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  1. I also noticed that the Marketplace began to release updates faster.
  2. Pilot seat shift levers do not work. Is there some sort of blockage? The instrument panel is too close for me. If I move the camera back, then the back of the seat interferes with me.
  3. I meant that it is much more convenient to navigate on photorealistic terrain.
  4. It's interesting to know what the Lockheed pilot thinks when he gets home and loads the MSFS after training with P3D.
  5. I noticed that my graphic card on the ground is only working at 75%. But when I go up, my 2080TI usage goes up to 100%. Apparently the program code cuts off the loading of the graphic card on the ground.
  6. There is no work at all. You can arrange the lamps yourself using the editor. Among this garbage it is difficult to find something on SimMarket.
  7. The plane has not even been shown yet, but the price has been announced. Therefore, money is a priority for the developer. There is no product, but there is a price tag. Suspicious strategy.
  8. Phoenix still alive? For a long time there was no new information.
  9. I wonder what 4 airports will be included in the update.
  10. They learned a lot about their aircraft from the community in a short time. And the reaction was not long in coming. This is good.
  11. It's good that he's so pedantic. If it is impossible to release the ideal aircraft now, then it is better to wait.
  12. Has the looped sound while taxiing been fixed?
  13. The download is now available on the site. I'll check the new airport tomorrow.😃
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