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  1. Thank you Jos. Yes you are right, sometimes they do not pay a lot of importance for some details. My 737 goes easy through the cables without any damages! 🙂 I have also reported a missing airport in my own town but never saw an answer. The same airport is present in MSFS but I do not use this simulator since a long time.
  2. Good afternoon I love to see those High Voltage cables crossing just few meters before the the 22 RWY in Geneva! I can't fix this but perhaps LR could make a phone call to the local electricity company and have some work done! :-)) Have a nice day JP Reuland
  3. If 12.1 arrival is imminent, it's great time to announce that the development of 12.2 has started!!!😂 JP Reuland
  4. Good morning Who is in charge to install missing airports into X-Plane 12? Laminar or private individuals? The several years old airport of my home city (Jember) is still missing. It's already in MSFS 2020 since a long time. Airport is WARE located in East Java Indonesia. Thank you Regards JP Reuland
  5. Good afternoon. Thank you.This is the remains of tough education in the 50's😀. Again thank you for your answer to my original question. Now I am not going to be ashamed to tell you that I fly only Zibo 737, with Simbrief and Navigraph full program. I only have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick which makes it very difficult to land manually! Very often it seems my plane is in a total vacuum of air and a small move of the stick, the plane answers with 2-3 meters deviation!🤣. Therefore I only plan flights between European cities with 60-90 min total flight but always with ILS auto landings until touch down. I perform always 100% perfect touch down exactly center line of the runways. I wish a very good day. JP Reuland
  6. Good morning and thank you for your answer. It makes it clear for me today. Have nice Holiday Seasons JP Reuland
  7. Good morning. Yes you are right Sir. Thank you for your clear answer. Have nice Holiday Season! JP Reuland
  8. 🤣🤣 Yes indeed. Clear explanation. Thank you. Have a nice Holiday Season JP Reuland
  9. Well your answer is clear! Thank you for your input. Have a nice Holiday Season JP Reuland
  10. Good morning. Thank you very very much for your clear answer and I do accept it! May I hereby wish you a happy Holiday Season! JP Reuland
  11. Thank you very much for your time Sir. I accept this answer and it makes clear to me today how things should be or can be handled! Have greatHoliday Seasons JP Reuland
  12. Good morning Yes you are right! It must be that pilots are much more reliable than electronics in cockpit! It was just a curiosity question from someone not having a clue about this nice job. Have nice Seasons Holidays JP Reuland
  13. Good morning, thank you for your interesting input to my first question. I accept this statement. Have nice Holiday Seasons JP Reuland
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