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  1. Use these clouds --- Vivid Sky v1.1 : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48315-vivid-sky/ They are very good and save FPS Recommended with plugin X-Visibility Add-ons also work with Vulkan
  2. I don't belong to young people either 😉
  3. I use many GoFlight modules from X-plane. I had to buy GoFlight Interface Tool from PollyPot. This supplement is worth 100% of its price. It seems complicated at first, but it is not. With GoFlight Interface Tool I can do anything I want with GoFlight modules. I highly recommend it.
  4. 1) Joystick setup 2) For Hat Switch up; Hat Switch down; Hat Switch right , Hat Switch left ---> chose: CUSTOM 3) chose: EDIT -----> choose accordingly: Rotate view: tilt up fast; Rotate view: tilt down fast; Rotate view: pan right fast, .... etc
  5. OK. I use ASXP myself and I like it very much. 🙂
  6. At the beginning you can try: instead: XP-Realistic (payware) --> HeadShake (free) instead: ASXP (payware) --> NOAA (free) instead: X-Vision (payware) --> Vivid Sky (free) 😉
  7. What graphics card do you have and what driver ???
  8. This beta b2 is two steps back compared to b1: error with every attempt to change aircraft, unstable fps, and stuttering problem returned.
  9. I don't think I will help. This is my own compilation of various road improvement files from various authors. Don't ask me what I did it some time ago and I really don't remember what I really kept, what I threw away. Anyway, my ROADS work like normal scenery and are in the Custom_scenery folder along with other libraries. When I don't want to use them, they just deactivate this scenery and I have default roads. I can possibly send my Road folder to your email.
  10. Sorry for the confusion with my photos, because I made mistakes here. Many hours of testing and late night hours meant that errors in my observations crept in. 😞 In sum. My textures XP11.41 and XP11.50b1 + Vulkan are identical. I carried out tests today with identical Texture Quality settings, without 3jFPS and received identical results. (I don't know how it will look when I make a long flight). The mountains in the distance have proved to be the missing scenery of the Alps, and the different trees are thanks to the SAM plug. In XP11.50 (Vulkan) = I don't have stuttering. 🙂 At this stage of testing Vulkan = nightmarish shadows in the cockpit and the inability to use the librain plugin and grundtraffic - are my biggest concerns.
  11. A strange thing, when everyone complains about more blurry textures in Vulkan than in XP11.41. For me (strange thing) it looks the opposite: 1) XP11.41: 2) XP10.50b1+Vulkan:
  12. It would be good if you could put two photos for comparison 😉
  13. I think you can easily move the Visual Effects slider one position to the left. You won't notice any differences and you'll get a lot of FPS.
  14. The librain effect also doesn't work if the Vulkan option is not selected.
  15. I am impressed by the improvement in FPS, AA and it seems that stutter has finally disappeared. However, something bad happens with the shadows in the cockpit. (even if I turn off the Vulkan option).
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