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  1. I wonder if i can indulge a few people to check something out for me. I have been running P3D4 since Jan (switched from FSX). I run sli 980s and have 3 27 inch monitors on an overclocked 4790K. Up until recently I haven't had any complaints about FPS. I managed to finally find what was causing random ndtll.dll faults. So now that I have sorted that out recently I've found that i have a lot of stutters and it seemed to be jerky when landing, especially at night that I didn't experience before (something has changed somewhere). I've played with a lot of the settings including disabling HDR. I get the FPS quite high. Right now when I'm sitting with FSDT PHOG on the runway with PMDG 737 FPS fluctuates around 45 to 48 at night. However if I turn the landing lights on it drops to about 28. I never had that before I don't think because I'm sure I would have noticed. That's a 20 fps hit that doesn't seem right and normal. I've just deleted the shader folder but it's still the same. I'm scratching my head on this one. I've rebuilt the config file too with no success? I've recently updated asp4 and have recently reinstall FSLABS A320 as well as spotlights. Could this be spotlights even though i'm not using the A320? Can somebody test this for me because I don't think my FPS dropped this much before when the lights on at night. SOmething is at work here. I even disabled AA for this test. Norm.
  2. Ill cut straight to the chase, I know my system can run it just fine, but will it be able to get to a good FPS? Here are my specs (Its a laptop I know, I'm building my own pc in Christmas however.) ROG G752VT Intel I7 6700 2.6GHz 4 core CPU 16 Gigs RAM GTX 970M
  3. Hello. To start off, I have tried many fixes for this issue. I've tried affinity mask - this only results in the main one core being used 100%, and setting priority - does nothing. In X-Plane, I get even usage across all cores, however, in p3d, I get 10-25 fps in a pmdg747 (My friend has the same specs but a different brand of cpu, intel) and gets 40-50 fps in a 747 cockpit with flytampa boston. Now, I need to find a fix so my aircraft will balance usage across all cores. I am really confused. I have hyper threading on, and it usually uses all cores at cruise, but usually has the work put on 0,4, and 6. On the ground, core 0 is at 100% while the others are at 10-20%. CAM, my CPU monitoring software shows my cpu load as 50-60-90 percent mid flight and I still get really bad fps, 10-30 mid flight. Could overclocking help? or how can I fix this? Buy a new intel rig? Please help!
  4. I am looking for help to get my system to run FSX above 15+ FPS (even mid 20's would be awesome). It stutters and under performs especially at FSDT KORD. System Setup i7 2600k @ 4.5ghz (HT OFF) Watercooled (Corsair H60) Gigabyte Z68MA-D2h-B3 16 Gig DDR3 1600 mhz RAM RAID1 with SSD 500 gb + WD 1TB Recovery HD AMD HD 7950 3GB EYEFINITY 3 Monitors Addons: PMDG 737 NGX WIlco Evolution Vol 1 REX 3 with Overdrive Orbx Vector Captain Sim 757 FSDT KLAS, KORD, GSX FSX Config: [BUFFERPOOLS] Usepools=0 PoolSize=0 [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 [SOUND] AmbientUIMusicVolume=-6.000000 SOUND=1 SOUND_QUALITY=2 SOUND_LOD=0 UISound=0 AmbientUI=0 SOUND_FADER1=0.500000 SOUND_FADER2=0.500000 SOUND_FADER3=0.500000 SOUND_FADER4=0.500000 AmbientUIMusic=FSX01 PrimaryDevice={DEF00000-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} VoiceDevice={DEF00002-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} [Display] ChangeTime=4.000000 TransitionTime=4.000000 ActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 ActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=0,28,140,64 NonActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 NonActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=24,33,87,64 InfoUpperRightTextColor=255,0,0 