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  1. ArzaanK

    v4.1 Texture Issue

    I was using PTAbsolute at the time. I've disabled it, and I'll try the flight again to see if the issue persists.
  2. ArzaanK

    v4.1 Texture Issue

    I have a pretty annoying issue since updating to P3D v4.1. Two or so hours into a flight, the textures on the lower panel get replaced (that is, when I load the sim, its fine, but then after a while, they change). I have tried three flights from KIAH - KLAX and it has happened all three times. Each flight took place at a different time of day. I have also done the same flight in v4.0 and not had the problem. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? Edit: I do have the latest update from the ops centre.
  3. I've just recently started using Aurasim , and noticed that the available runways are incorrect. I believe YYC opened a new runway a few years ago and changed some of their numbering. Is there any chance the runways can be updated in Aurasim?
  4. ArzaanK

    Cockpit noises disappear on long flights

    Thanks, I'll try cycling Q a few times during my long flights to stop the issue.
  5. Hi everyone, When I do long flights, I usually like to turn off the sound in the sim when I get to cruise (by pressing "Q") so that I can check on my flight and not have the noise of the engines fill my headphones suddenly when I switch back into the sim. I have noticed that when I do this for a long time (usually on flights of 4+ hours), the cockpit noises are gone when I turn the sound back on. That is, in the cockpit, I can still hear the engines, but can't hear any of the noises such as the flap handle moving, the autopilot disconnect alarm, callouts etc. In the external views, all the noises work just fine. I have had this issue with both the 777 (in FSX:SE) and the 747 (in P3D v3). I have also checked all of the sound settings in the sim and in the FMC to ensure that all playback devices are setup correctly. I've never had the issue when I've kept the sound on for the whole flight. Does anyone know of a fix for this slight issue, or why the issue is happening at all?