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  1. Good reading, thank you. I don't think he lied at the end, you remain a pilot even if you don't hold a license anymore. It's part of your life. And the slow memory loss is probably the most dreaded thing for all of us.
  2. If you want to try an approach that can drive you nuts, try this route: LFMP to LFBO: ORBI4N ORBIL ORBI6L, Approach ILS 14L Transition ADIM2. Have fun.
  3. I tried but couldn't get it to work. Resorting to F2 for the moment.
  4. I wanted to summarize my findings after a lot of trials with the CRJ, maybe they are useful to some: 1. At least with my peripherals she does not like if I bind the elevator axis to a joystick axis. If I map it to keyboard buttons, the problems with climb, descent and alt hold are gone. 2. She does capture the glideslope but the margin of tolerance is very small in my view. If the descent pitch and the altitude are not spot on, there is little to no room to correct. I do not regret having bought the CRJ. Still looking for an update which makes glideslope capturing a bit less demanding.
  5. Thanks Gerard, I will try them out.
  6. Well, I don't mind asking for support over at Aerosoft. I am just wondering why for some people this aircraft flies as it is supposed to fly and for others it doesn't. I am far from being a pro pilot but if the aircraft is on VS and ALTS, reaches the dialled in altitude and just continues to climb, or when VS is set at -500 fpm and the plane climbs at 1700 fpm, then I doubt that it's my fault.
  7. Funny to see how people seem to love this aircraft. I flew the tutorial flight tonight, step by step, even AS own setup doesn't work, can't hold ALT, can't follow VS, plane just flying anywhere. OK, 50 bucks for a few click spots and cockpit lighting. I write this off like a few virtual drinks.
  8. I guess everybody and then some bought the CRJ hoping for a complete aircraft, better than the FBW 320. For me, some knobs more to turn don't make a complete aircraft. But I remember that I had to wait years for their 318/319 for Prepar3D to become almost complete. I basically got it shortly before MSFS invited me to Alpha. Funny, sort of. I consider my 50 EUR for the CRJ currently as a donation for further development. Next time I'll sit in one I'll try to ask the pilot if this thing is really so hard to fly.
  9. If you want to change the shortcut to numpad, do you change this in the cameras.cfg or in the options menu?
  10. I now managed to achieve 1 ILS landing out of 20 attempts. I admit to not being a great pilot, but this is below what can be expected IMHO. I can't even get this plane to hold an altitude, climb or descend in VS. Either I am an word not allowed or the AP logic is failed.
  11. Looking great. Me thinks this is probably the best plane in MSFS together with the FBW 320.
  12. I like dogs and cats, must make me a great example of a human being, although many may object. Regarding the royal family, they may be disfunctional but I'd like to at least have something royal in my country.
  13. Good question. I believe the answer is no, you can't. There is one shaders directory for Prepar3D. Thus, if you want shaders to work with EA, you have to install those. If you want to switch back to no EA, then you need to install the appropriate shaders from Envshade. Please correct me should I be wrong.
  14. I managed to get this mostly resolved by changing the deadzone and the sensitivity for the respective axes. However, no way this bird captures a glideslope for me. I am constantly trying on the same LFBO approach, and in parallel with the FBW 320. While the latter doesn't make me a better pilot, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. The CRJ doesn't follow the glideslope at all.
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