InfoUpperRightBackGroundColor=0,0,0,0 InfoLowerLeftTextColor=255,255,255 InfoLowerLeftBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoLowerRightTextColor=255,255,255 InfoLowerRightBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoBrakesEnable=True InfoParkingBrakesEnable=True InfoPauseEnable=True InfoSlewEnable=True InfoStallEnable=True InfoOverspeedEnable=True BLOOM_EFFECTS=1 SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=1 MAX_TEXTURE_DATA=1000 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=3072 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=30 WideViewAspect=True [Main] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.15 User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc HideMenuNormal=0 HideMenuFullscreen=1 Location=3149,172,4189,951,\\.\DISPLAY1 Maximized=2 SimObjectPaths.6=C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\data\SimObjects SimObjectPaths.7=C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\Simobjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.8=C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects ProcSpeed=8338 PerfBucket=7 [PANELS] IMAGE_QUALITY=1 QUICKTIPS=1 PANEL_OPACITY=100 PANEL_MASKING=1 PANEL_STRETCHING=1 UNITS_OF_MEASURE=0 DEFAULT_VIEW=0 [Weather] WindshieldPrecipitationEffects=1 MinGustTime=10 MaxGustTime=500 MinGustRampSpeed=1 MaxGustRampSpeed=200 MinVarTime=5 MaxVarTime=50 MinVarRampSpeed=10 MaxVarRampSpeed=75 TurbulenceScale=1.000000 WeatherServerPort=80 WeatherGraphDataInDialog=0 AdjustForMagVarInDialog=1 DynamicWeather=0 DownloadWindsAloft=0 DisableTurbulence=1 CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=3 DETAILED_CLOUDS=1 CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=8 THERMAL_VISUALS=0 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0] Mode=1024x768x32 TriLinear=1 [CONTROLS] Controls_Default=Standard Controls_Current=Standard KBDAIL=64 KBDELEV=64 KBDRUD=64 [TextInfo.1] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 [TextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 GForce=1,3 FuelPercentage=1,4 [TextInfo.3] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 FrameRate=2,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 GForce=2,3 FuelPercentage=2,4 [SlewTextInfo.1] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 [SlewTextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 [SlewTextInfo.3] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 FrameRate=2,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 [DynamicHeadMovement] LonAccelOnHeadLon=-0.020000 LonAccelOnHeadPitch=-0.010000 RollAccelOnHeadLat=0.010000 YawAccelOnHeadLat=-0.100000 RollAccelOnHeadRoll=0.100000 MaxHeadAngle=5.000000 MaxHeadOffset=0.300000 HeadMoveTimeConstant=1.000000 [VirtualCopilot] VirtualCopilotActive=0 [GRAPHICS] ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 ForceFullScreenVSync=1 NUM_LIGHTS=8 AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=0 AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=0 COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 LANDING_LIGHTS=1 AC_SELF_SHADOW=0 EFFECTS_QUALITY=2 GROUND_SHADOWS=0 TEXTURE_QUALITY=3 IMAGE_QUALITY=0 See_Self=1 Text_Scroll=1 D3D10=0 HIGHMEMFIX=1 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED_10=1693500672 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED=1693500672 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 [USERINTERFACE] PageID=1 SHOW_MISSION_CAPTIONS=0 PAUSE_ON_LOST_FOCUS=0 PROMPT_ON_EXIT=1 SITUATION=C:\Users\scien\OneDrive\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\United Virtual Map_Orientation=2 OpenATCOnCreate=0 ShowAllACPaintSchemes=1 SelectAircraftManufacturer=All SelectAircraftPublisher=All SelectAircraftType=All DisplayFuelAsWeight=1 [ATC] ShowATCText=1 COMM_MSG_NONE_COLOR=FFFFFFFF COMM_MSG_ATC_USER_COLOR=FFB6FFB6 COMM_MSG_USER_ATC_COLOR=FFFFD21B COMM_MSG_ATC_AI_COLOR=FF00FF00 COMM_MSG_AI_ATC_COLOR=FFFF7840 