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  1. OK. Each presentation is about a different element: weather, water, clouds, trees, airports ground traffic etc ... And none of these presentations are very smooth. Question: when we put all these elements together, is there any equipment that can handle it ??? 😉
  2. I just hope that by the time of release, the quality and multitude of autogenous objects and the appearance of the roads will be addressed - it really looks archaic now. 😉
  3. It worries me a bit that the clouds never reach the horizon. They are above the plane and the sky is clear in the distance (maybe it's a coincidence).
  4. Ah yes ;-(. So the demo is not for me. I can only try the EC.
  5. First EC attempt with xVision - unsuccessful. I have a dual image in VR view. What exactly options should be deselected in xVision settings ???
  6. If anyone confirms the usefulness of the EC in VR (preferably with a proposition of own user profile), I will also buy it. 😉 (1080Ti i7 8700K 32RAM)
  7. Has anyone checked the EC in VR (FPS, jagged edges etc) ???
  8. And I would have risked that few dollars, especially since I was following the development of the project. But ... there are probably some problems when using VR. And I feel sorry for the xVision I recently bought and which will probably be "biting" with ESC. 😉
  9. Yeah. And you get paid for it. I have to spend a lot to have a small substitute for it 😉
  10. Where's the place for the romanticism of flying ??? 😉 Beautiful views outside the window, clouds, sky, sun, landscape in the distance - all this is also a love of flying ... not only a detailed cockpit. There is always a moment to look out the window 😉
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