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  1. Unfortunately, a restart is required for the new values to be applied.
  2. From an old document dating back to my FS9 era ... [DISPLAY] RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.00 //scales edge, center, end,touchdown,runways RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=1.00 // scales VASI lights RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=1.00 // scales approach light bars RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=1.00 //scales RAILs and ODALs Note that TAXIWAY EDGE Lights (blue) and TAXIWAY CENTERLINE Lights (green) can NOT be scaled using the FS9.CFG file I would guess that it still applies to P3D.
  3. If you updated from OCv1 to OCv2, the location has changed. Operation Center v1 was in C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center Operation Center V2 is in C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\PMDG\PMDG Operations Center
  4. I believe the frame rate limiter was introduced in driver 441.87 in January 2020. The previous driver version (without the limiter) was 441.66 issued in December 2019.
  5. Thanks Al, but I see that John has already replied here. I'll save that URL for future reference.
  6. Thank you John for your reply. There is nothing special happening when the issue starts to occur, other than being on a second or third leg inside the same session. I could be cruising at FL350 simply monitoring the instruments when it starts to occur. It does not matter where I fly (North America, Europe, Asia, etc...). No specific actions are performed preceding the issue other than panning around and reset eyepoint. I'll try with logging the non-axis events, maybe it will give me additional clues as to what causes the freeze. The issue does not happen with a default aircraft, nor with my other 3rd party aircrafts (PMDG NGX and B777-200). Only the NGXu, any variant, and only when flying more than one leg in the same P3D session. I can do the same with the other aircrafts and never have the problem. Having nothing else special happening is what makes it very difficult for me to debug the issue. It would be simpler if I was always doing something specific preceding each issue, I would then know where to look. Hopefully, I have FSUIPC logging that might help me.
  7. What could trigger the following entry in FSUIPC.LOG (version 5152e3) ? 9210500 ### Mode: FREEZE_ATT on FREEZE_ALT on FREEZE_LATLON on I have a situation where after a certain time of flight on a multi-legs session, P3Dv4 HF2 would start to freeze for a few second every time I issue a "reset eyepoint" in any view using the PMDG NGXu and this entry is added to FSUIPC.LOG when it happens. That's the only log having an entry corresponding to the freeze. I am trying to identify what possible actions can produce this entry in the log, in the hope it would help me solve the "freeze" issue. Any idea ? BTW, PMDG is unable to reproduce the issue.
  8. Benjamin, in your "\FSDT\Addon Manager\FsDreamTeam\PHNL\scenery" folder have you disabled the 3 following files by changing the extension to .OFF(required for ORBX Honolulu compatibility) ? cvx_PHNL.BGL.OFF PHNL_Elevation.bgl.OFF PHNL_Terrain.bgl.OFF After doing it, I added a DONTUPDATE file in this scenery folder to prevent FSDT LiveUpdate from putting back those BGLs during an update. I too have ORBX Honolulu, Global Base, OLC_NA, Vector and Freemesh installed and have no CTD in PHNL, despite having Realtek drivers for my onboard sound (ALC-1220 with drivers 6.0.18507 from Asus). If you already did it, then I have no idea what is causing your CTD.
  9. I once had the same setting (TH2Go digital with 3x1280x1024) in my FSX time and as far as I know, there is nothing you can do regarding the fuzziness near the outer edges. The closer you get to the outer edges, the greater the "stretching" of the image. It is not due to the TH2Go, but simply the fact that an image intended for a single monitor is now stretched to cover 3 times its width. I later replaced my TH2Go with an ATI graphic card to use Eyefinity across 3x 1920x1080 monitors and had the exact same problem (with FSX and P3D). I finally replaced the whole setup to use a single ultra wide 21:9 monitor (2560x1080) and the stretching on the outer edge, though still present, is far less annoying due to the smaller total width in pixels. One other solution would be to use 3 different views in FSX (one per monitor, 45* Left, Front, 45*Right) but that will kill your FPS.
  10. The best way to know I guess is to monitor your current RAM usage during a demanding scenario and see if you close to hitting your 16GB. My previous system had 16GB RAM and my new system has 32GB. I decided to go with 32GB because I was regularly using 11-12 GB of system RAM and thought it could help going with 32, but in reality, it hasn't changed anything. I am still using no more than 11-12 GB in demanding scenarios, but I have a 1080p monitor, things might be different in 4K. Your current usage will tell you if you need more or not. Personally, I would keep that money for an eventual newer computer.
  11. Yes I do have FSDT KORD. But I won't have time to test it until sometime tonight (I am in the same time zone as you).
  12. Downloading v4.5.13.32097 from my LM's account as I type this.
  13. Definitely go for the 750W. Who knows what device you might add in the future requiring a bit more power 😉 My current motherboard (Asus Z390-A) has the same and is intended for those installing a M.2 SATA SSD in that slot (instead of NVMe). The M.2_1 slot can be configured as either SATA or NVMe mode. If used in SATA mode, it disables my SATA_2 port (leaving only 5 additional SATA ports instead of 6). But since your 970 EVO is NVMe, simply make sure in your BIOS that the M.2_1 slot is configured as NVMe if you intend to install in that slot and all 6 SATA ports will be available. On my system, and because I am not planning on having a second M.2 SSD drive for the moment, I put my 970 EVO NVMe (Boot drive) in the M.2_2 slot because I did not want to have to remove my Noctua Cooler if I ever needed to replace the NVMe SSD, but that is a personal choice. You may install yours in either slot. You should be satisfied with this new computer. Have fun !
  14. Bruce, just to eliminate the possibility of a configuration problem ... If your 970 EVO is installed in your M.2_1 slot (the one between the CPU and the first PCIe slot, then may be it is configured as SATA mode instead of PCIe x4 mode. Start Samsung magician and check what it says for your 970 EVO under "Interface". If it says PCIe then all is good, but if it says SATA, you then need to go into your BIOS and change it to use PCIe x4 mode. If it is installed in your M.2_2 slot (the one at the bottom of the motherboard, then PCIe x4 is the only supported mode and all is good. You may continue to search elsewhere for the cause of your problem.
  15. For easier access to your RAM should you need to, I would go for the D15S (better RAM clearance because it has only 1 fan and the tower has a 65 mm clearance for RAM vs 64 mm for the D15). But the D15, with its second 140 mm fan, only provides 32 mm clearance under the fan for RAM. Thus the importance to not buy taller RAM sticks. As mentioned before, even if you OC your CPU, the D15S will keep you CPU almost as cool as the D15 would (very little temp difference). That said, it does not mean that choosing the D15 would be a mistake. The D15S is basically a D15 with only one fan and the cooling towers are slightly offset from the center of the CPU for better PCIe slot clearance (about 8 mm farther away for the PCIe first slot). Should you find that the second fan of the D15 is covering your RAM too much, you can always remove it and end up with a "non-offset" D15S 🙂 My NH-U14S has the same width as both the D15 and D15S (150 mm) and stands a good 20 mm away from my 1080 Ti, so not having an "offset" cooling tower is not a problem. In the end, follow your preference.
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