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Found 32 results

  1. similar to how it was in prepar3d ctr+y(on\off) is it possible in the new sim?
  2. Hi! I have issue with the middle mouse button, the cursor won't disappear after pressing the button making issue with a multi monitor set-up or others apps. Is this an knowing issue? Have a nice day
  3. Hello Friends I am actually in a transition course to SWISS 777 and for that I installed FSX and B777/200 as well as the iPad-App "virtual CDU777" on my Windows-10 Computer. Everything works fine, however: I can not use my Mouse to control any Switch or Handle in the Cockpit. Always when I push a Mouse Button the Picture disappears and I am back on the Desktop page. Does someone have a Idea what the Problem is or is there another Way to use all the Switches and Handles in the Cockpit ? Thanks for your Help !! Steve "Magarone" / Switzerland
  4. Hi there, since a few days, I have a strange problem with the NGX, which I never had before in any plane in FSX. After using the 737 for a couple of years without any problems, some days ago most of the buttons and swichtes in the VC stopped working. They are ignoring basically my mouse clicks. The coursor changes to the hand symbol, but nothing happens if I click or scroll with the mousewheel. To make it a bit more complicatet, thats the case with a lot of switches, but not with all. On the EFIS for instance, all pushbuttons like terrain, data or also the traffic and standard pressure knobs are working fine, but the scroll knobs can´t be used. On the MCP not a single switch or butten can be used. All capped swichtes on the overhead are unusable, but rotary switches like the autobrake are working completely fine. But it gets even more strange. And at this point, I have absolutely no idea how this could be possible. I have found one single repaint (wich is the Angle of Attack repaint for the 738WL) where everything and every switch is working normal. Only if I install this repaint and only if I choose this repaint in FSX, all switches and knobs in the VC are useable. If I load another repaint (even the standard PMDG repaint) or if I switch to another repaint after loading the NGX with the Angle of Attack repaint first, the same problem occurs again. This hole thing is the case with all models from 600 to 900, with the exception that the AOA Repaint only fixes the problem on the 800WL (They have also repaints for the 600 and 700, but if I use those, the switches still don´t work on these models.) If use the NGX at its lates version on WIN7 64 bit. Does anybody have an idea, what could be going on here? Thanks and best regards, Schmo
  5. Hi all - I'm already aware that people have had issues with FPS drop when the mouse is on screen, but my issue is in reverse :huh: As soon as the mouse auto-hides itself, my FPS drops to around 10-12. I wiggle the mouse and it pops back up to 28-32. It didn't always used to do it, it just started doing it one day. Drives me nuts! If anyone can help or offer a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks FSX on a standard HP Pavilion laptop, Triple-core AMD Processor with integrated graphics, 3GB Ram - Runs like a dream
  6. Hi I know that you get the plus sign on window to fly with the mouse, but if you have a joy/yoke I can't get this option. Is there a way to fly with the mouse, even with hardware plugged. Thank's
  7. Hello all! I'm fairly new to flight simulators (I remember playing the old MS Flight Simulator on my dad's computer as a kid, mostly weaving around the buildings in Chicago and pretending I was in the death star trench shooting TIE fighters or something. ). I was hesitant to try out MS Flight since I've always been kind of intimidated by the complexity of flight sims, but I'm glad I decided to. I've been having a bunch of fun with it and even bought the adventure pack and the P-51.Anyway, I am having some problems controlling the planes. Specifically the airplane keeps wanting to go right, even with the mouse dead center and no keys pressed. In order to fly straight I have to keep the mouse crosshairs off to the left a couple inches. Happens with all planes (except the Maule which I do not have) and also with a joystick and an Xbox360 pad. Leaving the stick centered results in turning to the right. I've tried it without wind, wind from the front, wind from the rear, and wind from the sides, with no change.Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas on what's causing it? It's a minor issue and won't diminish my overall enjoyment of the game, but it makes landing a bit more difficult
  8. For the last few years I have grown accustomed to using a mouse and keyboard as my primary controls for flight simulators and I actually prefer them over a flight stick, mostly because I can't stand trying to fly smoothly with a rigid, resistant stick shaking back and forth. So now, after a long period of reluctance, I downloaded Flight and initially enjoyed it, until I tried some aerobatics. I quickly noticed that no matter how hard I tried, I could barely bank more than 40 degrees or so. I obviously went and disabled the stability assist but that had no effect. I tried out a joystick to confirm that this is an issue exclusive to using a mouse and naturally I was able to fly the aircraft normally. However, as I mentioned earlier, I detest using the joystick. Now it seems I'm left with the dilemma of using a mouse with limited but fluid control, or using a joystick with full but rigid control. My question from all of this is; am I stuck with the above options or is there some way to unlock the kind of mouse control I know and love from Flight Simulator?
  9. Hello guys, I'm having a little issue, not big deal, but maybe it is something on my side. When using the Electronics Checklist the windows mouse pointer is flickering when I move it inside the display. If I don't move it stays invisible. I tried changing the windows pointers to a basic configuration but it didn't worked. Maybe someone have a solution. Thanks! Currently in a KATL-LFPG flight!! This beauty is impressive.
