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  1. Is it just me, or is every seat modeled in the arena?
  2. If I could wait, I would buy Sea-Tac today for $17.69. Sometimes you need to be patient. Moreover, by the time of the sale, the airport is receiving several updates.
  3. I don't understand the problem with bridges. I believe this can be easily fixed and bring back photogrammetry. I'm more interested in the quality and textures of the objects. In the event that the models are made at a high level, then the fair price will be $20.
  4. I checked these three. Surprisingly the same FPS. But in JFK there are stutters when panning. (12700K+3080Ti+ 4K monitor)
  5. I'm really looking forward to Gulfstream. And this plane impresses me too.
  6. Is this a major league developer?
  7. They were in a hurry and forgot to write the parking numbers on the concrete?
  8. It looks like the first decent Oakland in the history of simulations. This side of the bay has a great view of San Francisco.
  9. Of course MK-Studio is a priority. I hope that Philadelphia will be better than Rome.
  10. It looks like internet speed issues. As if the photogrammetry is not loaded completely.
  11. V 4.1.0 SU12 Update NEW FEATURES: 1. SU12 now includes wasm for Xbox so the GNS530 panel now has a working radar unit. 2. SU12 now includes wasm for Xbox so our wasm mixture control has been added. This will keep the mixture at peak performance so you can adjust the lever to control EGT temps. 3. We are now using the 'modern version' of the propeller model. Legacy is now removed since SU11 now offers this new simulation. 4. Ground effects updated with custom values to keep the aircraft more stable on the runways due to winds. 5. Added new switches and levers to the 'Save State' current list for all product versions.
  12. I just hope that San Francisco will be like Phoenix and not like Portland in its current state.
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