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  1. Hi Thank you for the input. I really want a no-nonsense solid motherboard with a strong VRM for the CPU to keep it cool with a decent OC. As FSX only can benefit fron one GPU, I don't need 4 pci slots. As I also plan to get one big SSD for the OS and sim+addons, I don't need 8 sata connections either. The more I think of it, the Asus Sabertooth comes into my shortlist.. Or maybe the Asus Maximus Gene. Best regards Anders
  2. Ok, I found out. Just download again from my FSS order page.. BR, Anders
  3. Hi, I am about to start simming again after a couple of years pause. I am going to build a new Skylake PC around a 6600k CPU, a GTX980 and a couple of fast G.Skill Trident Z sticks. My previous PC´s have been built with Asrock boards, that served me well - somehow I have sweet spot for Asrock. What are you using? As I like longhaul flights with the CS 777 for instance, longevity/durability is important for me. I will be using FSX/DX10. BR, Anders
  4. Hi, I have been away from simming for a couple of years, and I am now about to start up again with a new Skylake PC. My last used version of the program was 2.4. I bought it from FSS, that no longer sell the program. So, how do I get the latest version? I know that others may have asked about this before - but what have you done? BR, Anders
  5. Good to hear that the i5/GTX970 can deal with 8xSGSS, as I'm split with myself if I should take the 970 or 980 in my next hardware upgrade. What resolution is your monitor? BR Anders
  6. At least get a semimodular one. Makes cable management so much easier. And yes, get a 850 watt or higher, then you are prepared if one day P3D can use 2 GPU's Anders
  7. I fully agree with you, as I also use 8xSGSS, that not necessary kills FPS all the time. And it looks very good! It is my impression that quite a few don't have the patience to set up DX10 properly, and then jump into P3D.. BR Anders
  8. In GPU-z you can see what is the GPU load. If it goes to 100% and the CPU load in the Taskmanager at the same time goes down, then there is GPU bottleneck. And yes, 3 monitors on a 660 sound like that it could be the case. BR Anders
  9. Anderscn

    New computer

    It is not only about FPS - in DX10, 20 is perfectly smooth, and 15 for shorter periods is ok. You should also consider more or less blurred landscapes, i.e texture filling, and this is where a multi core CPU makes a difference. I' m still on an old oc'ed 6-core AMD, and while FPS not is exceptional, I get a remarkably sharp non-blurred picture. And yes, all 6 core quite often are at 100% - not only during launch of sim or panning. BR Anders
  10. I would still not consider anything less than a gtx770 with that CPU. Especially in EGLL heavily clouded! What size monitor do you have in mind?But never mind, we all have different requirements in terms of image quality. Another thing is the PSU - 430 watt. Appears a little weak.. BR Anders
  11. I would rather get the i5 4690k, then use the difference up to the 4790k on a 780 or 970, and definately a z97 MB. I agree that a 4790k with a 750 is totally unbalanced. Why not save up a little more? Remember, in the long run it is expensive to save money in the first place. BR Anders
  12. I now see more people leaving NI, doing adjustments in Nvidia's own control panel. What is your experience - is it better than Inspector? I really need to do alot of things in Inspector to make the sim look right, especially in the AA department. But can it be done better in Nvidia Control Panel? BR Anders
  13. Maybe that's why they released a new driver after a week.. I normally only use the driver itself, making adjustments with Inspector. Prefer simplicity. Best regards Anders
  14. 344.65 work fine here in FSX DX10 using a GTX570. I' m no sure though, if there's any performance or visual gains. BR Anders
  15. I did not know that the CS777 comes with a 2D panel also? In KSEA it may drop below 15 FPS, but then in DX10 this is tolerable for shorter periods. Once above FL100, it returns to about 20-30 (locked at 30 fps) being smooth in DX10. In rubbish weather it may of cause drop again with the REX clouds I'm using, but this is GPU bottleneck, not CPU limited. By the way, the rig is thoroughly tweaked according to Nick N's guide, and then adjusted to DX10. BR Anders