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Found 22 results

  1. When I load the 737NGX and configure the Ailerons and Elevator. The Ailerons only move 2 degrees Left and right Elevator only an inch forward and back and the rudders hardly move. It doesn't matter if I config them through FSX-SE or Fusipc it still happens but not on other aircraft. Help Richard Preece
  2. Help any one Ive had a complete fresh reinstall of my system and finally moved over to FSX Steam Im having dificulty configuring the Saitek Joystick and Rudder, Its been recommended that for the PDGM 737 the throttles are configured through FSX which I have done and Ive tried to configure the elevators, Ailerons and Rudders through FUSIPC. however when I have done this the Ailerons only move 2 degrees in either direction the elevatoes only move about an inch forward and back and the Rudders hardly move at all. Ive tried running them back through settings within FSX-SE and taking out any conflicting commands in FSUIPC but I get the same. the Joy stick is calibrated and works for my Otter. So Have I missed something or has anyone had a similar issue and resolve it. a push in the right direction would be greatfull Regards Richard Preece
  3. Virgin Australia's Flight from Sydney, Australia to Nadi, Fiji. Taxiing to the active: Cruising at 37,000 feet: Flying over Fiji with the shoreline in sight: FSX's Effect to drop all the trees a few feet before the runway: Touching down on Runway 2/20: Using PMDG 737NGX and FSX Default Scenery :(
  4. Good evening, I'm having some performance issues while running the 737NGX in VC. I'll give you the most details as I can so you can really understand the problem. My system specs first (it's a brand new PC): -Mobo: Asus P8Z77-V -CPU: I7-2600K @3.4 Ghz -GPU: Gainward GTX570 -RAM: Gskill 8GB (4+4 Dual channel) -System SSD: Corsair Force GT 60GB -HDD where FSX is stored: WD 1TB -Power Supply: Corsair 850W The only addon I've been running with the 737NGX is REX 2.0. I've played the first PMDG tutorial with low traffic and clear skies and during the flight I've experienced very low FPS in VC, in a range from 13 to 22, with occasional peaks of 30 (I have set 30 FPS limit whit nVidia Inspector). When in external view, I always get 30 FPS. Before using nVidia Inspector i used to make my tests in LIPZ and I could see that FPS in VC were the same, while in external view were about 45-50 FPS (not having the FPS limiter). I've already modified my FSX.cfg with the Venetubo tool, but I couldn't get appreciable results. Here is how I set it, I think I did it right: I have also followed all the instructions for best performance written within the NGX Introduction manual. Now, the main question is: is it normal to get that low performance with that settings with such a high-end system? I ask you because I want to know if overclocking is the only way out. Cheers, Gianluca De Angelis
  5. hi !i'm 'flying' my planes within fsx on a dual monitor pcmonitor 1 is 'main panel' and on monitor 2 there are severalinstruments (i.e. radio stack,...) arranged for quick accessi open this additional windows on the main panel, disconnct them andmove them to monitor 2 - saving it as a flight brings up this'2 monitor cockpit' agaien when the propriate flight is loadedthat works fine with all my planes in fsx - and also for pmdg's 737in my 'old' fs2004but ist dos not work for the 737 NGX in my FSXevery time i move a disconnected window/panel from monitor 1 tomonitor 2 it turns empty and blackis this the normal behavior in fsx for the 737 NGX ?unfortunately PMDG cannot answer that question - they told me, thatnobody in PMDG has an 2 monitor environment to check that.... (poor anwer)for me it is an fsx-standard (as it was in all ms-FS's) to disconnect windowsand move them around wherever i wantis there anybody with the same problem and maybe with an solution ?i feel it very uncomfortable to permanently clcik throug all the panels andinstruments and fill up the main-cockpit with all this stuff?thanks for feedbackKurt
  6. Hello all, I just recently purchased the brand spankin' new NGX, and boy what a plane!!! Although the wait turned out to be almost more than some could bear, in my opinion it was well worth it. Anyhow, on to my question: I've been reading through the massive documentation included with the plane to familiarize myself with it and would love to be able to have a checklist handy. Yet, nowhere in the 3000+ pages of documentation could I find one. I thought this odd since I know they released a checklist with the FS9 version of the 737NG. I know you can get them printed, bound and laminated with either the chief pilot's or captain's manual set, but I couldn't find them by themselves on the PMDG website. I'd be happy to buy them separate from PMDG or even to print my own if they were included in the e-docs, but alas I'm stuck since I don't have either of those options. I'm happy with my FCOM and FCTM in electronic form, so I don't think I'll drop $250 on print just to get the checklists. Is there any possibility of PMDG releasing just the checklist for purchase (or download so we can print them at home)?
