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  1. Just to add a comment from a flight simmer since 2002. The PMDG 737-700 is easily the nicest aircraft I've flown on a simulator in 20 years ! Thank you PMDG and your awesome team members !
  2. You are entitled to post your regrets. Thankfully, I couldn't disagree more. I'm still learning the complexities, but the MD looks beautiful to me and I'm sure the OK sounds will evolve to awesome sounds ! I'm not a prop or a turbo prop flyer so the $$ I saved by not buying the C414 and the C310 covered my costs for the Maddog.😉👍
  3. May be true but it's nice to know the Maddog can perform autoland 😉👍
  4. Found this from today's YT releases. Looks pretty good to me ! !
  5. Anybody know of plans for a live stream from an English speaking pilot ? 🙃
  6. https://www.flytampa.org/kbos.html?fbclid=IwAR0uauRJgtTLnHbTRxPmGfP3y82oUMnBlkqOSugGS9UDj2ojIKR7ZhOEr6E
  7. For us Yanks that's about 3 ounces. Thanks to the OP. I'm gonna try this system out 👍
  8. simply yes... just choose the correct livery when loading your flight.
  9. Odd that this is an OLD thread (closed Feb 4) and yet the driver supporting NIS was just released. ???
  10. Very interested to see if someone tries this desktop resolution switch on MSFS and can provide any feedback regarding what (if anything) is improved. With these drivers, NVIDIA also introduces Image Scaling in any game, which improves performance. Image scaling improves performance by displaying the game at a reduced resolution, then upscaling and upscaling to match the original resolution of your monitor. For games that do not support full-screen mode or do not support Image Scaling, you can change your desktop resolution to the same as the game resolution to allow Nvidia Image Scaling. To establish or switch between scaling resolutions on the desktop, it is advised that you utilize the Nvidia Control Panel. You may enable this option manually in the control panel and then modify the game resolution to match, or you can enable it automatically via GeForce Experience. Activate NIS To activate the Nvidia Image Scaling function in the Nvidia Control Panel, we open it, click on “Control 3D Settings” and activate “Image Scaling”. Start the game and, in the resolution, below that of your native monitor resolution. Also, put the game in full-screen mode You can also activate the overlay indicator, and a text label “NIS” will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. A green text indicator mentions that Nvidia Image Scaling is scaling and fine-tuning the game. If the text is blue, then Nvidia Image Scaling is tuning but not scaling.
  11. Just RELEASED >>> Microsoft Flight Simulator 23 mins · In light of recent tragic aviation news, we have made the decision to postpone our release of World Update VIII: Iberia until Thursday, March 24th at 2:00 AM PDT (0900Z). We extend our deepest condolences to those affected by this event. Thank you, MSFS Team
  12. I have the default CJ4 and all default CJ4 liveries installed and no issues with the WT CJ4. Somewhere (possibly disguised) in your Community folder is a CJ4 livery or an old CJ4 textures folder causing your issue. Try downloading the latest version of WT's CJ4, install it to your Community folder with NOTHING else in it and try again.
  13. QUOTE from the WT #discussion Discord BOT >>> there are only ever three possible causes for white screens, which happens if an old panel.cfg or cockpit model is around - Make sure CJ4 is at least on version 12.9 and you updated it by removing the old one first - Make sure you don't use an old livery that fully overrides panel.cfg (which only old obscure ones would still do) - Update the CJ4 Cockpit Texture mod if you are using that.
  14. Fly the Maddog X MSFS version 1.0 will include: - MD82 with -217A engines, PAX Cabin 162Y and Honeywell FMS for NAV/VNAV/ACARS; - Flight model and engines performances tested and matched against real aircraft performance tables; - All systems/avionics/tests etc, fully implemented as in the P3D version, including failures/INOPs feature, fully dimmable integral and flood lightning, working TCAS and EGPWS terrain mode; - New FMS Services page for controlling DOORS/STAIR, External power, fuel loading, etc.; - Fully integrated with MSFS ecosystem (jetway, catering, baggage loader, etc...); - Integration with PFPX/SimBrief via Load Manager and retrieval of OFP data via the ACARS system; - Livery manager, and aircraft settings configurable for different aircrafts; - Livery-based cockpit color (pink, blue or grey) and main panel variations (including placards and speed bugs); - Can be installed in the same machine with Fly the Maddog X for P3D; Configurable options from Load Manager: - Panel state when starting simulation (Cold & Dark, Ready at Gate, Ready for Takeoff...); - Weight & Balance and route planner; - Load Manager units (Kg/mbar or Lbs/InHg); Aircraft options: - Cockpit units (Kg/mbar or Lbs/InHg); - PFD flight director style (cross bar or single cue), rising runway, ND wind arrow, groundspeed and aircraft map symbol, HDG UP or TRK UP option; - PFD wired to opposite NAV; - Armed altitude as FL and AutoArm altitude option; - Gear waring inhibit above 1500ft AGL; - Always play aural when autopilot disconnects; - Auto brake system; - Three VOR instrument versions: VOR/ADF/DME, VOR/ADF and VOR only; - Two altimeter versions: DUAL/SINGLE knob; - Optional TAS/SAT indicator; - Flat or Cone tail; Simulator options: - Enable failures; - Autopilot disconnect when flight controls moved; - Automatic update of aircraft weight and cg; - Automatic fuel loading; - Enable PM calls; - Sync CM1/CM2; - FSUIPC compatibility mode; - Maximum luminosity of all cockpit lights and instruments (flood, integral, LED, LCD and CRT); - Failures probability, separated for LIGHT, MEDIUM and DANGEROUS; - INOP systems according to MEL; NOTE: All settings (including panel states) can be changed while the sim is running and they are applied immediately without need to restart the flight. NOTE: on initial release the wx radar will be not functional due to lack of wx interface in current MSFS SDK. Wx radar functionality will be implemented free of charge as soon as the SDK will expose the necessary interface.
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