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  1. If you fail to activate a LATERAL mode (Nav or Hdg) AND PITCH mode (FLC or V/S) before pulling back...the A/T will not engage.
  2. I always pull my throttles back some at the same time when I go flaps up. At some point during cruise or descent I start pulling my throttles slowly back to just above idle. Then on final I just pull them back to idle and let the AT disengage and set her down
  3. Hello, I've enjoyed my A&O with Streamdeck and the Longitude for many months. Thank you for this software. The GTC zoom in/out features (G3000 Vertical GTC Events) have been working perfect. I am currently opted into SU13 beta and the GTC's zoom feature partially works as before but is now confused regarding which GTC it adjusts. I was hoping to learn this is simply a matter waiting until A&O can be updated to be compatible with SU13 beta. Are you aware of this or have any input ? Thank you.
  4. You are correct for many aircraft. However, Working Title modified the Longitude to match its real world procedures and they have done an awesome job !
  5. TOGA works fine ! Recommended procedure > Engage the AT as you enter the runway, then go TOGA. Push throttles FULL forward for TO. After rotation and you have reached 400 ft AGL set your AP modes as desired (HDG or NAV and FLC or V/S). The AT will then kick in and follow whatever you have set (Manual or FMS speeds) I believe the default FMS is 200 kts, then 250 up to 10,000 feet. I prefer MAN speed at 180 kts and V/S set to +4000 fpm. If desired , you can leave AT engaged entire flight and it will disengage at 50 ft AGL on landing.
  6. You have a "stutter mess" at 30-40 fps ???? How ODD ! ! I have run this sim for 3 years locked at 30 FPS and have never seen a stutter ....hhhhmmmmmmmmmm... 🤔
  7. If you want FREE >> https://skyvector.com/>>> If you want some of the best and spend some $$ >>> https://www.simbrief.com/home/ (part of NAVIGRAPH)
  8. Please confirm you have manually turned on the STBY PWR switch located next to the LEFT GEN off/on switch. The altimeter will NOT power up without this. Not sure what you mean by stating "I do not have the asobo longitude installed" ?? This is by default.
  9. From https://www.flightsimulator.blog/2023/06/01/best-graphics-settings-guide/ Download the official graphics card driver for your GeForce or Radeon graphics card. Note that the GeForce Experience app changes the MSFS graphic settings without user notice, so always clean install the NVIDIA graphics driver without the GeForce Experience. Also, do not overclock the CPU or GPU, can cause random crash-to-desktop issues with MSFS.
  10. Used this mod for a long time, never had a problem using google maps always in Chrome (full satellite coverage). I fly in US and Caribbean have never seen a cloud artifact or odd google label. In fact I was recently over New Mex and observed strange ground patterns from FL400. Went on my other PC, pulled up the satellite images from Google and they were there exactly as seen in FS. (still don't know what the hell they were) 🤣 Hundreds of white terrain squares south of KHOB.
  11. What or who made you think you can do something to remove it ??
  12. Very good question ... I really can't tell you to purchase it for some great improvement. This quote from developer is all I've seen >>> "Some advanced features (e.g. custom map provider and future features) need a pro license." If you are happy with appearance and other features with free version, just stay with that. The advanced features I see are rarely used. My favorite option is to easily "Clear Cache" after my flight 👍. I only use the Google Maps Server (PRO) but I have not compared it with other Map Servers as I am very pleased with this one.
  13. +1 For the "old timers" here you may (like myself) get a few chuckles regarding the talk here of "bad voodoo stuff gonna happen". <<<<< FLASHBACK >>> Lockheed Martin buys rights to FSX and releases Prepar3D flight simulator; HOWEVER each purchaser must CLAIM he is a "student in aviation" and NEVER use P3D for entertainment purposes. This would be a EULA violation and BAD things were gonna happen. I have used the Google Map mod since early release. Because I had donated to the author I was sent a permanent "PRO" license when he released it. My experience has been the same as "The Moose" noted above.
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