AutoOpenAirTrafficWindow=1 UsePilotVoice=1 PilotVoice=0 [PointOfInterestSystem] CycleSetting=0 [SCENERY] SmallPartRejectRadius=1 LENSFLARE=1 DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=5 [TrafficManager] AirlineDensity=0 GADensity=0 FreewayDensity=1 ShipsAndFerriesDensity=0 LeisureBoatsDensity=0 IFROnly=0 AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=5 [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIUS=4.500000 MESH_COMPLEXITY=100 MESH_RESOLUTION=23 TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=29 AUTOGEN_DENSITY=2 DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 WATER_EFFECTS=4 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=1300 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL=900 SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=10 [AContain] ShowLabels=1 ShowUserLabel=0 ShowLabelManufacturer=1 ShowLabelModel=1 ShowLabelTailNumber=0 ShowLabelDistance=1 ShowLabelAltitude=1 ShowLabelAirline=0 ShowLabelAirlineAndFlightNumber=0 ShowLabelFlightPlan=0 ShowLabelContainerId=0 ShowLabelAirspeed=0 ShowLabelHeading=0 LabelDelay=1000 LabelColor=FFFF0000 [INTERNATIONAL] ASLAT=2 ASLON=1 MEASURE=0 [REALISM] PFactor=1.000000 Torque=1.000000 GyroEffect=1.000000 CrashTolerance=1.000000 General=1.000000 UnlimitedFuel=False TrueAirspeed=False AutoCoord=True RealMixture=True StressDamage=False GEffect=True ManualLights=True GyroDrift=False CrashWithDyn=False CrashDetection=False AutoTrim=False AllowEngineDamage=True [SIM] SYSCLOCK=1 [STARTUP] DEMO=0 SHOW_OPENING_SCREEN=1 STARTUP_DEMO= LoadWindow=1 [FACILITIES] COUNTRY= STATE= CITY= GTL_BUTTON=4096 [Misc] Com_Rate=7 [AccelerationPack] ControlsFirstRun=0 HomePageFirstRun=0 [Trusted] C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_Interface.dll.onelzecioiuhohonnktqzrqnzbhlecqcltkcnqbh=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\couatl\couatl.exe.uouobztbibkiuwzlnrohltkuiaaorwzhroqucqnt=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe.zrbqcrbnzhhotrcrwkurctoiizttkekirutikkoh=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ObjectFlow.dll.wwlcobzoiqllbwuirkiohzniqotkeektwazuunnk=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\bglmanx.dll.wclrqbuetblcitaozwrikctatarthtkhitqcwqik=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectAnimationModule.dll.botkwquzznwblebqknbhrhhnbculwhkchlbcwirr=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\PMDG_737NGX.DLL.celtoczuowknitlwrehbnltrollbhikozrewzlli=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.baqwihiwquneutelbzwtuqrrberazbrtleiloeho=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Modules\AirbusNewHUD.dll.bcnhbhluqchtzekzthoatqweuoecznlztakwahqt=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC A320IAE\panel\A320IAE_feelThere.DLL.iuqkzuiikccnzcckizzhqibhzaqutzntzaouoczt=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\A320NightPanel_feelThere.DLL.hcqoaearrbwilkinbqreeiieekonbhezeowobick=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\HUDControl.DLL.bwzwzzrzoltcqacqonurcheqqetltrkqquenhrww=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\couatl\couatl.exe.irrhooozkrteazknqntnbalzzqtzctbekribkoeq=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe.krolibzkzwqqhhqbhalbkztclruwhchbouwabblk=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ObjectFlow.dll.lhzukoccbqhtalzunzwwqtzktqibwequbnitutea=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\bglmanx.dll.uqlneauqiuuiazuuteeubcotouaakwkeiwcqneek=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_Interface.dll.hnqeuktitaecqhnawehholeoqqubcieetbnntquu=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectAnimationModule.dll.arirnluqnqrokzizharqhoerkzquwhhhzckhhnro=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.ewculurwqwkwlnbclwtbuizblqleiuelrbnewkhe=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Modules\AirbusNewHUD.dll.uwchcaqbwticnozuwezqlbacrbtioozizucokwwk=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC