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  1. "Fantasy of Flight" is definitely a great place to visit. I have been there twice. On one occasion we got access to the spare part hangar across the road. Amazing what Kermit Weeks has collected. Even saw a flight demonstration of the Fieseler Storch almost standing in the air against the wind. A great inspiration for everyone who enjoys heritage planes. The pics of the scenery freeware look pretty close to reality from what I remember.
  2. In 1933 Lufthansa startet flights across the South Atlantic via Bathurst (today: Banjul, Gambia) to Natal (Brazil) with Dornier Wal Flying Boats. The distance was 3040 km. Flight time going west was 14 hours, going east 12,5 hours. Sometimes the start was supported by catapult on the deck of the vessel "Westfalen". This info with many more details are from the book "Flugbuch Atlantik"; German language. Good luck with your research. Rüdiger
  3. Try any one of their 2 missions, and you are likely to be stopped from immediate take off by a herd of elephants crossing the runway. Around the Abu airstrip are at least 2 herds of elephants moving on, and one herd of giraffes. In other places I found groups of animals walking for a few hundred feet before magically being zipped back to where they had started off a few seconds ago. But your impression is not altogether wrong. Most of the 12 000 animals seem to be static, even if lots are animated. Some of the buffaloes to the extend that they are wagging 2 tails. Initially I was disappointed as you seem to be. But after doing some flying - especially in the helicopter - I found the scenery rewarding. Rüdiger
  4. In this case animals contribute to the immersion. In both missions supplied with the Okavango Scenery, elephants walk across the dirt airstrip. I have seen this in real life as well. Thus it adds to the immersion.
  5. Looks like an improved version of the freeware "Okavango" for XP11.
  6. Thanks. It worked once I discovered the black buttons partly under the top menu and fps counter.
  7. Have P3D v4.5 and no FSUIPC installed. Opening doors other than main exit + upper mail door not possible. Have linked door opening to a key on my Saitek X-55. Normally with key+(n) I can open all doors on planes, but not here. Manual part 2 mentions on page 6 a 2D panel for the doors but I cannot find it. How do I open it? Or will that be included in the next patch?
  8. Bill Nash was a regular contributor to the Airways Magazine. In the January 2011 issue he presents more than a dozen of "Pan Am's Flying Boat Pilots" (pages 48-53), among them well known names such as Robert Ford (first around the world flight) and Marius Lodeesen (flying the uranium for the nuclear bomb from Africa to the USA).
  9. Looks like you have Nav Aids on. Turn it off. Rüdiger
  10. Hi Andrew and Stu, You have touched a topic which I find fascinating. Although I have not yet watched all the videos, I find them both entertaining and enlightening. 2 Years ago I wrote an article about Flying Boats in different flight simulators in the german magazine FS MAGAZIN. In FS 2004 there are flying boats like the B-314 and the respective sceneries available. For XP11 the Short Solent is available. I do not use FSX any more. In P3D there is the Catalina. The latter is of interest for me since I took a flight on the Catalina with both land and water landings in Lelystad (NL) in 2014. I happen to own the book by Marius Lodeesen, but the German version. I also have a small collection of other books about flying boats; both fiction and non-fiction. If you are interested, I could send you a list with brief descriptions. In various museums around the world you can still see some of the big old 4-engine machines. Unfortunately neither the China Clipper nor the B-314. Thanks for providing great visuals and food for thought! Ruediger
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