrading to X99 and the like in future the D15S may make a better case as it doesn't interfere with all 8 DIMM slots. I don't speak from experience, just from different comments I've read on the Internet when doing my own research. Best regards,
  9. NBouc

    quick question about my upgrade

    Bonjour Pierre, It is normal when we update via each module and it is not a problem. Nothing is missing. Only when doing a complete uninstall and re-install of P3D (uninstalling the "Prepar3D V4 Professional", the one without the "client" part) will we see all entries having the same version number after a fresh re-install. Salutations,
  10. NBouc

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Ray, I have a i5 6600K OC at 4.5GHz (All core) and Windows 10 Task Manager, CPU-Z and Core Temp all report it at 4.5GHz. May be there is something wrong with your overclock. Just a thought.
  11. NBouc

    Copy of cleared control file

    Dale, you could try this ... At the bottom of the control section in P3D UI, you will see an IMPORT and EXPORT menus. Arrange your bindings the way you want them and then, EXPORT it as "Cleared controls" or whatever name you wish. Next time you want to reset your controls as "cleared", simply import that file and exit the UI using the OK button. I have 2 sets of controls defined, one for PROPS and another for JETS. After starting P3D, I simply IMPORT the one I need depending of what aircraft I will be flying. I hope this helps Edit: By default, this file is saved in your "Documents/Prepa3D v4 Files". Regards,
  12. NBouc

    nV 416.81

    Also, which video card model are you using those drivers with and on which OS (Win7, Win10 ...) please.
  13. NBouc

    Scenery Library location.

    Mine is located in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4
  14. NBouc

    Canadian Airports

    Thank you Bob for the info. I'll check it out.
  15. NBouc

    Canadian Airports

    Agreed as well. I did not buy any of their packages, but I would be interested by some of their airports if I could buy them individually.