A320IAE\panel\A320IAE_feelThere.DLL.lnierelwbhtnhorquuloahtoiietkbcthhiacacq=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\A320NightPanel_feelThere.DLL.elrnkwrerubotocewtczarrzeohtrqequhetiqae=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\HUDControl.DLL.oeaeicebooueekzkwkleqwcwcbebitezikwalhli=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\PMDG_737NGX.DLL.hiaheaqucwzewuowclknknnnalelzwwlozhutllh=2 [RWW_WEATHER_MAP] SHOW_AIRPORTS=0 SHOW_VORS=0 SHOW_NDBS=0 SHOW_APPROACHES=0 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=0 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_AIRSPACE=0 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0.0] Mode=1280x720x32 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0.1] Mode=1280x720x32 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0.2] Mode=1280x720x32 [MULTIPLAYER] condAccoutPassword=0
  5. C208B GRAND CARAVAN EX HD SERIES FSX/P3D ~~LOW FPS when turn on the G1000 ! why and how to fix it ? but the new 172 G1000 no kill FSP ~ very sad ~
  6. Low GPU and CPU usage

    Hello! I most scenarios i don´t get very high frames, and i was wondering if that had anything to do with my CPU and GPU´s low usage. As you see in the picture below, both is only using about half its power, is this normal? I hope one of you can throw me in the right direction. thank you
  7. Hi guys What are peoples experience with the frame rate? Mine is a strange mixture of 30 FPSsolid then 7-8FPS at other times, I can't seem to make much sense of it! I've got a GTX680 with an I7-3820 so admittedly it is aging but it should be enough?
  8. After years of tinkering with settings and add-ons I am now, more often than not, achieving stable fluid performance over most flight scenarios. The secret? Ditch the bad stuff and accept your systems limitations. We have a great hobby and should embrace the experience of a realistic, smooth flight. Many add on's are not optimised well and my system just isn't up to high demand payware. So I have taken the measure of a carrying couple of tweaks and only using high performing (not necessarily old) add on software. These include: FSX FPS set at unlimited internally and set at 30 FPS through Nvidia Inspector DX10 enabled (lovely cockpit shadows) and Steves fixer installed along with recommended Nvidia settings No AI aircraft or traffic Bloom, glare and ground shadows off High performing add on's - all steady 30FPS on my system: Anything from ORBX (Global, vector and most available countries installed (PNG a must)) ASN16 weather plus REX texture direct enhanced with soft clouds Flight 1 GTN 750 Military - Superbug (amazing performance despite the in depth simulation) / Milviz F-100 / Lotus simulations L-39 Airliner - Majestic Q400 Business jet - Flysimware lear 35 Light aircraft - Just flight Arrow 3/4 / A2A Comanche / Carenado Skymaster, PC-12, Do228 Regretful purchases - My rig just isn't enough: I Fly 747 Anything Carenado or Alabeo with G1000 All of the above is not necessarily the developers fault but rather my poor computers aging spec - I5@4.1Gz / Nvidia GTX780 / 8GM ram. Any thoughts out there for additional high performing payware?
  9. FPS Drop

    Hi, Whenever I load the route into the fmc and its displayed on the ND my fps drop like 10-15 fps. Initially I thought it was maybe because of a complex SID but even if I just load the route without the SID I have the same drop on fps. Any Idea of whats causing this? Thanks I'm using FSX:SE Márcio Araújo
  10. Hello, The terms "FPS Limiter" and "Fiber Frame Time Fraction" pop up in FSX/P3D forums every now and then, so I wanted to dig deeper and find how it affects FPS and scenery loading. I have demonstrated the effects in this video using different values and explained the trade-offs. If you limit the frame rate in your simulator, I highly recommend to watch it.
