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  1. The first two features listed on page one of the manual states SKY FORCE 3D IS THE FOLLOWING: • 3D Cloud Model Structures, based on real-world cloud classification • Intelligent Weather Engine with Real-Time Weather and Cloud Model Synchronization
  2. Hello Sam, Since you want some info on GA new aircraft in 2018, may I recommend you follow this project . I realize this is FIRST for 32 bit, but 64 bit should not be much later after initial release and it's not for XPlane
  3. Thanks, Vic. I would love to see a link where the developer says ASCA will change ENVTEX cloud textures dynamically as the last time I spoke with Maxime, HiFi (ASCA) only allows ENVTEX SKY textures to be changed dynamically. It has been my understanding that an ASCA user can inject ANY developer's clouds but MUST uncheck CIRRUS and CLOUD TEXTURES when running the GLOBAL AUTOMATIC or FULL DYNAMICS theme. If the user does NOT uncheck them, ASCA will automatically override with their own ASCA cloud textures Thanks for your assistance :)
  4. Sorry to be negative Roland, but please don't spread this. ASCA CANNOT change any cloud textures but their own. Hopefully ,in the future this will not be true.
  5. Had the same issue. Here's how I fixed it. Open PTA and load the preset for PTAbsolute Natural. Now under Miscellaneous highlight CUSTOM TWEAKS. Now in the Middle Box, you see Custom Tweaks. Now UNCHECK Clouds Directional Lighting Tweak 3. Make sure you SAVE this and you can now load your preset and apply with NO errors. Apparently something with this custom tweak is not correct with PTA and until the creator of this preset fixes it, it cannot be used with Custom Tweak 3.
  6. That's what I thought until I installed the latest ENVDIR. The updated presets for P3D v4.1 are now in my >> C:/Users/[Username]/AppData/Local/TOGA projects/Envdir/Resource/PTA
  7. Thanks, Scott. I have to ask you which preset are you referring? I am using the same products as you and agree with all your choices. Currently my SHADER choice is PTA with preset > PTA Absolute - Natural Set - Less Haze which can now be found here : C:/Users/[Username]/AppData/Local/TOGA projects/Envdir/Resource/PTA
  8. Sorry, but what I read was to NOT install this APP anywhere that needs administrative privileges. I've always thought the Program Files folder does need EXE files opened with administrator privileges, hence my reason for placing it on the desktop
  9. I am no expert, so I may be wrong, but WHY did you install PTA under "Program Files" ? Obviously PTA can't find your P3D directory. I placed my PTA folder with all associated files inside on my desktop. Here's the developer's "how to install" notes:
  10. Don't worry about uninstalling PTA, it's NOT a program needing UNINSTALL. To reinstall your P3D CLIENT, go here and follow the instructions ONLY (repeat ONLY) for the CLIENT. Once you are finished you can then open your PTA and follow the PTA instructions for applying a new preset.
  11. Here ya go... direct from the PTA forum below this forum.
  12. You won't need to reinstall ASCA but you will have to reload the ASCA sky colors to override any sky textures from REX. In order to do this you must first go to ASCA settings under ENABLED CONTENT and UNCHECK "Cirrus", "Cloud Textures" and "Cloud Structures". This will insure your REX clouds remain UNCHANGED and the ASCA sky textures will stay with your last loaded ASCA choice for sky colors.
  13. Open up your ASCA UI, click on "settings". Under Enabled Content UNCHECK "sky colors" and APPLY. Now AS4 will not change any of your "LAST" inserted texture choices for "SKY".
  14. You need to access the CONTROL WINDOWS pop up. This should pop up with the command SHIFT + 6. Every action you need can be clicked on or off in the CONTROL WINDOWS
  15. Hello, May we assume you have restored original shaders, no presets applied, and your problems went away ?