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  1. The weather still off/on on reload after all this years and versions is what I dislike the most.
  2. All I have seen so far is eye candy. Important for some but I love flying airliners and x-plane is still the way to go for me.
  3. And they left us with an unfinished md 82. Just took the money and ran.
  4. Some things don't feel right. I was hoping Hifi Simulations would have adjusted some parameters, but ... Jos
  5. PMDG makes great products but since I choose X-Plane over P3D, I fly the ZIbo 737 and the Toliss 319 and never considered going back. I purchased their Dc6 for x-plane 10 , but that was a disappointment. They even didn't bother tot upgrade it for x-plane 11. Jos
  6. I wonder what specs are needed to run this new microsoft simulation?
  7. x-Europe 2 gave me a lot of errors in my log file. So I deleted it. Jos
  8. And in day to day flying, everything works perfect all the time I suppose? If so, why do you need pilots I wonder. That said, the aerosoft busses are great fun, but I prefer the immersion (included the chance that something can go wrong) of the fslabs. Jos
  9. Ok. I'll give it another try using FSUIPC. Jos Denis
  10. Thanks for the advice. So, changing from a 4 engine to a 2 engine aircraft means changing the throttle setup each time. Jos Denis.
  11. I'm struggling with this problem. My Saitek has only 2 throttles. I fly mainly the B747-8 and the a319. I was hoping that PMDG would offer the option to reduce the throttle control to 1 or 2, but I didn't find that option. I tried controlling via FSUIPC and it works for the b747-8 but not for the airbus. How are you solving this problem? Jos Denis.
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