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  1. Lear 35A ALT SEL Switch

    RESOLVED ---- forgot about the REPAIR feature on this bird. For some reason after clicking on REPAIR, the ALT SEL works again. Not sure what caused it, but all fixed.
  2. Lear 35A ALT SEL Switch

    Seeking suggestions on what happened. Previously running this great a/c with no issues. After updating to P3D v4.2, I cannot get the ALT SEL switch to stay on. After every press, it illuminates for one second and extinguishes. Of course, it never captures the assigned altitude and I have tried for 2 days to determine what happened. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Lear and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client for v4.2 with no change. Something just keeps the switch from staying locked. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  3. KMHT - Manchester New Hampshire - PIREP ?

    Thanks Scott, those look great ! . Wish I had your talent for blending. Where is this little gem of an airfield ?
  4. That is fine as long as you accept the fact your sky colors are NOT going to change during your flight. The sky texture you last installed will be displayed until you exit flight sim and install a new one. If you choose this method, you may prefer to use the SF sky textures vs ENVTEX as the choices in SF are more varied and easier to choose.
  5. If you UNCHECK "Sky Colors" in ASCA, you will ONLY see the last sky texture inserted into the sim. You MUST check Sky Colors and be running Full Dynamics or Global Auto theme if you want to see the sky colors change during your flight. There is a very easy way to see what is loaded in the sim from ASCA. When you launch the ASCA GUI, look at the bottom center and you will see exactly what textures are being used. It will tell you Theme = xx Sky = xx Cirrus = xx Cloud =xx. For example, my GUI shows Last Activated Theme = Full Dynamics Sky = ENVTEX 35 Cirrus = None Clouds = None This is normal because I have the Cirrus, Cloud Textures, and Cloud Structures UNCHECKED. My cirrus and clouds are being injected by Sky Force, so ASCA does not inject their own clouds. If you only want ENVTEX sky textures, you need to set that in ENVTEX under ASCA integration settings in the ENVTEX GUI.
  6. P3D Horrible Snow Effect

    Your original post shows "WHEELS SPRAY". You need to activate and apply this option in your PrecipFX menu ?
  7. P3D Horrible Snow Effect

    I guess it depends on weather reported. I have seen the snow falling as slow as RW and as fast as RW.
  8. P3D Horrible Snow Effect

    ...or ENVTEX Special effects New special effects including contrails, wingtip vortices, dirt effect, touchdown effect leaving tire markings, hard braking effect, water spray for seaplanes, wheel spray effects, engine jet wash under rainy and snowy conditions and much more Wonderful Northern and Southern lights / Aurora Borealis and Australis (P3Dv3 exclusive feature) Natural weather effects including rain and snow optimized for New thunderstorm lightning and flashing effects
  9. From their forum >>> "To those who want to use the PTA presets but can't download it: It's actually available when you install Envdir. Navigate to the following folder to find the presets: C:/Users/[Username]/AppData/Local/TOGA projects/Envdir/Resource/PTA"
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I agree with the quote above and will run my ASCA as recommended by you.
  11. Jeroen, I hear what you say, BUT, I have always been under the assumption if the user is not running an ASCA dynamic theme (GLOBAL AUTO or FULL DYNAMICS), then the user loses all benefits of INFLUENCED WEATHER during the flight. If I was to run SF clouds and skies WITHOUT ASCA, what would make them change dynamically during my flight experience? Since release of SF, I have preferred to see SF clouds / skies generated by Active Sky weather and ASCA Full Dynamics. I love the cloud and sky changes I see during my flight and I thought it was due to ASCA dynamics. Now, I'm really confused
  12. The first two features listed on page one of the manual states SKY FORCE 3D IS THE FOLLOWING: • 3D Cloud Model Structures, based on real-world cloud classification • Intelligent Weather Engine with Real-Time Weather and Cloud Model Synchronization
  13. What to Expect in 2018 for P3D

    Hello Sam, Since you want some info on GA new aircraft in 2018, may I recommend you follow this project . I realize this is FIRST for 32 bit, but 64 bit should not be much later after initial release and it's not for XPlane
  14. Envshade with Rex TD & Softclouds

    Thanks, Vic. I would love to see a link where the developer says ASCA will change ENVTEX cloud textures dynamically as the last time I spoke with Maxime, HiFi (ASCA) only allows ENVTEX SKY textures to be changed dynamically. It has been my understanding that an ASCA user can inject ANY developer's clouds but MUST uncheck CIRRUS and CLOUD TEXTURES when running the GLOBAL AUTOMATIC or FULL DYNAMICS theme. If the user does NOT uncheck them, ASCA will automatically override with their own ASCA cloud textures Thanks for your assistance :)
  15. Envshade with Rex TD & Softclouds

    Sorry to be negative Roland, but please don't spread this. ASCA CANNOT change any cloud textures but their own. Hopefully ,in the future this will not be true.