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  1. Looks like comments on the new beta are taken over by one single user. I guess we'll have to look for info elsewhere.
  2. what I don't understand is why some people are moaning in this x-plane forum about how much better msfs is. Why even bother? Fly the flight simulator you like the best and stop ranting. You won't find me in a msfs forum, explaining over and over again why x-plane is much better. At each it own.
  3. I'm so grateful to Austin for continuing developing my all times favorite flightsim. Thank you, sir! Jos
  4. I'm so tired of these MSFS versus xplane arguments. This is a forum about x-plane. I purchased MSFS when it came out. It doesn't suit me and I wiped it off my hard-drive. That's just me. I am a full-time x-plane user. There are obviously a number of bugs that need correcting. For me, real weather is an important one. But one thing I have to say: I use x-plane 12 since the first beta, always flying the Toliss a319. And not once, the program froze or crashed on me. And that is rather fabulous!
  5. Did you use real weather, because it only happens with real weather in my case. Jos
  6. I can only confirm behavior. I'm flying the Toliss 319 for x-plane 12. I have tried to adapt several graphic settings but nothing seems to stop this flashing effect. Also, the lack of reactions, makes me think not many users are having this problem,
  7. At each it's own dbw1. That's why there are options available.
  8. It's a beautiful and deep simulation. However, I like to fly with unforseen random failures. This setting is not available. I'm not a pilot who likes setting malfunctions manually like a levelD sim. "I think we will have a birdstrike today" is not my thing. But that's just me. Jos
  9. I never left x-plane. Too much fun with the current version.
  10. At that discount, it's no sale. It's a message saying that it was not worth the price that was originally advertised.
  11. Thank you JCOMM, for your patience watching these endless streams en for sharing this info.
  12. I can only confirm my ultimate satisfaction and admiration for this product. The youtube videos helped me realizing my first flights. Never had so much enjoyment. I only have one wish: an option to add random failures (or bird strikes). That would really keep me on my toes. Jos
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