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  1. Hi, Thank you for the advice. I’ll go for separate drives of the OS and Simulator. Best Regards, Anders
  2. Hi, Been away from flightsim for some years now. Now returning with brand new rig, mainly because we soon have to go with W10. Still undecided if I’ll continue with FSX DX10 or transfer to P3D v4.x though. When I built my current W7-64 rig back in 2011, common habit was to use a small SSD for OS, and install the sim in the root a separate drive. Which I did and it worked flawlessly. But today with W10 it no longer matters? Should I in stead buy one big SSD, and install sim in root of the C-drive, or maybe just in the default directory? Best Regards, Anders
  3. Real weather works for my REX2004 OD sp5 version. I had been away from flight simulation for some years, and when I recently fired up my then REX2004 with sp4 it wouldn’t work. Updating however did the trick. BR, Anders
  4. Fantastic upgrade to FS9. Thank you very much. Works fine with FSGlobal 2010, GE Pro 2 and REX2004 OD in W7. Let’s hope this fine Sim world not gets too messed up with W10.. BR, Anders
  5. Hi Luis, Thank you, I found out. I had also forgot the W7 bug, that you have to click somewhere in the window in order to proceed with the addition of the libraries. BR, Anders
  6. Hi, Could someone explain to me how to install OSM world western europe? I threw in the 10 folders in the addon scenery folder, ran the .bat file. But now I get a “Scenery.cfg” error when starting up FS9, and I cannot see the 10 libraries inside the scenery library in FS9. Nothing to move up or down relative to the default library. I do not think the readme.txt is clear.. BR, Anders
  7. Hi Thank you for the input. I really want a no-nonsense solid motherboard with a strong VRM for the CPU to keep it cool with a decent OC. As FSX only can benefit fron one GPU, I don't need 4 pci slots. As I also plan to get one big SSD for the OS and sim+addons, I don't need 8 sata connections either. The more I think of it, the Asus Sabertooth comes into my shortlist.. Or maybe the Asus Maximus Gene. Best regards Anders
  8. Ok, I found out. Just download again from my FSS order page.. BR, Anders
  9. Hi, I am about to start simming again after a couple of years pause. I am going to build a new Skylake PC around a 6600k CPU, a GTX980 and a couple of fast G.Skill Trident Z sticks. My previous PC´s have been built with Asrock boards, that served me well - somehow I have sweet spot for Asrock. What are you using? As I like longhaul flights with the CS 777 for instance, longevity/durability is important for me. I will be using FSX/DX10. BR, Anders
  10. Hi, I have been away from simming for a couple of years, and I am now about to start up again with a new Skylake PC. My last used version of the program was 2.4. I bought it from FSS, that no longer sell the program. So, how do I get the latest version? I know that others may have asked about this before - but what have you done? BR, Anders
  11. Hi, Thanks for the review. I am surprised that you can get stable 4,8 GHz on 8 cores out of that Motherboard, as it uses a 4+1 power phase system. Are you using any cloud/weather addons, like REX Essentials? BR, Anders
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