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  1. I don't have a new KLAS folder and obviously no strip scenery because of it. Update to 11.05 went fine. Any ideas what I might be missing? EDIT: Just ran the installer again and now the folder is there.
  2. Mitch, would you mind sharing your Ortho4XP setting for masks? I wonder what you choose for complex or not and the mask width.
  3. The batchfile is named killxplane.bat and contains the command Taskkill /IM X-Plane.exe /f I then created a shortcut to that batch file on my desktop. The target is: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C C:\Users\[YOURUSER]\Desktop\killxplane.bat. Pin the shortcut to the taskbar and one click closes down x-plane instantly.
  4. I use a batch file which terminates x-plane.exe. Thus I end the sim with a click on that batch file. Better than having to go through the task manager.
  5. Looking forward to new screen shots. Keep them coming.
  6. Now, after all these warnings, I gonna use it just for fun. The install is so virgin that a mess up will not hurt me. As Poppet said, not for the faint hearted though.
  7. So did the original author make it payware now or who is offering this?
  8. That's what happened to me first. I then followed the install advice with the add-on xml file and that worked.
  9. AIFP (AI Flight Planner) might be able to identify the FS9 models.
  10. Donald, I created +35-98 with USA 2 and XP 11 is loading without issues. I did it in z16/19. I get 1371 files and a total of 5,61 GB. Maybe worth another try for you.
  11. Just saw this: https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/6f3mum/ptaimporter_for_prepar3d_v4/
  12. You can try to manually adjust it to 59. I am just testing that. 20 fps limit way too low IMHO though. Ok, tested, no impact on stutters for me at all. Setting to 30hz with vsync works better for me. However, as always, YMMV. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. 3.07 is working fine for me. I chose the highest available DX option.
  14. I tried KHQM. The airport looked fine but the city doesn't work. Will take some time to get them all updated.