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  1. JROD8796

    Please help with P3D CFG

    @onebob Yes, I deleted the who P3D v4 folder in my app data/roaming once that didn't work. It's like a different CFG is controlling my p3d
  2. JROD8796

    Please help with P3D CFG

    Hi, I was having problems with performance, getting about 15 fps less than what I normally should. I am trying to have P3D build a new cfg, but every time I go and delete the cfg, my setting are not reset and a new, fresh, cfg is not built. Does anyone know what might be causing my setting and CFG to be "stuck:"?
  3. JROD8796

    [Next Project] maybe a 727? please?

    My vote is for a PMDG Global Express line. There are no good long-range business jets in FS right now.
  4. JROD8796


    I was reading on a form somewhere about someone getting an increase in fps using sli with this driver. I was desperate to fix my fps issues so I tried installing it and voila, all my stutters are gone.
  5. JROD8796


    Okay so I've been having serious stutter issues for the past week or so. When flying with any type of clouds my frames would drop considerably. I am using both REX 4 and ASN so i tried turning the settings down for both of them. Nothing changed. Today I installed Nvidia Driver 353.30 as a clean install and deleted my P3D shaders folder. I went and started up a flight at Taxi2Gate KMCO with the QW757 and active sky next weather running. My frames went from 27-31 when sitting on the ground to 48-55 while sitting on the ground and went from around 16-23 fps with massive stutters while flying through or looking at big clouds to not losing any fps. This was just a post to help anyone else having similar problems or people who would maybe like to see fps out of there sim. I'm using P3D v3.1 by the way.
  6. Any chance you'll create a product that is only for volumetric lighting? I only fly from the cockpit so there is no reason to buy the immersion packages as most of the product would go to waste.