  7. I have recently downloaded, and installed the PMDG 737NGX. The visual model, and (visual) virtual cockpit shows. The sounds are also working. But a lot of things, are not working. Here is a list of everything that is not working: Virtual cockpit >PFD and other screens are black >Not a single button works in 2D, or 3D cockpit. >No moving parts on external, a or internal model. For example, throttles and flight yoke don't move when I move them, but the plane actually does react to what I do. And the elevator and ailerons (etc.) do not move >No lights . I have completely uninstalled the PMDG 737NGX, deleted all PMDG guages and effects, as well as deleted all registry entries related to PMDG, and deleted all temporary files related to PMDG. Then I ran a registry cleaner, restarted and reinsalled. That didn't fix anything. I really do not understand what's going on. please hepl me please hepl me please hepl me please hepl me please hepl me :(
  8. Hello! I've run into a strange problem today which I haven't been able to solve yet. I fly the 737-600/700/800/900 NGX and 777-200LR/F/300ER in FSX Steam Edition and everything worked just fine until today. I didn't change anything to my computer system, the installations or the FSX settings, but as of today the nose wheel won't turn anymore, both in the 737 and 777. The nose wheel steering of a default aircraft as well as of the Majestic Dash 8-Q400 still work fine though, as do the aileron, elevator and rudder controls in the PMDG aircraft. Normally the nose wheel turned according to the aileron axis on the ground, so I see no apparent reason why the wheel wouldn't turn anymore. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Best regards!
  9. Hi everyone, I just read on PMDG's facebook that a new version of the 737 NGX has been released and it featured "optimization" which my PC could really benefit from (low fps). However, I went to this link ( http://support.aerosoft.com/index.php?action=show&products=630 ) and I was asked to enter the serial key in order to download the .zip file containing the new update. I looked in my emails for ages looking for it and found nothing, the registration key in the box doesn't work with or without the "-" signs. I really need help with this as I am at a loose end and really don't want to buy the product a second time just for the sake of an update as I am short on money at the moment. Needless to say I love the plane and just want better FPS out of this update Thanks for your time
  10. hello every one this is my first post , so i got the 737 NGX and like every noob i watched videos how to set up the FMC i got everything right ( got my bold pink route ) , i set up the auto pilot LIKE THIS speed : v2+20 ALT :10000 heading : runway heading and here where i get stuck what should i do after ? -how i can make the plane fellow the route after the take off automatically ? -and how i make the plane auto land ? i know these might be stupid question but i learn fast.
  11. this is my first time posting here . so i got the 737 NGX and like every n00b i have watched videos how to set up the FMC . so i got every thing right ( i got my bold pink route ) i m at the gate and here is where i get stuck -how do i set up the auto pilot before the take off and after ? -how can make the plane fellow the rout automatically ? -how can i make the plane auto land ? i know this question might be stupid but i learn fast
  12. When I use the 737 NGX and try to return to the main menu of FSX a fatal error occurs and restart FSX. It only happens when I use the 737 NGX. Could anyone help me?
  13. Hello respectable masters, I am sorry for my bad English. I have a problem with activation. I sent two messages from pmdg "contact us" page. Is it enough or do I need to do something further? I am not sure because there are some statements about register and tickets on this forum. Can you kindly help me about what I need to do? Thanks in advance. Atacan... Here is my message that I sent: "Dear Sir or Madam, First of all I am sorry for my English. I wrote a message to you yesterday but then realized it was so superficial and was not enough to explain the real situation. My order details are as follows: On monday I bought a new computer, first I unistalled my pmdg product from my old computer in order to avoid license problems. (also unistalled fsx as well) Then installed FSX and my 737 ngx to my new one. but when I installed and tried to use 737 ngx I took a warning telling that I have no extra activation right. In the past I changed my pc once and that didn't become a problem re-installing to new one. Then I sent you a message and start to read about the issue. I learned that uninstalling pmdg from "Add or Remove Programs" panel was not enough. there is a way to do it on fmc for avoiding activation limit. if you tell me that; it is in the product introduction pdf, then you are totally right. but it was all by mistake and I accept that was my bad not to read manual book before taking action. but please believe me I am I am completely well intentioned and I am not trying to install my aircraft in more than one pc. I bought this computer just to experience a better pmdg experience with a more powerful pc. Again I am not saying fsx, I am saying pmdg. Because this is my passion to try to fly this girl. I love it so much but unfortunately I am not able to fly with her. Please help me on this issue. I am looking forward for your answer. Yours faithfully."
