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  1. I had msfs 2020 installed and I'm not blind to the great visuals and potential. But I only fly modern airliners, so the visuals aren't my main concern. So I continue to do my flightsimming in xp 11. This morning, the latest update for msfs 2020 refused to show up in the Ms store (and yes I've read and tried all suggestions). That did it for me and I performed a complete Uninstall. I feel relieved not to depend anymore on the ridiculous update charade from a cynical multi national.
  2. I have msfs 2020 installed and agree with all the positive points mentioned. However, as a airliner lover, there is nothing in msfs2020 (besides the pmdg dc6) that compares to the Toliss a319 and a321, the inibuild a300 and a310, the justflight bae 146 series and many more. So for the moment, I continue to do all my flying in xp11. Jos
  3. Agree to stay on topic. Sorry to divert. Justt to be fair, I can confirm that both the developer of Ultraweather and the X-plane Org Store have replied and that now, my Order number is valid. So I can finally enjoy the product. Now back to Haze. Jos
  4. I hope so. I've send them an email and proof.
  5. Pirating is an issue, I agree, but even top software developers provide a license key without hocus-pocus, with the exception of x-aviation. What are these guys of ultimate weather think? That they are sitting on liquid gold? I'll contact the org store and ask for a valid order number or a refund. But I don't have high hopes. Cheers, Jos.
  6. Ultraweather? As you are fiddling to your hearts contents, you convinced me to purchase the latest version via X-plane Org store. No license key at that moment. On opening the plugin in x-plane, I had to enter my email and order number in order to ask for a key. But after entering the correct items, the plugin stated that my order number wasn't valid. However, there was an mail address for support. So I explained my problem. I got an automated answer that told me that if my problem wasn't listed in their answer and if I needed an answer from a human being, I had to answer once again, including my x-plane log. That's enough fiddling for me. 35$ down the drain. This company is hiding behind an automated wall. Just so you know.
  7. Half of Europe is drowning and the other half is burning. That's what I find scary. An update for a computer game in September doesn't scare me at all. Just my 2cents.
  8. Today, at fl230, between Luton en Brussels, it was smoking hot. So, the latest update didn't fix it.
  9. Same thing here. Was already the case yesterday, before the latest updates. Thank you to team for their continued efforts. Jos
  10. Good framerates and no stutters on my side. Incredible immersion. My number one airliner in msfs 2020.
  11. I have to say that PMDG created a masterpiece. The video tutorials are a great help.
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