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  1. YES ! and I can show you how to do that... BTW you can use GLOBAL or DYNAMIC in ASCA and have the textures update with weather conditions as needed. Assuming you have downloaded KIWI's sky textures and placed them properly into the ASCA/Data/SkyColor folder, go to ASCA GUI and click on SETTINGS. Then click on WX INFLUENCE you see all the different folders from the SkyColor directory in your ASCA program. KIWI made this part easy to see because all of his texture sets are listed in ALL CAPS. Now you have to click on every ITEM (from top to bottom) in the large box and UNCHECK any WX and GEO profiles you do not want to see the sky textures. When you open one of KIWI's profiles, just choose the WX and GEO profiles you wish ASCA to choose during your flight. ASCA will not use any sky textures that have the WX and GEO profies all "UNCHECKED" . Make sure you save and apply all as you complete them and you will be good to go. Just make sure to have Sky Textures checked in the main settings for ASCA. EDIT: I just realized KIWI explains all this in this thread -- go here for a perfect explanation and pictures to follow >>>>>>
  2. Global and Dynamic are TWO of the many themes you can choose OR you can create your own in ASCA. If you do NOT choose Global or Dynamic themes, the textures you start with are the textures you see through out the flight .
  3. vcarlo

    AS CRJ SP1 Released

    SP1 running very smooth... DO NOT miss out on this new GEM 😎 Support for Mark Foti's CDU and DAVE !
  4. Just released !!! July 17, 2018
  5. I'm sure Jevon would appreciate your thanks, but you might want to post this in the correct thread.😀
  6. Thank you so much Jevon ! She's wonderful !! http://
  7. Thank you Jevon for your modification. Frankly, I have to admit to some confusion. I have been flying her in P3D v4.2 since your release of 06/20. Even though, I had no problems, I applied your HF as requested and did not observe any change. I have completed 2 flights on VATSIM of approx 2 hours each and she has performed flawlessly. Since no one has posted here or in the emails as to what the problem(s) were, I am "happily" at a loss. The only thing I noticed was I do not hear any increase in fan noise and I made sure the switches were "on" as required. Needless to say this is a VERY minor thing. I love the CJ2+ and I await my Easter Egg !! Thanks 😊
  8. vcarlo

    Cloudless. Sunset

    Thanks !! Will do 😀
  9. vcarlo

    Cloudless. Sunset

    Thank you so much for your textures. I enjoy them in my sim every flight 😋
  10. So looking forward to your released modifications. No I don't use FS Passengers, but I will definitely be using her to fly with my favorite VA >>
  11. Agreed 🙂 Thanks for ALL you do for us.
  12. Thanks for your work, Jevon. Hope everything went well with your studies. "May the fourth be with you", and may you have a great weekend ! 😁
  13. vcarlo

    Lear 35A ALT SEL Switch

    RESOLVED ---- forgot about the REPAIR feature on this bird. For some reason after clicking on REPAIR, the ALT SEL works again. Not sure what caused it, but all fixed.
  14. vcarlo

    Lear 35A ALT SEL Switch

    Seeking suggestions on what happened. Previously running this great a/c with no issues. After updating to P3D v4.2, I cannot get the ALT SEL switch to stay on. After every press, it illuminates for one second and extinguishes. Of course, it never captures the assigned altitude and I have tried for 2 days to determine what happened. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Lear and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client for v4.2 with no change. Something just keeps the switch from staying locked. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  15. vcarlo

    KMHT - Manchester New Hampshire - PIREP ?

    Thanks Scott, those look great ! . Wish I had your talent for blending. Where is this little gem of an airfield ?