  11. [V3] Aerosoft Airbus Tweaks

    Hello, So after a long time i got the motivation to come back into Flight Simming. I am currently still using p3d v3. But am getting really bad fps on the aerosoft airbus (all 4). Any fps tweaks? I tried the WX trick didn't work and the HTML trick was set to 0 already. Please help :)
  12. P3D V4.1 Massive FPS drop

    Hello Guys and Girls, Recently I upgraded to P3D Version 4.1. However, this is accompanied by some massive fps drops. They are in the VC and in the locked spot outside vieuw. They drop from 70/80+ to 7 and lower. I have an GTX1050, i7-4790 and 16Gig's of RAM. I've tried a full reinstall, also I've tried multiple PTA presets and all the sliders to the minimum settings. Nothing works. Anyone who can help me? Greetings, Erik Schlijper
  13. Is there anyone that could help with my question ...? Lately the Carenado aircraft, on my rig at least, have terrible FPS. I have a very decent setup with a 1070GTX and with FPS locked at 30, it pretty much holds steady at 30 even with the PMDG aircraft. But if I go to same airport ... let's take KIDA airport from Turbulent Designs ... and park the PMDG B738 on the tarmac the FPS hover between 29 and 30 while locked at 30. Now you startup with the 690B TURBO COMMANDER {LITE} and the FPS is 20-22 FPS. Throw in real weather with clouds and rain and the PMDG drop to 27-29 (still locked at 30) whil the 690TC drops below 20 and hardly breaks the 20 barrier. While taking off with the B738 the FPS jumps back to 29-30 FPS and the 690TC hardly touches 20 and remains below 20. And that's with Dynamic (don't let me swear) Lights OFF during the day. My settings during the day is 4xSSAA enabled with cloud shadows on My settings during the night is 4xMSAA enabled with cloud shadows off It's the same with the Cheyenne II {LITE} and most of the latest Carenado and Alabeo aircraft - bad FPS during the day and horrible FPS at night. The 500S COMMANDER and Navajo performs effortless in P3D4 and no drop in FPS. My question is - if my P3D4 is tuned to give me very good to excellent FPS with PMDG aircraft, then why are (above mentioned) Carenado aircraft so heavy on the FPS? Or am I the only one having this issue?
  14. Hello everybody, my birthday is coming soon and my parents are going to get me P3D v4. P3D v4 costs a lot of money so before they do I would like to get some information on if and how well I can run P3D v4. Here are my computer specs: - Intel i7 6700HQ @ 3.4 Ghz (In turbo frequency) - Nvidia GTX960M (4GB) - 8 GB DDR4 RAM - Windows 10 Home 64-bit What I am planning to use with P3D v4: - ORBX FTX Global - REX Soft Clouds/Texture Direct - Active Sky Next - Maybe the PMDG 737 I am currently using FSX with all the things listed above and in the PMDG 737 I get about 18 - 26 fps. Without the PMDG 737 I get a pretty steady 30 FPS (It's also locked to 30). How well do you think my system would run P3D v4 with the listed specs and Addons? Regards, Devear
  15. Hello fellow simmers , I have a recomendation to make for those willing to upgrade based on my own experience. If you own a I7 2XXX you may consider if its worth going for a skylake or babylake or a new gpu. Well, i had recently this dilemma i had an i7 2600 coupled with a Gtx 780 and after a lot of research i decided to upgrade my gpu intead of the cpu And i bought a gtx 1070. Well i think i made the right choice, big improvement on fps and smoothness, and the I72600 still cope very well and do not bottleneck the gtx1070. Why buying a cpu that according to tests beats the i7 sandybridge only by 10 % and with also the heating problems the 7700k exhibits (see the latest intel warning on overclocking). That way i have decent prformance and i can reserve the cpu upgrade in a future chip much better than the babylake. Ps: all these are valid only if you overclock your i72XX of cource mine working steadily in 4,4 GHz
  16. Why do I get 20-30 fps in cruise and it's really stuttering. On ground I can get 30-50fps depending on scenery and it's not stuttering. Using Prepar3D V3.4.22.19868. Maybe overclocking my CPU had to to something with it, because before that it didn't stutter that bad in cruise. Specs: Gigabyte GTX 770 2GB, i7 4790K @4.4ghz, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Asus Maximus VII Ranger motherboard, CM Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler, 500GB Crucial MX200 SSD (this is where P3D and addons are installed), WD Black 1TB 7200RPM HDD, Corsair CX750 750W PSU, Windows 10 Home 64bit
  17. Stuttering getting worse

    Posted a few days ago about this, but the stuttering got worse in P3DV4, and I did not change any settings. Tried disabling Dynamic lighting, did not do anything Hyperthreading is already on FXAA I tried on and off, didnt change anything Tried triple buffering on and off, didnt change anything tried Vsync on and off, didnt change a thing So obviously it is not that Getting 20-30fps, notice it most at FSDT JFK, but still happens in the air a bit as well..not as much as when on the ground. Any help?
