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  1. V5 installers for the A318/319 have also been published.
  2. Yes, I can confirm that. I tried 2004 from the insider program. F1 GTN was unusable afterwards. It may work better with the RXP GTN as the developer stated. I didn't check this though.
  3. I did the same on Facebook. Left it for two months when the extreme positions on the current situation became hard to tolerate. After all, most of the "friends" there are real acquaintances. The cute animal videos brought me back. No, seriously I think that the exchange of ideas, as controversial as they may be, belong to our nature. Let's stay on here and enjoy what we like. And when we sometimes clash about an issue, as long as it's a fair fight that should be ok. Give it a second thought, Anders.
  4. I'll throw in November 30 for Churchill and November 22 for de Gaulle. Given the state of the planet, July 13 for Julius Caesar might also a day to celebrate some desire. Not sarcastically, btw.
  5. I tried it for 2 Carenado birds. All according to instructions. But the planes didn't show up in the sim. I use the add-on method for most things now, but for Carenado I went back to a direct install.
  6. Looking god here as well. I think you can do a lot with the onboard controls.
  7. I like the overall look with EA although dusk and dawn are too colorful in my view. But I think it's just a question of getting the shader tweaks to work with EA. Currently, you can also try v5 without truesky but with Envtex/Envshade. This can look really good.
  8. Skywolf, do you have any GTN installed? The RXP or the F1 and if yes with which trainer version from Garmin? And does the trainer work normally under 2004? There is a longer other thread where there were some issues with the trainer and 2004.
  9. I think so. But it also seems to decide when your VRAM usage is getting critical and turns off EA then. Not sure about this, but it fits my observations.
  10. Try unchecking the Dynamic texture streaming box, helped me to keep EA on. I am running 4K with 4MSAA, sufficient for me visually. Clouds down to high or medium and since then my 8GB VRAM are enough. I have the bad habit to have a browser with multiple tiles open on a second screen, costs up to 500MB so watching the VRAM usage regularly helps. Obviously, the scenery and the aircraft chosen play a big role. My primary usage is either ORBX US/AU or France VFR Photoreal scenery with GA aircraft. I am quite sure that a heavy jet and a huge airport scenery on top will make things risky. In this case, running v5 without EA and some visual improvements with ENVTEX/ENVSHADE are an alternative.
  11. Looks like the Ddenn Challenger but the livery seems new to me.
  12. I asked SIMUL about sun and moon and they replied that those remain fully customisable. No restrictions through SIMUL. And you see the textures in the truesky/textures folder which you can change. But once EA is loaded sun and moon look again the same.
  13. I wonder why people are talking about the price now. 200 to buy, 10 a month to rent, 20? Who cares as long as you can't even see anything close to a "final" product. In flight simming we have seen so many empty promises over the years that it's better to hold your breath. This is like the mirror to dev's standard answer "it will be ready when it's ready". I say "I may pay for if it's ready and if I like it".
  14. VRAM usage so far the same as before for me. CTD's not yet encountered. Textures sharp with the help of Reshade. FPS locked at 30 with Riva, otherwise in the mid to upper 40's with the Carenado PC-12 in X-Europe environment. Next tests with the Zibo coming this weekend. I think they are on the right path. 11.41 still a little bit ahead with X-Vision but 11.50 and Vulkan are slowly catching up. I like the stability of FPS Vulkan brings.
  15. Yes, running fine so far with my X-Europe Scenery which is quite demanding. Hoping to conduct longer flights this weekend. The Laminar guys are great, they not only are inventive, they are also open about their development, they can acknowledge if they screw something up and they usually fix it quickly. I like this team.
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