  10. Howdy once again..... Still vetting P3D V3 and have yet to complete a flight of any importance in my 777. I had saved a flight in case of an oom.... The flight was from SAEZ in Buenos Aires to KIAH in Houston.... Completed about half with a graphics crash nearing Panama. Trying to complete the flight by loading the one I saved which was close to northern Argentina... 2 things... 1. When trying to load flight from the start screen..... Image is frozen and p3d proceeds to crash. 2. Loading after using the default flight... Loads up normal with the exception that I can only grab the knobs on the MCP. Rest... just the defaut arrow and nothing else...... Anything like this come up for anyone? A third issue.. during the original flight.... My numbers keys that I programmed in EZDOK for some views had no response at times.... Thank you again gents.... Will Charles
  11. I'm experiencing micropause in my wireless mouse movements only while running chaseplane. The mouse continously stops for half second. Very annoying issue Any advices?
  12. Happening to anyone else? Thought is happened once before but seemed to come back on its on. In the Caravan now in a flight and they are not working.....
  13. Found on Microsoft Tech net post this morning, Mouse without Borders: http://blogs.technet...ut-borders.aspx
  14. Hi there, just started using the pilot2atc demo the last couple of days, however i've started running into this issue whereby upon alt-tabbing from the pilot2atc window back into MFS2020 midflight my mouse cursor will sometimes not reappear in the flight sim and my keyboard becomes unresponsive (in the sim). I can alt tab back to any other window (inc. pilot2atc) and my mouse and keyboard is working fine. Interestingly, my joystick and its buttons would still function normally in the sim, and the sim continues to run normally. It seems as if while im in the mfs2020 window, my mouse and keyboard gets "left behind" on the pilot2atc window because in trying to get my mouse and keyboard responding in the sim, I was randomly clicking all over the place and must've inadvertently clicked on the "say it" button as I triggered the co-pilot making a request. In one instance, I was able to get my cursor to reappear after alt-tabbing back and forth and clicking randomly around the pilot2atc interface, my keyboard was also functioning in the sim again. However I was not able to reproduce this solution in future instances. I also think the problem seems to occur if i alt-tab right after I interact with a popupable window in the pilot2atc interface such as the config menu, the radio frequency input popup window and the grammar help popup. I tried alt-tabbing back and forth continuously without using any of those and the problem did not appear but as soon as i start interacting with them, a few alt-tabs in and the issue occurs. I guess an easy solution would be not to alt-tab as much, but since im a novice to atc coms and readbacks, I alt tab alot to use the grammar help tool etc. Any help is appreciated! 🙂
  15. Hello! To begin with, ChasePlane is a great product. It's what I always wanted for FSX back in the day, now P3D, and I cant think of simming without it now. The fact it's still in alpha and can only get better/more stable with time is great. Good job, it can only get better :) Of course this is still in alpha so it´s not unusual to find things that don´t work well, or don´t seem to work well anyway. One problem I have right now and would like to point out. I just bought the Corsair Scimitar mouse especially to use with P3D in conjunction with ChasePlane to easily control and change views with all those sweet side buttons on the mouse. To make things work I assign key binding/key combo (making 100% sure it does not conflict with another binding in P3D, as in the key or key combination is absolutely not in use) to a certain view and register it with the "Presets" in the ChasePlane software. Then I make sure it works on the keyboard itself. Then I record that key/key combination macro to one of the buttons on the Scimitar mouse. Problem is it takes repeatedly pushing on the buttons for the views to kick in, it hardly works. I have tried many key combinations and made absolutely 100% sure that there are no conflicts, as in previous assignments in P3D have been deleted. Also, when I use the keyboard itself the views work perfectly and smoothly so the key assignment works but the executed macro on the mouse does not, or hardly. You can press the key maybe 3-10 times and then it kicks in. I know you guys are in alpha but just wanted to add a little to the conversation here on the forums. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong or if it´s something else. Kind regards Jon Sigard
  16. Assigned switches on Stick and Throttle work fine, the mouse will operate the FMC but will not operate any of the knobs or switches. Have un-installed and re-installed no difference. Have EZCA installed which works fine too Any ideas please?