  18. I've read the argument of the influence of some 3rd party scenery and the FPS drop when switching on the B744's lights but why will the FPS drop when you switch lights on over the ocean? And why will the same airport (FSDT Vancouver for example) have NO FPS drop when I switch the lights on of a Carenado aircraft that are P3D4 compatible? And if it is only on my system, then I would like to know what is the influence of the QOTSII on my rig because on FSX everything is smooth and NO FPS drop? And lastly - is there a correlation between ORBX night lights and the B744 because in daytime everything is smooth but when the night comes ... ♪♫ ... tralalaa! Must say, I know P3D4 is new on the market and most definitely the future within the 64-bit environment but goodness gracious between the stuttering and shimmering and endless tweaking trying to solve it, it is more of a frustration at the moment than a joy. Accept when I start up the compatible Carenado aircraft and hip-hop over some ORBX terrain scenery like Norway. Then it is all smooth sailing but the moment I turn on the B744 then everything turns off ... and as I say, if my rig is good enough for a very VERY smooth FSX performance then it should surely be more than good enough for P3D4.
  19. Prepar3D v4 vs v3 FPS comparison seems like there is not a great increase in fps, but at least it should be smoother
  20. I am buying a PC with a GTX 745 (4GB) graphics card and have the option for an i7 or an i5. Computer 1.) The core i5-7400 runs at 3GHz Computer 2.) The core i7-6700 runs at 3.4GHz with up to 4GHz with turbo-boost The computer with an i5 is obviously a lot cheaper and also has the option of a 128gb ssd to load the OS onto. The i7 is alot more expensive and is on the boundary of my budget for a new PC Which computer config would yield better FPS on FSX/P3D and X-plane? I do intend to use all three simulators with some addons such as aerosoft airbus aircraft REX, heathrow scenery e.t.c (FSX will be run at 1280x720 resolution FYI)
  21. Hi, Immediately after takeoff, landing or a view change (by pressing "s") my FPS plummets from being very smooth to horribly choppy, I have re installed Prepar3d (v3) twice and have had the same issue both times. Here is a video showing an example of the bug just after a view change. I have also included my Prepar3d graphical settings, scenery settings and lighting settings in links to images below. The only way to fix this issue for me is to either restart Prepar3d, or reload the scenery (as I do in the end of the video by tabbing out) Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Graphical settings: Lighting settings: Scenery settings: PC specs: Video:
  22. This topic is more for the beginners of flight simulation who chose X-Plane, or for those who have migrated form other simulators to see what all the hubbub is about. A lot of what is written, has been interpreted from various sources on the net, as well as my own observations, experimentation and proven results. There has been a lot of discussion lately, both here and at other forums, concerning our old friend FPS. Back in FSX and P3D, monitoring framerates (or as it has been nicknamed "chasing frames"), has been quite the subject of interest. Whether your system just makes the cut to the supercomputers overclocked to kingdom come, we all have at some point, chased those frames because it was the first indicator of how well a given sim was performing. In X-Plane though, Laminar Research has been gracious enough in providing very detailed information, otherwise known as Data Output, to monitor just about every data-driven aspect to the sim. More to the point though, is the subject of framerates and how they equate to the overall performance of your sim on your system. Accessing this information has changed a bit from XP10 to XP11, via the new UI interface, though the feature heading is the same and the choices of data output is the same as well. To do this, access your upper menu bar in X-Plane (which stays hidden during flight), and in the upper right, you will see some icons, and the one we want is the settings icon (resembles sliders on an equalizer). Clicking on this will bring up the settings menu, and you can click on the Data Output tab. This new screen will display a multitude of data features, starting with Frame Rate. To the right of this are a series of checkboxes, allowing the user to click on any of these, depending on how the data output is to be delivered. We want "Show In Cockpit" checked (not to dissimilar to FSX's red text displayed in the upper left corner of your screen). After you have clicked on that, click on the Done button, in the lower right corner of your screen, to bring you back to your cockpit. You should now see a grey rectangular box