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  1. Yikes! good thing I saw this thread was about to do a reinstall.Now in a holding pattern till the next patch. 😟 Good luck all
  2. I got the same problem.the new patch definitely Screwed things up for me.
  3. Try the following. 1.Make sure you have no flights saved in The A320 2.load a different plane and make sure It's parked and shut down 3 restart the sim and select A320 makeSure it's parked and shut down 4 add the new files and reload sim Thats how I got mine to work Make sure otto the copilot does not takeOver cause he quickly startseverything up.
  4. After landing I leave it to Otto the copilot to taxi and park the plane.He does a greatJob while I'm making something to eat or Getting a drink.It's what junior officers were made for no.
  5. About six months is all we got.I'm sure these Guys have budget to work with and when it Runs out its going to be left to third party and Freeware to pick up the pieces
  6. My favorite of the props with a lot of kick.I flew it from LaGuardia to Nantucket airport Whats crazy about this sim is ,it keeps bringing me back even in the condition its in.
  7. That is a great feature.I use it for taxing to takeoff and after landing
  8. Seen it twice my self but hasn't effected the game in any way.
  9. You don't have to be a pilot to know stalls are quite serious so it funny that the horn sounds like air escaping a balloon 😄. That scenery is amazing and I will definitely be buying scenery packs of airports and other enhancements around the world.With older sims it felt a lot like putting lipstick on a pig.
  10. But what about that wing flex?It was nice to see👍
  11. The top one needs tweaking,hardly a cloud in the sky,the color is not as vivid and don't even get me started on that fake looking prop.😊
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