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  1. I don't use VisualXP. XP12 is still just a testing ground for me. I'm still enjoying my polished XP11 😉 I will soon change my computer and then --- goodbye XP11
  2. EPWA v3.5: https://mega.nz/file/wqgx3TRY#RWY6mGWTYRwuLmCpyst-6qNqmRxZdmiglr3wmcTM2_g without your mod: https://mega.nz/file/l3YR1BRY#Wq3wfkT8XW-oBRE5MzkEh65mU_9YSVuVmZU2RRYl5sM PS. Maybe you are also on the "x-plane.org" forum ???
  3. i use 3.5 how to add screenshots here ???
  4. I've always liked your lighting mods (for a very long time). But I've been having trouble with the latest update lately. Lack of lighting at appron stands at airports. PS how can I add a photo/screenshot on this forum???
  5. OK 😉 Sorry, English is not my language. Lighting, colors the best ??? Very OK, but is it best... 😉
  6. Are you joking or are you serious??? 😉 It's 2023... you know ??? The simulation in XP12 is undoubtedly the best, but the visualization is not.
  7. The biggest advantage of VR is that one day you can fly a B737 and the next day you can board a C172. 😉
  8. @efis007 Oh, thank You very much 😉 Of course I will use this solution 😉 --- PS. now the small orange light has also gotten bigger (fourth from the bottom and fifth from the left) - probably unintentionally 😉 PS. I'm sorry, how do you post screenshots on this forum??? (I do it everywhere else without a problem) 😬
  9. ...only the darker street lighting is puzzling in my case 😂 . [EDIT] @efis007 The mystery of darker street lamps solved. 😉 I specially colored one of the types of lighting you changed (the middle one) in bright green: https://mega.nz/file/QuYgARzB#0iMF9WN814FRlFECwE7kzVg0z1tRpjL-By06nero-gk https://mega.nz/file/oihAnBIY#dnXOCQP1TDDx7bJ9VHUjC1JbS1pQHpm7xJ7hj8FzHmo And all the street lights turned green. Conclusion: When you reduced the halos in this particular type of lighting, it made the lantern lights dimmer.
  10. Now everything is clear. Thank you very much. 😉
  11. To be more precisely 😉 : My default "1000-lights-close" file from XP12 looks like @efis007 's file I downloaded/copied the file proposed by @efis007 from this thread and replaced it in XP12 (I also updated XP11, where another "1000-lights-close" file appeared). I made another comparison, and although I don't understand it, I still have "better" street lighting with the default "1000_lights_close" file from XP12 - here are two screenshots side by side: https://mega.nz/file/lqBnwbST#wkQzSirxN-G5WrNTmgD8t_VjZhWwNTla-St-KVPNxWk Weird ... PS how can I post photos without links on this forum? 😉
  12. There is one more strange thing. 😉 The image of my "1000-lights-close" file in XP11 looks different than yours. I just updated XP11 and mine looks like this: https://mega.nz/file/YnxRDTAD#z0MwGv7lL-JoITqwquk4v6V24HL-mgbFDFIhM5fsu-E
  13. I've been using this "solution" for a long time to get rid of those hideous glowing halos whenever I started testing XP12. Unfortunately, however, this solution also limits the overall effect of the lights/illumination in XP12 When you use the "1000_lights_close.png" file from XP11 in XP12, you lose other lighting elements in XP12 - e.g. street lights, building lights are too dark: "solution": https://mega.nz/file/k35kFJTD#6xYl2Io5uL3rtO6CXOGsVJvb4-pCeW6uUMg_s0xf3_U default XP12: https://mega.nz/file/p3Zi1JJT#5bokMHo0cibI-w6uiuKBdNNejuyobbH6duSS598gTnc "solution": https://mega.nz/file/w6xAVKIa#7qVs_F1iE-cwRGLGTP5KRmpMzMnoLr8eXg8jgeF8mt8 default XP12: https://mega.nz/file/Ey42yDxD#8VUIIKlIRf3CfUsgozhSpqVurbKDqqbcasrDHUTHIr4 In the above screenshots it is not so visible, but during night flights on a large monitor the difference is significant, and in VR it is very significant 😉 Generally, I returned to the default "1000_lights_close" file from XP12, and if now I see lights with these unnatural halos anywhere, they are 99.9% caused by objects used in sceneries from XP11. So, actually, currently I personally prefer to stay with the original "1000_lights_close", and if these halos still appear anywhere - I simply edit the specific scenery in WED (it takes a few minutes) or I give up on such a scenery (if it was created for XP11).
  14. If you have previously unsubscribed from the X-Aviation newsletter, you may have problems receiving your code. This is confirmed by many people on the IXEG forum: https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/forum/169-ixeg/ I also had this problem - the only effective method at that time was to write an e-mail to X-Aviation support. I quickly received a reply with a discount code.
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