  14. Hi Purchased 737NGX some time ago with download, just purchased extended download and CD but dont know were to start download again, Can anyone help. Thanks in advance Jack
  15. Hi all, I've been flying the NGX now for the past few months and it's been a great experience, but just yesterday when loaded up the aircraft, I noticed that when I moved my mouse there was a delay with the movement of the mouse cursor on screen, and I usually had to press things twice for them to activate. This happens mostly when the FMC is up (Shift + 3) but it also happens in flight and on the ground. I get on average around 16 fps in the VC, I've tried replacing the batteries in my mouse ( my mouse works fine outside of the simulator), restarting the simulator and my computer, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions?
  16. For an addon that's so widely praised, I must say I'm surprised to see these two problems, so I'm hoping that this is something that can be fixed...1) When I end a flight with the 737NGX, FSX is shoved over in the bottom right hand corner almost completely blank. I've seen this happen before, but it usually rights itself within a few seconds--here it does not and I have to close it with task manager.2) Loading flights does not work at all. When I load a saved flight, the aircraft is cold and dark, and the systems are so screwed up that absolutely nothing works--I can't turn on the battery (or anything else, for that matter) and when I try to open the FMC panel, it opens a radio selector panel from the center pedestal, just to name a couple.Do these have fixes?
  17. hi does any one know how to use spad to program saitek multi panel for the PMDG 737-800/900 help is much appreciated or videos which show how to program spad.
  18. Hi airmen, I used the FSX with NGX aircraft on a Windows XP computer and all the NAV setup for MCP and FMC get stored after saving the flight. Now I`ve got a new PC run by windows 7 with the same PMDG software and when I am closing the flight, -even stored- the complete Nav-steup is withdrawn at the next reopening of this flight! Does anybody knows help? Best regards, Peter
  19. Hi to all fliers of PMDG, PMDG Staff, and anyone else who knows anyuthing about this program. First of all, due to lack of funds, I purchased a PMDG 737 NGX from a seller at Muttley's Hanger - he used to have FSX but recently went over to P3D and so he has no further use for the program. Having bought the program from him, I read to my horror in the EULA that persons who have previously bought a PMDG program are not allowed to sell it onwards without the express permission of PMDG (how they get in touch with them, heaven alone knows!) The same condition, I read, applies to a buyer because you need an Authentication Number, presumably given to the first buyer when he buys the program from PMDG or one of their outlets when you install the program on your machine. My seller bought the program so long ago that he has lost the authentication number, but I still do have the Registration Key on the package that contains the DVD. Yet, I cannot install because I do not have the Authentication Number. CAN ANYONE WHO HAS CONTACT WITH PMDG OR WHO KNOWS WHAT I SHOULD DO NEXT TELL THEM I AM VERY SORRY ABOUT BUYING ONE OF THEIR PRODUCTS WITHOUT FIRST TELLING THEM, AND THEN ASK THEM IF THEY WOULD VERY KINDLY SENT ME AN AUTHENTICATION NUMBER, SO THAT i CAN INSTALL THE PROGRAM AND REGISTER IT WITH THEM IN THE USUAL WAY. Many thanks to anyone who can help. Is this the normal way of buying PMDG programs - for such a progressive Company, it does seem very strange. Surely there must be a better way? Philhen.
  20. Simple question is the PMDG 737 NGX boxed edition compatible with steam?
  21. After a few problems with FSX I decided to sort them out which involved a few textures that were missing, I then corrected these problems, launched FSX and selected the PMDG 737NGX WL. FSX then loaded up as per usual until I got to the cockpit itself and then the aircraft did a front flip and landed nose first into the runway. This happens at every airport and every variant of the PMDG 737NGX. If anyone knows what is going on please post a response! Thank You
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