  17. Hi - has anyone any idea as to why the mouse would stop turning the knobs ect in the VC -only from the view from the Captains seat - of the 737NGX? The mouse retains movement but is non fuctional in this view. The mouse works in any other view in the VC. I use EZDOK camera. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks Shaun Keegan
  18. I got a problem that plague many others as I see in the net. Is there an "official solution"? After a while the mouse clicks, switches and rotary knobs stop working in the PMDG 737 800 virtual cockpit. Sometimes some clicks still work, but most don't. It happens a varying time from 1 to 10 minutes after the start of the simulation. It does not happen in every flight. I have no details yet on what causes the issue. The PDMG is the only plane with that problem. I tried readjusting the seat to the front, going full screen and back, switching views, but nothing works. Reloading the PMDG does not help too. Restarting the FSX helps, but the problem may strike again. The system is Windows 10 (but I had the same problem in Windows 8 before) and it is FSX Steam Edition. The PMDG is the most recent (the configurator says so). The livery is Air Berlin, but it happens in other liveries too. Addons are only sceneries and ASN. I am not running any view system when it happens. Thanks for help, Paul
  19. Hello! I've seen the update logs recently and noticed it said it fixed the mouse at the bottom of the screen when looking around with chase plane. I still have this issue. And its been bugging me so much I just decided to stop using chase plane for now. Is there any solution/fix I can do to stop this from occurring. Thank you
  20. I have a unique problem. I have created a flight from HSOB to FEFF in Africa When I start with the 600 model I have no mouse function for any PMDG function like the lights, FMC, Flaps, Brake or other functions. IF I change to the 700 model it works without any problems. if I change to a another airport Europe or North America the 600 also works but not at HSOB or other close airports in Africa? Any Thoughts?
  21. First of all, with MouseClicks you can solve many common problems. Just try with a Lua-Script to Start or Close Engines for the PMDG NGX 737 or try to open the Terrain MAP + Terrain Height on the ND Instrument in automatic. With MouseClicks you can do it. MouseClicks will be available very soon. When MouseClicks Hook-System is activ (intercepting Keyboard) you can still use the Keyboard for other Functions that are not assigned to a Click-File. MouseClicks in NOT connected to any Game or else. You can use it for any Game or else. MouseClicks is including a "Key.txt" File with 47 special Keys/Char you can change for different Keyboards. MouseClicks is executing like the Pilots Hand is moving. Create MouseClicks Files This example is a ClickFile for PMDG NGX 737 The Pilot movements for selecting the Terrain-Data on the ND-Instrument. It seems complicated but it isn't. 1. We create the MouseClickFile or only a Keyboard File Show Terrain_On_Off on the ND Instrument. --- From any actual View switch to the 2D-Panel {F10} --- execute Keyboard Keys --- MouseClicks are executed on the EFIS Control Panel like a Pilot would do. Selecting the MAP ND-View, Selecting Terrain Height(click on center-knob) then click on [Terrain]. --- The ND Instrument is now showing the Terrain Display with the Terrain-Map and the Terrain-Height if both are selected/included. 2. a) We add (View 1) a Joystick-Nr or any Joystick Button Combination. B) We add (View 1) 1 or several Keyboard Keys or Key-Combinations; normally we use a) or B). Joystick number-values are assigned in automatic using 1 or more Joy-Buttons together. 3. With View (2) we can execute any File using the Mouse > click on a Filename. If a File is connected to the Joystick or Keyboard we can execute the File with View(2) or Joystick or KBD. Joystick connection 262144 - Terrain_On_Off is executed. DOORS Using a pure Keyboard File without Mouseclicks included. In this example we open the 2. Door. 1. Door opened (Shift + e) 2. Door is using (Shift + e) then, the delayed Key {2} FSX in Full Screen Just select the Keyboard Keys and save with View (1) Execute as separate File or within another File. Execute via Joystick or 1 Keyboard-Key only or just click on the FileName - View (2) Engine + Lights on Overhead Panel (shift + 6) - From any actual View you switch to any other Panel or Overhead in automatic. - ENGINE Start - ENGINE Stop - Overhead Panel is Fixed. - Execute each Mouseclick x Start or Close engines. Mouseclicks open Switch Covers, click on Switch, close Switch cover. Keyboard Keys a included within the ClickFile. Mouseclicks are executed in sequence like the Pilot Hand is doing. Intrasystem .
  22. Hey i got this really fustrating problem. i cant look around pressing spacebar and looking around or zoom in and out. and i can't fly using the mouse yoke either. i dont know what the problem is i have reset the controlls to default and there is still that plus sign on you mouse cursor when i press spacebar to look and use the mouse yoke the the view and controlls is jammed. please jelp
  23. Hi all, I've been flying the NGX now for the past few months and it's been a great experience, but just yesterday when loaded up the aircraft, I noticed that when I moved my mouse there was a delay with the movement of the mouse cursor on screen, and I usually had to press things twice for them to activate. This happens mostly when the FMC is up (Shift + 3) but it also happens in flight and on the ground. I get on average around 16 fps in the VC, I've tried replacing the batteries in my mouse ( my mouse works fine outside of the simulator), restarting the simulator and my computer, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?
  24. Hi, Just bought the NGX and I have a problem with mouse in Virtual cockpit. When I loaded the plane first time, everything was working fine. However, now I can't use mouse in the VC to click on any switches or anything. Even the cursor does not change when it's over a switch.It's working fine in 2D. I have tried to switch to different plane (from 737-800 to 737-900) and sometimes the mouse will start working and sometimes it will not. More often it will not. Please, help. Dmitry Buga.
  25. Hi, Since SU5 , ASOBO have not fixed mouse cursor issue (Disappearing and not appearing back during translation in cockpit) and this spesific bug really kills sim experience for who suffers from it. Please vote on this froum page if you haven't already and would be so appreciated if you are able to report this issue via Zendesk to pull devs attention over it. Kind regards.
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