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  1. Been flying the beta version out of flight sim.to very successfully -great plane great effects is there a reason to buy this version? xxd09
  2. I keep my mods/Addons in a separate folder Load the Community file as required and remove Addons after use keeping as little as possible in the Community MSFS file MSFS indigestion is fairly obvious in the MSFS performance-slow and CTDs As an addition I find that some Addons from Flightsim.to though great to use won’t allow more complex planes to work MSFS just behaves like all computer programmes-lean and mean works best but you need Addons to keep your flying interest up so a compromise as always! Saying that it’s a great program-far better for me than P3Dv5 and XPlane 11 xxd09
  3. Found the problem It was the Addon Airport This is a common problem for me -no one’s fault-Addons from Flightsim.to are so good but they can affect more complex planes especially at the scenery join causing often instrument failure and in the worst cases crashes Simpler planes are OK Trial and Error! xxd09
  4. Enjoying this new plane -thanks for the sale tip i am finding that as I take off at full throttle there come a power drop at rotation moment-then full power resumes usually too late to forestall a crash on a short runway Am I missing something in my engine management? xxd09
  5. Poppet was my go to lady for P3D a year or two ago Been gone for a while now Knew P3D inside out! xxd09
  6. Remember Bear Gulch airstrip comes with this Orbx package but not with a Chieftain! xxd09
  7. Is there much merit in these continual P3D updates? I did a clean install of P3Dv5.2 and got all my Addons up and running in October-still there It seems such a lot of work for marginal gain to be continually repeating this process never mind Addons being broken by the update Admittedly I do some flying in MSFS 2020 where updates seem to be seamless and certainly need no work by me Perhaps I just begrudge the loss of flying time ! xxd09
  8. Thanks-only Win 10 mentioned in your installation instructions xxd09
  9. I notice that recent update of the Mooney has lost it’s Menu panel for alternative Avionics and chocks,tie downs etc xxd09
  10. Done the same -switch manually and now using the new presets Enjoying the new presets-they are terrific A switch app on the desktop to chose and set the required season before flying would be a step forward for me I use this type of arrangement for LLH sceneries in P3Dv5 xxd09
  11. Found this update rather complicated to install Then it didn’t work Previous setup worked -if a bit cumbersome Will wait till further updates An automatic install would be a help for the less technical ! Love the seasonal presets-rally good stuff-great work xxd09
  12. Bijan Habashi Addons works in Terrain Mask option omitted xxd09
  13. Bijan Habashi 4Seasons Addon was the cause of the problem xxd09
  14. I noticed a washed out appearance on my MSFS2020 VFR map and my Firefox avionics screen when flying from Mile Hi,Thomas Creek,Cougar Creek and Mahoney Creek Fine airstrips but an odd artefact xxd09
  15. Feedback info Having removed pms-50 and stopping and starting MSFS2020 a few times the Mooney reappeared! Put in the original pms-50 folder -which I note is half the size of the current update-all is now good Sound like the pms-50 update might not have been the fault? xxd09
  16. Put new free version only of pms-50 into MSFS2020 My Mooney which uses this Addon has disappeared from Planes in MSFS2020 Deleted pms-50-Mooney still missing Mooney file appears to be intact in Official Folder of Packages Mooney missing from Content Manager Option to purchase plane is now available!-naughty as I have already bought it Anything I could try to retrieve this plane or do I have to repurchase! xxd09
  17. Some relevant chat over on the Orbx website Clean install seems to be the consensus over there xxd09
  18. Flight paths load then seem to disappear from VFR map Can I do anything to make them stay in stay visible? xxd09
  19. Thanks-that did the trick xxd09
  20. Currently my Plane is falling through the bridge at Bear Gulch out of Cushman Meadows in P3D v5 I am sure there was a cure for this anomaly but I have forgotten it xxd09
  21. I thought it was the Controller But I fly P3D and XPlane-and controller works fine MSFS 2020 does this regularly after every update-ie breaks all the controller settings-so frustrating Going to have to record settings so that I can fly without spending hours resetting the controller after every update Updates seem to be coming thick and fast so an out of sim settings record is de rigeur-a pain as the areas to be recorded are large Use IPhone photos? xxd09
  22. That tip worked for me with Carenado PC12 and Cheyenne -P3Dv5- latest version plus Win11 Thanks a lot xxd09
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