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  1. As an added tip to Robobble, the closest v5 compatible aircraft to a Citation X would probably be the Falcon 50 by Flysimware. Good track record, well liked by many and I believe ON SALE. I'm hoping for a Lear 60 from Milviz someday soon. 😎
  2. Eaglesoft does not have any 64 bit aircraft released at this time. The P3D v3 offers are NOT compatible with v4 or v5
  3. I have flown the MV KA 350i since release in Dec 19. There is a definite learning curve and there are a couple of good video tutorials on line and still in development. However the aircraft comes with extensive checklists (including engine starts via GPU or battery only). The forum has been very very active with inputs from RW KA350 pilots and Milviz has been very receptive to making changes as recommended by these pilots. As my issues with the 350 performance have been VERY minor, I am not sure why many users report problems with startups, taxiing, take-offs, engines out, CTDs, etc etc . The issues I have experienced are mainly due to pilot error and failure to properly maintain ITT temps, cabin pressure, etc. This aircraft requires a proper length of time in the captain's seat and learning her. I agree the documentation for this price point is insufficient, and I have faith that will improve. Overall , I am very satisifed with the 350's performance and anticipate many years of enjoyment. My comparison of this plane is not to PMDG, FSL, Aerosoft or other airliners. In the world of flight sim twin turbos, she can stand on TOP and proudly wear the crown we all once gave to Real Air's DUKE ! 👑
  4. Sorry, did not mean to confuse you. You cannot use SF only to inject clouds/skies into P3D live - real time. You need to use EF in the TWEAK MODE. I tried that once and found it not to my liking, so I would not be the one for advice on this. There is a tiny window (GUI) you pull up and can change many many things while looking at your skies. It involves cloud morphing, color morphing, lighting changes, water and terrain changes, etc etc .To me this may be ideal for someone who loves to tweak everything, but I demur.
  5. Yes, we were referring to the version of P3D. If you're not using a weather engine and do not care about dynamic weather changes, you actually don't need Environment Force. Now that I have a better understanding of what you want, I think I can help you easier. STEP 1 - Open Sky Force - the only icon you want for now is the "cloud icon". Click on it. STEP 2 - You will create your desired THEME by going thru each option and clicking ADD TO THEME on each option you choose (Clouds - Skies - Sun - Moon - Lightning - Sounds) After you have made a selection for each category click on the icon that looks like a "dog eared" sheet of paper STEP 3 - Theme page - Save and Name your theme then CLICK ON INSTALL . STEP 4 - Set up your flight weather as desired and GO FLY. If you don't like the looks of everything, then you get to try new textures by going thru STEP 2 and 3 again.
  6. It's not as complicated as it sounds. You don't have to do anything like that. Once you have chosen the type of clouds, skies, etc, the WEATHER ENGINE is what determines how the skies and clouds look. That's why so many people prefer Active Sky because Active Sky has always been considered the best in terms of reproducing the proper skies and clouds based on local metars. Just install the clouds from SF to EF and shut it down. Then run EF ( I recommend AUTO MODE) and fly your flight. Everything else is done for you.
  7. Not exactly... you CANNOT use EF or SF with P3D v5 in Enhanced Atmosphere mode. I keep EA turned off and have used both EF and SF many flights with the textures from SkyForce changing during every Wx update. The OP does not have ASP4. Robert, if you are using P3D default weather, just be sure to NOT enable the EA in v5 weather if you use REX . If you do not use SF weather, then it DOES NOT need to be running during flight, but EF does have to run.
  8. You MUST use SkyForce running if this is going to be your Weather Engine.. You ALSO use SkyForce to inject your desired textures (clouds, skies, etc) into EnvForce. EF (running) is what will provide you the changing (syncing) skies, clouds,etc during your flight. Manual mode in EF is only used if you want to TWEAK all the different textures. I would recommend you keep EF in AUTO mode until you feel very comfortable with the software. Once you have set up the textures you like and have gone thru the installation, you are ready to set up your flight. STEP 1 - Start up SF and get your WX going. STEP 2 - Start up EF and I recommend you use the TWEAK FREE mode. STEP 3 - Fire up P3D and start your flight 🙂 There are numerous options you can choose and there are just too many to cover in a thread such as this one. GOOD LUCK !
  9. Hello , my name is Vince Carlo.  I would be happy to assist you getting these up and running .  The steps for doing this correctly is really too long for writing out.  If you are interested in me helping you, I would be glad to talk with you or thru some other form of communication.  If you find this acceptable, let me know.  I have no problem about divulging my phone number in a private message. 

  10. Here's a recent post from Mitch with images ...
  11. If we can get back on track, I would like to hear from the developer regarding the above question. Thanks for a great product !
  12. No shifting observed - flew as high as FL410 for about an hour 🙂
  13. Tried these clouds from Texture Direct and also from REX Sky Force. When using any REX clouds I am getting the very weird color morphing that ASPD v5 (beta) has warned us about. When I switch back to the clouds from ENVTEX, I do not get any of the odd effects. Curious to hear what others are experiencing. The clouds from REX are nicer than ENVTEX until they start the odd color morphing. I am not using 32 bit, I am using the DXT clouds.(1024)
  14. Loaded up new weather and she is BEAUTIFUL !! Thank you so much Hi Fi Simulation ! Your work is so appreciated (especially the upgrade price ! ) . You guys are AWESOME ! 👍 🥰
  15. Here's a link to help everyone >> https://hifisimtech.com/downloads/#ASP3D
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