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  1. Lol my Debit card just got whip lashed. fastest buy for FS2020
  2. Blah Blah please expedite you descent.I hope ATC is next on the repair schedule.
  3. Everybody talks about slider this and slider that,turn of this and turn off that.Obviously Asobo is not going to go through all that trouble but if they did it would make Windows settings look like child's play.We would have about 5 pages of settings to go through after and install.still if I could adjust wave height or air traffic and so on to my liking and only after a fresh install,that would be my ultimate sim
  4. Ha Ha, Vegas to San Fran. 24000ft Descend to 7000 8000 5000 9000 4000 8000 Finally put on mute
  5. This is the best Hotfix I downloaded a solid A for Asobo. Positives: That god awful lighting is gone Much easier to adjust stuff on the fly(pun intended) while going to menu I still get minimal pop up but it used to be blurry now nice and clear. I can live with that.
  6. The hilarious part is for those the sim is working right,you are all a patch away of not being able to fly.I have been on both sides and back again, it gets old
  7. They probably did and were hoping no one else did.
  8. Yeah that's not cooking were smelling, I would check the bottom of ones shoes first.A month and a half before the next update and that's if all goes well.Unless something happens on the Xbox side they have no more pressure to rush anything.
  9. For those who messed around with the Usercfg.opt file by editing and making it read only better restore it.
  10. You guys should not be messing around gamma rays,look what happened to the Hulk.🤢
  11. Is it a Alienware? We both have the same GPU and problem.No idea if this is normal, because this is the most high graphics game i got but the fans go crazy from the very start to shutdown.
  12. I love this sim but it is absolutely frustrating at times.The sad thing is that someday someway they will patch it just right 🙂Well... until the next patch☹️
  13. Slightly higher FPS, but lower visual quality.Whites seem to bright almost blinding and something weird is happening with clouds.
  14. Confirm on KBOS. Also there is something wrong with the lighting,whites appear very bight almost blinding.
  15. My community folder will definitely be replaced with a empty one.Lots of new stuff with this update don't want any holdovers.Probably no today with the servers running real hot.
  16. What I don't get is what is one supposed to do when a malfunction pops up.We won't have a quick reference book like the pilots would have what would be the work around if we get in trouble.
  17. Anybody know if will be getting the same UI as Xbox?It looks more streamlined and easier to navigate with a PC mouse.
  18. Nope! Not very happy with the jet and the attitude
  19. This starting to worry me.I'm good but not that good I just want to fly from point A to point B. I've been on hundreds of flights,but I always headed right to my assigned seat never left into the cockpit.
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