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  1. Thanks for the instructions. Not that I wanted to try it out though.
  2. The difference is that the tool enables a fixed and a swinging mooring. MSFS water and docking capabilities are not very sophisticated, but I think there is potential for these options. The active pause is the quick fix.
  3. Did you update the SDK? That was the solution for me.
  4. It seems that installing SDK 0.24 helps. The tool is working again for me.
  5. It seems to me that the mooring tool is working again once the SDK 0.24 was installed.
  6. Thanks for replying so fast. Both the rigid and swing tie down option don't steady the aircraft, it is still moving around (which is excessive anyway in MSFS on the water). The new Beaver has an anchor function on its tablet which keeps the plane in place, so I guess SU 11 has changed something in the way the planes connect to the water.
  7. It seems that the mooring tool is no longer working in SU 11. It would be highly appreciated if you could look into this. Thank you.
  8. It seems to no longer work in SU 11, worked fine for me before. AFAIK, the Beaver can be docked with the Anchor function of the tablet.
  9. Great shots. I saw lot of negative reviews, but maybe the bird is still worth it.
  10. Sorry guys, I can't find it anymore.
  11. Good reading, thank you. I don't think he lied at the end, you remain a pilot even if you don't hold a license anymore. It's part of your life. And the slow memory loss is probably the most dreaded thing for all of us.
  12. If you want to try an approach that can drive you nuts, try this route: LFMP to LFBO: ORBI4N ORBIL ORBI6L, Approach ILS 14L Transition ADIM2. Have fun.
  13. I tried but couldn't get it to work. Resorting to F2 for the moment.
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