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  1. Xplane11

    The folder for the overlays is yOrtho4XP_Overlays in the main Ortho4XP folder. Did you check if the overlays were created there? For the generation I point to the default folder, in my case G:\X-Plane 11\Global Scenery\X-Plane 11 Global Scenery. You can generate overlays only also manually, one after one. If you choose batch build vector data is again created for each tile but you can exclude mesh and check skip downloads and skip converts so the tile creation process should be very fast.
  2. Xplane11

    Simheaven is freeware, you should give it a try. I did my European photo sceneries and added simheaven, looks nice and doesn't consume too much resources, they deserve a donation.
  3. Xplane11

    If I am not wrong you can run the overlay creation process as a standalone generation, just in case you change your mind. I actually like autogen on top. Maybe you would also like to try simheaven's packages for some additional stuff like roads, railways, power lines, gondolas, drag lifts.
  4. Xplane11

    Here's mine. A pity that we have to do it again and again on our own :-) Are you using USA2?
  5. Sure, nothing special here: 7700K at stock overdrive, 64GB Ram, Samsung 840 Evo for X-Plane, NVIDIA 980ti, Windows 10 Pro.
  6. GTN 750 works fine here with game mode. This mode may well affect different things but the GTN does work without any noticeable difference.
  7. The solution that helped me was as follows (as explained on the GTN forum at simforums): Delete file F1GPSGeneral.dat from C:\ProgramData\Flight One Software Download the package 2.04 from the Flight1 website again and install. In the GTN config tool set Link CRS and Auto CRS to NO, save configuration. Set both back the YES, save configuration again. Now the Beaver follows the GTN course on NAV. Maybe this helps someone, so I thought posting it here makes sense.
  8. Interesting, I just tried with the Beaver and the 404 and it worked as expected in the 404 but not in the Beaver.
  9. I was thinking about aircraft which come with the option to integrate a GTN 750/650 or a combination, like some Carenado models or the Milviz Beaver. Gauge configuration can be tricky otherwise, at least with some VC's and for people with less experience than Bert P. Hope to see some users showing what they did with the gauge. Thanks for the new models.
  10. How is the VC integration achieved and managed?
  11. Upon start I get an error message about the simheaven forest and landmarks packages and the lib-x prefab library. Couldn't check yet whether this may trigger a crash in flight. Sim loads normal.
  12. I posted my question over there as well, just wondering why some users see the update and others don't.
  13. I can't get the GTN update tool to update. Reason seems to be that the tool is still version 1.0 and it only shows Prepar3D up to version 3. I reinstalled the complete 2.03 package but the update tool is still the same. Any ideas? Flight 1 just answered my ticket. They say that there is no update for 4.1 yet if the updater doesn't offer one. Wondering now what update others managed to get?
  14. Hats off to the pilots, I'd say.
  15. Thanks! I didn't know that this project had grown so much.