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  1. Been there IRL. Truly is a magical spot. Cheers.
  2. Come visit the locations in the USA & UK where the famous WW2 American P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft was made & first flew. See how USA North American + UK Rolls Royce + UK Packard = P-51 Mustang. See why the P-51D version was the most famous of all the Mustang's many versions. Fly in a P-51 Mustang in MSFS. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  3. Follow a pilot's story, in his own words, about undertaking a life-saving Medevac flight in below marginal weather conditions in Papua New Guinea. Enjoy the flight in a Cessna Caravan from coast to highlands & back to the coast. Would you have done it!? Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  4. Come learn about the famous English Electric bomber & its World Altitude Record in 1957. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  5. This is a true story of a Canadian bush pilot's love affair with his de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver aircraft. The Beaver is a truly iconic Canadian aircraft, perhaps the best & most famous bush plane ever. The particular Beaver in this story was made in 1957, purchased by different owners in Canada & the USA over the years, & is still going strong. So many Beavers are still going - being restored, repaired & upgraded - so much so that it is referred to as the immortal Beaver. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  6. Come join me in the famous Curtiss JN-4 biplane to see how Captain Ernest Hoy, WW1 Ace, made the 1st flight across the Canadian Rocky Mountains, from Vancouver to Calgary. In this video we will use some of the pilot's own words. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  7. Nice free vintage video here about the Airlift. You may have to register but it is free. I love the Internet Archive. Cheers. https://archive.org/details/berlin_airlift_TNA/berlin_airlift_TNA.mpg
  8. Here’s an earlier video of mine to celebrate the anniversary. What an incredible story! Cheers. https://youtu.be/dhNty-x8yf8
  9. Come with me in MSFS to learn the interesting history & marketing of the humble Cessna 172, & some other bits & pieces about it. There's more to it than you might think! Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  10. Come with me to see the origins of the famous/infamous German Junkers Ju-52 Trimotor, the last ones to fly, & the possibility of a new Ju-52NG from 2026. Enjoy a fly-by/tower view at the end. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  11. In making videos on the WW2 battles on Iwo Jima and Okinawa (see signature below) - the last 2 Japanese islands to be taken before the atomic bombs - I was horrified at the human losses (on both sides) and better understood why the bombs happened at that time. Great that atomic bombs have not been used since, but the way the world is I am not very confident that this non-use will continue.
  12. Hope you get somewhere with this as I would love to have more iconic Aussie aircraft in MSFS. Cheers. PS. Visited Temora aviation museum for the Ist time a couple of years ago. Stayed with my wife in one of the pilots cabins on the airport. Wonderful museum and experience.
  13. Come join me in the beaut Ford Trimotor to fly the classic "Grand Traverse" flight across New Zealand's spectacular alps, glaciers & lakes. Introduced in 1970, this flight continues to be THE premium sightseeing flight in NZ. A little bit of the European alps & Alaska in NZ! Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  14. Taken from a free PDF book of true short stories about civil aviation in Papua New Guinea in the 1970s/80s, this particular short story highlights some of the excitement and perils of flying in amazing Papua New Guinea. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
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