in the upper left corner of your screen, displaying a series of data output results. Below is a list of the outputs, with simplified explanations for the purpose of this post: f-act/sec - This is the actual (real time) frame rate being processed in X-Plane. This number is the direct result of two other outputs, shown below f-sim/sec - This is the frame rate the simulator is processing for the purpose of maintaining stability to the flight model. If you haven't adjusted your flight model, in the settings, disregard this for now. frame time - This is the time required to render one frame, in seconds, based on the current position of your aircraft in the sim, taking into account of weather, scenery objects and mesh. cpu time - A rate (in seconds) at which the cpu is processing one frame in the sim, and outputting to the frame rate time. gpu time - A rate (in seconds) at which the gpu is processing one frame in the sim, and outputting to the frame rate time. The last two outputs, grnd ratio and flit ratio, have not been officially explained by LR, so for now, we will skip these. Now that we have active data being communicated to the screen, we can now start interpreting what is going on in the simulator. As a test, I encourage you to place yourself at a large airport, near a metroplex, such a KLAX. The expansive area of scenery, scenery objects, as well as the large airport will help you to see what your simulator is doing (or not doing). Deciphering the data outputs, will help you to tune your simulator and hopefully provide you with a smooth and stable experience. Let us look at the f-act/sec value. If the number is below 19, the simulator is not working efficiently at all, and you have a huge load on both the cpu and gpu. To LR, a frame rate value of 19 or below, means that the sim is now running in "slow motion", attempting to process and render the output to your screen as fast as it can, with the settings values as you have set them, but not processing and rendering in real time. If you have a value of this or below, you will need to check your settings and lower them a bit. To achieve 25 or above, means that you are at least running in real time and high values equate to a very efficient and stable simulator, processing and rendering everything as it should. Some have questioned if their frame times are 19-24, what would they expect and the short answer is that the sim is either on the recovery from or decline to slow motion processing. if you find your frames are held at that range, you will still need to make further adjustments. As for the f-sim/sec, this value (as explained above), can fluctuate as much as the f-act/sec, and if the f-act/sec is different than the f-sim/sec , this means your system is bogged down, and once again, you will need to adjust your settings. The value from the f-act/sec output, is directly to your cpu time and gpu time, and in turn, are governed solely on their assigned responsibilities to process the simulator data. In an ideal setting, you want both of these values to be as close to the same, and as low as possible, showing an even distribution of processing and rendering of the data in X-Plane. These two values are pretty simple to figure out, as the numerical value is based on milliseconds of time taken to process and render one frame. Lower numbers, equal better frames and of course, great performance and then with higher numbers, worse performance. With these two values, they can and will fluctuate, which are dependent on what is going on in the sim at the time. For example, If you are flying at FL80 in the default C172SP, over the Los Angeles basin, you may find your frames running between 30-40, with your cpu and gpu times at around 0.037 or higher, and that can be understandable, considering the dense autogen in the area, as well as the high mountainous terrain that borders the area. Now if we were to flying at the same flight level over the desert, your frames would jump higher and your cpu and gpu times will decrease...again, it's all about what is going on in the sim. Of course, flying more complex aircraft with heavy weather also factors in to the your cpu and gpu times, so unless you have a beefy system with the latest hardware, you may find that you have to sacrifice some settings for the good of stable performance. Finding balance is key here and important for everyone to understand. Nailing down what the cpu and gpu do in X-Plane is important, and shouldn't be taken lightly. As we are exposed to more and more add-on content, or content improvement in XP11, we will find ourselves having to make proper adjustments to the settings to maintain that balance we all want. It isn't as bad as the days of FSX, where our major concerns over VAS and OOMs was a big issue. With X-Plane