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    I am a student at The Ohio State University studying aviation engineering with a professional pilot specialization. I currently hold a third class medical and a private pilot certificate with ASEL privileges. I have been flight simming since 2010, and it sparked my passion for aviation and led me here to where I am today. I aim to become an airline pilot after graduation.
  1. So whenever I make videos with the PMDG 747 v3, one half of the landing gear wheels and tires disappear as I touch down on the runway. Below are two screen shots illustrating the problem. Above: The left-hand set of gears are visible, but the wheels and tires are not. This is during touchdown, with the right main gears touching down first to compensate for a right crosswind. Above: This is when the nose gear touches down. As you can see, the left-hand wheels and tires are now visible again. It seems as though this only happens to left main gears. All of the wheels are visible during approach and rollout, but disappears during touchdown when the gears move. I am using FS-Recorder to replay this particular landing, but this also happens when I am flying normally. I am using SweetFX injectors to enhance visuals, but it does not seem to be the problem as the issue still occurs when I turn it off. Is this something that was addressed in an update, or is this something that is particular to my system? Thanks !
  2. I'm dying to get my hands on one of these, but like any perfect girlfriend, it is sometimes wise to wait. Wouldn't want a last-minute bug ruin the grand release. Keep it going!
  3. The 747 development is finally contacting approach, preparing for arrival at the airport called "Product Release"... Great news, thanks for the update!
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