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  1. I thought it was possible to use old clouds in 5.2 with PTA
  2. Thanks everyone for the detailed answers. I was wrong. Updates are released every six months. For me, the dark cockpit is the biggest disappointment. This basic thing should be fixed immediately.
  3. How do you trust them? Updates come out once a year and they don't communicate with anyone. Where does your confidence come from?
  4. The latest version FSL Spotlights can be applied to 5.2 ?
  5. Probably the developer is not interested. Maybe he goes to MSFS ?
  6. The developer did not see it or ignored it.
  7. LM fundamentally ignores the dark cabin or cannot influence it. Only the blind cannot see it.
  8. Where is the hotfix located? On SimMarket - Fly_The_Maddog_X_64bit_edition_2.0b794_P3Dv5.0_v5.1.zip
  9. We now need water droplets and particles. Hopefully this will be implemented.)
  10. When was the last update P3D ?
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