being a 64-bit application now, it can take full advantage of all memory in our system, both gpu VRAM and system RAM, so rejoice that the 32gb of RAM in your system wasn't for not! Now that XP11 Beta is in full swing and soon will be wrapping up, Below is a rough list to which features are processed with the cpu and gpu. Please note though that while XP11 is in Beta, the topic of adjusting the settings similar to the advanced options of older versions of XP, has been well discussed and could (though not confirmed) be changed before final release (for example, birds and wildlife, number of vehicles, etc) : CPU Intensive Number of world objects Field of View (with or without "Allow windshield effects" checked below it can also be an additional factor) Plug-ins GPU Intensive Visual Effects Texture Quality Antialiasing (with or without "Draw shadows on scenery" checked below it can also be an additional factor) Reflection Detail (with or without "Draw parked aircraft" checked below it can also be an additional factor) Unfortunately, when LR decided to streamline and simplify their settings dialog, they inadvertently made it too simple, so if you had experience with XP10 or lower, you remember that there were a lot more things you could control separately. With that said though, it is this simplification that makes it a little easier to understand where our cpu and gpu times come into play. Specific features, such as Antialiasing, do pose a significant cost to your gpu, so make wise adjustments. Texture quality, while everyone would want everything to look as crisp and clean as the real world, also comes with a cost, so pay attention to the grey text below the slider, that indicates the amount of data loaded into your VRAM. If you have a 8gb gpu with 10gb of textures loaded, it'll most certainly decrease your frames. The Texture Quality is applied globally, meaning that your scenery, scenery objects and the textures within the VC are accounted for. As I said previous about the cpu and gpu times, making settings changes help to stabilize the simulator. The main purpose of this post is to expose the transparency of X-Planes capabilities, and it is quite important to pay attention to what they provide. Granted, it isn't necessary to display these values all the time, but they do make a great troubleshooting tool, if you experience issues in X-Plane. As for optimal settings in X-Plane, this varies quite a lot from one system to another. The internet is chock full of suggestions, but the right one can only be determined by your own experiences and testing. If you feel that you need to be in the market for a hardware upgrade, utilizing these data output values, combined with the settings adjustments you make, will help determine what you need to get your sim running at peak performance. In closing, I voluntarily posted this in hopes that perhaps the admins could look upon this as valuable information to help those who may be struggling with X-Plane, both 10.51 and the current Beta, to get their systems running better. What was written above is a simplified explanation, with more detailed discussion and interpretation being available elsewhere, I know that AVSIM is a prime site for virtual pilots to visit, and any helpful information can be of benefit.
  23. I only get between 6-12 FPS when flying this big bird. I have done several parallel flights with PMDG 737 NGX with everything set the same. I always get between 24-35 FPS on PMDG 737 NGX. From the posts I read, there shouldn't be such big difference between the two. I am really puzzled. Please help. FSX-SE, Windows 10 pro, i7-4790k OC at 4.7 GHz, NVidia 970 GTX, 16 GB RAM Harry Yang
  24. Low FPS, Fast PC

    Hi there. Recently I have experienced lag in p3d. Why, I do not know. But this all started happening after I recent my PC. I kept everything the same and it is not moving like it used to. I'm only getting 26-40 fps in the PMDG where before I got easy 60 fps no matter where I was. Now, EZdock is choppy, it's not fluid it's not complete stutters but it is noticeable lag. Please help if you get the time. I7 6700 K over clocked4.6 GTX980TI Dillon L.
  25. Greetings everyone, Today I will ask your help by asking you a simple question, what are your average FPS in FSX-SE? My computer is a: CPU: AMD FX 9350 Back edition 4.7 Mhz liquid cooled VIDEO: AMD MSI 390 8 GB MEMORY: 16GB corsair DDR3 1866 MHZ HARD DRIVE: 512 GB SSD + OCZ 256 GB SSD Windows 10. Products installed: FSX-SE, Fly-Tampa Montreal, Fsdt JFK V2, Fsdt Chicago O'hare, AS16 + REX SoftClouds, PMDG 737. In JFK in ground I get 15 fps in the virtual cockpit and around 22 fps outside In the air the average can go up at 28 in the virtual cockpit 35 outside, with some random 50 fps picks. Is this normal or low for my setup?