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  1. +1 to Nimbus for the sounds - they are the best. FPS and smoothness of the simulation - in Nimbus are completely OK. Thranda's planes, although excellent, put a lot of strain on my system and flying in VR is not always pleasant (with my hardware specs).
  2. You can move this arrow anywhere, like any other window in VR mode, by "grabbing" it by the top edge.
  3. I can only mention my first completely "free-test flight" when I bought it for the XP11. My surprise was huge when I made a sharp turn when approaching the runway, with the flaps extended - the plane simply plummeted/collapsed to the ground 😉 This was my first unplanned crash in XP in a long time 😉 Then I read and also watched some YT materials from real, which confirmed that MU2 is "specific" 😉 Great plane - one of the best on the XP platform (also in terms of optimization).
  4. Total surprise 😉 . It was always said that the TOGA update would wait for the IXEG 733 updates first 😉
  5. It would be understandable and acceptable to me if the "old" XP11 scenery caused a CTD or permanent XP12 crash. But I am surprised that after these 30 minutes (!!!), the simulator finally starts and everything looks good, airport, scenery, etc. - everything works without any problem, without any error message... 😉
  6. I very much hope that LR will solve this problem in favor of the ability to use resources intended for XP11. I have a lot of scenery I paid for, many free ones, and I don't want to get rid of them (I don't count too much on add-on developers and their massive XP12 updates). The biggest problem for me right now is XP12's killer loading time in multiple locations (up to 30 minutes!!!) , which makes me prefer to keep using XP11 ;-(
  7. Unfortunately, I experience this too. I don't know what exactly causes the problem. This situation is completely random. Some locations load in normal time, and sometimes Xp12 takes a very, very, very long time to load (not an airport scenery issue, but ortho)
  8. Is it possible in MSFS to assign specific settings (own profiles) to a specific aircraft??? For example, when I get into the MD-82, I would like the appropriate profile of the VR controller, joystick, etc. to be loaded automatically. So that I don't have to change it every time in the equipment settings ...
  9. Has anyone tried using ASXP12 with XP11 ??? After a few hours and understanding the installation process, ASXP12 injects weather into XP11 correctly. However, each time, after a few minutes of flight, the plane starts to spin and falls like a rock and crashes. Almost windless weather (I tried it in different locations), default C172SP, XP11 Weather settings - "Manually Configured" (as you need with ASXP12), in ASXP settings option - "Regional Weather" enabled. ???
  10. We had to train in the same school, because I have exactly the same "technique" of landing 😉 . The "technique" of what should be landing... 😉
  11. Ah, ASXP12 works fine with XP11!!!! 😉 Got a tip from Daveo (from the HiFi team) 😉 In General Options in ASXP12, enable "Use Regional Depiction Mode" (tab "Simulator Depiction options" now ASXP works for XP11 (weather is injected automatically in "manual weather" mode): https://mega.nz/file/V7IAEJJC#I4-qBerCN2iAtuzg8R8Rv93L2lJN9La2sRnY2vZveH4
  12. With XP11, ASXP12 will probably not be compatible for a long time : "This works with XP12 for Windows 64 bit only. Latest XP12 update with betas enabled recommended." https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/asxp-open-beta-info.14402/ Unfortunately, I went back to the old version of ASXP (v.7933), because I still use XP11 (VR) more often than XP12 (VR) 😉
  13. Switching from XP12 to XP11 is a second in the main settings. https://mega.nz/file/VuZkXC5T#YIkkrSzWNvE10rUJsokHsF1GkVOrYTDouhWnK84QuYM But in XP11 it causes CTD anyway (there are already many reports).
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